Title: Wrestling Academy -- Sammy vs. Jennifer

by: Mixwrestler

After Cristy finished with Shaney, Carl and Steve quickly straightened the mats to prepare for the second match. Walking over to the dressing room, Carl knocked and shouted, “Next wrestlers!, and nodded for Steve to roll the camera.

After a bit of shuffling and laughs, the doors opened. Sammy was the first to hit the mats. Standing five foot four with shoulder length brown hair and small perky breasts that strained behind a tight red bikini tied in the back which Carl hoped would come undone during the match. Her body shape was almost a carbon copy of Shaney. Carl noticed she was a bit heavier around the waist but she was sexy enough to keep his attention riveted as she strutted onto the mats. Jennifer made her entrance next in a red, white, and blue one piece suit that hugged her tanned body nicely and revealed very strong and attractive hips. Jennifer stood five foot seven and 125 pounds with blond hair that ended just below her shoulder in little curls. As she stretched, Carl fixated on her legs. He knew immediately that Jennifer was an athlete. Her legs were toned and sexy, and her thighs hard with muscle. Sammy looked over at Jennifer teased, “A one-piece, what a prude!” Jennifer shrugged, “We’re here to fight not fuck, of course you may end getting fucked up.”
“Gonna take more than words, Jennnyyyyy,” Sammy drawled. Carl smiled a wolfish grin and jumped onto the mat. “Ladies to the center,” he said. As they approached, Jennifer tried to stare down Sammy, but she would have none of it. “The bigger you are..” Sammy said with a glare.

“The match is one submission or 20 minutes”, Carl repeated, “BEGIN!”

The girls moved forward and locked their hands in a test of strength. Jennifer quickly began to overpower the smaller Sammy. Sammy yelped as she was brought to her knees by the hold. Jennifer squeezed harder; the muscles on her arms tensing. Realizing she could not win a test of strength with the bigger girl, Sammy changed her strategy. In a blur of motion, Sammy pulled her hands free and lunged forward with her foreman smashing into the blonde’s abdomen. Jennifer doubled over as her breath rushed from her body. Sammy jumped up and drove her right knee into Jennifer’s stomach drawing a gasp as Jennifer toppled to the mat in a heap. Not wasting an instant, Sammy kicked the prone girl onto her back and jumped in the air and landed perpendicular to Jennifer, her legs dropping heavily on Jennifer’s breasts and her ass next to her shoulder. The impact jarred Jennifer’s body off the mat, her legs flying a few inches off the ground before landing with a thud. As Jennifer struggled to regain her air, Sammy ripped her arm from her stomach and stretched it out while laying back. Jennifer was surprised by the armbar, and the discomfort registered instantly, contorting her face into a mask of pain. Finally recovered from the knee, Jennifer groaned loudly and pounded the mat with her free hand. “Submit, prude,” Sammy yelled, “before I break your arm.”

Jennifer shook her head and yelled out a “No way,” through the pain. Jennifer went to her strength. She reached around with her free arm and grabbed at her trapped arm and started pulling to try and take some the strain off. Sammy felt the resistance and worked harder to keep the hold. Jennifer released her arm and pounded the mat as another sharp pain racked her arm. In a final gasp, she grabbed Sammy’s foot with her free hand and rolled over hard towards Sammy. Sammy was not prepared as her leg flew skyward and any leverage she had disappeared. Before Jennifer could trap her, Sammy released the hold and rolled away.

Sammy smiled wolfishly as she watched Jennifer stand up and rub her weakened shoulder. Jennifer approached Sammy cautiously. Sammy flicked out her hands and moved around as Jennifer approached trying to take find and advantage while dodging Jennifer’s reach, but Jennifer struck first. Jennifer found an opening and pulled Sammy towards her and wrapped her arms around her head in a headlock. Jennifer walked around the mat, twisting Sammy’s head and dragging her around the mat. Sammy grunted and tried to pry Jennifer’s hands apart, but she only laughed. “Time for a ride on the hip train,” Jennifer said as she flipped Sammy over her hip and onto the mat. Sammy’s back and head hit with a thud, and Jennifer was on her in an instant.

“Let’s see how you like it,” Jennifer said as she flopped down on Sammy’s head and chest drawing a heavy grunt from Sammy. Jennifer positioned herself above Sammy’s chest and locked her thighs around Sammy’s head in a reverse scissors. Jennifer looked back at Sammy and smiled wickedly as she slowly tightened the scissors, her thighs almost completely engulfing Sammy’s head. Sammy’s eyes grew wide with rising panic as her face flushed from the strength of the hold. Sammy flailed her arms trying to pry Jennifer’s feet apart, but Jennifer shrugged off the attempt.

“Give up, yet?” When Sammy didn’t answer, Jennifer laughed, “Maybe you can’t hear me.” Jennifer released the pressure of the hold for a second and then shut her thighs again, and repeated the torturous cycle again and again. The pain was intense and soon Sammy was moaning constantly and her legs were flailing back in forth. In desperation, Sammy rolled her head to the side, and Jennifer yelped in surprise, threw her legs open and rolled to the side.

“Biting???” she accused, “what the hell is that?”

“A way out,” Sammy replied while massaging her face and jaw and getting to her knees. Jennifer got to her knees and inched her way towards Sammy. Sammy faked a lunge at Jennifer, jumped to her feet, and moved behind Jennifer. Before Jennifer could react, Sammy drove her right knee into Jennifer’s back and reached around and grabbed her chin, pulling it back into a chinlock. Sammy grunted as she pulled her chin bending Jennifer’s back even farther. Jennifer gritted her teeth as she was bent backwards. Off balance, she worked to pry Sammy’s hands away from her chin. Sammy anticipated Jennifer’s move, grabbing her wrists when her hands got close, immediately pulling Jennifer’s arms behind her back, and placing her foot in the middle of Jennifer’s back. With all her might, Sammy stretched Jennifer’s arms in a standing surfboard. Jennifer grimaced in agony as fire burned in her shoulder. Jennifer curled her toes as she stained against the hold. Sammy dug her foot deep into Jennifer’s back drawing more frantic cries. Jennifer jerked her body wildly trying to break free. Turning her body sharply to one side, the fast motion caused Sammy’s foot slide off Jennifer’s back relieving some pressure and giving Jennifer an instant to rip her arms free. Rolling away, Jennifer stood, her arms feeling like dead wood, and faced Sammy.

The girls clashed in the center of the mat. They used their arms like swords thrusting and parrying to look for an opening to strike. Sammy could tell Jennifer’s arms were weakened but her long reach still kept Sammy at a disadvantage. Sammy charged and instead of grabbing Jennifer’s arms, she drove through them and pushed her chest crushing Jennifer’s tits and at the same time snaking her leg behind Jennifer’s. “Heeyyyyyyyyyy,” Jennifer’s objection to her tits becoming a target turned into a scream as she crashed to the mat on her tailbone. Sammy instantly straddled Jennifer’s shoulders and yanked her arm, levering it against her crotch and bending it back. Jennifer moaned in pain and tried leaning away form the hold, but Sammy just set her legs and leaned back to counter the lean. Jennifer grimaced and gritted her teeth to stop herself from yelling from the pain. In desperation, she punched Sammy’s thighs and the thuds echoed in the room. Sammy yelped with each impact, but kept up the pressure on her arm. In a final act, Jennifer punched Sammy behind the knee. Sammy’s leg buckled and she stumbled forward releasing Jennifer’s arm.

Sammy regained her balance and attacked Jennifer again. Jennifer tried to fend her off but her limp arm put her at a disadvantage. Sammy threw a knee that smacked in Jennifer’s stomach doubling her over and dropping her to one knee. Sammy reached around and pulled her arm behind into a hammerlock. Jennifer moaned with pain and dropped to both knees as Sammy bent her arm to a dangerous degree.

“Give up, Jennnyyy,” she taunted, but Jennifer shook her head in defiance. Sammy let go of her arm for an instant and kicked her in the ass, driving her to the ground. She followed Jennifer down and locked in the hammerlock while sitting on her lower back. Sammy shook her head in disbelief at Jennifer’s refusal to give in. Sammy reached around with her free arm under Jennifer’s chin and yanked back. Jennifer’s eyes grew to quarter size as her neck was stretched. She tried bucking Sammy off, but Sammy was not budged. Jennifer gritted her teeth and bit her lip to keep from screaming out. Sammy reached back farther stretching her neck and back so her breasts were lifted up and only her taunt nipples were pressing against the ground. “Come on!” Sammy yelled. Jennifer shook her head weakly. The pain was just too much, her mouth flew open and she screamed her surrender. Sammy released the hold, stood up, and put her foot on the small of Jennifer’s back.

Carl strode to the center of the mat and raised Sammy’s hand, “And the winner, Sammy.”