Sexfight Sunday – part 2

by Aristocatch

Before we went on to the third and final round I wasn't surprised to learn that there was an interlude. But, before that, there was a break for refreshments.

The interlude promised quite a different tone. For a start it was to be played in groups. Four were established from among the competitors who were willing (not all), together with a member of the organiser's team who was willing to make up the numbers. That created four teams of six members and the organisers did what they could to pick balanced teams, by size and by results so far. As everyone had more or less dried off over refreshments, a free-for-all was arranged with bottles of oil, until everyone was thoroughly oily, to say nothing of the floor.

The organisation of the event was imaginative. Everyone would be constantly involved but for ten minutes team A could only score points against team B, then for ten minutes against Team C and finally for ten minutes against team D. This needed several assessors to keep account of the score.
The rules were simple – general fracas, armed with vibrators. But to score a point you had not only to insert your vibrator inside the vagina of an opponent, but also insert a finger up her bum at the same time! The vibrator and finger had to belong to the same person, though teamwork was allowed. Once a point scored the pair involved had to seek alternative targets, to avoid one person being completely dominated by another. I don't normally care for anything up my bum – but this sounded like it could actually be fun.

Each player had a coloured armband to help them identify the members of each other team. I was yellow and to start with we were up against red. We were lined up on opposite sides of the floor, but not facing our immediate opponents. This meant that we had to cross the paths of other players if we were to reach the red team.

At some stage we would be up against everyone else, and some players seemed to want to put down markers. Several players who were not directly opposed came to grips, even though they couldn't score points. My passage towards red players was halted by several warring couples. I had spotted the opponent I wanted to target, but there was no way I could get near her. Instead my feet were taken out from under me by two girls, locked together, falling to the floor just in front of me. Getting to my knees I skirted round them and came face to face with the smallest of the red team.

She could have tried to get away, but she didn't, instead literally throwing herself at me. Before I could react her vibrator was inside my pussy. Leaving it there, I pulled her arms up above her head, making sure she couldn't get a finger anywhere near the scoring zone. After a short struggle I managed to get both her hands pinned to the floor, leaving me one hand free. I quickly removed the vibrator from within me, leaving it on the floor, and it didn't take much longer to slide my weapon home.

The roles were now reversed, and before I could capitalise on the situation she had pulled an arm free. Her reaction to her predicament was to target my breast, and not to provide sexual stimulation!

My body was on top of hers and there was no way that she could score a point quickly, so I decided that what was good for the goose was also good for the gander. Keeping one of her arms on the floor I began measuring her small, but firm, boob inside my free hand.

This was fun and not vicious fighting, if you can call someone squeezing your breast fun. Let's just say it wasn't particularly painful.

There was a lot going on around us, even if we were towards the edge of the mat, and I couldn't be sure of having all the time available. So, after a bit of squeezing, I pulled her over on top of me, making sure that my vibrator was still well within her. One of my arms held her against me, while my right hand reached down over her back and buttocks. It took me a moment to locate my target from such an angle, and I had to pull her further over me, enjoying getting one of her oily breasts in my mouth as I so did.

The oil did its trick, and once my hand found the right place it was relatively simple to slide my index finger into her bum. Had my other hand actually been on the vibrator I might have sought to action vibrator and finger in a sexual manner, but it wasn't and so I merely kept my finger inside her until an assessor tapped me on the shoulder and announced that I had registered a point.

I got my finger and vibrator back and sought out further members of the red team.

It didn't take long to find the largest member of their team, who was grappling with the smallest member of my team, only a short distance from me. The small girl was using her agility to wriggle free, but was clearly facing a major handicap. I quickly checked, but found no other red members near me, so I slid over to where they were. Taking the big girls ankles, I tipped her onto her front. My teammate was quick on the uptake and she threw herself across the big girls shoulders and head. This made my task easy and with my target displayed unprotected it was childsplay to slide vibrator and finger home at the same time.

The big girl was immobilised, so this time I did play around a bit moving both vibrator and finger within her, until I saw my small teammate looking at me. Removing both I quickly replaced her across the big girls shoulders without our opponent having any chance to react. The small girl then took my place.

The rules said that I couldn't attack the big girl again, but they didn't stop me immobilising her while my partner scored a further point for us. The big girl was sufficiently immobilised for me to be able to watch as my partner played with her vibrator sliding it deep within the big girl and moving it in and out.

Finding that she hadn't yet lost the big girl made an effort to free herself. Thankfully I was reasonably attentive, and able to use my weight to force her back to the floor. The small girl was enjoying the situation she was in and once she saw that we had immobilised her adversary she played with her finger, pulling aside the large bum cheeks and tracing around the open anus.

She took her time, looking around her to make sure that we were not about to be interrupted, before finally sliding her finger deep within that hole and twisting the vibrator within the pussy. We had scored another point, but nothing in the rules forced us to stop.

The big girl couldn't target the small girl under the rules, but she could target me if she got free. My partner was aware of this and she signaled to me that she could continue fingering while I got away, which is just what she did. By the time the big girl had reacted to my no longer being across her shoulders, I was some distance away.

Looking back to see how the twice-penetrated big girl would react I didn't really see a tall slim girl moving towards me. I did notice that she had a blue armband, and was therefore not really prepared when she tackled me to the ground.

One of her hands latched onto my breast and the other was trying to poke me between the legs with her vibrator. Even though she couldn't score any points, she was entitled to do this, especially if it would 'soften me up' for any later encounter. I, of course, fought back, and with our left arms we held our bodies close together while our right hands wielded our vibrators which sought out our vaginal openings.

We prodded away for a while, becoming quite aroused, periodically feeling a vibrator sliding into us. I'd almost forgotten the fight going on around us. I was a little surprised as a vibrator slid deep into me, as I didn't think that she was in a position to penetrate me quite so far. A finger that slid into my arse brought me back to my senses. Someone, presumably from the red team, had taken advantage of my being otherwise occupied to score a point at my expense.

The finger didn't stay unduly long within me, and the vibrator too was soon removed. Quite who had fingered me I couldn't see and I had to almost shout to the girl in my arms to make her understand and release me. By then my assailant had gone and a whistle sounded to say that our new opponents would be blue!

By common accord my tall wrestling partner and I decided not to renew combat, even though now we could. Looking around I found the girl who had had an orgasm at the end of our fight, who was wearing a green armband. She showed me the girl who had sat on my head, who was wearing blue, and suggested that we could combine our efforts. Clearly she had been sat on as well.

We overwhelmed our opponent, and my vibrator was soon inside her, my new partner-in-crime holding her arms. I worked the vibrator for some time before claiming my point by pushing my finger as far inside her anus as I could. Removing both finger and vibrator I carefully took the role holding arms, leaving my ally to use her vibrator to good effect. Our victim showed that she was not immune to sexual pleasure, writhing as my ally stimulated her with vibrator and also fingers on her clitoris.

There was a contest ongoing, and our personal pleasure shouldn't be allowed to forget that. My ally indicated that I could release our victim who, according to the rule, couldn't immediately fight with me again.

No sooner free, however, I fell foul of a new inter-team partnership. The small girl whom I had beaten right at the start of events had teamed up with another small girl from the blue team. I saw them coming and put up a vigorous fight. Targeting the blue team girl, I made sure that she couldn't score too quickly. Each time that the two seemed to be getting on top I grabbed the nearest breast and gave it a good squeeze. This encouraged them to fight back, rather than combining to immobilise me as they should have done.

My breasts got squeezed back and the oil on our bodies allowed me to keep them at bay for quite some time. Eventually the red-team girl got me more or less immobilised, though only at the expense of having my fingers inside her – working away at her sexual resilience. Her partner had trouble keeping my legs immobilised and it still took her a while before she could slide her vibrator into my recesses. Time for my fingers to really stimulate the red-team girl. The only problem of fighting back, rather than facilitating the task, was that she couldn't easily finish the job and her finger was rather roughly pushed hard into me – thank God for all the oil.

The red-team girl was getting quite excited with what my finger was doing to her, and she wasted no time releasing me. I could have attacked her just for the hell of it, but I was after blue flesh. It didn't take long coming.

An Asiatic girl crossed my path and when she saw the colour of my armband she made it clear that we should duel. We were standing, albeit with difficulty because of the oil. She moved with great speed and somehow plunged her vibrator into my (very open) pussy. Then she tried to manoeuver to finish the job. But I fought back and she had to release her hold on the vibrator to fend off my attacks. I concentrated on using my vaginal muscles to force the vibrator out, aided by gravity.

She was fast and slippery and she soon had her hand on my buttocks, pulling our bodies together with her other arm. I felt her finger probing around, and pushed hard with my vaginal muscles. Her finger slid into me, but only after the noise caused by the vibrator hitting the floor. The assessor confirmed that no points had been scored. She still had her finger in my bum, but she was no longer able to finish the job without picking up her vibrator, which I did not intend to let happen.

It was easier to slide my finger into her bum, and so we were both fingering each others arses which actually made it more difficult for her to ward off the attacks from my vibrator. Our odd ballet didn't last too long and I was quite relieved to be able to finish the job with my vibrator when she finally decided to risk everything to get back her weapon.

The blue team contained the largest of the women fighters, who although not that tall was carrying a considerable amount of weight. Unfortunately our paths crossed after I had released the Asiatic girl. She used her weight to pin me to the floor, although the oil allowed me to slide around, though I wouldn't have liked to have struggles against that weight for too long. Inevitably she managed to sit herself on my midriff, with me on my back. She reached round and began sliding her vibrator home.

My arms were free so, despite feeling the now familiar sensation of a vibrator sliding into me, I attacked. The only target available was a large pair of breasts dangling towards me, and when I say large I really mean it!

She wanted to score points, and so she stoically put up with me pulling like mad on her dugs. I preferred not to lose, and so I tried to cause her enough pain to slow her progress. I had plenty to get hold of.

Her weight had a disadvantage. Squashing me to the floor she couldn't reach my bum, to complete her victory. Her position that had allowed her free access to my pussy, also disallowed her access to the rest. She had to take her weight on her knees and lift me up from the floor. All this while I kept pulling at her tits, though the oil meant that my hands gradually slid each time.

About the same time I felt a pudgy finger forcing its way into my back passage I saw a yellow armband coming up behind the big girl. Although I had lost I pulled even harder on her tits, forcing her to raise her behind higher in the air. There was no way my teammate could miss and she gleefully plunged home vibrator and finger, without her target even knowing that she was there.

The beauty of this game, with all its players, was that the relative size of each player was reduced in importance. In a one-on-one fight against the big girl her weight would inevitably have won the day, but the big girls seemed to be getting penetrated just as often as anyone else.

The colour changed again, and now my opponents were in green. This meant one thing, having another go at my second-round opponent who had orgasmed at the end of the fight. On the face of it she had the same idea and miraculously we were able to find each other unhindered by other would-be participants.

We started on all fours, trying to pull the other into a favourable position and, finding that oiled bodies couldn't easily be pulled with one hand holding a vibrator we laid our vibrators on the floor. Even with two hands everything was too slippery to hold and so our breasts became handles in attempts to control the other.

Finally pulling her over my body my hand reached her pussy, but my vibrator wasn't in reach. That didn't stop me shamelessly fingering her. Sliding her hand between our oiled bodies she too began fingering my pussy. For a moment we both finger-fucked with gay abandon, oblivious to our surroundings. Then she managed to slide a finger into my arse! Battle was joined and sliding around like mad we began fingering each others arses.

We were both very turned on, and fired with battle-lust. There was no way we would have dreamed of such behaviour at any other time. We plunged fingers into each others holes with mad delight and complete abandon. It was exhilarating.

She proved that she was clearer headed than me, however and, finding her vibrator all of a sudden it wasn't her fingers in my pussy but something longer and harder. And then her finger was up my backside and she had evened the score in our matches.

We were both exhausted by our endeavours and we were instantly set upon by members of our teams who must have been waiting. My briefly emptied orifices were soon filled again (as were by erstwhile opponent's). Our victors had presumably fought each other prior to beating us and, having quickly gained new points, they were entitled to resume their mutual combat, which they did. We could have started again, but we were too shattered for that.

I didn't have time to ponder what to do next as I was literally sucked into a group who seemed to be wearing all colour armbands, but who seemed to be attacking whoever's body was nearest, even their own teammates!

I don't imagine the assessors were able to keep score. All I know is that my pussy was filled several times in quick succession by either vibrators or fingers. Several fingers also found their way into my arse, but whether at the same time as their owner's vibrator was in my pussy I have no idea. Don't imagine I was lying there being assaulted by all and sundry. I did my bit of assaulting as well, especially to the tall, slim girl whose interest in me had led to my losing points some time earlier. I recognised her body amidst the mayhem and, if I'm not mistaken, I managed to provoke an orgasm with my administrations to her nether regions.

Eventually the pile of bodies drifted apart. I would quite like to have rested, but a green player with a shaven pussy came into view. I didn't think that I had encountered her before, her very distinctive pussy lips marking her out. Who knows what the points score was, but an extra point was always worth having – not that she had any intention of gifting it to me freely. Indeed she was spoiling for a fight.

Strangely we were all alone, away from other contestants. She invited me to put my vibrator on the floor next to hers and proposed that we wrestle on the basis that when one of us managed to get fingers in both holes at the same time, the loser would accept the vibrator finish without resisting. Wrestling with a vibrator in one hand was not easy and so I accepted.

She was as tired as I was, and our wrestling was in slow motion, though it was wrestling and not merely sexual penetration. For once our breasts came into play in a mix of sexual stimulus and more violent squeezing. For a while our pussies were hand free, though they did continue to rub against each other.

I'm sure that all the competitors were very turned on, I certainly was, but perhaps less so than my opponent. The way her pussy rubbed against mine, or my leg when not quite lined up, led me to believe that she was seeking sexual relief. Treating her breasts in a slightly rough fashion seemed to turn her on even more and while I can't say that I wasn't reacting to what she was doing to me, I was reasonably sure that she was reacting more, and I was determined to use that to my advantage.

When my fingers found her pussy it was incredibly open. I don't know how many I could have pushed in, but two sufficed. My other hand went to work on her clit, which was standing up like a miniature prick. As soon as I started doing that, all the resistance went out of her. She let me draw the orgasm from her, enjoying it for all it was worth. I carried on until I thought she had gone as far as she could and then I retrieved my vibrator which I slid deep within her inner recesses. When my finger slid up her arse she began shaking and, being the kind person I am, I moved both vibrator and finger until she had a second, smaller, orgasm.

That should have been all, but she had the cheek to gang up with the member of her team whom I had already encountered twice. She couldn't score, but her team member could, and she enjoyed besting me a second time!

My body was throbbing for sexual release and it seemed that no sooner had I lost than the end of the fight was announced. As the movement and noise died away, I clearly heard the organiser announce that it might be a good idea if those who hadn't orgasmed made the most of their vibrators, or their neighbor's to add a certain icing on the cake.

Within seconds my regular contact and I were in a 69 position and, despite the oil, hungrily devouring each other's sex. This time our bums were left well alone as we concentrated on pussies and clits. The sexual release was well worth waiting for!