Sexfight Sunday part 3

by Aristocatch

Everyone needed a rest after that interlude. The scores were added up which showed very little difference between the teams. At least they didn't make us have an encore to decide who had won. Quite frankly nobody cared.

High-energy drinks were served and all the contestants sat around in little groups, getting our breath back and slowly calming our bodies. As the sexual tension wore off the effect of what we had been doing began to kick in, certainly so far as my bum was concerned!

There was still round three to go. Logically the four 'best' wrestlers, including me and the face sitter. The organisers announced that sexually interfering with your opponent's body would be the criteria in deciding who would win the last matches, with all moves needing to produce sexually satisfying results, and licking between your opponent's legs proving greater dominance than say fingering.

The big and small women groups had finished their matches, but in most cases the girls were keen to continue. It was left to them to decide in what manner.

The four groups of 'average' women should, theoretically produce the most even matches. It had initially been proposed that they last fifteen minutes but, given the degree of fatigue induced by the previous event, this was cut down to ten, with a minimum ten-minute break between fights.

As luck would have it I drew the face sitter for my first fight, which meant that she and I went off to judge another fight, while our two other adversaries got to grips with each other. One was the slim blond, and the other looked unfamiliar, though I'm sure we must have come into contact during the mayhem. She was short haired, almost boyish looking, with strong thighs and muscled arms. Her chest wasn't as small as such a description might suggest, but it clearly showed the effects of the amount of exercise she obviously regularly did.

The match we judged involved two members of the 'losers' pool, but you wouldn't have known it. Very evenly balanced they gave it everything, both scoring freely in between bursts of genuine wrestling. We both agreed on the winner on the basis of the greater oral sex element, there being little to choose between them otherwise.

Then it was our turn.

Our match lasted two minutes. Or, at least, the even part did. Two minutes of hard wrestling which gave me a chance to appreciate the wrestling skills of my opponent. Then she got me into a sort of concertinaed position with my legs folded in two and my bum up in the air. She then proceeded to lick and suck my pussy while I was helpless to do anything about it. She also licked around my arse while she was at it – building up a substantial lead.

By the time I got clear nearly half the fight was over. I had to throw caution to the winds and attack all out. We rolled around on the floor and I did get to play with her pussy quite a bit, but no more than she played with mine. This wasn't an orgy, as we were wrestling for position, but it was relatively simple to bring a hand in contact with the target area for much of the time.

A couple of minutes from the end she changed tactics, holding me on the floor, with one of her breasts over my mouth. She knew exactly what she was doing and I was reduced to sucking and licking the offered tit. I did at least do my job properly and heard satisfied noises coming from my adversary.

She was playing for time and conserving her energy for the next fight and I was beaten, but there was still time for her to move her position to stretch a hand between my legs. Her earlier fights had suggested a kind of arrogance, which she now confirmed. Rather than playing with my pussy as I expected, she started fingering my bum. This I took with some indignation and making a final effort I at least had the satisfaction of hearing the buzzer go with my finger firmly inserted in her anus.

I had the misfortune to go again directly, after the ten minute break, against the tall slim blond who, I found out later, had previously beaten our boyish group member. I soon found out why.

In a very different approach to my last match, she used her long arms and legs to constantly outreach me. She also proved particularly adept at rubbing my pussy with her toes. I never felt that she was that far ahead of me which encouraged me to maintain my efforts. I twice got into positions where I licked her pussy, but both times she quickly reversed the situation and licked me longer and harder. She also proved very adroit at sucking and licking my clit at the same time – which caused quite delicious sensations to ripple through my body.

Well into the match she got me into a position where she was rubbing my clit in particular, when all I could reach were her breasts. It took me too long to unseat her and gave her the chance to build up a more significant lead.

The last minute of the match was all mine, but she had my head trapped with my face pulled into her chest. My hand worked away at her pussy, and I fingered her quite energetically, but there was no way I could release my head to get oral points.

A second defeat, but one which was however more enjoyable than the first one.

At least I now got a longer break, judging two matches before it was my turn again. One was surprisingly one sided. The loser seemed to have used up all her energy and the winner did more or less what she liked with her. Realising soon in that the result wasn't in doubt she turned the fight into a pure lesbian affair, bringing the loser to an orgasm that was as emphatic for her as it was for the result!

The second fight involved my 'friend' with whom I had already had several steamy encounters. This fight was more even, at least for a while, but I'm pleased to say that my 'friend' then got on top and proceeded in the last stages to show her sexual skills off to the full, finding that resistance had more or less ended.

Before my last match started my opponent made her way over to where I was waiting and suggested that, if she had got it right, we had both lost both our matches. Upon receiving confirmation she asked if I might be willing to consider an alternative arrangement to the standard fight. She had heard that I did quite a bit of wrestling, and she would like a chance to have a rough wrestle. She suggested dividing our fight into two – to find the best fighter and then who could give the best sex, with no interest in who was declared the 'winner' by the judges.

We discussed things a bit further and decided out of politeness to advise the organisers of our plans, so I went to talk to the lady organiser with whom I had had a brief fight earlier. Given that there was nothing at stake in our last-place match, she saw no objection but reminded me that she would like to see me after events had ended.

My final adversary and I had decided to leave our pussies out of the rough fight, all the better to concentrate on them in the second part when we would try to out stimulate each other sexually.

We began our fight on our knees and she wasted no time in landing a slap on my left breast, so I slapped her back. She announced that that had stung before launching forward claws at the ready. Having telegraphed her move, she didn't find me where she had expected me. Instead she found that I had slipped to one side, and come round behind her, pulling her into a sitting position between my legs.

My hands took hold of those toned boobs and found them much to my liking. I left the nipples alone and concentrated on squeezing and kneading my fingers into the breast flesh to find out just how toned it was. She yelped and try to push back against me, but I was well balanced and we merely slid back a little over the oiled floor.

We didn't have that long to spare, and we were tired, so I regretfully didn't overly prolong my exploration of the resistance of her boobs. I turned her face down on the floor and withdrew my hands from under her. Three lovely-sounding slaps adorned her bum before she slid away and turned ruefully to face me.

This time as we came back into range she was more careful and we each sneaked an arm around the others neck. The spare hand latched onto the nearest boob and it was my turn to feel what her fingers could do. She also worked the breast flesh, so I continued leaving her nipple alone and did much the same to her.

Her grip around my neck tightened and I got a feel of how muscled she was as she forced me down onto the floor, making us release our breast holds. Sitting on my back she gained a modicum of revenge with a loud slap to my buttock, and then appeared to try to reach for my bumhole. We had said no pussies in this part, but hadn't outlawed bums, but mine was in a strange state after the interlude overworking that it had received. My reaction was to buck her off me and dive over her prostrate body.

Our arms snaked around our necks again, and I could feel my boobs pressing into hers, with our nipples lengthening and hardening as they rubbed together. Strangely this aspect of sexual play had largely been ignored all day, which only served to increase the sensations currently being produced.

My opponent must have felt them as well, as she tried to rub back even though her position under me complicated matters. We slowly moved into a kneeling position, with our arms behind our backs and our breasts pushing together. Without squeezing too tightly she began trying to poke her nipples into mine, duelling them like little swords, then she tightened her grip for a real body hug, crushing our boobs together. Hers were much better toned than mine, and they held their shape, while mine were squashed out at the sides.

Releasing the body hug I was giving her I dropped my hands and cupped her buttocks in them, trying to lift her off balance, but the oil covering her body made this difficult. She was definitely winning the breast battle and I wished to change things, so I took a leaf out of her book. Pulling her buttocks to one side I made as if I too were about to target her arsehole. My bluff more than worked, as she quickly released the bear hug.

We were on our knees facing each other and she challenged me to a nipple-twisting contest. Making no attempt to avoid it we took hold of the offered nipples and began torturing them. Despite all that had gone before they were still sensitive.

Her generally well-toned body was of no use here, where merely fingers, imagination and willpower came into play. I know the pain she caused me, and I know just what I did to her pappilae. She was stubborn, tough or both, but she held on as I twisted, pulled, crushed, squashed, tormented and destroyed her nips.

I suggested that it was time for sex and exchanged my fingers for my mouth, soothing her damaged parts. She held back for a while, letting me lick and suck each boob in turn and then, opening our legs, we created the access that each needed.

Our fight, even as painful as it had been had stimulated us, and phase two of the operation knew nothing of subtlety. We finger fucked each other like mad things, intent on one thing and one thing only, getting the other off.

After the boob bashing this was good, and I allowed myself to enjoy those lovely sensations that her fingers were brutally extracting from my pussy.

Our first frantic assault over we moved into a mutual 69, licking, sucking and fingering with a more-controlled rhythm.

We moved onto our sides, spreading our legs as wide apart as we could, so that we could more easily use our fingers and, from time to time our tongues. This was more refined, more controlled and considered sex as we used our skills the best to drive the other towards a frenzy.

We had lost all track of time, and gave no thought to how long we had left. We both knew that we weren't far from coming and we clambered back into our initial position, kneeling with legs wide apart.

Now it was a battle for supremacy. I was damned if I was going to come before she did and the look of concentration on her face told me she felt the same.

We were like two rutting beasts as we frigged each other towards the inevitable conclusion.

Some things in life are meant to be, and a mutual release was the most just conclusion. Maybe one of us began her orgasm first, but who knows which. At any rate when it came it was a most glorious release and a highly satisfactory end to our day.

As I slowly regained my composure I was aware of people clapping and we learned after that we had well exceeded our ten minutes but that, as everyone was spellbound by our contest, no-one had thought to stop the spectacle that they were witnessing. The judges decided to call the match a draw.

I had thought that to be an end but, after the face-sitter had won the final match equally convincingly she declared that she deserved a reward in the form of a sexual relief from a strap-on and to my surprise she asked that I be the one to wear it. I found unexpected energy to force two orgasms from her by which time I was able to respect her skills and feel less disgruntled about her style.