Musclemom 3

by AC

I spent the next few weeks trying to work out how I could find someone to take on Joanne’s pussy. In the end, I decided to put an ad out and offer some prize money. I had some inheritance from a year or so earlier that I’d been saving, but I decided I might as well blow it on this – so I offered $10,000 to the winner of a “tough vagina contest”, and put the ad online on a series of women’s fitness websites. I was confident I wouldn’t need to pay if Joanne won, as she’d be happy to be involved for the sheer excitement of the competition! But I didn’t know how much interest I’d get from other people – not only did I have to find women interested in this sort of thing, they had to overcome their natural suspicion that an ad like this caused! Because of the money involved, lots of people contacted me, but only a handful followed through to meeting. In the end, I succeeded in getting two challengers, and I hired a private room in a boutique gym not far from my house for the tough pussy contest to be held.

On the agreed evening I arrived early and set up, pessimistically sure that I would be the only one there. But in the end, all three combatants arrived – and all of them a couple of minutes early. I organised drinks and quickly explained how the night would go, then showed them to the change rooms to get ready.

When they returned I looked at the two other women who had taken up the challenge. Gemma was a fitness instructor who looked very young – not much more than 20 I reckoned. She was quite pretty and had straight red hair, just long enough to put in a ponytail. She had stripped down for the competition and was now wearing probably her standard gym clothes – black sheer leggings and a gym top covering good-looking largish tits. She had a solid body, toned but probably carrying a bit of fat as well as muscle. She had broad shoulders and she would certainly have been strong, but her muscles weren’t defined. Her partner (I assumed), an athletic looking dark haired boy, was with her.

The other woman was much older – at least Joanne’s age I guessed. Sarah was also a big woman, and looked quite fit. Apparently she was a farmer and had lived on a farm all her life. She had shortish brown hair and a tough looking face with bright eyes. She’d arrived wearing jeans and a flannelette shirt, and her preparation was simply to remove the jeans, revealing plain off-white panties underneath! Her shirt had covered these a bit, so I asked her to swap it for something shorter, and she borrowed a t-shirt to do this. She was accompanied by a woman about the same age, blonde and dressed much the same.

Joanne wore grey bike shorts (my favourite as they showed off her impressive crotch bulge!) and a t-shirt. I was glad of this as I didn’t want the sight of her body to scare the other two away before they’d even started!

In fact, the two challengers looked quite confident, if a bit nervous, and the three women all introduced themselves rather tersely and shook hands. If that was uncomfortable, the next bit was even more difficult – confirming no one had any groin protection in place. I think they might have let this go if Joanne’s crotch wasn’t so big. So they had a quick, embarrassed look at each other’s pussies, and lined up for the first challenge.

I thought I’d give them each a couple of kicks to warm them up. Gemma was first, and she stood in front of me legs apart looking a little bit apprehensive but still confident. “Are you ready?” I said.
“Yep!” she responded (she was cute!).
And I kicked her between her solid legs. It wasn’t a full force kick, but it was hard (and I was wearing sneakers). It was certainly hard enough to take an average woman down and leave her down. Gemma took it well, doubling over with an “Ohhh”, but then standing up again. I gave her a second kick, with an almost identical response, and she turned and stepped away, rubbing her pussy with her hand. “She’s tough,” said her boyfriend to me, and I could hear the pride in his voice. Gemma was by his side now and said, “You know it!” and patted her pussy with a girlish grin.

Sarah was next, and stepped up with encouragement from her companion. “Come on Sares – show them how a real woman does it.” Sarah smiled at her, then directed a fist pump in her direction before facing up to me, legs apart. “Come on then, let me have it!” She looked down and even seemed to push her pussy forward slightly as she spoke. The undies weren’t particularly flattering, but the light colour made her vulva quite visible, and I could tell she was very hairy as I looked at the mound against the material. I wound up and kicked her as hard as I had Gemma. “Oooop” went Sarah, but with a big effort didn’t double forward. She looked at me intensely and said, “Was that supposed to hurt me?” I kicked her a second time as she stood with her hands behind her back, and again just an impact sound “Nng” escaped her lips. My shoes left a slight dusty imprint behind on the panties, and I noticed a couple of pussy hairs had appeared around the edge of the material. Sarah hardly moved as she took the second kick, before returning to her friend (who was clapping her!).

Joanne was last. She hadn’t brought anyone with her, and she looked very relaxed. I kicked her twice, and I could feel the difference on my foot – kicking her crotch was like kicking a piece of wood! She made a grunt with each kick, but it didn’t seem to hurt her much. And that was the end of the first round.

For the tournament proper I’d rigged up a device to make sure the hits were fair. A piece of wood was balanced on a beam, while a weight could be put on the other end. This would sit on the counterbalance until a catch was flicked, when it would push down and cause the wooden stick to fly upwards. When a woman stood on the cross marked on the floor, the stick would hit her pussy at about 45 degrees. It was very ingenious! The girls would take one hit each, with no rest breaks.

I’d spent a long time trying to decide what to use as the weight for the stick. It needed to be something heavy enough to be a challenge, but not so much that the contest would be over after one hit. And I wasn’t sure how much a tough woman could take to her groin. In the end I settled on a bag of sand resting on the beam. It weighed about 15kg, and it made the stick (which was a thick broom handle) give a very solid contact. I had no idea how many hits they’d be able to take, but I knew I could only have taken one!

Now the time came to see how it went, and after a quick demonstration Gemma stepped up to the marked spot and opened her legs to receive the blow. I flipped the catch, and 15kg of sand snapped the hard wooden stick up into her womanhood. It hit surprisingly hard, eliciting a gasp from the athletic girl as the stick smashed into her groin. It had obviously hurt her, although she was trying not to show it. I quickly pushed the sandbag off the platform to release the stick from her pussy, and she walked back to her boyfriend. It was obvious she wanted to rub her pussy, but didn’t want to show any weakness to the other women – and she walked away without touching it. Her boyfriend was almost beside himself with enthusiasm – “Man, that hit so hard – you’re amazing baby!” And Gemma grinned back through her discomfort, “I told you – my pussy’s unbreakable!”

Sarah was next to step up to the spot, and I loaded the sandbag and released it. With a swing and a thud the stick slammed into Sarah’s crotch. I was reminded again of just how hard it hit – it would probably have killed a male (and most other women too). The older woman doubled over slightly on impact, and gave a grunt “Uhn”, controlling herself well and walking away without touching her groin.

Then Joanne presented her huge vagina, and I reloaded the stick and let her have it. It made a satisfying whacking sound as it slammed into her bulging mound, and she stood tall and hardly flinched as it hit. Unbelievable!

I did a second round, with similar results. But by the third round Gemma was obviously struggling. The stick hit hard, and although she was a solid girl, her pussy was getting broken down by the punishment. On the fourth hit she cried out, and hobbled away afterwards holding her groin. Her boyfriend was an interesting mix of concern, surprise and disappointment. “Are you okay Gem? Your pussy can take it, yeah?” She smiled back, but she looked in pain and it was a rather weak smile. “I think so – that thing hits really hard.”

Her two older opponents were still taking the blows with grunts, Sarah doubling over a bit with the impact, Joanne largely unmoved as the wood bounced off her rock-hard cunt. The sixth round brought Gemma to her knees, and she screamed in pain as the pole smashed into her softened womanhood. She must have known she had no chance of winning now, but she obviously wanted to prove herself to her man and she refused to give up. She got up and walked back to him. “Fuck – got me in a sensitive spot. I’m okay though – I’m a tough woman.” She tried to look convinced as she tossed her hair back and stood up straight, letting go of her crotch for the first time in a while.

But the next hit was too much for the young woman. I flicked the catch and watched the heavy stick slam between her legs and she crumpled down, both hands grabbing her now-tender pussy as she screamed in agony. She stayed down for a while, and her boyfriend went over to her. She looked up at him and her face looked like she’d let him down. “I’m sorry – it’s too much for me. I thought I could take it, but it’s too much.” Her voice was small and sad, and it was strange to see the muscular fitness instructor broken in her most female place. She got up and walked slowly away with her man. I heard him reassuring her – “It’s okay. You’re a tough girl, Gem – not many women could have taken that much…”

But there were still two who could – and really quite easily it seemed. Sarah looked across at her opponent. “Just the grown-ups left now, hey. Let’s make it interesting – how about two hits each?” Joanne looked at her with appreciation, almost respect. “Sure – bring it on!”

Sarah stood again for the first of her two hits, and I reflected on how tough she was. If the first couple of kicks wouldn’t have taken down most women, the stick-to-the-pussy certainly would have done. To have withstood 6 of these was pretty amazing. Two in a row was harder though, particularly as her crotch had been worked over pretty hard by now. Thanks to her light coloured panties, I had a pretty clear view of her female organ. It was starting to look a bit lumpy now, and I thought I could make out the line of her crack starting to show as her lips swelled up a little. The effect of two hits one after the other was surprisingly impressive – particularly as both of them hit her in a similar spot, on the left side of her vulva. For the first time, she couldn’t take it with a grunt, instead giving a womanly “Ooooh” initially, and then doubling over and shaking silently for a few moments. But then she simply stood up and walked away, rubbing herself a bit.

Joanne taunted her for the first time. “Had enough yet?” But Sarah was straight back at her: “I’m not scared of you. I’m not some little girl like that other bitch – my cunt can take a lot more than this.”

Joanne stepped up for her two hits, and again they bounced off her armour-plated mound. But she was starting to show signs that she was feeling it now, and she doubled forward and cried out as she took the second blow.

After that she walked comfortably back to where Sarah and her friend stood and said, “Let’s make it more interesting – let’s double the weight on the stick.” Sarah seemed momentarily taken aback by this suggestion, but she didn’t argue. “Fine – if you think you can take it.” Joanne just looked back at her. “I’ll go first and show you how it’s done.”

The only problem was – I didn’t have another bag of sand! In the end we settled on a small table in a hallway nearby. Turning this upside down, we used it as the new weight, which I reckoned to be about double the weight of the sandbag. It was certainly heavy, and it felt like the stick was going to cut someone in half now! I heard Sarah’s friend talking to her. “Shit, that’s insane – are you sure you want to do this?” And the farm woman’s response, “I can take it Jane – I’ll show her what a real woman’s made of.”

It was Joanne’s idea and she stood ready to accept the first blow, her mighty vagina versus a solid stick propelled by 30kg of weight. I released the catch and it absolutely smashed into her female muscle. The effect was amazing. The massive mom cried out “Owwffff” and grabbed her crotch as her tree trunk legs buckled. But only very briefly; she recovered almost immediately and pushed out her pussy for the next hit. “That looked like it hurt a bit,” I said. “I can take it,” was Joanne’s simple response. “Come on – hit me again.” So I did, and this was a bullseye, hitting right on her female opening. Her vulva was a wall of rock-hard muscle, but I knew hitting with such force on that particular spot would test even Joanne. But she passed the test with flying colours, giving a loud yell of pain as she went down, then straightening up with a tough “oo”, shaking her head and flexing her biceps for good measure! From behind her I heard Sarah say, “Hit her again.” The fire rose in Joanne’s eyes and she stayed glued to the spot, daring me to do it. I didn’t need any encouragement – I don’t know what Sarah was thinking, maybe that this could finish her off. I quickly reloaded and let Joanne have it again between her muscled legs. Incredibly, and wonderfully, it seemed to hit in exactly the same spot again! Surely no woman could take that sort of damage to her crotch. It must have been agonising, and Joanne bellowed in pain and went down. But again she didn’t stay down. She controlled herself almost instantly, and rose with a defiant look on her face, not even holding her pussy. “Your turn now…” she said to Sarah.

Sarah didn’t look as worried as I thought she should do as she stood ready for the supercharged wooden pole. I released the catch and the stick thumped into her panties with breathtaking force. “Arrrghhh,” she screamed, and went down clutching herself between her legs. She continued to cry out and swear as she shook slightly on all fours. I noticed her ass and naked legs for the first real time now. She was actually very toned for a woman in her mid-40s. After 10 seconds or so she gave an “rrrrr” and rose to stand again. Her hands left her groin, and I could see the stick had dislodged her panties a bit, exposing plenty of hair on the left side now. Most women might have been embarrassed by this, but Sarah didn’t seem to mind at all, and stood to take another blow with her pubic hair on display.

I could hear her breaths now as she faced me again, looking like a wounded animal. Her friend was asking if she was okay, but Sarah ignored her and spoke to me. “Load it up. Come on, two more.” She wasn’t standing quite so straight now, or as still, but I set up the stick again and released the catch to let the weight of the table do its work. Her toned legs were shaking a bit as the stick rammed onto her genitals. I saw it almost as if it was in slow motion – it slammed into the middle of her vulva, along the crack I could see in outline through the thin material of her panties. I saw it wedge in slightly from the force, and then Sarah collapsed down, screaming in pain. Up until now she had made tough, guttural sounds as she dealt with the pain. But now it was as if the stick had finally broken through the defences of her most feminine area. She gave a loud, high pitched cry, almost a wail, which went on as she fell to the ground. The tough farm woman was shaking, her breath coming in gasping cries, as her vagina was pushed past its limit.

Her companion ran over to comfort her, and Sarah allowed herself to be helped up, still cradling her pussy. She was trying not to cry as she spoke to her friend. “I can’t… it hurts so much… my cunt can’t…” Her friend reassured her and led her away, and I caught a glimpse of her thick hairs still flooding out from her damaged panties.

I looked at Joanne, and she looked back at me – proud but almost disappointed! “Well,” I said, “You won!”
“I thought you were going to find a woman who could challenge my pussy?” she was almost sneering.
“Hey – it wasn’t that easy for you!” I said, “You went down before.”
Joanne laughed at me. “I’m fine. My cunt’s made of concrete! I’d take on another two women like that right now.”
“I wish I had them,” I said, “You would so get destroyed!”
“Hit me,” she said suddenly, and stepped forward hands on hips presenting her bulging grey bike shorts to me. “Come on,” she said again, as I did a double-take, “Hit me!” And she slapped her crotch to show me where.

I didn’t wait any more, but suddenly gave her a sharp right jab into the middle of her mound. Despite the punishment she’d taken between her legs, she still felt pretty solid as my fist connected. I hadn’t wound up, but it was a good punch and I was surprised when she hardly reacted! She made an “oo” sound, and recoiled slightly, but that was all. “Hit me again,” she taunted, “harder.” I did, harder this time, but with a similar effect – just an “ooh” from the muscular woman, a slight double over, then almost a hip thrust back towards me as she invited another punch. “What’s the matter – can’t you hurt me? I thought you could take me down?! Hit me again.” She was working herself up now, and I could see the fire and determination in her eyes, blocking out the pain now. I hit her again, my fist connecting with her mighty vulva in a way that would have taken down any woman I knew. But Joanne absorbed the blow once more. “Again – come on.” Another punch. “Again!” Another. “Hit me!” And another! She was almost screaming at me now, and I could tell she was taking the pain on adrenaline. I was on adrenaline too by this stage, and I didn’t wait for her to ask, I just repeated the punches. I got another three or four in before she finally went down, screaming out “Grrraaaghg” as she fell back, then turning away from me to recover herself. I admired her insanely muscular body from behind, and I knew she must have been in an enormous amount of pain. I couldn’t see her face, but I could hear her as she controlled herself and mastered the pain, turning back to me after a few seconds breathing heavily, bright eyed and with her nipples showing clearly through the t-shirt. She still had one hand on her impressive mound, and I knew it must be incredibly sore. For the last couple of punches it even felt a bit softer, like all the blows she’d taken had finally taken their toll on Joanne’s superhuman pussy.

“Wow,” I said to break the silence, “That was utterly incredible! I’m sorry I said it was close.”
And I really was. I realised the gulf between Joanne and the other two women, and the size of my task if I really wanted to find someone who could challenge this remarkable woman. Gemma and Sarah were genuinely tough – but Joanne was a freak! She was just in another league, and I wasn’t sure there were too many others in the same class – certainly not that I’d be able to find and convince to take her on in a tough pussy challenge. Still, I wasn’t going to give up just yet…


Author’s note – Please let me know what you think of this style. There’s plenty of wrestling stories out there, but this one’s a bit different. Feedback welcomed.