Wrestling Academy -- The Opening Rounds
by: Mixwrestler

Carl Lewan smiled as he looked over the makeshift wrestling room. His dream of producing wrestling videos only moments from fruition. As Steven, the cameraman, was finalizing the last adjustments on the static camera used to cover the 15X15 foot set of mats in the center of the room, Carl's anticipation was building. It had been a slow process to find the eight college freshman from Prezell Women’s Academy willing to be part of his wrestling production, but the lure of a good payday and the bad economy had eventually won the day.
Carl checked his watch. The first group of wrestlers were late coming out of the dressing room...go figure Carl thought as he crossed to one of the two doors flanking the mats. He had converted the adjacent rooms into a waiting/dressing area so the ladies couldn't mingle with their opponents. Putting his ear to the door, he heard the ladies' nervous chatter. With a light knock and tone, he told the first student it was her time. There was a laugh and sounds of scurrying behind the door and then footsteps. Carl stepped back as the door opened and Shaney stepped through.
Steve whistled in appreciation when Shaney hit the mats. Shaney stood five foot two and had a thin hour glass figure, wiry arms and perky breasts with firm nipples that stood out on her yellow and blue bikini. She shook her head sending her shoulder length brunette locks swirling in the air. As Shaney started stretching her lithe legs, it drew a long admiring look from Carl as he walked across the mats to the other door. He was about to knock when the door opened with a flare and Christy stepped out.
Christy was a beautiful redhead standing five foot eight with crystal green eyes. He black bikini stood in stark contrast to her pearly white skin. Her hair dangled down her back and her legs seemed to go on forever. The two girls shared a long look as they took in every detail.
Carl grabbed his microphone and jumped to the center of the mats ready to get things started. He gave the nod to Steve who started the static camera and started walking around with a mobile videocamera.
"Welcome to the first matches of the Freshman Academy," Carl sang, "where college students wrestle for cash and glory. Each match is one fall or 20 minutes, whichever comes first. Steve quickly panned the camera looking for the best angles as Shaney and Christy started stretching their shapely legs. During the match, punching, kicking, and scratching the face and neck are prohibited, but any other moves are legal." Steve hoped the rule wouldn't restrict the matches, but the girls did not want to have to explain all the visible marks.
The competitors for our first match are Shaney and Christy. Carl pointed to each girl and the girls smiled and waved to the camera. "Girls to the center," Carl blurted as he moved off the mats. The girls closed on each other and shook hands while staring into each other's eyes. As the stare deepened, Carl yelled, "BEGIN!"
The girls clashed immediately, hands darting in and out looking for an advantage. Christy’s long reach was putting Shaney at a disadvantage until Shaney ducked under her arms and whirled behind Christy, wrapping her arms around Christy’s curved waist.
“A bit too quick for you, huh,” Shaney taunted. Christy’s response turned into a whoop as Shaney tripped her and pushed her down. Christy got her hands up just in time to stop her face from smacking the mat as she fell. Shaney moved quickly to seize the advantage dropping down beside Christy’s head and wrapping her toned arms around her head and neck in a combination headlock, neck-crank. Christy gritted her teeth and pounded the mat with her feet as Shaney leaned back putting more pressure on her neck.
“Do you submit?” Shaney asked as she put more pressure into the hold. Christy choked out a “No” in between groans as she struggled to break the hold. Christy managed to bring her legs up until her perfect ass was pointing towards the ceiling and then used her legs to pull herself onto all fours. Shaney couldn’t hold her down and lost leverage on the hold, quickly releasing it. Christy reacted by rolling onto her back, her flailing as she moved. Thinking she was off balance, Shaney charged forward only to be surprised when Christy snapped her legs shut catching Shaney’s narrow waist between her knees in a scissors. Shaney gasped and dropped to her knees as Christy applied the pressure from the ground.
“Not so cocky now, are you,” Christy taunted. Shaney reached behind her back in a vain effort to pry Christy’s legs apart, but did not have the leverage. Shaney arched her head and back and gasped as Christy’s knees dug into her sides. Clasping her hands together, Shaney tried to punch Christy’s midsection but Christy caught the blow in her hands and jerked Shaney forward. The pained looked on Shaney’s face vanished for an instant as Christy let go of the scissors and pulled Shaney forward. With an evil grin, Christy locked her thighs around Shaney’s waist drawing a scream from Shaney as the scissors bit even harder. Shaney was stuck balancing on her knees with her fist still in Christy’s grasp. “Give up, girl, before you get hurt,” Christy said as she strained to apply more pressure. Shaney shook her head no and she struggled for breath. With the pain shooting through her sides, Shaney dropped her body directly on Christy’s chest drawing an “ooof” from Christy and breaking the scissors for an instant…an instant Shaney used to scramble free. Both girls rose, their chests heaving from the strain.
Both girls knew that the end was coming. They circled cautiously trying to find an opening. Christy dropped to her knees and grabbed Shaney’s legs, pulling for all her worth. Shaney lost her balance and fell, her head crashing into the mat as she hit the ground. Christy quickly took advantage of a stunned Shaney by flipping her onto stomach and dropping onto her back. Shaney cried out as Christy folded her legs and pulled her feet towards her ass in a toehold. Christy pushed the heels of Shaney’s feet into her ass and drew a string of groans from the trapped girl. Shaney reached back in futile effort to grab Christy’s flowing red hair, but Christy just laughed and dodged. Christy kept one hand on Shaney’s legs and pivoted around until Shaney’s feet were lodged under her butt and she was facing forward. When Shaney reached back a second time, Christy grabbed her arms and pulled back in a surfboard. Shaney yelled and bucked to try and break the hold, but Christy only pulled tighter. Shaney’s shoulders and legs were on fire as Christy kept the pressure up.
“Give it up,” Christy yelled above Shaney’s desperate groans. “No,” Shaney gasped, trying to wiggle free. “Dumb bitch,” Christy replied. Christy wrenched Shaney's arms lifting her chest off the floor and slid forward along her back letting Shaney’s feet fall limply to the mats. Christy brought up her knees and hooked Shaney’s arms behind them and reached around to grab her chin, pulling her back into a camel clutch. Christy felt Shaney’s arms stretch as she pulled on her chin lifting her chest from the floor. Shaney screamed in pain as Christy wrenched her body backwards. “Give up now,” Christy said with a smile as she enjoyed Shaney’s painful cries. Shaney tried to jackknife her body to flip Christy off, but Christy shrugged off the weak maneuver. Christy leaned back and arched Shaney’s back dangerously, almost putting her body in the shape of an “L” and drawing a frantic final scream of pain and an “I give up!” from Shaney
Christy released the hold and Shaney dropped limply to the mat. Christy stood up and stepped on Shaney ass, posing for the camera as Carl, who was all smiles, announced, “The Winner of the match…Christy.”
“Better luck next time, “ Christy said as she headed back to the dressing room. Carl helped Shaney up. Shaney rubbed her lower back and walked quietly in the dressing room, determined to have her revenge next time around.