Savages – part 3
by Aristocatch

After we had patched up Claire and the other participants in Savages who had minor injuries, Claire and Audrey went off for the remaining period. How they got on I have no idea, as I didn't get to see or talk to them again.

The end of the penultimate period came round and the scoreline showed that the blue team were still in the lead. The captain of the red team called for a time out, as the prisoners were released for the last time and I heard later that she encouraged her team members to throw caution to the wind, to have no compunction about how they attacked and to be ruthless. If it failed they would have gone down fighting, if it worked there was a chance that they could win back the points they needed.

Having been in the prison area for a while I got a spell out trying to keep an eye on the fighting. Some of the organisers were getting the finale ready, and so I was on my own.

I soon came across three members of the red team who were preparing to ambush three blue girls. Brenda was the tallest member of the group, Helen the shortest. With them was Shirley whom I learned was a female rugby player, which was soon confirmed as she tackled a blue girl to the ground in a manner which must have shaken her to her core! As the blue girl hit the ground Shirley's hand forced her face into the earth, while the other hand went between her legs for a crotch claw that drew a submission within a few seconds.

By the time Shirley had won, Brenda was already well positioned with one hand under her opponent's chin, pulling her head back, and the other hand was testing the resilience of a blue boob.

Helen was up against a girl who was larger than her, and who was the only one of the three blue girls to at least fight back. Shirley therefore left Brenda to finish off her opponent on her own, and quickly climbed onto Helen's opponent's head, using her full weight to squash it into the ground. Helen had taken a couple of slaps before getting this far, and so she briefly avenged herself on the exposed blue boobs, before finishing things off by pulling hard on blue pussy lips.

In literally two minutes all three blue girls, each looking shell shocked, had surrendered and were being led back to prison.

As we arrived back at the prison area we found that these were not the only blue prisoners being brought in. The unexpected violence of the concerted red attacks had completely overwhelmed blue team members who had been expecting more wrestling-orientated combats as had hitherto been generally the case.

Within literally ten minutes of the restart, ten blue prisoners had arrived, without one red prisoner to even things up. As quickly as they could the red assailants left the prison area to hunt down outnumbered blue team members.

During the last half hour only two red girls were taken prisoner, as against thirteen blue girls – only the size of the wood delaying the surrender of the remainder. This was enough to give the red team a slender points victory and to create a certain amount of ill feeling from the part of the blue team who had not anticipated the violence of the last round.

By virtue of winning the red team got a certain amount of choice for the finale.

A very muddy hollow had been kept cordoned off thus far, as this was to be the scene of a mass battle where the organisers had thought that 'vengeance' would be the general theme. Their ideas had ranged from a simple get-covered-in-mud roll-around, to a no-rules ball game, but the red team had other ideas! Fired from their ruthless display they wanted to go further, to put their femininity on the line. They proposed a no-holes-barred contest. This could only be on a voluntary basis for obvious reasons and so a certain amount of discussion took place with those who were volunteers – luckily twenty from each team.

Several of the blue team were 'disgusted' by the last part of the main competition and were just as willing to get revenge in whatever way could 'humiliate' their opponents.

The muddy area was a natural hollow, and the heavy shower in the early afternoon had rendered it even wetter. The ground then sloped up on two sides, with grassy banks. It was decided that these banks would be 'home' territory where players could escape for a break if needed. They could also take 'prisoners' who could there be molested in any way they chose for a maximum of two minutes, after which they had to be released by walking round the hollow and rejoining from their home bank. As an alternative way of demonstrating 'superiority' a captured girl could be required to provide oral sex to her captor if the captor so chose.

It seemed to me that these rules could be a recipe for disaster, if the desire for vengeance took the upper hand. Other organisers felt much the same, and we tried to encourage the players to treat this in as sexy a manner as possible – any player going too far would be automatically banned from further action.

The ten girls not taking part agreed to help us control events, and especially monitor the two-minute penance times. Buckets of water were also provided for those needing to wash the mud out of eyes, or other parts!

Quite a number of the fighters had not touched private parts during all the hours they had been battling. Others, like Claire, had been quite content to pull a bit here and there, but without particular malice. Few had probably had sexual activity with another woman, but now they were being given free rein to insert fingers where fingers didn't normally go, to prove dominance and what better way to prove it than to begin to create a sexual stimulation, and then to stop. This was proving that the other could have lesbian tendencies, without being a lesbian oneself.

The forty girls lined up on each side of the muddy hollow with several of them so fired up that they were already making obscene gestures to those facing them. The ground was very wet and very muddy and several lost their footings even before reaching those charging towards them. The initial impact landed several more straight into the mud and white bodies were soon few and far between.

Initial exchanges either concentrated on muddying the opponent, or on exchanging slaps and general rough play. Fortunately no-one was seen to exceed the limits we had set. Some blue-team members were out for revenge, and several red girls found that there was nothing sexy in the early exchanges where the mud couldn't cushion the impact of crunching slaps.

As mud coated bodies, the level of slapping eased off in favour of grabbing, squeezing and pinching and then a beginning of exploring between legs. Odd couples were still causing pain, but most were trying to force the mud into inner recesses, thus giving an excuse for fingers to go where those fingers had never gone before. Mostly this involved pussies, but more daring participants also encouraged ooze up anal passages.

Emboldened by actions that exceeded what they had ever done before girls grew more ambitious. If they wanted to really find out what it was like to finger fuck, they would need to get an opponent out of the mud and onto the bank. Struggles in this sense now began. Fingering pussies ceased in favour of pulling and pushing bodies nearer the banks.

The excitement of the 'forbidden' kicked in. Girls wrestled merrily, but without the feared animosity, so that the first ones were soon being dragged out of the mud and laid back on the bank. The first victor didn't bother washing her fingers before beginning to find out what it was like to plunge them unopposed into a well-muddily-lubricated pussy. The victim did not resist and seemed intent on finding out quite what it felt like, while probably imagining how she would treat an opponent as soon as she could get one in the same position. Indeed by the end of two minutes the victim was showing signs that 'victim' was not the ideal word and that suffering was not what she was doing!

Once released the victim scampered round the muddy hollow and entered the fray intent on trying it out herself. By then there were two other members of her team in the throes of being fingered, and she soon found two members of her team fingering opponents on her home bank.

Fairly quickly the teams worked out that, once an opposing team member was nearing the bank it was a good idea to work with a teammate to precipitate their eviction from the mud. There was a small hard core of girls battling and doing various things to each other in the centre of the hollow, but the majority were soon teaming up to go after particular members of the opposing team that had earned their wrath at an earlier time in the day.

Claire initially had 'fun' in the melee in the middle of the hollow, trying to get her hands on as many opponents as possible, while avoiding one-on-one contact. By her reckoning she dished out twice what she received and felt that she was really in the spirit of the mud battle. Her 'fun' was cut short by the girl she had sex fought, and the one she had been engaged in combat with when the sexfight girl had shown up. That nice curly hair was now a matted, muddy mess, but between them they dragged Claire from the mud and the sexfighter left her to be fingered by the other (whose pussy and breasts she had made suffer earlier).

There was no vengeance in her movements. She merely grinned from ear to ear as Claire was obliged to allow her to slide fingers into Claire's mud filled pussy. Other fingers had followed the same route, albeit fleetingly, in the middle of the muddy hollow, and so Claire had nothing to fear, merely waiting until her time was up and she was released.

Quickly finding Audrey upon her return to the mud, they rapidly located a red girl who had rather hurt Audrey in the red's final attacks, even though the time had expired before she could take Audrey prisoner. The pair of them waded through the mud until they were able to seize this girl, whom they dragged nearer their bank. Vengeance being an idea behind the game, Audrey and she had a brief anything-I-can-grab-hold-off-and-hurt-I-will fight, which Audrey got the better of, while Claire blocked her escape and avoiding others interfering.

Audrey didn't have things her own way, and she felt fingers within her pussy for the first real time before fingering her opponent's pussy and bum.

Claire and she removed the red girl from the mud and Audrey went to work fingering a pussy for the first time in her life.

Returning to the mud Claire found that the girl who had recently inflicted two minutes of fingering on her had seen her protecting Audrey, and had waded across the hollow, pushing off an attempted attack by a blue team member, only to arrive just after they had ejected the red-team girl from the pool. Re-entering the hollow Claire found this girl waiting or her. The type of fight that Claire liked where they both grabbed at each other followed, where their muddied breasts came in for some squeezing. But they were too near Claire's bank and before Audrey had finished her two-minutes working over their first victim, Claire had heaved the second one out and set to work returning the favour of two minutes fingering (with a little nipple squeezing thrown in for good measure).

Audrey waited for Claire to finish and the two returned to the hollow together. They were soon in the thick of things, involved with a group of combatants. Separated, Audrey found herself captured by two red-team girls who were so mud covered as to be virtually unrecognisable, hauled from the hollow and given the chance to feel what being fingered by a woman for two minutes felt like.

By now there was no real way of knowing to which team someone belonged, and so there were probably girls attacking their own team members, especially in the centre of the hollow, where a group were more or less permanently in combat. As fast as girls were pulled out of this group, towards a bank, others joined in, returning from fingering or being fingered. More than once a girl found herself being dragged towards her own home bank, and having to persuade her attackers that they were all from the same team!

The enthusiasm of those involved and the absence of bad behaviour persuaded the organisers to prolong the mud-hollow battle beyond the planned duration. By the time they did bring things to an end, it is unlikely that anyone had escaped fingering, and some had 'enjoyed' it several times.

You might imagine that, after showering clean, an orgy could have been the logical conclusion, but you would be disappointed. Although the girls had been fingering each other, it was with a 'wrestling' motive and not a sexual one. Perhaps a few would have wished to turn the fingering into longer caresses, but the majority were no more interested than they would have been in restarting fighting. All were nursing various cuts, scrapes, bruises, a few swelling, soon-to-be-black eyes and various other, mainly minor, injuries that only came to light hours later when the adrenalin had worn off.

Virtually all participants gave excellent comments on their satisfaction questionnaires that they were asked to fill in, which encouraged the organisers to continue with such days out for the savages who, by week, hide in offices, factories, or homes, dreaming of escaping their humdrum lives if only for a few hours there to do things they would never do otherwise.