Sexfight Sunday – part one

by Arisocatch

I almost didn't answer the phone when it rang and so I nearly missed an experience which subsequently became a high point of my year!

A friend whom I hadn't seen for a while was calling to tell me about a competition that she had seen advertised on the net, for a vigorous Sunday of contests to find the champion of sexual domination. She told me that she had taken part the year before, but couldn't this time around. As she thought the idea would suit my tastes she decided to let me know about it. Thank God that she did!

When I turned up and paid my entrance fee I discovered that there were quite a number of other competitors. Six ladies were significantly heavier and were put in a group of their own. There were also five much smaller ladies, which left sixteen average-sized amazons, myself included.

It was pointed out to us that there was no prize to win, and it would look strange to have a sexfight-champion trophy on the mantelpiece. In short it was about taking part rather than winning at all costs.

We were divided into four groups of four for what was described as a preliminary round, to be fought wearing knickers and bras. The knickers could not be removed, nor pushed to one side. Each contest was to last five minutes, during which time the object was to insert a hand inside the knickers and 'fiddle' with their hidden contents. There were no points awarded for manhandling mammaries (more's the shame!).

The sense of a preliminary round was soon apparent when neither of my first two opponents actually got a hand inside my knickers. My hand, however, was in regular pubic contact, though the first girl was too dry to seek any form of penetration. My second opponent had been well beaten in her first fight, and her sex was damp, but not really ready for further groping.

By the time I got my first 'real' fight my adversary and I were already qualified for the next round, which left me wondering just how to treat the fight. The answer was soon provided when the organisers announced that, as we would need to be naked for the following rounds, we should amend the rules slightly and have a strip fight, targeting those parties of the body that were revealed once unclothed.

Before we got to grips it was our turn to referee the fight between the two other members of our group who, finding themselves much better matched, suddenly seemed much less helpless. They literally ripped each others clothes off and gave breasts and pussy a thorough going over. I got the feeling that, against similar-standard opponents in the next phase, they would get to enjoy themselves much more. There was little to choose between which one had dominated the other but, as we both chose the same girl, a winner was declared.

Then it was our turn. My opponent went straight after my bra, pulling it up, rather than off and getting her hands on my breasts, to squeeze sexually. Her direct approach had caught me out, but I took advantage of her having both her hands full to pull her knickers down. The first part was easy, but then as I had to lower myself to encourage the knickers down her legs, my bra was pulled up around my throat. My opponent fortunately released my breasts, saving me further suffering. As her knickers reached her ankles, she removed my bra.

My hand was quickly between her legs, pressing against her sex. My other hand snaked round behind her, holding her in place – giving me a good head start in the points race. It took her a while to free herself and even longer to wrestle off my knickers, by which time her bra was lying on the floor. For the first time since we arrived I felt fingers caressing my pubes (which is always a nice feeling).

With only a five-minute duration there was no way that I could lose the fight so I didn't seek to defend my privacy. As she had a lot of catching up to do, she was only interesting in rubbing me, leaving me free to rub her pussy and even to enjoy a bit of nipple sucking. It was all very enjoyable, if rather too short.

Our group of 'average' women was therefore divided in two – the two winners of each group going into a two new pools of four, and the losers doing likewise.

Everyone was now naked but not necessarily ready for round two. The organisers announced that for the two winners of each pool there would be a 'warm up' involving a two-minute breast battle. One of the women declined and the main organiser announced that she would take her place, against me!

Stripping to the waist she revealed a nice pair of firm boobs, with large aureoles. She was one of the few women present older than me, but she was still in good shape. The rules were simple. We had to stand a short distance apart and we had two minutes to give the others tits a good squeeze. There was to be no wrestling or defence but we were told that we weren't there to rip the others tits off!

You will know that, whilst it is probably not very healthy breast-wise, giving someone's tits a working over is something I enjoy, even if it means having mine squeezed in return.

My opponent soon had her fingers digging deep into my breast flesh, kneading and tugging. Mind you having pushed her orbs hard against her body to verify their firmness, I was doing just about the same. Judging the two minutes to be nearing their end I latched onto her nipples. One I pulled and the other I crushed between my fingers. She had barely had time to retaliate before our time was up.

Promising that she hadn't finished with me, she reluctantly released her hold, and slipped a T-shirt back on, without bothering with her bra, before sorting out the arrangements for round two.

Once again it was a round robin arrangement, but this time nude. Sexual domination would determine the winner, but painful holds could be used to escape from dominant positions. Bottles of oil were produced and we had fun squirting each other between the legs, it being pointed out that a finger in the pussy was a sign of greater domination that a mere hand on the pussy.

We now had ten whole minutes for the fight. There were no prizes for giving your opponent an orgasm – the fight would continue. In the event that you were on the verge of an orgasm at the end of your fight you could so proclaim and the three other members of your group would duly oblige. It being considered that pleasure was an essential part of the afternoon.

Pleasure was certainly what my first opponent was after. With long blond hair and modest breasts she had no intention of 'fighting', so long as she got her pleasure. Who was I to argue with that? At least to start with.

The first five minutes were pure sex. We stimulated each others' bodies with no hindrance, rubbing, squeezing and fingering with pleasure as the sole purpose. Her fingers had made sure I was good and open (to cover a more determined future opponent trying to force an entry), and while so doing they had also nicely stimulated my nerve endings.

From then on, however, I began to gently wrest control of the fight, making sure that I was fingering her more than she was me. I suspect that, at first, she wasn't really aware of my tactics and, by the time she was, I was well ahead. There was briefly a reaction when she realised, which didn't last very long. I presume that she had quickly come to the conclusion that I could out-wrestle her, that I was well ahead and that, if she fought back, she could lose some of the pleasurable sensations that I was giving her body. If all wins could be that pleasant.

In round two, we didn't referee the other matches in our group, but those from another group, and so we didn't see how the other two fighters were treating the tournament. Which was rather a shame.

I was first up, against a girl who had just finished her fight. I rather thought that I would look to have a repeat of the 'fight' that I had just won. My opponent didn't have the same idea!

I certainly wasn't expecting her to eschew sexual moves and I soon found myself flat on my back. Not long after my head was under her posterior, and my shoulders were anchored to the floor under her legs. From time to time she altered her position so that her pubes were in contact with my face, but otherwise she made no attempt to touch any other part of my body.

Of course I tried to get free, but the floor was slippery from the oil we had covered our sexes in, and I couldn't get enough leverage to unseat her. For several minutes I squirmed this way and that without getting anywhere. I tried licking her pubes when they came into contact with my mouth, but that was not what she intended me to do, as the weight of her body that then pressed down on my face soon convinced me. What a way to be beaten!

That left one last fight. The organisation meant that while I supposed that my victor had already secured two wins, I had no way of knowing who had won the fight between my first and last opponents. It was likely that a win would be needed to get me through to the top pool for Round three. I wasn't sure what the rules were if we all ended up with one win.

My third opponent was rather prettier than the last two with a very trim figure and nice sized breasts. She looked as if she regularly took part in sport; fit with well-toned muscles. She had probably been sat on by my second opponent, but had then had the chance to fight my first opponent who had, hopefully, been as open to sexual pleasure as in my fight with her.

At first we were both cautious, maybe making sure that we weren't sat on but, as the seconds passed, we slowly became more ambitious. I think that I was probably the more experienced wrestler but that, with the benefit of the oil and her well-toned body, she was the better athlete. A trend to the fight set in, with me dictating the action, and my opponent seeking to slide clear. The focus was mostly on our breasts as it was difficult to stay in place long enough to target between the legs.

After maybe five minutes the pace began to drop and we remained on the floor with one arm holding the other in place and the second hand seeking sexual holds. She was more adept at this than I, and her fingers slid into me on three different occasions, to my one penetrative move; though I would claim to have been ahead on breast fondling.

Slipping clear of my arm she sat herself on my tummy facing me and began massaging both of my breasts. I, of course, didn't waste any time doing the same to her. When I started teasing her nipples she went to work on mine. This gave us a chance to get our breaths back, and incidently was also rather pleasant!

It was also rather addictive. We were both giving and receiving rather agreeable sensations and, had we not been supposedly in a contest, there would have been no reason to stop. Our nipples had grown rather longer and I have no doubt that even without the oil, our sexes were open, wet and ready for more.

But still we continued, her sat on me, and our hands fully occupied giving as much pleasure as possible to those breasts.

Deep down inside of me, however, I still wanted to qualify for the top group, which meant winning this current contest. When I saw my opponent close her eyes from the pleasure I was giving her I realised that my chance had come.

Before she knew it she was on her back, with her legs on my shoulders and two of my fingers going in and out of her pussy at a sustained rate. She gasped, from the pleasure I hope, and tried to get free, but I held on and fucked her for all I was worth – nothing sophisticated, elaborate or imaginative, just crude pumping in and out. Crude but effective for points scoring. Had sex been the sole objective she might have let me continue, the better to enjoy it, but now she found herself torn between those sensations in her pussy and her desire to fight back.

She was athletic enough to get clear, but not before I had totally dominated her for a significant amount of time. The only chance she had of getting back into the fight was to get me in a similar position, but I had no intention of letting her.

The last minutes of the fight were the reverse of the first, she attacked and I defended. She had to throw caution to the wind, and she was wide open, which made sure that my counter-attacks were highly effective. Although she fingered me quite frequently, these were short (sometimes rather nice) episodes.

She was by now getting quite turned on and less in control of her movements. This made my job easier, and I began concentrating on turning her on, as much as finger fucking her.

At the end of the fight she was panting heavily and I wasn't at all surprised when she claimed her 'orgasm' was near. One of the referees began licking her clit, while I fingered her deeply and the second ref played with her breasts. The result was, I hope, everything that she could have hoped for.

That was a thoroughly enjoyable way to end round two, with a win that 'satisfied' both the winner and the loser. When she took me in her arms, gave me a long kiss and wished me good luck I had confirmation.