Email Invite part 2


Here we are, back again, and I can continue to tell you how my invite by email to May's apartment worked out.

Once more June took the lead.

“It seems obvious that we would all three like the same thing ! We will therefore have to compete for the pleasure. A tag match, until one of you makes me come. But if we make you come you lose your chance. You don't want to make our friend come though, so you'll have to work out how to make him tag me in without him depriving us of our prize!”

I don't know where consultation has gone, but apparently it didn't include me. I was merely a sex toy to be fought over. Such was my lot – though I would hazard the guess that most of you would have changed places with me given half a chance!

It wasn't surprising that June chose to start and April bravely took up position to confront her. I would hazard another guess that June may have previously in her life indulged in similar antics. This is based upon the fact that within thirty seconds she had April spread on the floor, immobilised and with June's fingers working away within her pussy. Thankfully the pussy was ready to receive said fingers and April was sufficiently 'warmed up' by the previous action.

In fact April was so overwhelmed by the situation she found herself in that I started feeling sorry for her. She barely managed to react, scarcely touched June and was soon moaning with sexual pleasure which took away any willingness she may have had to resist. June was sucking away on her breasts, fingering her like mad and also rubbing April's clit with her other hand. You don't need to be a genius to guess the outcome and, despite May's shouted encouragement, April showed how to really enjoy an orgasm.

I've already said that I very much doubt that April and May were other than friends, and I feel relatively sure that April was devoid of lesbian experience. Fortunately this didn't put her off from enjoying her orgasm and we all got a kick out of watching her enjoy it.

June now used her organising role to impose upon us that I should face off with May. This was well thought out, as she was evidently hoping that I could tire May out a bit before she had to face her. May was faced with the dilemma that she needed to force June back into the ring as quickly as possible, but she couldn't do so by making me come, as this could deprive the eventual winner of her prize. She had to make life for me sufficiently difficult that I would want to tag June in.

I, on the other hand, had free rein to amuse myself with her body and especially those parts to which I had hitherto before had no access. I surprised myself by actually wrestling her onto her back, with my legs across her shoulders and me facing down her body. It was well within even my capacities to explore her shaven sex with my hand, feeling it respond to my touch (against its owner's wishes?) so as to allow me to gently enter a digit within.

As I thus amused myself I set about wondering whether I would prefer to have sex with May or June; which of them might give me the better experience. June was very sexy, and logically to be preferred, but I had an idea she might continue to use me as a sex toy, with me getting little say in the matter. I thought that sex with May might be more of a joint experience, which could make it more enjoyable.

On the basis of these thoughts I decided to try to have oral contact with May's sex. I succeeded and enjoyed licking her pubes. As I had thought this reduced the pressure that I was applying in pinning May's body to the floor. Whether it took her a while to work this out, or whether she was actually enjoying some oral sex, she didn't immediately take advantage. I licked merrily away, fingering all the while before she freed a hand and stuck a finger into my bum.

I was shocked, I can tell you, and May was soon free and out from under my body. What's more she had realised how she could encourage me to tag in June.

The idea of being thus assaulted again was not pleasant, but I wasn't about to concede defeat just for that. Thus far I hadn't exactly put much physical effort into wrestling, but May had pushed me into making a real effort. I would tag June in, but not before May had learned that she had exceeded my personal limit.

May must have been able to read my thoughts, or maybe it was just the look on my face. At any rate my nipples got well pinched before I had her under my control. I decided to mix pleasure and pain and, even if rather against my principles, one of my hands sought to cause her discomfort in the region of her breasts, even as the other fingered her pussy.

I suppose that I could have eliminated her had I so wanted, but when I felt sufficiently revenged I informed her that I would release her and tag in June. Even as I did so I rolled the nipple that I hadn't been assaulting sexily between fingers wet with her juices. I thought she might try and retaliate, but she didn't, though she seemed less friendly towards me than she had.

June now took up position in a fight with May that would end in an orgasm for one, and the use of my male member for the other.

There was no way that May would capitulate as April had, and both pussies had fingers within them within the first thirty seconds. Caution then took over and whilst their breasts were squeezed, tweaked, rubbed or occasionally sucked, hands were kept away from pussies, as each sought primarily to protect her most intimate areas. If they were to progress someone would have to take the initiative and I wasn't surprised when June finally made a move. Initially May's quick reaction allowed her to grope June, but only while June secured the hold she was after. She then enjoyed playing with May's pussy for a worthwhile period, before May broke the hold.

Both pussies were once again filled with fingers, initially at the same time, and then more or less alternatively but, as both women became excited, defense began to gain the upper hand, and real stimulation became less and less.

With hands locked together, and no end to the fight in sight, June challenged May to take her on with the double-ended dildo that she had brought up from her flat below. May accepted the challenge.

April was going to seek out some lubricant for the dildo, but the state of both girls rendered that more or less unnecessary. They did suck on each end, while staring each other out, and then the dildo was slid into the warm recesses that awaited it. There was a pause until April called out 'go'.

As each pushed with her vaginal muscles and her body, the dildos slid further inside their bodies, bringing their sexes ever closer together; sufficiently so for them to be able to add breast stimulation to the equation, thus upping the ante considerably.

May had more staying power than I had expected and it was June's breathing that became increasingly erratic. She made one last effort, with a result that showed very clearly on May's face, but May held on and June had to accept (a very pleasant) defeat.

Within seconds May had torn open the rubber packet, covered my penis with it, and sunk her body as far as she could, with us both in a sort of sitting position. With arms round each other she rocked gently back and forth, which allowed her breathing to become less ragged.

“Will you lick and suck my breasts as you did earlier?” she asked, “and hold off coming for a while”. The last was easier said than done, as I was very aroused. I laid her down and gave myself over to the worship of her lovely breasts – trying very hard to move my nether regions as little as possible.

In all modesty I have to say that I excelled myself. May was so excited that she came just from having her breasts stimulated. Once I started moving within her, of course, I couldn't hold out and I very quickly filled the rubber.

My quickly-deflated member was rapidly cleaned, but it was obvious that it wouldn't be of much use for a while. A break was proposed and a bottle of cooled white wine appeared from the fridge. April and June wanted to continue so as to be able to 'get fucked' to quote their language and May seemed eager for an action reply. All it required was for the male organ to become functional.

Having come twice, I felt fairly sure that it would take quite some time (if at all) before I came again. Provided that I could maintain a hard on, I could fulfill certain functions. April was raring for some action and, although May and June were understandably tired, they weren't about to give her carte blanche to my body.

An idea was proposed. Each would be blindfolded, leaving me the only one able to see what was going on. I could choose whom to penetrate, leaving the other two to use their senses of hearing or smell to locate us and force us to interrupt our coitus. This had the advantage of ensuring that each one got some 'action'. For safety no-one (except me) was allowed to stand up.

I could spare you this part of the account, as there was not really that much wrestling involved. However there may be those who would feel deprived if I did so – so here goes.

I reckoned that they would expect me to choose June first, followed by April and then May (as she had already tasted the forbidden fruit). So I chose May, leading her quietly across the room, laying her on the floor, and enjoying her breasts once more with our bodies intimately united. When the others found us, they began slapping us, which mostly meant my back, as being the part most exposed. I withdrew from May and took June with me across the floor.

Keeping an eye on the others I penetrated her for the first time. As the other two approached, I pulled June with me and we scuttled to the other side of the room. This time I lay down and June mounted me. As she filled her insides with my manhood, I found considerable pleasure in her breasts. The advantage of this position, at least for me, was that when the others found us it was June who was exposed to their manhandling. They were quite rough with her, but she stuck it out for a while, and it was I who called a halt when they stopped me from playing with her breasts.

Fairness dictated that April not be ignored, but the others knowing this made sure that her pleasure was short lived. At this point we stopped the game and I, for once, took charge of things. I had the three line up, bums in the air, and went from one to another, siding into them from behind and fondling their tits. I made sure that April got a longer treatment than the others, which I think she was grateful for.

The best part of this was my being able to slide from woman to woman, getting considerable pleasure from the sensations produced both to my penis, and also from playing with their tits, without the fear of an ejaculation producing a premature finish.

I suppose we could have continued with variations on this theme for some time, until I could hold out no longer, but dissent among my partners decided otherwise. April and June wanted something more and May declared that even if she too wanted more she wasn't about to have a sexfight for it. Being greedy I suggested they fight each other in turn with each winner getting a predefined time with me, but that didn't meet with approval.

There seemed to be a desire that one would get a 'proper' fuck, even if that meant the other two didn't. All had a distinct preference for heterosexual sex to the extent that giving each other orgasms was no longer on the menu. There was a general feeling that the winner should deserve her reward by besting the others in some way. The more they discussed it the rougher their ideas became – just imagine three women being prepared to fight over you; what a dream world!

The lubrifying cream that April had been about to get earlier was now found and breasts were covered in it, as well as nether regions. Given that what they were after was sex they agreed not to harm each others pussies, but that anything else was fair game!

Last to submit wins being the winner the three lined up – ferocious looks in their eyes, willing the others to concede first. April and May both went after June's breasts. June ignored them and grabbed April's pussy hairs with one hand and May's pussy lips with the other. Nice gentle start. April tried slapping her two opponents and May saved her pussy by taking April down to the floor, which left June free. She plunged a hand between the two bodies and pulled on May's pussy lips again.

May rolled off April and swept June's legs out from under her. April, now released, tried for a handful of May's tit but was brusquely pushed away by May who launched herself onto June clawing at anything she could get her hands on.

April had a peeved look on her face. May and June were frantically trying to grab anything they could, quite ignoring her. As June held May's arms to protect herself, May arched her body up and April took full advantage to do to May what May had earlier done to me! The difference was that the girls had covered vital parts with an oily lubricant and April's finger had no trouble sliding into May's anus. Initially May remained locked in battle with June and so April pushed her digit in a bit further. As May finally reacted April was now waiting for her, removing her finger so as to be ready and grabbing a handful of May's pussy when it came into range (I thought they had agreed not to hurt each others pussies?).

April retained her hold, even when May angrily twisted one of her nipples, forcing her kneeling body against the half-risen May – making it impossible for May to get at her pussy. Thus occupied neither could take any notice of June who had risen to her feet. Quickly assessing the situation June inserted her finger where April's had just been, with May's breast in her free hand.

Poor May was in a sandwich from which it was hard to escape, being painfully assaulted in three places. She had already enjoyed having sex and presumably saw no reason to get hurt any more, calling out her surrender and extricating herself from the tangle as the others let her go.

Now it was April against June and this time April was no longer petrified by the surprising situation in which she found herself. May came and sat by me and let me play gently with her breasts as we watched April trying to inflict pain on June.

Their bout lasted a while, at a mad frantic pace, as each grabbed what they could whenever they got a hand free – tits, pussy, hair, tummies, thighs. They fought standing, generally face to face, and so their bums were protected, but however short-lived most holds were they must have caused some pain. As they tired the holds lasted longer and it was impossible to imagine who the winner would be.

Experience decided the day. June decided to seek better odds by changing the fight plan and so she took April down to the floor. Her luck was in and April landed face down. June was on her back instantly, working herself initially into a position from which April couldn't quickly escape. Once trapped April's pussy and then bum were targeted until April conceded defeat.

Poor April looked quite crestfallen, deprived of something she obviously wanted very much (the poor mistaken woman). We had removed the rubber from my cock after the last time it was needed and June stroked my bare penis provocatively.

“I tell you what” she said, “If you agree to let me cook you a meal and then stay on for a while after, I will cede my place to April.”

“I don't want charity” initially declared April (even though she obviously did), but June found the words to appease her. Telling me to come down when I had finished June grabbed her clothes, minimally covered herself, and left.

April suggested to May that she could join in, but May preferred to go off and have a shower, suggesting that we made use of her spare bedroom.

If I had had any reticence about enjoying sex with April it was ill placed. She turned out to have a high need for sex and she lead me into a very energetic (and energy sapping) sexual encounter.

Seeing my state when I arrived at her flat, June wisely talked me into staying and after a pleasant meal she introduced me to a much slower and gentler (and far more intimate) encounter. So well controlled was it, that I had no trouble overcoming my fatigue and after a while she upped the tempo to such a degree that it was a wonder that the neighbour from the flat above didn't come to complain about the noise!