Rosa's Idea – part 4
by Aristocatch

We were due to breakfast at 8, before having another organised event straight after. Round about seven we were woken by someone knocking at the door and when Rosa opened it she found the Indian lady along with the poney-tailed man. As I had expected the Indian lady had come for me, and she had brought company to keep Rosa occupied.

The Indian lady who went by the un-Indian name of Jenny was wearing a bathrobe which she slipped off once she was in the room to show that she had nothing underneath. She said that she had come to challenge me to a vibrator fight, but first she thought we had some unfinished business to settle. You may recall that we had exchanged pussy slaps the previous day and so I presumed she meant that. She went on to say that part of her wanted revenge, and part to beat me sexually, so she had decided that the only solution was both. Her idea was to spend five minutes on revenge and then as long as it took for sexual dominance.

She did have very tempting breasts and I had been expecting her, rather than Emma, to issue a challenge the night before. I wasn't about to refuse.

Rather than get on the bed she had us kneel facing each other on the floor, legs wide apart. The man with the poney-tail was given the task of limiting our assault to five minutes and to announce the end of every minute. The rules were simple. We had to stay the set distance apart on our knees with our legs open so that only our hands could reach the other's body. From then on there were no rules.

This sounded quite appealing, except that it ended up rather a stalemate. We were technically sitting targets, but so much so that defence became paramount. Virtually every slap was blocked, and on the very rare occasions when contact was made the hand was soon pulled away. Most of the time we had hold of each other's wrists. When the end of four minutes was announced we were both feeling very frustrated.

I had already decided that I was not about to obey the rules any longer and Jenny had clearly come to the same conclusion. We launched ourselves at each other. I went for her breasts, enjoying the feel of them being squashed between my fingers. Unfortunately she was doing the same to my pussy! She only needed one hand for that, and the other soon found my breast. That decided it for me and my left hand found her pussy lips and then went for a claw hold trying to extract from her pussy the kind of pain that she was producing in mine.

One minute is very short and it was obvious that honour was not yet satisfied. Poney-tail had the solution. He put us back in the kneeling position and ordered five slaps each, pulling a coin from his pocket. I called tails, but it came up heads. I wondered whether Jenny might aim for my head, but a haymaker between my legs answered that in no uncertain fashion.

I replied with a crisp right that stung her left breast. For her second shot she appeared to be aiming for my breast, but finally landed another crisp hit between my legs which certainly stung. I'm not sure why she feinted first, because we weren't allowed to defend ourselves, but she certainly made the blow count.

I risked a left-handed slap to her right breast. It wasn't too bad, though not with the force of a right-handed shot. Despite the colour of her skin you could see where I'd slapped her.

Then it was the turn of my left breast to feel the force of her slap with a noise like a pistol shot to go with it. My right-handed slap to her breast was equally effective and I could see from her face that it had hurt. She tried a left-handed slap aimed at my right breast, but instead of catching the breast full on, her hand caught it near the nipple, which was probably more painful than if she had hit me cleanly.

You may be wondering why I had yet to aim between her legs; simply because I wanted to leave it to the end, and a lovely slap it was too – which caused quite a reaction on her face which might have saved my breasts from further slaps, as her last slap caught me cleanly on my pussy, guaranteeing that my last slap arrived also between her legs.

We stung like hell, but that was all part of the game. Poney-tail decided to add an encore, promising us a minute of breast mauling! Pure pain. Jenny concentrated on my left breast with both her hands. I used my right hand to torture her left orb, while my left hand targeted the nipple of her right breast, crushing and pulling it.

It was a good job that the tit massacre only lasted a minute – much more would have been impossible. Poney-tail announced that it was time he dealt with 'his little black number', and even before he had said that our violence had given way to a mad 69 where devouring the other's pussy took the place of the violence.

Our strange little extreme encounter had created a built up of sexual tension of monstrous proportions which lead to an equally strange bout of violent sex. Caresses were frantic and often encompassed loving kisses, followed by violent squeezes, pinches or even bites. I have rarely enjoyed sex of such intensity, and probably never that was equally painful.

The noises coming from elsewhere in the room suggested that Rosa and Poney-tail had found ways of keeping themselves occupied.

We arrived for breakfast late and very dishevelled, much the same as most of the other guests. The organisers expressed pleasure that we had all managed to organise activities for ourselves and suggested that, in view of the state of most of us they would pass to the last event scheduled for eleven o'clock.

At eleven we were all in the room reserved for events, and all naked. The floor and half-way up the walls were covered in tarpaulins. The state of our naked bodies suggested that sex wasn't the only item on the agenda overnight and the 'fight' part of the sexfight weekend had lived up to its name. Just about everyone had minor cuts, abrasions, bruises, blotches and other reminders of the past twenty-four hours. The sight of two dozen naked ladies was not in itself enough to produce the slightest reaction in the male members and it would be fair to say that just about everyone was shagged out.

Now for the finale!

We were to be covered in oil and then, initially, the women would be able to show the men what it was like to be manhandled and, indeed, penetrated. After that the men would be able to do as they pleased for the remainder of the time. The women as well if it came to that, unless they were coping with the attentions of a man at the time. An oiled sexfight in all its full glory.

The oil was literally sprayed on and we, plus the tarpaulins, were soon covered and standing up became a tricky feat. For a few minutes twenty four oiled amazons tried to get the better of twelve oiled (erection-less) studs. The guys were determined not to give us our own way and fought back. Thank God the oil was a wonderful lubricant, because the men were not especially gentle, especially when they had felt a woman's finger inside their anal passage.

Surprisingly some of the women were quite rough, not only trying to insert fingers, but also manhandling in a none too gentle fashion other parts of the male anatomy. Initially I had decided merely to try to finger a bum or two but, after having a male digit roughly shoved up my backside, I gave the offending digit's owner's cajones a good squeeze.

After about ten minutes trying to get the better of the men a horn sounded, meaning that it was now a full free for all. Interestingly being fingered didn't seem to have done any harm to the men's libidos and most were now sporting hard-ons of some size. Unfortunately for me the man whose balls I had squashed was still near by and he decided it was time for me to give him some pleasure. I was quickly on my back with his cock inside me, pumping hard.

You will have worked out that most of the men present had had several orgasms since arriving and several just before breakfast. In some ways they were in the lucky position of being able to have an erection, without the need or desire to orgasm (or even perhaps the possibility). He pounded away inside me a few times and then withdrew, blowing me a kiss before sliding off to try out an exposed pussy a short distance away. That pussy was exposed because it's owner was wrestling with another girl who, at that moment, was on top. At that moment, but not for long, as the man pushed her off the better to get at the pussy.

Having nothing better to do I grabbed her and we slid around, each trying to get the dominant position on top. I succeeded for a while, sliding my pussy up to her lips and making her lick my oily pubes. If the guys were short on sperm to orgasm, I can't say that I was very near such a state either. My tryst with Jenny had used up enough to satisfy me for a while, but it is never unpleasant to have your pussy licked.

Soon after I came into contact with Emma's husband. He politely indicated that he had already enjoyed the pleasures of my body (I got the hint that maybe Emma thought enough was enough as well), but he squared up as if he were ready to fight, so I did the same, just in time, as he tried to slap me right on the pussy. Fortunately he was off target and his hand slid off my oiled skin away from more delicate parts. He didn't fare as well, as I slapped his balls.

We clinched and fell to the tarpaulin. He was trying to slap my pussy and I slapped his balls twice, as well as twisting his cock before he succeeded. He stoically 'ignored' what I had done to him and his slap to my pussy wasn't all that hard. He muttered that he had promised that to Emma before, having kept his promise, she slid away from my vengeful retribution. I had no intention of pursuing him, feeling that keeping his promise had probably been painful enough.

A pair of tits that I hadn't noticed before, I'm sure, was near at hand. They fitted nicely into my hands and, for once, I didn't try to cause them any pain. Their owner was being taken from behind by one of the men, and she risked holding herself up on one hand, to return the compliment to my breasts. The man withdrew himself from her and shuffled round behind me there to gently slide his shaft into my inner recesses. Now I only had one hand free for her breasts and she was able to use both of hers on me.

The owner of the cock within me whispered that he would shortly withdraw, and that he wanted to have the satisfaction of linking (his word) with every woman present. Twenty four seemed rather a lot, but I prefered his gentle approach to some of the other men. When he left my breast-fondling companion slid nearer for some kissing and our fingers explored where the cock had recently been.

Further oily liquid began to rain down, presumably someone was worried that we might be drying out, though it didn't seem the case with the pussy I had in hand!

My current partner showed me two women who were currently being courted by our recent man. She asked whether I would be interested in joining her to teach them a lesson. I could hardly refuse, could I?

Our galant finished his business with them both and before they had time to take stock of the situation they were flat on their backs and our fingers were where his cock had so recently been but this time with an urgency and a purpose that he had lacked. Our 'victims' realised that we had come for a sex fight and didn't take long trying to fight back. We were all so covered in oil and so slippery that no hold could be maintained. Their fingers were soon finding our pussies and breasts, creating sensations that had largely been absent during the current session. Maybe there would be further orgasms before the weekend was over.

One of the best things about wrestling four at a time and in oil was that you could change targets quite readily and the two we were fighting against seemed just as keen on having an all out sexfight as we were. The darker-haired one had little or no breasts, but even then her nipples seemed quite sensitive. Her bigger-breasted friend enjoyed having a thumb rub her oiled clit. That didn't mean we were on top, as they soon found our weak points.

This was beginning to build up to a good climax when my erstwhile partner suggested that maybe it should be a free for all! I suspect that it was even her finger that brought me off, though there were two pairs of hands on my breasts at the same time. She was the last to orgasm and by then the three of us were administring to her needs. We all four fell into a heap to recover.

My recovery lasted all of five seconds before a man whose balls I vaguely recalled having squashed the previous day rather roughly sat me down on his cock. He must have been watching what we had been doing, as he was very excited and it didn't take him long to fill my insides with the proof. I had been starting to come down from my orgasm but bouncing up and down on his cock got me going again.

I was excited and even before I had had time to climb off him I saw Emma having her insides filled by her husband's sperm. Sliding over to her I pushed my fingers into my sex and pulled them out covered with sperm. She read my thoughts and did likewise. We had a silly and thoroughly agreeable 'sperm fight', trying to wipe sperm over each other and being generally a bit rough while we did.

We squeezed breasts a bit and even shoved fingers into the other's pussy, looking for more sperm to rub in each other's hair, or face. I'm sure it sounds disgusting, but in the circumstances it was mad fun.

When we had exhausted those possibilities we noticed a rampant member, whose owner was flat on his book with his face buried in pussy. The owner of the pussy was intent on being pleasured and maintaining her pleasurer in place. We began to rub his cock and then Emma lowered herself onto it. As she slid up and down, I played with his balls (nicely for once!). Changing places I could feel just how hard he was and I enjoyed controlling the sensations and maintaining myself at a highly excited level.

He was obviously not far from coming and I eased off him so that we could finish him off by hand. We tried directing sperm at each other, but mostly just got it on our hands. We looked at each other, wondering whether to continue our sperm fight and both had the same idea at the same time.

Our efforts on the penis hadn't put the man off what he was doing to his rider's genitals and she was oblivious to our presence, but not for long! Emma and I put our sperm-covered hands on her breasts and pulled her over backwards. She was not best pleased. It was clear that she was nearer to pleasure than we had anticipated (not that I'm sure we even thought about it). We weren't that churlish and laying her on her back on the floor, we encouraged her man to take his place between her legs there to continue his oral onslaught, while we added (albeit sticky) breast stimulation.

In the event that she was still mad at us we left in search of targets new before she could recover from her slightly delayed orgasm.

Sliding around the very slippery floor I spotted the only bearded man resting on his laurels as it were. He was watching what three women were doing and his penis suggested that it was to his enjoyment. I was feeling very randy after my recent experiences and he had just what I needed. Yes, it does happen that I fancy a hard cock inside me, and now was one of those times.

Unfortunately I wasn't the only one who had noticed home and another women was sliding his way. Her hair was matted and shapeless (as mine undoubtedly was as well), which actually brought out the red in it, which I can't say that I had noticed before. She had nice bouncy white tits and a splash of red between her legs (more than most of the other girls).

We arrived at the same time and it was clear we were after the same thing. None of the men was capable of coming twice and so, there was no way he could have satisfactory intercourse with us both. She needed to back down.

I obviously wasn't the only one thinking that, but I was also concerned that if we fought over him, he might well go off elsewhere before we had finished. Most unsportingly I impaled myself on him before she could react.

She was not best pleased and she used some language concerning me that I would prefer not to note here. I did point out that if we fought for the pleasure then it was almost sure that neither would get it. She grudgingly accepted that there was some truth in that. I had 'pole' position and there was no way I was about to give it up. We came to a sort of compromise, if she didn't find herself a man while I was otherwise occupied she would do most unpleasant things to my body. That suited me in that it gave me finders keepers rights, which I was not about to relinquish.

My bearded paramour didn't wait long after our decision had been made. He lifted me off him (I was facing the wrong way), laid me down and gave me the most delicious fucking I'd had for some time. Having two women prepared to fight over him had turned him on, and I was as horny as hell. The ideal combination to produce fireworks. If all couplings with men were as good as that, I'd keep a much greater distance from women in the future.

By the time we had both come and I had sperm coming out of my ears, we were both shattered and we lay there, still locked together watching what was going on around us and commenting the action in a fairly sarcastic manner. The red head was not in sight, and no pressure was put on us to seek out alternative arrangements.

We might have stayed there like that for quite some while, except that back she did come, the redhead. She had what looked remarkably like sperm dribbling out from between her legs, but she still came back. In rather unladylike terms she indicated that she was about to make me lick the sperm out from within her.

I eased the bearded-wonder's diminished asset from within me, where it had been quietly deflating for some time. Some of his sperm had slid forth, but there was still some within me, so I proposed that what was good for the goose was equally good for the gander though I admit that I had reshaping those bouncing white tits more in mind.

Oily surfaces are treacherous and she erroneously put her faith in her footing, finding herself on her back with me sitting on her tummy, without me having to use any wrestling skills. My hands descended onto those white tits which were far too inviting to ignore. My fighting lust had rather diminished, so I contented myself with giving them a good grope while she fumed. Then I reached round and located her pussy giving a little tug on those red hairs before extracting some of the sperm that oozed from her.

It had been my intention to remove it so that, in the event she got top position I wouldn't have to lick it, and then to dispose of it in a way that annoyed her. Our slippery bodies rendered that more difficult and once I was not pressing down on her midriff in an even manner she was able to roll me off. By the time she was sitting on me the sperm was lost among all the oil on the tarpaulin. She now took my breasts in her hands and groped them in much the same way I had groped hers before using her thumbs to provoke my nipples.

I rolled her off and we rolled around, locked together with hands full of breasts.

We never did get to make the other lick sperm from our insides as the horn went bringing to an end the free-for-all that we had been enjoying.

The organisers announced that it was time for 'the last waltz' and that everyone should rejoin the person they had arrived with. Twelve men found the women they had accompanied. The idea that they should come to a sexual finish with their own partner was probably well thought out, but in the event it was as much as some of the men could do to obtain enough of an erection to allow a modicum of penetration.

The remaining women paired up, and I found myself with Rosa for the first time. You may wonder why we hadn't had any action together, and this was because we had so decided in advance. Rosa had promised in arriving that we would have a fight 'sometime', but not during the weekend. Double-ended flexible dildos were produced for us and I could see that Rosa was not keen.

The redhead was next to us and she clearly saw the look on Rosa's face. She didn't seem especially keen to unite with the woman she had come with and so we adopted the sensible solution. The small amount of sperm still within us (plus all the oil) made sliding the dildo deep within us extremely quick and easy.

Neither of us was capable of, or ready for, prolonged sexual action, knowing that few real sensations could be produced by our tired bodies, so we accepted as much dildo as possible within us until we were able to sit and hug each other, rocking gently to give almost caresses to our inner recesses. Even if it wasn't what the organisers had in mind it was quite a nice way to end.

After that there was time to clean ourselves up, have lunch and depart. Rosa was quite chatty in the car on the way back and the journey passed very quickly as we recounted who we had done what to.