Savages part one
by Aristocatch

Oakdell is an expanse of woodland, dotted with clearings, that lies in the heart of the country, thus making it perfect as a centre for paintball competitions, orienteering exercises and the like. A clubhouse has even been built to act as a centre with changing rooms, a small kitchen and a refectory. It also makes it an ideal place to host the 'savages' event to which I have been invited – not to participate as such, but as one of the overseers/judges.

Savages is a concept where you basically take fifty women, divide them into two teams and give them six hours to beat the crap out of each other. I have modified some details such as names, but essentially all that follows comes from what I saw and from first hand accounts recounted to me by some of the participants.

In the centre of the site is a clearing which is used as the prison. Both teams bring their prisoners here, each prisoner giving them a point. Every half hour the prisoners are released back into the fray. Pitched battles are avoided (except the special one at the end), with guerilla warfare being more the style. Tactics come into play – if you are heavily outnumbered, better to surrender and fight another day, intact. If odds are better you try to make your adversaries surrender, thus giving you points.

Although violence is an essential part, there are rules. Blows that could maim are outlawed, as are eye gauging, strangling, biting etc. Penetration of intimate parts is not allowed, except in one situation. One player can challenge another to an anything goes, one-on-one duel, worth double points to the winner. It could be imagined that this would only be used if heavily outnumbered, as a double or quits type of move. Even the winner of such a duel would be likely to come out of it rather worse off, and so it was not to be entered into lightly.

Competitors were all volunteers, aged between 20 and 40, without excessive weight, and in good health. They had to sign a discharge in the event of injury. Although no-one would leave without being battered, bruised and sore all over, more serious injuries were to be avoided. Accidents will happen and so medical staff were on hand. We, the judges, also had the power to disqualify anyone who transgressed the rules and put another competitor's health at stake.

A number of the contestants were army trainees, out to prove their mettle to their overseeing officer. Most looked very sporty types. This was a fee-paying event (to cover the costs) and it seemed there was no shortage of women paying to get beaten up (whilst no doubt aiming to beat others up more). I hope none of them was hoping for an intimate evening after!

The going was soft to wet as they say, the fifty competitors were divided into two teams and given red or blue arm bands (only to be removed whilst being transferred as prisoners). Team captains were chosen, and each team had fifteen minutes to discuss tactics. Hostilities commenced at ten, for an initial three hour period. There was a break for lunch and then two and a half further hours before the finale. This clearly made tactics necessary, staying power as well.

The only other rule was that prisoners would not be accepted wearing any clothing, other than the protective shoes needed to save the soles of the feet from woodland debris. Ripping clothing off the other team was therefore an added bonus reserved, logically, for the early stages.

Claire told me of the early stages.

She told me that their blue-team captain had divided them into groups of two or three. She was with another girl, Audrey. The initial plan was for them to familiarise themselves with the site, indulge in minor skirmishes if necessary and look to preserve themselves. Each group was told to be on the look out for possible places to hide whilst awaiting unsuspecting members of the red team. Those in groups of three were to be more adventurous.

Initially their plan went well. They saw a larger group of red-team players, and managed to hide themselves without being seen. Sometime later they came across a group of three red-team girls. One was holding down a nearly-naked blue-team member, while the other two had nearly finished stripping her teammate who had fought back enough to cause some damage to their clothing, but who couldn't expect to win in a two-on-one situation. Getting an arm free she caught one of her attackers with a stunning slap, sending her reeling back. She launched herself at her remaining assailant, shredding her top.

The slapped attacker took a moment to clear her head, then it was two on one again. By now Claire and Audrey were closer to the fight and debating whether to join in to turn the odds in their favour. Before they were near enough so to do, the slapped girl and her partner had begun raining slaps down on their now naked opponent who wisely decided that enough was enough and who surrendered.

Claire and Audrey hastily reviewed their plans, and hid themselves. Faced with three members of the opposing team the naked girl who was being held, chose not to fight back and the red team stripped the armbands off their two victims. Anyone escorting prisoners could not be attacked, so two of the red team set off with their prisoners rather foolishly leaving the third girl alone.

As the two captives were lead way the third girl collected up the fallen clothing and put it in a pile by a tree. She never saw Audrey and Claire until she was tackled to the ground. Claire had been hoping that faced with two adversaries this girl would do the sensible thing, and surrender. Maybe red team had decided to only go down fighting but whatever, no surrender was forthcoming.

The red-team girl roughly tossed Audrey to the ground and tacking Claire, she immediately tried for a crotch-claw through Claire's clothes. Although the rules clearly allowed this, Claire had rather presumed that such tactics wouldn't occur so soon in the day. She was more shocked than hurt and anyway within seconds Audrey had caught hold of the girl from behind and was pulling her back with her arms firmly held.

Nobody was taking part in 'Savages' to be nice to their opponent, and Claire was no exception. She roughly pulled at the front of the girl's shorts until they gave enough for her to get a hand down inside. Luckily for her the red-team girl had had the sense to shave between her legs, otherwise Claire may well have plucked her public hairs in retaliation. Instead, once her hand was against bare pubes she twisted the pussy lips in her fingers, which caused her former attacker rather more pain than she had caused Claire.

Honour satisfied, Claire set about removing the shorts, which came off over the shoes without too much trouble. She then tried to rip off the knickers rather theatrically. They, however, resisted, which had the effect of pulling their victim out of the grip of Audrey. With slaps flying in all directions they had quite a struggle before subduing her once again, but this time with Claire holding her arms.

Audrey had taken several slaps and it was now her turn to seek a semblance of revenge. Without waiting to denude her victim, Audrey thrust her hands up under the clothing, until she could feel a pair of bare tits in her hands, which she then maltreated for a satisfyingly (for her) long time. Don't believe that the victim allowed this to happen, she fought like a mad thing, but Claire had her arms well held and luckily kicking was not permitted.

Once Audrey was satisfied she simply undid the bra straps and the buttons on the blouse. In order to further remove these items Claire had to release the arms she held and their 'victim' did what she could to hurt them and delay the inevitable – quite successfully, even managing to get a brief hold on one of Audrey's tits.

Once all that was left in the way of clothing was the knickers, Audrey delayed their removal by pulling them up as far as she could, so that they cut into their wearer's pussy and bum. She pulled hard enough that the knickers soon lost their shape and, once she released them, they almost fell down of their own accord.

Audrey's clothing was quite dishevelled and her T-shirt torn, but otherwise the two were still clothed. They now proposed to their adversary that she submit. She was so stubborn that Claire was obliged to take pussy in hand once more and Audrey a nipple, before common sense prevailed. The red-team member was stripped of her arm band and lead off to prison. Not too soon either, as on the way there they passed the two girls who had been with their prisoner earlier. Had they arrived on the scene a little earlier the outcome could have been different.

Barely had they handed over their prisoner than the first half an hour came to an end, and so her captivity lasted but a few seconds!

All fifty combatants were now back in the fray – some fully clothed and some nude.

After my initial spell at the prison, I was now sent out on observation with one of my co-overseers.
We were lucky in that we arrived in a small, muddy, clearing at the same time as two groups, each of three women. All three had some clothing on, but only one from each group was fully clothed and even then there were signs of damage to the clothing.

The two groups took a moment sizing each other up and then obviously decided to engage in a pitched battle. Screaming they ran at each other and, within seconds, all six were on the ground, trying to seek a dominant hold.

To say that clothes flew in every direction would not be quite true, but there was a good deal of effort put in to disrobing, and generally by destructive means. To the casual observer it looked as if stripping your opponent was the sole objective with there being little or no effort to fight in any other way.

The first to be naked was a blue-team member who was rapidly flat on her back with red-team pubes pressing down on her face. Their owner was still covered from the waist up, so it looked rather strange. Those sweaty pubes made it impossible for her to see how the fight was going elsewhere and also manifestly difficult to breathe. She tried twice to use her legs to buck the pubes owner off, and finding no success seemed to give up hope. When the red-team member started pulling the head further into those pubes, the blue-team girl surrendered.

That should have given an advantage to the red team who were now in numerical superiority. Realising that, the strongest looking of the two remaining blues stopped trying to remove the last clothing items from her opponent, and took the fight to her. Throwing her down on her back she lay her body over the red face, and took a handful of hair in her right hand. Knowing that speed was of the essence her left hand sought out a boob and began giving it the treatment. A submission was quickly obtained.

The remaining blue girl had quickly comprehended the situation and even though it cost her her last clothes, she had managed to stop her two opponents from interfering. It was now two on two, with two prisoners left to watch and wait for the outcome.

For us watching, what followed was a really good fight. Rough, certainly, but fair and with none of the fighters targeting between the legs – though boobs did come in for their fare share of rough handling. What's more it wasn't simply two individual fights, several times as the two pairs came into contact adversaries were exchanged.

These fights went on for a while – all four quite naked, and the two watching prisoners began arguing with each other and then they too began fighting. Technically this should not have been possible but, as there was nothing at stake, we saw no reason to stop them, although we did keep an eye on their fight. As there was nothing other than personal pride at stake, we wanted to be sure that the fight didn't get out of hand.

With handfuls of hair and boobs the two prisoners went at each other with a violence and passion that had singularly been lacking when they had surrendered. They continued hurling insults at each other, but fortunately didn't seek to escalate the violence beyond acceptable levels. Because they were holding hair tight, their heads were kept close together and there was some inevitable contact. Releasing holds their fight developed into a slapping match and when they both finally quit and fell back on the ground, their faces and bodies were quite marked from their efforts.

Meanwhile the other four were still battling, getting increasingly tired, probably very sore and seemingly frustrated. For some reason they seemed intent on exchanging blows and painful holds, but there was no sign of the face sits which had successfully caused the surrender of the first two.

Fortunately my fellow judge and I were both watching when, surely out of frustration, one of the red girls threw a punch into the crotch of her blue adversary. As neither had targeted such parts of the body in any way this came as a surprise, both to us and undoubtedly to the recipient, whose sang froid was amazing. One moment there was a look of pained surprise in her eyes and the next her foot shot out and caught the red villain fair and square in exactly the same spot! Both dropped to the ground and we promptly intervened to end both fights.

Under the rules we could have disqualified the red-team member but, given that retribution had been obtained and that up until then the four fighters had been meticulously fair, we decided on a warning. We also proposed that as they seemed to be getting no nearer to a 'result' they either make do with one prisoner each, or else continue but with, for example, a face sit to determine the winner. They accepted with a 'why didn't we think of that attitude?'.

Within a couple of minutes, two girls, one from each team, were flat on their backs with a faceful of their opponent's nether regions. They were quite close to each other and, whilst trying to maintain their positions on their prostrate foes, they also attempted to unseat each other, mostly by slaps. The blue girl got a handful of hair and over came the red face-sitter. Two new fights now started with the former dominant girls against each other.

Their fun was finally brought to an end when three members of the blue team chanced upon them. Coming to the rescue of their two team members, both remaining red girls were subjected to a brief, calculated assault that saw them surrender. Under the rules the red team still had one prisoner and we accompanied the six former fighters back to the prison area where four were to remain.

Quite an amount of the morning had by now passed. At the end of two and a half hours the final release of prisoners from the morning took place. Prisoners from both teams had come to the conclusion that there seemed to be a small number of girls from each team that were probably clothed, having avoided much action. All the prisoners, from whichever team, now set off with the idea that by lunchtime no-one would be clothed.

All of those prisoners were quite dirty, as was anyone who had actually had to fight for a victory, with the ground being damp. When two pretty clean girls were brought in as prisoners a few minutes later it seemed reasonable to assume that some of the released prisoners had been successful.