Rosa's Idea – part 3
by Aristocatch

I headed off to my room for a shower, wondering what I could arrange for later. I hadn't got very far before being intercepted by the blond with the hard nipples who asked if we could have a talk. She explained that she wasn't as experienced in fighting as I clearly was, but she wondered if I would be prepared to wrestle with her later. From what she described it sounded as if she wanted a rough sexfight but within friendly terms. She even offered the night with her man as a reward.

I had imagined clashing with the Indian girl, but this offer was right up my street. The blond, Emma, had shown that she was plucky, and I felt that what she had suggested could prove to be very enjoyable. I therefore told her that I was willing on one condition – that she shared her man after. The look on her face made me think that I had just made someone very happy. We arranged to meet in the bar at nine thirty.

Rosa was already in the room when I got there, waiting to tell me what she had arranged for herself, and sounding more than pleased with it. She did however insist that she expected to finish the night sleeping in our room and so would I please not lock her out!

A shower and a restful dinner followed and then the twelve men, who had fortunately recovered and the twelve women from the winning team were taken back to the hall. The other twelve were left to their own devices. Our prize for winning was a silly sort of game.

We were all paired off with a man. Ironically I was with one whose balls I had reshaped a little earlier. Fortunately he didn't hold it against me.

To begin with we had to do what was needed to ensure that our patner had a proper erection. While we were doing that the man was not idle, he was preparing us to receive his member. Both parties ready, the woman got down on all fours and the man penetrated her from behind. The man then raised himself to his knees and the woman stretched her body out, taking her weight on her hands, forming a sort of wheelbarrow shape.

After that it was simply a matter of each pairing moving around the room trying to provoke other pairings to be eliminated, which was achieved when the man ejaculated. It was diffcicult to be very scientific about the game because every time we moved the man's penis obviously moved within the woman, exciting him. If you stayed still you could be attacked by another pairing where the woman would try with one hand to add stimulus to the man's member. If you tried to move to attack another pairing, or if you tried simply to avoid them you increased the effects on the man's penis.

The first five minutes were fun, as we scooted about, trying not to lose our balance and I managed to rub three penises within the women's pussies. Then my partner started to find it difficult to withstand increased friction. He tried to move us away from attacking pairings, making it harder to attack in turn. Unfortunately he shot his load very soon after, making us only the second pairing to be eliminated.

My partner was very apologetic, telling me that he particularly liked being in the doggie position, but what the hell. It wasn't a very serious game and for me it didn't last very long. I left the hall before everyone was finished and went to wash myself clean. At nine thirty I was in the bar where Emma introduced me to her 'man'. I was very pleased to note that I had not really come in contact with him before. He seemed quite pleasant and as excited to watch Emma and I wrestle, as Emma seemed to be.

We stayed in the bar chatting for a while and then went up to their bedroom. Emma and her 'man' John had started getting it ready, moving the furniture away from the bed to the sides of the room. We were to wrestle essentially on the bed, but they had decided that we could continue elsewhere in the room if we wanted.

I proposed to Emma that we wrestle for as long as she wanted, and as hard as she wanted. Either could stop when they wanted, and there would be no 'winner'. If the fight turned out as hoped we could only both be winners.

We both stripped off and I got another chance to get a good look at Emma. She had a generous bust, not especially interesting in shape, but well filled. I knew from before that her nipples could become very hard but, at the moment they were small and not remarkable at all. She still had a light covering of blond curls between her legs, but removed over her actual pussy lips. She was slightly overweight, with a bit of a tummy and undoubtedly weighed a bit more than I did. Otherwise we were similar in height.

We had agreed on no rules (outside violent moves) with sexual holds to be used in any way we wanted. It wasn't a first to orgasm fight, so should either orgasm it was to have no effect on the fight – the beneficiary would continue if she could. Either could ask for a break if she wanted one.

Something told me I was going to have an enjoyable time – and fortunately I wasn't wrong.

Emma was very quick off the mark, going straight for my breasts with both her hands. Her grip was designed to ensure that I knew she meant business, without being overly vicious. I got the message that this was meant to be a fight, though I knew that I would not need to fight all-out. I had already decided that this was a fight to be enjoyed and that I would not be looking to try to finish it quickly.

Removing her hands from my breasts I forced her back onto the bed, pressing down on her hands and moving my thigh up between her legs, pressing against her pussy, and noting that it wasn't yet moist.

Although she was under my control this was not a position that would lead anywhere and so I set about turning her over, getting round behind her and getting my legs over hers, to hold her in place. Having got her in place I could then find out what her breasts were like.

I deliberately played with her breasts in an ambigious manner which was intended to be half sexy and half threatening, but without causing her any pain. Her nipples reacted to the sexy part and once they had grown in length I targeted them more than her breasts which soon showed that the hardness I had noted during the game when first we met, was not a one off.

She started muttering that I should get on fighting, but I told her that that was exactly what I was doing – softening my opponent up. I was also developing the sexual side to the contest.

I will admit to having made the most of playing with her breasts, and I never cease to enjoy playing the game of trying to see how long I can make nipples. Emma was however right in so far as there was a combat to get on with, so I replaced what I had been doing with a brief assault on those long hard nipples, which produced a yelp of pain, then I flipped Emma onto her front and plunged a hand between her legs. Just as I had hoped she was no longer dry and a new target area was now available.

I didn't stop Emma wriggling loose, but I was taken by surprise when she launched herself at me, and it was my turn to be on my back. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I was definitely flattered. My breasts became the target of a sexual assault – which I didn't especially try to bring to a halt. She even managed to have a good suck and lick on one nipple, but found herself tipped off when she tried to do the same to the other. By then, however, I was feeling nice and warm between the legs, and not concerned should she target that area.

If I was expecting a sexy romp, Emma wasn't. We endulged in a brief tussle to get the dominant position and in passing she grabbed me between the legs. There was nothing sexy about the move as she pulled hard on my pussy lips. Message clearly received. Her hold was very short lived, but it encouraged me to get a firmer grip on her left breast which, this time, was not designed to produce sexy sensations. I heard her say 'that's better' before she removed my hand. Strange woman.

We now had a grab-what-you-can fight that only lasted a short time, but left us out of breath. It was fairly frantic and attack led, which meant that the moves were not coordinated, gravity spoiled some holds, but that one of her nipples in particular got rather abused, as did my right breast. A fleeting crutch-claw which I couldn't hold seemed to encourage her that I was prepared to have a fight.

I calmed things down a bit my lying across her face. It gave us both a chance to get our breaths back. I sneaked a hand down over her body and began rubbing around her clit. From nowhere she produced a great burst of energy and literally threw me off and I rather ignominiously found myself pinned to the bed by her legs, while she stretched down my body and began fingering my pussy! None of your gentle foreplay, but vigourous finger movements inside me. What was worse she even braced herself successfully when I tried to throw her off. She was learning fast.

The fight went from bad to worse. She managed to manoeuvre me into what was usually my favourite position, but this time with her behind me. It took her a while, but she then turned that into a grapevine, with me close to the edge of the bed.

Emma called out which was obviously a pre-determined message to her 'man'. Unbeknown to me he was no longer clothed as he had been at the start, but naked and showing his manly virtues. He came over to the bed and I soon found his cock where Emma's finger had been. He was fairly gentle about it, but once fully in he began sliding up and down my pussy.

I certainly hadn't been expecting that, but it did add a strange side to our contest. Emma had my arms held fast and so he was able to take his time gently fucking me, going in deeper and deeper with each forward thrust.

He made no attempt to touch me elsewhere and after what was actually quite a pleasant interlude, once the strangeness had worn off (after all we had agreed that we would share him sexually), he finally withdrew, leaving me feeling almost sorry.

Once Emma's man was no longer titivating my insides she tried to turn back to fighting, by releasing my arms so that she could try a bit of breast squeezing, but that also gave me the chance to break free.

I rolled away and then sprang to my knees. Emma was waiting for me to make a move. I advanced slowly, went to my left and then quickly back to my right, catching her out as she moved to block my initial move. My arm snaked around her head, pulling it in to my shoulder. My left hand soon found a nice padded breast, and I thought to apply a little application to show that it was actually I the fighter, but Emma was full of new found confidence and, instead of trying to defend herself she attacked my pussy, pulling the lips apart.

I had to force her head down, making her leave my pussy alone. With my weight on her back my right hand went down and over her buttocks to find her pussy for a bit of payback, but although I could finger it, I couldn't manage to pull on her pussy lips, so I dumped her face down on the bed and decided to show her that I could be rougher if I so chose.

Sitting on the small of her back I put my hands around her chin, to force her head up and then her torso to arch up from the bed. Once both of her breasts were clear of the bedding, my hands moved from her chin to begin working them over – not really that roughly, but definitely not sexually. I wondered if she would call for a break, but she didn't.

Having tired her, I used my hold on her breasts to continue pulling her body up, sliding it into place for me to apply a grapevine, which I applied in a very thorough manner. Her 'man' required no second telling to penetrate her, and it was noticeable that his thrusts were deeper and harder than they had been in me.

It seemed to me that he fucked her pretty much for the same length of time that he had bestowed similar appreciations on my body. Fairness above all. She didn't particularly resist and gave every impression that she was enjoying it as much as I had. Even as he was thrusting in and out I was giving some thought as to how I could exploit his presence later in the 'fight'.

Once he had withdrawn, with pre-cum dripping from his member, I released my grapevine hold, and allowed Emma to move away from me.

In some fights you can tell exactly what your opponent is going to do. With Emma that was definitely not the case. She literally bowled me over, and I finished up on the floor. She was on me before I could react, more or less propping my body up against the side of the bed, feet on the floor. The weight of her body held me in place, and I had a brief moment to wonder what she had in mind for me.

Her hands initially found my breasts, but not to hurt them. She began to play with them in a very sexual manner. I couldn't move my body, arched as I was over the bed, with her body holding me in place, but my hands were free. Before I could use them she had changed her attack, and she forced my hands back onto the bed. She then resumed her attack using her mouth and showed that it was not only the Japanese wrestlers who knew how to extract pleasure in this manner!

As nice as it was we were supposed to be wrestling each other and so I did (eventually) try to excape from her hold. Judging my efforts perfectly she waited until I was in danger of escaping and then leapt over me, onto the bed. She retained hold of my hands and she now applied her body weight into keeping my arms flat on the bed, my feet on the floor. She said two words to her man “fuck her”, and I realised that I wasn't the only one who had been thinking about how to use him.

He took his time (I was incapable of getting away). I supposed I could have tried to kick, but my fight was with Emma and not with him. Pulling my legs further apart, he slowly entered me. When he began his movements I knew that this time he wouldn't stop after a few thrusts. We had agreed on an evening of mixed sex, and it was beginning now. Emma and her man had obviously given some thought to this and we were all involved for the evening. I quickly decided that I should enjoy every aspect to the full and as he developed his rhythm, I began to move my own body to enhance both of our pleasures.

Seeing that I was not trying to escape, Emma stopped merely trying to hold me in place and, instead, she began to enhance my pleasure by stimulating my breasts.

After all her advance work I was highly turned on and it didn't take very long before I enjoyed a really fulfilling orgasm. Emma and her man, as per our set of rules, didn't stop, and I wasn't given the chance to 'rest'. The nature of the sensations I was feeling changed, but remained highly pleasant. Emma's man (her husband as it later turned out – though they weren't broadcasting that fact), didn't alter his movements, which remained controled but forceful, until just before he reached his orgasm when they became harder but more erratic and he kindly deposited the proof of his sexual satisfaction deep within my body.

Once he had withdrawn, Emma released her hold, probably thinking that it would take me a while to react. For once it was my turn to produce a surprise and she very quickly found herself flat on her back with my pussy over her mouth. Her husband's come was beginning to drip back out and I orederd her to lick it off me. I wasn't sure how she would react but we were obviously all very turned on by the extreme sexual nature of our entertainment, and she immediately began tonguing her husband's essence from my insides, helped by the effect of gravity.

She seemed to be concentrating on the job in 'mouth', so I risked spinning round into a reverse facesit. Her husband was not yet ready to loan me his cock, but when I showed him his wife's pussy, and my tongue he quickly got the idea, tonguing his wife to an impressively agitated orgasm even before she had finished cleaning me out.

It seemed like a good moment to take a little break, and they produced a bottle of cooled white wine which went down a treat.

After a couple of glasses each we were ready to continue, even if Emma's husband's cock was definitely at half mast. She suggested we try to pin each other, with the loser sucking her husband. I suppose that I shouldn't have been surprised by now, but I still was, when Emma pinned me seemingly effortlessly. For once I really enjoyed licking and sucking the penis, even more so that it was really small when I started. It was much bigger when I stopped and proposed a repeat bout.

This time I won, but only after having to really apply myself to wrestling. Emma repeated the dose on her husband, who had had the time to shrink a bit while we were wrestling. By the time he was big she suggested we continue like that. It wasn't long before she was sucking him again, and a couple of minutes later it was my turn. This time he was still long and hard when I started, having not had the time to deflate.

The same was true for when I pinned Emma right from the restart.

I don't know for how long we could have continued this game but, as Emma began sucking her husband, she realised that he wouldn't be able to hold out for long. Beckoning me over we began licking his penis from bottom to top, one on each side. I suspect that the man who could resist that for long doesn't exist. Emma began fingering his anus, and me his balls. At the last minute Emma engulfed his penis in her mouth and virtually sucked him dry.

With a mouthful of sperm Emma headed off to the bathroom for a quick rinse and when she came back it was clear that we couldn't use her husband's cock for a while to come! That meant that it was just the two of us.

It was clear when we resumed wrestling that Emma had only one idea in mind, to excite me sexually. I know it didn't take long to recount our pin match, but it actually took quite some time, initially at least. When we started wrestling again we were beginning to tire. Just to counter Emma I grabbed a pillow and swung it at her. She was more or less obliged to grab one too and to indulge in a pillow fight.

We swung pillows at each other for quite a prolonged period before she snatched my pillow from my hands and threw it away. We then wrestled for position and found ourselves rather tangled up but with a hand on the other's pussy. Emma was very wet and very open, and I have no doubt that I was as well.

Despite trying to wrestle, we found it hard to remove our pussies from the other's finger and when we found ourselves in a 69 position we stayed there. A muffled voice from between my legs informed me that first to come would have to suffer with what Emma had in her handbag (whatever that was).

Sometimes you don't need to voice out loud rules and this was the case. With just tongues we set about driving the other outside their control zone. Emma was one of those ladies who produce very large amounts of fluid when aroused, and it was flowing freely down my chin. My hips were bucking outside my control and there was nothing I could do to prolong my tonguing of Emma to achieve the domination I would have prefered.

From her bag Emma produced a magic wand and having vibrated it over my nipples and breasts, she attacked my clitoris.

Two orgasms in five minutes after all that had gone before left me shattered. As much as I would have liked to have continued wrestling Emma, I was almost incapable. I did take the wand from her, to do to her what she had done to me, but I'm not even sure I finished before I fell asleep!

Some time later I was aroused by a cock poking at my pussy. When she saw that I was awake Emma promised me more of it if I could best her in an out and out fight. Where was the pessimistic Emma that I had seen before?

Emma's idea of a fight seemed to be threefold. Bum smacking (sorry neighbours about the noise), pussy fingering and tit squeezing. I began brightly, hopefully making Emma regret the bit about the tits, giving hers quite a working over. After that the fatigue took over and my breasts got attacked, alternating with my bum. From time to time I felt her finger fucking me with some degree of force.

Don't get me wrong, I did fight back and Emma would have known that we had been in a fight, but it was clear that not only was she dominating, but that I was coming off much worse than her.

She spared me the indignity of conceding defeat by announcing that enough was enough and that we both deserved the prize.

We laid down side my side on the bed, while her husband took it in turns penetrating one and then the other. Just before he came he asked me whether I agreed that Emma had 'more or less' won the fight. When I agreed he remained within her until both came.

I slept for a while in their room and then later collected up my things and went back to the room I was sharing with Rosa. Despite the lateness of the hour I found Rosa in the bathroom washing sperm out of her pussy. She had a slight cut above one eye but assured me that it had been an accidental contact. She started telling me about her evening, but I fell asleep very quickly and never heard the end of it.