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01 JAN 2017

     Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017 and to what we all hope will be an exciting year in the world of women's combative sports from around the world, be it fantasy wrestling and catfighting, professional wrestling, Indie circuits or big leagues, to the MMA world of big matches, and to the competitve styles between women and their male counterparts.. and of course, the sexfighters out there.. why not a little fun after a hard match? There is always something for someone out there if you look hard enough!

     PHOTO GALLERIES: So let's kick the new year off with some fun photo galleries submitted by your favourite websites and producers from around the world. We'll kick things off with the ladies from across the pond at Bitch Fight UK where the hair pulling gets extremely vicious (can you hear the roots being pulled out?! ouch). Back with more intense catfighting action are the gals from Catfight Connection. Up next from down sunny Mexico are the ladies from CLF Productions who have a good deal on Custom Videos! Tell them Seaking sent ya! Getting down and dirty in the sex-fighting side of things, the beautiful ladies of Defeated Sexfight go all out in love and war! Putting down the hurt are the fighting ladies of Defeated XXX, as they go all out with legs and feet! Getting serious on the mats with talented fighters is Fight Pulse where the guys suffer more than the women! Great ring action is up next with the guys and gals at HTM Wrestling. Check out the latest 3D artwork from Waldo at Merlin's Kingdom, updated weekly for the past 15 yrs! When guys battle gals on the mat, it's always hell on them at Mixed Wrestling Planet as the ladies make the guys pay for being foolish enough to meet them in combat! And finally but never least, check out the very latest from the website that sets the bar for exciting sex fighting, Ultimate Surrender! Great action and ultimate surrenders as the losers always get theirs in the end.. or ends..

     FIGHT STORIES: What a GREAT start to the New Year with not only new stories but new authors! Not only will you be able to enjoy the great stories from such authors as Aristocatch, Paulabird8 and Wolfboy, but you'll also enjoy the new stories by new authors Jackson, Raycat, Luffy316 and Wiffo. Please drop these authors a note with your comments and feedback if they had left their email addresses on their pages. They would really like to hear from you, it helps them with their writings that you so enjoy!

     Well folks, there you have it, the first update of 2017, our 24th year of bringing you some of the finest in female combat entertainment from around the world, all submitted by the producers. Please help the industry with your support.



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