Sexfight Sunday part 4

by Aristocatch

I had almost forgotten that the organiser lady wanted to see me, but she soon reminded me, asking that I join her for a meal as she had a business proposition to put to me, and then back in the hall where she would be most grateful if I could indulge her in a forfeit match.

The meal with the lady organiser was pleasant, and the proposition was to ask me if I was interested in working part time as her assistant, as she was looking to take the Sexfight-Sunday idea to other venues.

By the time we got back to the venue for that day, everyone had gone. There still remained some tidying up to do, but a team of contract cleaners were due to arrive the next day.

By now I was beginning to feel the effects of a very strenuous day but my new (future) boss asked me to humour her. Other than her brief spat with me, she had had simply to watch loads of naked women doing the most amazing things to each other and, to put it briefly, she wanted a piece of the action!

She proposed a series of short events. At the end of each the loser would throw a dice to determine her fate. She already had a clear idea, which I accepted without too much debate.

The first event was a simple warm up wrestling-pin match – first to pin the other wins. It had been her intention to wrestle in underwear, but although it had mostly dried, the floor in the room we were to use was still sticky from all the oil that had been spread on it earlier in the day. Reluctantly therefore we had to take all our clothes off!

The organiser, who went by the name of Jude, was probably around forty. I've already described her breasts with their large aureoles. The rest of her body fitted the image I'd made of her, a once quite fit woman who was reaching an age where the curves were less well defined than they had been. We were much of a similar size, the one difference being a few years age advantage in my favour.

The initial wrestling was just what she had suggested, a warm up session that wasn't very strenuous, but which did at least give our bodies a chance to acquaint themselves, and my muscles to start getting the blood flowing back through them, to slowly ease away the tiredness due to the long day's exercise. Although we were naked, there was nothing overtly sexy about our wrestling which lasted maybe five minutes, until I pinned her.

Most of the penalties were sexy in nature and she suggested that, even though I had won, it would be a good idea if we prepared our bodies before she threw the dice. The result was a short session of mutual pussy rubbing, until our bodies began to respond in the intended way, and produce the lubrication necessary. Jude then threw the dice, which came down showing the number three. This was about as kind a start as possible, as three corresponded to the winner getting to stimulate the loser's tits. Jude lay down on her back and I enjoyed a couple of minutes of provoking those large aureoles in particular, teasing the nipples until they jutted out in a way that is always pleasing.

I had thought this penalty rather kind, but in view of the second test it may not have been as well chosen.

Jude produced two bras from her bag, which we had to put on. The object of the game was to take it in turns to slap the others breasts, with a view to knocking them out of the bra covering. The cloth of the bra would provide some protection against the impact of the hand. A toss of the coin gave Jude first slap. She hit my left breast directly from the side, which stung, but had no effect on the bra, which remained firmly in place.

I therefore fired my slap up into the underside of her breast, which probably hurt my hand more than her breast. My targeting was slightly off and all I did was to more or less squash her breast against her body, but it didn't leave its fabric covering.

As you will imagine we were not wearing sports bras, designed to resist anything, but unstrengthed and un-wired cloth bras.

Jude slapped across my body to hit my right breast, which did at least move within the bra, but not enough to be uncovered. I tried to improve on my initial effort and this time targeted it better, but the bra was sufficiently flexible to move with the breast.

It took three more slaps each until we could begin to see some indication that the breasts could be moved, without the bra moving with them and then Jude landed just the slap that was needed and my left boob shot out of its casing, though the bra continued to cover my right tit.

I tried to copy Jude's line of attack which allowed me to see part of the aureole, but only fleetingly as it kindly withdrew inside the bra again. Two more slaps later and both my boobs were exposed, leaving me as a sore-titted loser. I'm sure Jude's tits were just as sore, even if they were covered. I threw a number one with the dice, and got to have my pussy eaten out for a couple of minutes.

Jude was obviously working to a theme. Having now bared our boobs again, they remained a target. Once again they were to be slapped, but merely until one of us had landed three-good slaps, which couldn't all be to the same breast.

I stunned Jude with a good hard slap to her left breast, which left a lovely red mark, and after that she was a bit more cautious. Several minor slaps were registered, but these were not deemed enough, though they still stung!

Jude tried tactics, weaving around like a boxer, and I tried to defend myself, though I knew that she would eventually get a winning slap through. When she did it was with her right hand which came into very sharp contact with my left breast. I had counted on this, and the fact that, at the same time, she left herself open, and my right hand exploded a fraction later into her left breast.

We both pulled back, rubbing our stung breast flesh and feeling that we were now in the heat of a battle, which is always a lovely feeling. If you enjoy wrestling, as I do, there comes a moment in every fight when the adrenalin starts pumping, when you can concentrate on what you are trying to inflict on your adversary, knowing that they are trying to do the same to you. Sometimes the fight is one sided and you either give or take, depending on the fighting skills of your opponent. If you are after a quick knock-down that can be enough, but if you are more interested in a test of mettle, a real could-go-either-way contest, then this moment can be sublime. Now was that moment.

I now had to target Jude's right boob, otherwise I couldn't win – she could target either of mine, while protecting her right boob if she could. She rather exaggerated the defensive effort, leaving her left boob unguarded. Although I couldn't win by so doing, I launched a third delightful slap to the same breast, as a means of making her change her tactics which caught her by surprise, and which threw her game plan.

My contest-winning slap followed soon after leaving her with a rather disappointed expression on her face. She threw a number two with the dice, which fitted in with the previous contest. This time it wasn't her breasts that I was allowed to slap, but her bum.

She had to kneel, with her bum in the air, and her fingers in her own pussy. I had two minutes in which to administer six slaps, all the while that she was frigging herself. Strange, but it was her idea! I must say I found strangely stimulating watching her play with her own pussy. I was quite gentle with the slaps, using them to encourage her to masturbate harder, but making sure I used them all up before the two minutes were over – no use wasting them!

Tits stayed the order of the day, but this time it was a continuation of our earlier tryst. We had two minutes to torture each others tits, sitting on the floor with our legs splayed out – either capable of quitting if she wanted. This time wasn't like the previous time and there was actually less torture, more exploring the others mammaries which weren't especially sore at the end. Neither quit, which meant we had to roll the dice together. It came up one again, which meant a session of 69, by the end of which we had explored each others pussies with our tongues and began to excite each other.

Jude proposed a minor variation to her original order, adding a further titfight, but this time, fought. Much more fun normally, but I was tired and Jude was much fresher. We inflicted more pain on each other, but there was no venom involved. We both managed much the same squeezing wise, but Jude added a bit of nipple abuse that left the area around the nipples showing the marks of her fingers at the end, and which justified her claiming victory. I threw a five and found myself on the receiving end of a rabbit! A rabbit which twirled in my pussy and which flicked my clit with its ears, operated by Jude who seemed to be well acquainted with the workings of such an implement.

Despite all that had previously occurred during the day, I was beginning to feel a real sexual arousal.

It was time to give our tits a break and Jude proposed a pussy sit – the first to implant her now damp pussy over the others mouth. This meant more wrestling and my muscles were telling me that they had had enough. Nevertheless there was a little pride at stake and so I used up even more of my scant reserves in order to be able to rub the pussy that Jude had so well opened up and moistened to say nothing of soaked a few minutes before, over her mouth and nose.

Jude threw a six – which meant that she would be able to enjoy my efforts with the strap-on! Jude had also been well stimulated, and you can't indulge in this sort of contest without getting turned on. I didn't need to use up my time preparing the entry, but simple to slide my artificial prick into her wet recesses and pump away until my time was up. I was breathing hard from the exertion, and Jude was breathing hard from my efforts!

I wasn't surprised that she proposed a double or quits. If I could beat her again I would get four minutes with the strap-on, to her two-minute slot if she won.

Now it was clear that Jude knew a bit about wrestling and she threw herself into the double-or-quit round with more energy than the first face-sit round. I fought back, which was probably a mistake, as I fast began to feel the effect of tiredness on my strength and my capacity to out-wrestle her. Maybe I should have accepted that she was going to win, even if we had to have further double or quits after. In the end we didn't need a further round, but I was exhausted, which Jude ignored as she fucked me fast and hard with the strap-on. I have to admit that the sensations weren't bad.

There were two more rounds left and, under Jude's rules, having now started with the strap-on, that would be the 'penalty' each time. Both of these rounds required energy, which I no longer possessed, but I was keen to see just what I could do a further time with the strap-on. Could I find the energy needed?

The penultimate round sounded gentle enough. You had to lick your opponent's pussy more than she licked yours. But this meant wrestling, and wrestling meant energy. What's more Jude soon showed that she intended this to be serious.

I was very pleased to manage to get on top of her, with my face between her legs but, before I had done more than merely taste that sexy sexcited taste of a woman on heat, Jude mangled my boob with one of her hands. I hadn't been expecting that, and the surprise allowed her to break free and turn the tables on me. To be fair she wasn't in a position to lick me, but she was fingering my pussy quite shamelessly – so I fingered her pussy back.

She fingered, licked and squashed boob fairly freely. At the same time she made sure that, whilst I could finger her and indeed take out a bit of frustration on her breasts, I could rarely get a taste of 'honey'.

There was only one thing for it, and that was to submit the match, hoping I could do better in the last match. My prize was to be taken from behind by the strap-on while, with one hand, Jude rather roughly manhandled my boob.

The end was nigh, though I knew of course that there was no way Jude would allow us to part without one of us having a sexual release. The question was how.

Jude announced that it was finale time and from her bag she produced a bottle of the oil that we had been using earlier in the day. Although the flooring was sticky, it had dried to much for any oil to adhere to our bodies and make them slippery. A further application was therefore required.

Jude said how much she had enjoyed watching our 'interlude' fight and she really wanted to try it herself. She proposed the winner to be the one who managed to finger the other you know where five times. I managed to reduce that to the best of five. Jude also added that we could make the most of the oil to try to bring the other to an orgasm (there what did I tell you?). If either succeeded she could claim a bonus (win or lose the fingering fight).

My bum had been sufficiently abused for one day – but what the hell! I was getting a year's worth in one day. The bonus rule encouraged us (if that was actually necessary) to help cover the other in oil, dwelling on rubbing it into all the right spots. Strangely this had the effect of lifting some of my tiredness. Win or lose the fight I was determined to make Jude come against her will.

Once we were thoroughly covered in oil we began wrestling, though I'm not sure that 'wrestling' is really the most appropriate word. Sex would be a better word, as we slid our bodies together, making sure that our oiled nipples came into contact, bringing our pussies together and creating a suction effect as the oil stuck our womanhoods one against the other. Jude had clearly forgotten that we were actually in a fight, so I shoved my finger up her bum to remind her!

She seemed quite shocked, but it was after all her rules, and we were supposed to be trying to finger the other. Jude's reaction was to suggest we call a short 'truce', and overtly finger each others pussies so, on our knees, that is just what we did.

I could feel the excitement in my body building up, and even though part of me would have been quite content to allow it to overwhelm me, my competitive instinct still wanted to win the fight. Before reaching the point of no return therefore, I pushed Jude away and suggested that we get back to the matter in hand.

This provided a couple of minutes of real oil wrestling with a lot of breast rubbing, as we managed to keep the others hands away from nether regions. Jude managed to get sat on my chest and slid her pubes up close to my mouth, keeping her bum firmly on me to make sure I couldn't 'sneak' a score. Despite the oil the presence of her pussy so close to my mouth could not be ignored, and my tongue did what it could to force Jude towards her orgasm, before she finally remembered that such pleasure could prove costly.

She tried to move herself into a position that allowed her to reach her target, which allowed me to slide her off me. We were in a sideways 69 sort of position, heads in line with the others feet. Bums close at hand. Woops, in one common movement we each impaled the other. We remained there, connected digitally, debating who had scored, before accepting that we both had, which brought the score to two-one in my favour.

We removed our fingers and slid round to face each other. Sliding in together we wrapped our arms around the others upper body and strove to force the other over onto her back. The oil made gaining a purchase difficult, but it didn't stop our tits continuing the sex war, our oiled nipples teasing sensations from the other as they mashed and slid together. Once again our exposed pussies touched.

After an energy-sapping episode I finally pushed Jude over onto her back, though neither released the others arms, leaving us locked together. I was on top though, and I relentlessly ground my pussy against Jude's. We were so open that our swollen clits frequently collided and Jude's breathing pattern changed markedly.

Knowing that she was fast approaching the point of no return, she forced me off her and slid her body away from mine.

There began a game of cat and mouse. She tried to keep her body away from my hands, except for when she thought she might be able to reach my bum. I relentlessly targeted her tits or pubes every time my hand could – with some success.

I don't know who was the more surprised when on one of her lightning attacks, she got her finger into the recess she was aiming for and equalised the score.

Even as she was celebrating I got her flat on her back with my fingers in her pussy and my mouth on one of her tits.

Her body beat her. Faced with this overpowering sensory assault, her body gave up to the ultimate pleasure it was craving and her resistance ceased. Her orgasm didn't take long in coming, her eyes glazed over and she gave herself up to intense release. It was only when she began to come out of that release that she found that, not only was I fingering her pussy, but also her bum. Double whammy!

She tried to pretend that I had won the fight by fingering her bum before she had come, and that I had not therefore won the bonus! How ungrateful can you get.

At any rate she collected her rabbit and proceeded to give my body the pleasure that I had earned, before handing me the strap-on to take my prize.

This was no punishment. Despite her orgasm the build up of sexual tension had been so prolonged that she craved for further release and she didn't stop using the crudest terms to encourage me to fuck her ever harder – which I did. As I thrust in and out of her body she grabbed my tits and began playing with them, sometimes quite roughly. Using my elbows for support as best I could I decided to do likewise and her crude terminology was increased to cover what I could do to her tits and what she would do to mine. I do believe I did my best to satisfy her demands.

All good things have to come to an end and by the time she asked me to stop I was exhausted but also somewhat excited. She must have sensed this as she stripped the strap-on off me, laid me down and gently licked and sucked my pussy until I had a further sexual release which quite literally put me asleep.

It was by now in the early hours of the morning. I was in no state to drive home and so, having cleaned ourselves up, we slept in the building itself on the hard floor. I put my telephone to ring at 6 in the morning and I then drove from there to my work to began a new working week as if Sunday had never been – but God did I sleep well that night.