University Challenge part 1
by Aristocatch

Jude and I gradually developed her business and, in due course, I'll tell you about some of our more interesting ventures. But for now, I really want to put down on paper just what happened when we got involved with a university, which was quite an education!

Jude was contacted by a young lady at a certain university, which I won't herein name. One of her friends was at another university and they wanted to set up a challenge that could be a bit too raunchy to be housed within the university's own buildings. It was to be a girls-only event and the fact that we were a 100% female outfit meant that they turned to us to do the organising.

Having agreed in theory to their demands we exchanged emails with both team captains to seek a consensus of ideas, and then put together a package that satisfied, as best we could, their requests. We found a suitable venue that could house the teams and a coach-load of female supporters from each university. We also hired, for the day, four of our more imposing wrestlers to act as security.

Don't get me wrong, we were not organising a mass bust-up, but we were asked to try to arrange things in such a way that the spectators would lose some of their inhibitions (to say nothing of the team members), and in such circumstances, who knew what could happen?

With a room full of around eighty University students, on temporary seating, we had left a stage area in the centre with the seats around in 'U', giving an opening for the contestants to be able to return to the dressing rooms. We had arranged for extra heating but we were lucky, as it turned out to be a warm day, meaning that the spectators were lightly attired. To add to the excitement we had added a film link to two giant screens to ensure that everyone could see the full details wherever they were sitting. A final precaution was to confiscate all telephones and filming devices – we didn't want anyone's future blighted by unwanted images of them doing odd things circulating afterwards!

Jude began proceedings by explaining that the theme was 'who dares wins'; the objective being to push your opponent beyond their limits with every indiscretion caught in glorious close up on the giant screen! Fun was the key word and the challenge was to be as indiscrete as possible; to do things in front of all the spectators that each would never normally do and to make sure that each adversary was preferably rendered even more indiscrete!

Both team contained ten members, but only four would take part in each event. At the end of each event two points would be awarded to the team who best achieved the goals of that event.

First up all ten members of each team were paraded before the audience. Clearly some spectators had brought alcohol with them on the coaches, and the noise level and excitement were already palpable. Little need for us to encourage audience participation.

All the student competitors left the room to loud applause and four soon came back. A coin was tossed and the winner of the toss chose to go second. Two buckets of soapy water were brought on stage, and the two students who had lost the toss were handed sponges. The two girls who had won the toss stood facing the audience. All four were dressed in white T-shirts and shorts. Jude, acting as announcer, told the audience that each team disposed of five minutes.

The losers of the toss were from what we will call University A, and they placed their buckets behind the two girls from University B who were facing the audience.

When Jude gave the signal the University A girls dipped their sponges into the buckets and then began applying the contents to the front of the T-shirts of their opponents. It didn't take long before the T-shirts were wet enough to cling to the outlines of the bosom's below, showing too clearly that neither girl was wearing a bra!

Use of the sponges now came into play as the girls wielding them sought to make it appear that those wearing the wet T-shirts seemed as naked as possible. By clever use of the sponge the girl on the right soon caused her opponent's nipples to gain in length and push strongly against the sodden cloth. My camera made sure that this transformation was clearly visible on the giant screen.

The public made it clear that they were appreciating what she was doing, and the other girl soon got the idea, rubbing her sponge in circular movements around the nipples, creating sensations that caused them to lengthen, harden, and become ever more visible.

Both teams were obviously aware of the general theme for the contest, but we had taken care not to reveal actual details. The team captains who had asked us to organise the event had given us briefs and agreed to our general ideas, but ignored the details, to make sure they couldn't forewarn their teams. I don't know what those who were now sporting wet T-shirts which hid nothing of their boobs thought, or whether they appreciated the sight they were providing for the audience. I suspect they had thought they were in for a wet T-shirt contest, without the added dimensions (pun intended) that those wet sponges were now producing.

Five minutes were soon up and the two girls with sodden T-shirts changed places with those whose T-shirts were virtually dry (other than odd splashes). Now you would have thought that going second would have allowed those who had exhibited their attractions to learn from their experience and do better as a result. However those expectations were to prove unfounded.

Both girls splashed water with much enthusiasm. Too much in all probability, as they soon drenched the T-shirts and left them hanging like damp cloths. Realising their mistakes they tried to use their sponges fairly drily to encourage the T-shirts to follow the contours of the breasts. The rules forbade finger contact, and it took them some time to achieve their goal. By the time they started thinking about encouraging the nipples to add a 3D effect, much of their time was used up.

Despite having first use of the sponges University B won the points and got their team off to a good start. Their supporters were in good voice and tried to persuade the losers that their forfeit for losing was to remove their sodden T-shirts, but both girls ignored these remarks and, as the rules imposed no such penalty they went off to get dry.

Two new players from each team came on stage, and removed their tracksuits until each was in a bikini. We quickly pulled on stage two large inflatable baths and one girl from each team climbed in, facing each other on their knees. The other members of were given bottles of oil.

The rules were simple; to expose the other's breasts and to play with them as sexily as possible.

In one ring a cheeky-looking blonde took on a taller brunette, with a stately chest. Before enough oil could be squirted to make things slippery the blonde had darted round behind the brunette, wrapping her legs around the other and easing her hands beneath the fabric of the bra. The giant screen was directly in her vision and she calmly played to the camera, gently easing the cloth away from the nipples until first one and then the other peeked out. Her teammate quickly squirted oil and the blonde used her fingers to tease the nipples to a greater length. The camera operator, me as it happened, managed to adjust her position so that the screen graphically recorded the growing length of the nipple.

The blonde began slowly exposing more and more of one breast, and then the other. A really attractive pair of breasts was now fully on view. My camera was concentrating on said exhibits which was a pity in a way, as it didn't record the changing facial expressions of the owner of this chest.

The blonde now began to roll these breasts within her hands, giving them a really good groping that she seemed to be thoroughly enjoying, so much so in fact that she lowered her control level and the brunette, by now well soaked in oil, literally threw herself away from the hands which helplessly slid off her body.

The brunette didn't bother covering her breasts, though she was still nominally wearing her top. The blonde, who was clearly really enjoying herself, made a great show of being frightened of the brunette's reaction which at least had the merit of bringing a half smile to the brunette's face.

Several students in the audience had been calling out lewd suggestions to the blonde as to what she should do to the brunette's boobs, and now it was the turn of the brunette's colleagues to use their voices to offer encouragement with a view to score evening.

The brunette advanced on her knees and the blonde awaited her arrival. Making no attempt to defend herself the blonde merely grabbed handfuls of exposed tit flesh, leaving her opponent to battle with the intricacies of her bra which took her a while, but which subsequently sent flying out of the ring.

The blonde had been waiting for that moment and with the brunette otherwise occupied she threw herself onto the body in front of her, forcing the brunette down onto her back, breast on breast. Suddenly the public had no breasts to stare at, but not for long as, despite the oil, the brunette managed to pull the blonde into much the same position as she had been in earlier. She didn't have the blonde held as tightly as she had been, but she did have enough control to finally begin playing with the blonde's pert breasts, much to the delight of her University supporters.

It didn't take the blonde that long to twist around and then they gave the public more to cheer as they both began kneading knockers, letting the oily breast flesh slip through their fingers.

Turning their attentions to the nipples they both began exciting them to greater lengths, allowing me some magnificent close ups.

Catching the brunette unaware the blonde pushed her over onto her back, but wary of the way such a move had turned out before, she placed herself across the brunette's midriff and, once positioned, resumed her mammary manipulations. It didn't take the brunette long to realise that she had her hands free and so she was able to target blonde boobs from a different angle. For the spectators the effect was just as satisfying and they screamed their pleasure.

All good things have to come to an end, and the blonde's dominant position was overturned by a swift counter-attack, and soon both had handfuls of breast once again, but with the brunette sat firmly on the blonde and slightly freer in her movements.

I suspect that the audience would gladly have watched more, but other events were planned and so a halt was called to proceedings. Rather nicely the two helped each other to her feet and they left with arms around each other to rapturous applause.

The same could not be said for the second fight in my ring, where neither girl seemed prepared to show off her intimate parts and where defence was the order of the day. Their boobs were eventually pulled out from behind their coverings, but even then the handling showed little enthusiasm and I don't think anyone was too upset when the end was signalled.

University B, represented by the blonde, was declared the winner over the four fights and awarded the points