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31 MAR 2017

    Ignoring Mother Nature again this week after that last dump of snow and with MORE snow on the way, we in the Great White North will go forth with another exciting update from the wide world of Female Combat Sports and Entertainment!

     PHOTO GALLERY: From your favourite and NEW producers of female fight action video and pics from around the work, we have an exciting showcase for you this week. We'll start things off with those sexually charged hellcats from Ultimate Surrender. New to our pages, SJM VIDEOS girls destroy their opposition in mat action. No one is safe around the Sexy Squeeze Girls as the ladies crush their adversaries with brutal scissors. New to our pages, RVQ Entertainment present face sitting, leg trapping and breast smothering action this week. Nitroman is back once again with another exciting display of Digital Fight Art work from Pro3D Apartment Wrestling (PAWL). In the caged circle, the sexy ladies from MMA-XXX are back again in intense fight action. Waldo is back as well with samples from his weekly updates from Merlin's Kingdom. The beautiful ladies from Maidens of Mayhem are back again in ferocious fight action. Another new face to our pages this week are the rough and ready ladies from Korean Iron Girl. Sexy and beautiful as ever, Hollywood is back with an awesome gallery offering from Hollywould Productions. Next, check out the fight action at Hit The Mat Wrestling as the ladies go from wrestling to boxing with any one and every one foolish enough to step in front of them. Up next is a sample gallery from Flashy Babes as one of their models tries to entice you to trade leather... Intense fight action from Fight Impulses is up next. Check out another great episode from the Female Wrestling Channel. Another new entry to our pages features the ever beautiful Hollywood but this time with David Marks Productions. Sexy and dangerous, check out the babes at Defeated Sexfight as they use everything at their disposal to win over their opponent.. Leaving no dirty trick unused, the gals at Defeated XXX go for the win every time. Big or small, the fighters at CPL Wrestling will take them all on and pin them down for the win! Down south, the CLF women wage war in the squared circle. Check out the latest with the ladies at Catfight Connection. And finally, we have another new entry to our galleries with the beautiful women of All That Catfight as they go through their opponents with sexy ease...

Check out these producers and see what they have to offer!

     FIGHT STORIES: Well, do WE have stories for you this week!! Check out the latest writing from your favourite authors such as Wolfboy, Jaguar 8, Aristocatch, Dark Cloud and Dark Knight. If the authors have left their contact information on their stories pages, please do drop them a note with your comments and critiques which help the authors with their story writings.

     And there you have it, I hope you enjoy this update.


17 MAR 2017

     It's official, Mother Nature is bi-polar and is off her meds.. C'mon already.. enough with winter, right?! Give us a break.. As we brace for yet another bg snow storm coming up this weekend, it's time to get another update rolling out the door.. maybe THAT will usher in Spring weather.. it certainly can't hurt.. ?

     PHOTO GALLERY: We're going to kick things off with those ladies who will stop at nothing for sexual humiliation on their beaten opponents over at Ultimate Surrender. In the squared circle, Ring Divas have a new line up of videos to whet any appetite! Waldo is back with more intense 3D Artwork from Merlin's Kingdom. Back with new compilation videos, the Ladyfist girls are back with back breaker, KO's and mayhem videos. With fists flying and victims going down on the mats, the guys and gals at Hit The Mat Wrestling are back with more pugilistic action.. Taking the fight down to the mats in competitive wrestling action, the ladies at Fight Pulse are all about abusing their male victims, I mean opponents.. Check out the latest from F-F-Fights and FemFight as their gorgeous ladies go all out in heated sexy battle. Female Wrestling Channel is back with another installment for you this week. The girls get nasty in battle over at Defeated XXX while the sexual charged trib girls at Defeated Sexfight get all slicked up in tight combat.. Feet and fists go flying over at Competitive Enterprises as the ladies put their male counterparts in their places.. Down south where it's warm and sunny, the ladies of CLF wage war in the ring in bloody combat! Brutal fight action await you at Catfight Connection. And finally but not least, the rough and vicious wild cats at Bitch Fight UK step it up a notch with painful combat!

     STORIES: A lot of fans love their fight stories and we're happy to bring you the latest and greatest stories from Diavolo, Aristocatch, WS2003 and 2 stories from Wolfboy. Please enjoy these great stories and send the authors a note of appreciation or your critiques about their stories. It really does help them write better stories for you. Participate in the action!

    Alright, we've offered Femfight photos and stories to the Winter Gods, now hopefully they'll play nice and let us enjoy some spring around here.. ;)


28 FEB 2017

     Welcome back for another top notch update from the wide world of Fem Fighting, showcasing the latest and greatest from your favourite femfight producers! Let's get started!

     In the PHOTOS GALLERY, we kick things off with the girls from across the pond at Bitch Fight UK as they pound each other and rip away at the hair until only one emerges victorious! The Catfight Connection ladies are back in sweaters and a lot less as they rage war upon each other. Down south of the border in warmer climes, the tough ladies at CLF battle it out in ferocious matches in the ring and in the water! Feet and fists go flying at Competitive Enterprises as the ladies prove their superiority over their male opponents. With nothing but their bare skills, the girls at Defeated Sexfight go for the all the tender bits as they wage war. Across the big pond, the girls at Defeated XXX put the hurt on their opponents as they rip into one another. Check out the latest female fighting episode at Female Wrestling Channel. Check out the latest from the gorgeous fighting girls at both FEMFIGHT and F-F-FIGHTS as no clothing or bare skin is safe from the onslaught! And from Fight Fantasies come some of the best artwork out there featuring your favourite characters from all around, great stuff for sure!! Fight Pulse is back with some vicious fight action, not to be missed! From the squared circle on the west coast, the gals and guys from Hit The Mat Wrestling battle it out in both wrestling and hard hitting boxing action. From sunny and beautiful Italy come the sunny and beautiful ladies of Italian Female Wrestling as they lock horns in brutal action. Krak Monster Productions girls are back again with more of their vicious antics! Up next, the beautiful but dangerous gals of Maidens of Mayhem are back showing us what they're made of.. nice and vicious! For the 3D Cyber Art fans, Waldo is back with more of his fantasy fight action at Merlin's Kingdom, updated weekly without fail since 2001! In the caged ring, the MMA XXX girls wreak havoc upon one another as they battle it out for supremacy! Check out the latest from the great 3D Cyber Artist NitroMan as he presents his fighting girls and guys at Pro3DApartmentWrestling (PAWL) with guest artist Waldo. One of my favourite sites, Rumble Matreshka (aka RWW) have the Russian girls banging away each other with great energy and guts! I picked up one of their latest videos that featured some vicious body slams that looked superb, and a lot of pile drivers. Wrestling, Russian girls, what else can you ask for? Up next are those beautiful girls from Sexy Fight Dreams as they go all out for glory.. Ultimate Surrender is back featuring those sexually charged ladies who love to defeat their opponent just so that they can sexually humiliate the loser. Some take GREAT pleasure in doing just that, just for you! And finally but not least this week, are the Russian girls in Wrestling Castle as they do battle in the squared ring with lots of great action!

     In the FIGHT STORIES library, we have a lot of new stories for you this week from your favourite contributing authors and some from the past who have returned with new and exciting stories. You'll be able to find all of these in our vast collection of stories submitted over the vast amount of years. Be sure to check them out and if you enjoyed a story, how about sending the author a note with your critique and comments if they have left their forwarding address on their story page, I know they would appreciate hearing from you!

     There you have it folks, apologies for the delay of setting up this February update but we will be back soon enough yet another exciting update from the femfight scene from around the world!!



30 JAN 2017

     We're back for another massive update from the Femfighting Scene from around the world! We have photo samples of the latest videos and photosets and some impressive stories as well. Let's jump into it now!

     PHOTOS: We have a great selection from the photo gallery this week starting with those rough and tough ladies from Bight Fight UK as they oil it up for some slippery fighting in the pool! Up next are those vivacious women from Catfight Connection as they engage in vicious combat. From down south in Mexico, are the ladies from CLF as they wage war in the squared circle. The guys at Competitive Enterprises are in for a rough time as the ladies put a beating on the weaker sex! The DefeatedXXX gals are back with some hot action in these rather awesome pics! The Female Wrestling Channel is back with another exciting episode! Stripping out of their street clothes and into their fight outfits are the ladies from FEMFIGHT as they tear into each other! The F-F-Fights girls step up in heels to meet their opponents while the Fight Pulse babes take it down on the mats to do their business! Putting the squeeze on the competition are the lovely ladies from Girls Wrestle as they attempt to win at all costs! Boxing gloves and boobs are in order this week at HTM Wrestling as the gals get very pugilistic in the ring. Check out the awesome samplers from Italian Female Wrestling as their beautiful women tear into each other. I always love a good production video and THIS one has the makings of a top notch video based on the images and description at their website.. NICE! KrakMonster Productions is back with more of their fighting babe scenarios. The Maidens of Mayhem live up to their name as they take it to the squared circle, caged ring and everywhere, and they're not polite about it at all! Vicious! Back with more samples of battling babes in Digital Art format is Merlin's Kingdom. Check out the nasty brutal fighting over at MMA XXX as the women go all out for the win! The gorgeous ladies of Ring Divas are back once again this week with more ring action brutality and beatdowns! The gorgeous women of Sexy Fight Dreams are back and bending their way through the opposition with fierce ferocity! And finally but never ever least, check out the latest offerings from the wild and sexually charged women from Ultimate Surrender!

     STORIES: This week we have quite a few new stories from your favourite authors for your reading pleasure. Check out the latest stories and several thousands of other stories from years past, enough to keep the literary fans busy for quite a while!

     There you have it, another spectacular update from the producers, creators and authors from around the world of Femfighting! Let the carnage reign!

     We'' be back with another update next month! Cheers!


01 JAN 2017

     Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017 and to what we all hope will be an exciting year in the world of women's combative sports from around the world, be it fantasy wrestling and catfighting, professional wrestling, Indie circuits or big leagues, to the MMA world of big matches, and to the competitve styles between women and their male counterparts.. and of course, the sexfighters out there.. why not a little fun after a hard match? There is always something for someone out there if you look hard enough!

     PHOTO GALLERIES: So let's kick the new year off with some fun photo galleries submitted by your favourite websites and producers from around the world. We'll kick things off with the ladies from across the pond at Bitch Fight UK where the hair pulling gets extremely vicious (can you hear the roots being pulled out?! ouch). Back with more intense catfighting action are the gals from Catfight Connection. Up next from down sunny Mexico are the ladies from CLF Productions who have a good deal on Custom Videos! Tell them Seaking sent ya! Getting down and dirty in the sex-fighting side of things, the beautiful ladies of Defeated Sexfight go all out in love and war! Putting down the hurt are the fighting ladies of Defeated XXX, as they go all out with legs and feet! Getting serious on the mats with talented fighters is Fight Pulse where the guys suffer more than the women! Great ring action is up next with the guys and gals at HTM Wrestling. Check out the latest 3D artwork from Waldo at Merlin's Kingdom, updated weekly for the past 15 yrs! When guys battle gals on the mat, it's always hell on them at Mixed Wrestling Planet as the ladies make the guys pay for being foolish enough to meet them in combat! And finally but never least, check out the very latest from the website that sets the bar for exciting sex fighting, Ultimate Surrender! Great action and ultimate surrenders as the losers always get theirs in the end.. or ends..

     FIGHT STORIES: What a GREAT start to the New Year with not only new stories but new authors! Not only will you be able to enjoy the great stories from such authors as Aristocatch, Paulabird8 and Wolfboy, but you'll also enjoy the new stories by new authors Jackson, Raycat, Luffy316 and Wiffo. Please drop these authors a note with your comments and feedback if they had left their email addresses on their pages. They would really like to hear from you, it helps them with their writings that you so enjoy!

     Well folks, there you have it, the first update of 2017, our 24th year of bringing you some of the finest in female combat entertainment from around the world, all submitted by the producers. Please help the industry with your support.



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