Savages – part 2
by Aristocatch

The lunch break during the game of Savages was most welcome. It gave a chance for team captains to get their teams together to discuss tactics, and especially for everyone to have a breather. When all fifty contestants had gathered, it also confirmed that not one was still clothed! The Blue team were very narrowly ahead on points, but not by enough for the outcome to be already decided.

An hour later hostilities were resumed for a further two hours, at which point the game per se would come to an end. But not all the action!

Shortly after the end of the lunch break a heavy shower soaked everyone, competitors and judges alike. Then, as so often happens, the sun kindly came out for the first time in the day, helping everyone to warm up.

Initially I had a spell on patrol, which showed that tactics were coming more into play. Groups avoided each other and as soon as fighters were outnumbered they chose to surrender rather than fight a losing battle. Twice we saw fighters take to their heels and escape 'unfair' odds – their pursuers soon abandoning the chase.

I was back at the prison when Claire reappeared. She came in for some minor first aid, mostly to her knees, but grinning from ear to ear.

She and Audrey had, like most of the others, decided to pace themselves for the rest of the afternoon. They had even found a hidden spot where the sun filtering through the trees allowed them to dry off from the rain. But this was to prove their downfall. They had been enjoying the sun so much that they didn't hear two members of the red team appearing. Suddenly they were in a fight. As we have already seen they were both quite happy to mix it and they fought back using all parts of their opponents' bodies to aid their cause.

The two red girls were also street-fighters and they were not put off by finding the soft parts of their bodies being misused. This type of fight would never have lasted very long and a certain amount of forest debris under the trees meant that each of them had minor injuries from fallen twigs etc, hence Claire's knees.

Who would have succumbed first is a moot point, which was never to be tested, as two further red girls chanced upon the scene. All four fighters briefly stopped hostilities, whilst they weighed up the options. One of the newcomers was an attractive (though dishevelled) girl with a curvy body and shoulder-length curly hair. Audrey was expecting to surrender, faced with such odds, and she was surprised when Claire challenged this girl to a one-on-one combat.

“I accept, on one condition” she said, “we fight to make the other come and, when I win, you and your partner have to lick me off before I take you in.”

Audrey could see Claire trying to hide her smile as she 'grudgingly' accepted. She got the idea that Claire had just gambled and won. Who would win the contest was another matter, but on the face of it, neither would be hurt too much. They had seen a girl at lunchtime being treated as her pussy had been rather scratched up, inside and out, in one of these challenges.

The non-fighting girls suggested finding a more suitable location and a grassy area a few yards away was found. The opening exchanges were careful, and gave no indication that this was a sex-based fight. Claire's opponent may have been attractive, but she also seemed to be well versed in wrestling technique. As previously mentioned Claire was more of a street-fighter, but cruelly attacking her opponent would not lead to the kind of victory she was aiming for.

Initially the red girl wrestled to secure a hold that would free up one of her hands to begin titivating Claire's body, but by virtue of much effort Claire managed to block most of these moves. There was a certain sexual tension in the air which Claire could feel in her physical contact with her opponent. What she was also pleased to note was that that same contact was having an effect on her opponent whose nipples had hardened in response either to coming into contact with Claire's body, or just from the circumstances of the fight.

As Claire grew in confidence she began trying moves of her own and although this also allowed her body to be groped, she had soon managed to get a feel of all parts of her adversary's rather-attractive body. Claire, being Claire, had not merely caressed the first breast that she got her hand on, she had also given it a good squeeze. Her opponent had played with Claire's nipple when she had had hand-to-breast contact in a sexual manner. After having her breast squeezed however, she had returned the favour when next she had the opportunity. Given that the red girl was clearly the more adept wrestler this was just what Claire had been hoping for.

The wrestling got a bit rougher, as breast squeezing became the norm, and the red girl concentrated her efforts on that part of Claire's anatomy. Liking mixing it, Claire wasn't getting in the least sexually aroused by this form of caress, but when she finally managed to get access between her opponent's legs she was delighted to find that her opponent was getting turned on. Although she had inflicted pain via pussies earlier in the day, Claire avoided so doing this time and carefully sought to increase her foe's stimulation.

Around about this time a group of two more red girls appeared. Due to the challenge they were banned from interfering but, instead of heading on to seek further victims, they stopped to watch the spectacle.

The curly-haired red girl soon realised that she was being outfought and Claire was forced to straighten those curly hairs in order to remove a most successful sexual assault between her legs. She hadn't thought that she was sexually aroused, but the ease with which a finger slid into her suggested otherwise, though she had previously managed a digital assault of her own that she had managed to maintain for a satisfying amount of time.

The wrestling know-how of the red girl now came into play, as she increased the time she was able to spend sexually provoking Claire – tying Claire up in holds that always left her with a hand free and a target within reach. Claire was obliged to resort to hair pulling and rougher moves to break out of these holds. She even risked a counterproductive result by cruelly twisting a nipple to force her sexual partner to release a hold.

As Claire tired the red girl grew in confidence. One ambitious move saw her licking Claire's pussy as her legs trapped Claire on the ground and she only broke this move when Claire finally got an arm free and promptly inserted two fingers into the vagina that she had been staring at for two full minutes.

Audrey told me that Claire, talking to her on the way back, had informed her that she had been fairly confident that the red girl had previous girl-on-girl sexual experience – whereas she had none. She felt that the red girl would be 'willing' to be sexually stimulated by another girl, but having no such experience herself she didn't know how she would react. With hindsight the novel and slightly forbidden nature of this arousal may have delayed her reactions, giving her a slight advantage.

There was no doubt that the red girl was spending more time sexually working on Claire's body and that she was using her tongue and fingers to good effect. Logically she was proving why she had felt assured of victory in accepting Claire's challenge with her imposed rules. If the contest were to be decided on points she was sufficiently ahead to be able to take a few risks – most of which came off and Claire had to admit that one oral assault on her left breast proved that a girl can provoke sensations of a level and nature that a man has trouble doing (or at least those Claire had thus far allowed access to her boobs).

Claire's body was however crying out to be penetrated by a man's cock, her hitherto enjoyed pleasure source. Somehow even if the red girl's fingers were adept, they were no match for a hard cock. The red girl did not seem to have this problem, and even if Claire's opportunities were limited
she seemed to be able to make them count. Even though she knew she was technically the weaker Claire could feel how her opponent reacted when she was stimulating her and this gave her hope. If the worse came to the worse all she risked was an orgasm and spell in 'prison'. But if she won there would be the personal pride of having triumphed over adversity.

To win, however, required a certain resilience. It would also require some good luck, or maybe good judgement.

Audrey felt a bit alone in cheering for Claire. The other girls present all belonged to the red team they were noisily calling out to encourage their teammate, mostly with crude descriptions of what they wanted her to do to Claire. As chauvinistic as they were, even the red-team members must have begrudgingly conceded that Claire was putting up unexpected resistance.

The red girl's body language showed that she was still thoroughly confident of victory and the oral prize at the end.

Claire was, once again, held this time in a leg scissors. She could touch her opponent's buttocks, but not her sex and, meanwhile, her own sex was being fully exploited by experienced fingers. Claire admitted afterwards that, at this moment in the fight, she began to wonder whether she should not just enjoy what was being done to her and give up fighting. Those legs around her middle were holding her in place, but not causing her discomfort. The finger that was steadily sliding in and out of her was building up a nice controlled rhythm, and the hand that was rubbing over her clit and abdomen kept finding rather pervading sensations. All in all why fight? Why not just have an orgasm and then see what she could do to bring her victor off as her reward?

That Claire did not choose this course of action should not be surprising. Street-fighters do not take the simplest route. But first she had to get out of the leg scissors. That rather nice curly hair was once more the chosen route. A good handful of it pulled backwards first stopped the finger that was leading her to an inevitable orgasm and then the roving hand. As she pulled harder the red girl became annoyed. She had presumed that she could take her time bringing Claire to her orgasmic surrender. A pain in her scalp was proving otherwise!

The red girl released her lg scissors herself and spun to face Claire. She was angry and her initial reaction was to fight fire with fire, so she grabbed Claire's hair and the two pulled the others head this way and that. Realising that it hurt and that Claire wasn't about to stop, the red girl changed tactics and went after Claire's boobs, but not to caress them. Claire couldn't have wanted more. Rather more adept at this type of combat, Claire's fingers soon proved that in a fight of this nature she was the more likely to prevail. From the pain in her tits, and the lack of effect that her assault on Claire's tits seemed to produce, the red girl soon changed tactics and pulled their bodies closer together, thus stopping Claire's fingers sapping work.

This was definitely a point won back by Claire. Not only was the assault on her virtue stopped, but the tit fight had considerably lowered her sexual arousal, undoing the red girl's previous good work. Claire was rather further away from an orgasm than she had been for some time. It seemed the moment to try to take the fight back to the red girl, and Claire tightened the grip she had around the other body, pulling them both into a prostrate body hug. She had thought to try to use her thigh to rub against the others crotch, but the red girl was sufficiently astute to have been aware of this manoeuvre.

The efforts of each to restart the sexual side of the contest by rubbing pussies with thighs pretty much cancelled each other out. Rolling over so she was on top, Claire tried to escape the hold, to try another form of attack, but the red girl held on tight, finally tipping Claire back under when she got the chance. Still she didn't release her arms from around Claire who finally realised that the red girl was buying time. On the face of it she had been more turned on than Claire had realised and she was now lowering her sexual arousal. As the red girl had been behaving in a way that suggested total confidence in her victory this sign of 'weakness' served to boost Claire's confidence.

Those curly hairs were once more used as leverage, and once again their owner was none too pleased, but this time she kept her anger in check except for giving Claire a good smack across the cheek as she finally released her hold.

The two women were finally apart and each pulled away from the other as she slowly rose to her feet. Circling they cautiously sought out an opening. Allowing for the other's greater tactical skills, Claire launched an assault looking to drop her opponent to the ground. This attack was well blocked, but Claire stood her ground and took a breast in hand in an effort to dictate. For a full minute Claire attacked, looking to cause pain and thus create an opening and the other defended, accepting the pain and concentrating on not being put at a disadvantage.

Finally Claire found the opening she wanted, and she was behind the red girl, her body pressed against the girl's back, boobs in hand. This time Claire targeted the nipples between her fingers, but not to hurt; it was time to switch back to the aims of this fight. You can imagine that the red girl did not let Claire have things her own way, but Claire had her well held and she was able to stimulate those nipples as best she knew how.

Backing fast into Claire, the red girl made sure that Claire had to adjust the position of her feet, using the opportunity to bend her back, unseat Claire and toss her to the floor where she landed quite heavily despite the softness of the ground. Before Claire could react the red girl was astride her, edging up her body, aiming to pin her as she had before, but Claire was learning and it took a good deal more effort and ignoring a breast squeeze, before Claire was helpless.

Initially the red girl merely had Claire pinned, but she was unable to advance the fight. Slowly she altered her position, bringing her pubes close to Claire's face. The reason was evident soon after as she reached behind her and began fondling Claire's boobs, which were now freed. Claire managed the occasional lick of a rather dirty pussy, but not enough to be able to worry her adversary.

After one rather longer penetrative lick had shown that the red girl was still open and sexually ready, she abandoned Claire's tits and placed her hands over Claire's face, catching hold of Claire's hair with one hand and giving it a tug. Seconds later, as Claire waited for more hair tugs, the girl had spun around, with Claire never seeing the move coming. Now she was facing down Claire's body, her sex was too far away to be licked, but Claire's sex was ripe for the plucking.

Audrey could see that the red girl's body language had changed back to that of confident dominatrix. She had Claire at her mercy and she was looking forward to hearing Claire crying out to be allowed to orgasm.

Taking her time, the red girl initially rubbed Claire's sex with the palm of her hand, then she parted the sex lips with her fingers. Before seeking any penetration she played around on the surface, feeling Claire react when her finger brushed over Claire's clit.

“Now you're mine” she said, as she added digital penetration to her attack plan. Claire shuddered involuntarily as a certain degree of physical pleasure was expertly wrung out of her body. If you have to go, there were certainly worse ways to go.

The pleasure level increased and Claire had closed her eyes, prepared to enjoy what seemed imminent and not to mind the consequences. From somewhere she heard Audrey's voice urging her not to quit, telling her to fuck back.

With a mighty effort Claire got her right arm out from under the red girl's leg. She slid two fingers into the cunt that was within reach, glad to find that two slid in without any difficulty, that warm juices bathed their passage and that involuntary movements from the red girl encouraged their presence.

The red girl briefly checked what she was doing and then seemingly she decided that even though what Claire was doing was nice, Claire's orgasm was far more imminent than hers and that she could withstand what Claire was doing to her. Her reaction was to up the tempo of her movements and the two mutually frigged each other with some degree of urgency.

Claire knew that given time she would give her opponent an orgasm, but that she wouldn't have enough time before she could no longer resist the sexual pressures that were rapidly building up within her body. So Claire did what she always did faced with a delicate situation. Removing her well lubricated finger from pussy she jammed it into an adjacent orifice! It slid in with no resistance.

The red girl reacted as if she had been shot and not only was her orifice removed from Claire's finger, but her hands were no longer in Claire's nether regions.

Taking full advantage of the consternation caused, Claire seized the red girl and pulled her into a sitting position with Claire behind her and Claire's feet pulling the others legs apart. Claire's hand was quickly between the others legs and she began an initially frenzied sexual assault – content to use her arms to merely hold the other in place.

The red girl fought back, trying to break Claire's hold, but with no success. As Claire felt the power of the fight-backs diminishing she allowed her hands to play with the tits that she was cupping. The changing breathing pattern of the red girl suggested that Claire was on the right track.

From the position Claire was in she couldn't penetrate very deeply, but she could use her thumb on the clit which had decided that now was the time to escape its cover and show itself.

As the red girl's body went into pre-orgasm phase, Claire began to enjoy herself and when she was sure that all resistance had gone she gave up restraining the red girl to concentrate on the last rites. A big cheer from Audrey confirmed what her hand was telling her and she continued stimulating until the red girl accepted defeat and asked her to stop.

Audrey hugged Claire as she rather wearily released her adversary and got to her feet.

The four red girls looked shocked, but it was they who declared rather sportingly that Claire had won the right to their administrations. Claire tried to extend it to Audrey, but Audrey declined.
The red girl whom Claire had beaten provided the oral stimulation and as she felt Claire reacting to all the stimuli which she and the other three were contributing to various parts of Claire's body, she wholeheartedly concentrated on the task of making sure that Claire's first orgasm produced by other women would be a memorable one.

Claire, Audrey and two of the red team, including the orgasmed loser, made their way to prison, where they realised that most were sporting cuts and scrapes, so first aid was sought, which is where Claire and Audrey got to tell me their story.