E-mail invite part 1

by Aristocatch

As you reading this, you will probably be aware that I have been writing stories about wrestling for quite some time. All writers need inspiration, so when I received an email from two lady wrestlers inviting me to come and watch them wrestle I was, of course, interested. With hindsight I'm not sure how they knew that I lived near enough for this to be possible, but we'll let that pass!

An exchange of emails fixed the time and place and I duly drove to the apartment where one of them lived and which had been made ready for their activities.

After a brief introduction they took me into the room where they were to wrestle, sat me in the only chair, and stripped off into a on-piece costume for one and a two-piece, very-sensible costume for the other.

They then proceeded to wrestle which gives me time to tell you that one was fairly slim, short-haired and taller than the other who was more rounded and with long hair. Anyone who stereotypes people would automatically see a classical couple, but from their comments such stereotyping would here prove false! Both were in their mid twenties; two girls who were acceptable looking, but unlikely to turn heads in the street. For the purposes of this account and not to cause them embarrassment, I will call them April and May.

Their wrestling was much like their appearances, unspectacular. They wrestled for falls, with some enthusiasm, but not much wrestling technique. I watched politely, but wouldn't say that what I was watching would encourage me to want to repeat the experience. They were at least relatively even, and so neither totally dominated the other. There was a brief period when May (with the longer hair) had a purple patch and took a two-fall lead, which she held until it was determined that she had won.

I was beginning to think that I would politely take my leave when May asked if I would like to try wrestling with them. The thought had crossed my mind before leaving home but, once installed in May's apartment, its likelihood had seemed slim enough to forget all about it. I was therefore taken by surprise and made the silly reply that I would if that would please them.

I was told to strip to my underwear ( a pair of boxer shorts), which I did. As May had won, she claimed the right to start.

I may write about wrestling, but that doesn't mean that I have any experience of actually being a wrestler, and certainly not against a woman. It didn't take May long to work out that while physically stronger, I was technically naive, and that even her limited experience gave her an advantage. It took me a little longer to realise that she seemed more interested in rubbing her leg against my crotch than having me at her mercy.

We broke apart at some stage and I suggested that it seemed unfair that only I was stripped to the waist! I don't know where the courage to say that came from, it just slipped out. May looked at me, said 'OK' and slipped her bra top off. Now this was definitely more interesting, as she had a more than acceptable pair of breasts. Not to be outdone, April peeled her top down showing that, even though she had less than May, her breasts were bigger than I had imagined. She decided that it was time for her to wrestle me.

Any thoughts I may have entertained about getting handfuls of breasts were soon dispelled as she unceremoniously dumped me on the floor three times in a row, following up the third time by sitting on me.

Before I had time to react there came a thumping on the door which, not having been locked, was then hurled open. From where I was lying I could see a woman enter into the room, obviously intent on complaining about the noise.

“Hi, June (my name for her)” called out May. “We're just teaching him how to wrestle”.

June seemed totally unfazed by this comment and replied that she could see that.

As June advanced a little further into the room I could see that she was a much more attractive woman than April or May. She was probably fifteen to twenty years older, but she wore it well. I may have been in a hopeless position, flat on my back with April on my stomach, but my tongue still worked.

“As you can see it's rather one-sided. You wouldn't mind staying and giving me a hand would you?”

“You want me to help you give a lesson to these two young ladies?”

“That's about the sum of it”.

“Why not” she said. “It does look as if you could do with some help.”

April climbed off me and suggested to June that she would have to shed some clothing, which she lost no time in doing, stripping down to a fairly flimsy pair of knickers which only helped to add to the favourable impression of her body!

She suggested to May that a light warm-up session would be in order, which May accepted. Just watching the two of them rolling around on the floor was a great deal more interesting than all that I had seen up until then. It got even more interesting when June gave one of May's breasts a gentle squeeze. May replied in kind, cattily informing us that they were actually real. Both filled their hands with breasts and although on the face of it squeezing, all that changed was the size of two pairs of nipples which noticeably hardened and lengthened.

“Your turn” June called out to me, and I wasted no time getting May's breasts into my hands, feeling the hardened nipples against my palms. May wasn't sure quite how to respond, but April announced that she had found something else that was hardening, grabbing my cock through my underpants.

My somewhat boring visit had suddenly become much more interesting!

Exerting myself I threw May to one side and got handfuls of April's orbs – not stopping her hold on my member. To be fair this was groping and not wrestling, but who was counting?

I assume that April realised the situation we were in and finding it awkward, released her hold on me and then removed my hands from her breasts.

Although she had only recently arrived June seemed the most at home, unfazed by the odd situation we found ourselves in. I confess that having three semi-naked women with me was not really something I'd imagined before coming here and I wasn't sure in what direction things should move. June broke the deadlock pointing out to May that I had nipples as well and suggesting that we have a team nipple-pinching fight. The bulge between my legs should be left alone she suggested, for now.

After thirty seconds of everyone keeping out of range we somehow found ourselves in a heap on the floor rolling around and pinching nipples willy-nilly. At first it was mostly fingers touching nipples but, once someone had actually squeezed a bit, their victim squeezed back a bit more and soon the pinches were moderately hard. I found myself on my knees squeezing both of May's nipples, with my own nipples being twisted between her fingers, while June and April were likewise engaged.

A rather painful stalemate ensued, broken when May with a movement of her head encouraged us to break off hostilities and take another pair of nipples in hand. Because we took the initiative we were able to latch on to our targets from behind our adversaries, leaving our own nipples protected, at least at first. April and June squirmed out of our holds and all eight nipples were once again being assaulted, with growing enthusiasm for causing pain.

Hostilities ended by common accord leaving everyone with long sore nipples, which we automatically rubbed.

June again took the initiative proposing to the girls that if they wanted to see what was inside my underpants they would have to wrestle hers off first. I noted that I wasn't consulted on this arrangement, but the idea of seeing some exposed pussy was quite to my liking, so I decided not to be churlish.

April took up the challenge, trusting no doubt that her swimming costume would be much harder to remove than June's knickers. June obviously thought otherwise and we were treated to a bout of real wrestling as clearly neither had any intention of gratuitously showing off her pussy. April was visually surprised after a period of dominance which saw June's bottoms pulled in all directions except down, when June caught her unawares and revealed what she was trying to hide – one hairy pussy. June's knickers suffered a bit, and during the fight her largely hairless slit had not really been covered, but she was victorious.

May stepped forward to take up the challenge. Because April had seemed to dominate but still lost May was more wary of June. This suited June down to the ground, which is where May's bikini bottom's found themselves! June's modesty was hardly covered, such were her knickers twisted and torn, but they were still nominally around her middle.

She announced that the girls had left her with no choice but to remove my underwear herself, partner or no partner.

When we wrestled I was quite excited, and with hindsight, June clearly played me along, encouraging me to feel her body, feeling mine, but never quite removing my cover. The state of her underwear meant that my hands continually touched her sex and, as I did finish by realising that she was playing me along, I confess to having made the most of it. I even sucked on a nipple briefly when it came into contact with my mouth. I had a lovely time as the extreme bulge in my underwear proved. Quite by chance, as her knickers finally fell apart, so my underpants were pulled down and there we were, all four, quite naked.

May and April couldn't avoid looking at what my underwear had hidden. Modestly it's not really much to shout about, but I suppose beggars can't be choosers. June pointed out that there was no point my wrestling in my current state, as the slightest touch would 'waste' me (her words). She offered April to fight May to find a winner who would suck me off. They wasted no time agreeing.

I can only assume that their sex lives are non existent. On a first-to-submit-loses basis they launched themselves at each other in a manner which had nothing to do with their earlier efforts. April tried for a face sit, but was soon tipped off. May tried a few slaps to soften April up, but when she got one back across her breasts she dropped that idea. Both wrestled frantically looking for a hold that would immobilise the other. As neither succeeded they got rougher and grabbed at each others breasts. Squeals announced painful holds even when they were hidden from us. My organ grew to lengths I could hardly recall!

When it seemed that June might need to come up with a tiebreak scheme, May finally trapped April in front of her, one hand tormenting April's breast, with April powerless to escape, but too stubborn to submit. It was only when May's other hand began stretching her pussy lips that she finally gave.

May took a minute getting her breath back, but then she advanced, took my penis in her hand and then fairly quickly lowered her head over it. I swear that I did try to hold out and make it last, but after all the stimulation that I had enjoyed, May's tongue overcame my resistance and I gushed into her mouth.

“Now we can continue on a more even basis, and have some real fun” announced June, “though I would suggest that we might want to make some preparations. If you haven't got any rubbers I've got some downstairs.” The girls hadn't, but May did lend June a bathrobe, so that she could go downstairs to where she lived. When she came back she also had a couple of sex toys with her to add to the one that May had found in her absence.

You will have realised that the atmosphere had radically changed, and that clearly it was intended that my private parts no longer remain private, but you will have to wait until a new update to learn how things worked out. Sorry!