University Challenge – Part 2
by Aristocatch

Round three had two students from each university on stage at the same time. Each was dressed in a white T-shirt and white shorts (without knickers under). Each was armed with a spray bottle containing soapy water. The rules were simple, they simply had to squirt each other as much as possible.

Initially they seemed intent to aim for each others faces but, as the soapy water trickled down it showed them why the clothing had been specially chosen. As it got wetter so it became increasingly transparent! Once this became clear faces were no longer the target of the sprays. It wasn't long before the material got so wet that it clung tightly to boobs, showing all too clearly the aureoles, with nipples protruding and pushing the fabric with them.

One girl had deliciously shaped upturned breasts and, although the aureoles were small, the nipples were angled upwards. The effect was most gratifying for us as organisers, and most appealing to the audience.

A lot of soapy water was squirted at chests, with bottles being changed every time they were empty.

We were well into the allocated five minute time slot before the contestants realised that not only the tops, but also the shorts became transparent! University A was quicker off the mark and their sprays of soapy water were fully directed at crotches. Just how transparent the material became was soon in evidence.

One of the University B girls obviously didn't remove the hairs between her legs and her hairy bush was quickly clearly visible. The other did, and there was no mistaking her labia – with every part clearly visible on the giant screens.

Time was almost up before the University B girls had caused their opponent's shorts to become equally transparent. For lovers of statistics this revealed that 75% of student women shaved between their legs. It also showed that one of the girls had longer sex lips than the others.

I don't know how easily the girls would have accepted being naked on stage, but even if they were as clearly nude as at their birth, they were wearing shorts, and none of them made any effort to cover her exposed parts. The audience got a good eyeful and the contestants appeared to thoroughly enjoy exposing their opponents in this way.

Those members of the public who were nearest could probably see everything, the others feasted on our giant screen images.

There was no dispute that University A deserved the points and the four exposed contestants left to rapturous applause.

An inflatable ring was pulled on stage, followed by buckets of jello that were tipped into it. Four new contestants arrived, dressed in T-shirts and bikini bottoms. The first two gingerly climbed into the ring, which was actually quite small, leaving them little space to hide.

The whistle went and they advanced the short distance into contact range, arms snaking around each other. Neither seemed to want to be the first to be covered in jello and so for a while they swayed to and fro trying to tip the other over, but with little success. Finally the slipperiness of the jello had its way and down they went, first one way and then the other and very soon both were well covered in jello.

Honours more or less even they set about trying to wrestle the jello-sodden T-shirts off each other. This would have been easier when the T-shirts were dry but, wet and sticking to their skin, the task became much harder.

Little did they know that we had chosen T-shirts that were ageing and losing strength when wet. Almost by accident one held on to a T-shirt as she slipped over and discovered that it started ripping. A full scale tugging contest ensued, which kept periodically revealing parts of breasts. The audience loved it and the T-shirts kindly withstood this attention for a satisfying amount of time.

Both were destroyed before either girl had the time to move onto the last part of the contest.

Removing the bikini bottoms was expressly forbidden but, to win the contest, one had to have hand on pubes contact, within the bottoms, for longer than the other.

Removing T-shirts had taken up much of the allotted time which information was transmitted to the girls by the poolside ref. They kindly threw caution to the wind and set about getting their hand on the other's private parts as quickly as they could – to hell with defending their own virtue.

They engaged in a rolling contest, with hands snaking into bikini bottoms for fleeting moments, with neither getting the ascendancy. But it made for spectacular watching!

Neither had more than a few seconds contact when the whistle went, but the University A girl was considered to have had a few seconds more than her opponent.

The second fight couldn't have been more different. Despite the fact that the two combatants were very equal in size the University B girl totally dominated. As her opponent looked to go for a clinch as the girls in the first fight had down, she calmly seized the hem of her opponent's T-shirt and pulled it up and over the head while it was still dry.

Delaying stage two for a while she pulled her adversary down into the jello, coating them both and making sure that her own T-shirt was quickly sodden and thus difficult to remove.

Having thus created a significant advantage she took hold of the University A girl and in a move that took the other by surprise she threw herself backwards so that she was on her back with her head on the side wall of the ring.

Carefully she pulled her opponent's body up hers, using the jello to aid the movement. When she could she snaked her legs over the others. With her left arm around the torso it was simple to stretch her right arm down the body and slide her hand inside the bikini bottoms.

The audience had a full view of the hand within the cloth and she set about putting on a show rubbing sensually and making ever more graphic movements. The University A girl seemed helpless and seemed to make very little effort to free herself.

Any thought of not unduly embarrassing her opponent soon vanished and no-one was in any doubt that she had slid a finger into the covered pussy. So evident were her movements that the bikini bottoms might just as well not have been there, though they did of course hamper the finger's movements. However there was no doubt that she was frigging her opponent, and the redness of her opponent's face may not just have been due to splashed jello!

Of the five-minute duration of the fight, she must have spent three fingering her opponent and, obviously the result was never in doubt, giving each University one point.

The moment the whistle was blown she released her hand and when they were both on their feet she sportingly hugged her victim, presumably saying something that we couldn't hear.

She must have been aware of the others embarrassment at being so soundly beaten and in a jest of appeasement she took her opponent's hand and slid it down inside her own bikini bottoms. Her hand she inserted back where it had so recently been and facing each other they rubbed pussies for a few seconds before they both withdrew their hands and hugged each other.

The audience loved it and they left to wall of applause.

The jello ring was removed and four new contestants came forth. A circle was drawn on the floor and two girls took up position within the circle, with two outside it. Each was dressed in a bikini.
The two inside stood on opposite sides of the ring, with their backs to the member of the opposing team who was outside the circle.

When the whistle went they approached each other and began trying to pull the other towards their partner outside the ring. To begin with they fought standing, pulling this way and that, trying to move their adversary the right way. For a while there was more or less a stalemate. Neither the blond from University A, nor the redhead from University B made much progress. After quite a while of puffing and panting the redhead succeeded in twisting and propelling the blond towards her dark-haired partner who immediately reached into the ring and touched her.

Thereupon the redhead and the dark-haired girl grabbed hold of the blond. Very quickly they removed her bra, dumping her on the floor. While the redhead sat on her torso, the dark-haired girl pushed her hand into bottoms and began rubbing the pussy she found within. Much like the jello fight, the bottoms were left in place, hiding the exact nature of the blond's privates, but leaving little to the imagination.

After about ten seconds the ref tapped the redhead out and the dark haired girl had to cease her pubes fondling. The dark-haired girl was poorly positioned and the blond wasted no time grabbing her and rolling across the floor until her partner (who was also blond) could touch an ankle and join the fray. Now it was two blonds against one brunette and the brunette soon lost her bra and found herself with fingers against her pussy.

This time things were better organised and Blond 1 did the rubbing while Blond 2 did the immobilising. Thus when the time was up and Blond 1 had to leave the ring, Blond 2 was nicely in place to stop the dark-haired girl getting away and she was initially able to grope the exposed chest to pick up some bonus point – pulling on the nipples in a manner which stretched them without being too violent (just about within the limits of the rules).

She was concentrating on those nipples which gave the dark-haired girl the chance to wriggle her way out from under her, but not fast enough. Blond 2 was able to push her towards her partner and as soon as Blond 1 had touched her Blond 1 joined the fray and with no bra to remove this time, Blond 2 had her fingers on dark pussy for a longer period of time.

The rules had been thought out to avoid one being trapped all the time and after two consecutive rubbings, the dark-haired girl was able to cross the ring and change places with the redhead who was in no mood to continue losing. After a quick consultation Blond 2 stayed in the ring and she very quickly found herself against the two opponents. Bra-less in seconds her pussy was groped by the dark-haired girl with a certain pay-back vigour, while the redhead manipulated her mammaries with some enthusiasm.

Releasing Blond 2 at the end of the allowed two-against-one time, the redhead moved to the centre of the ring, beckoning to Blond 1 to join her there. Blond 1 was quickly dumped on her back as the redhead worked her boobs over.

This was the first event of the evening where there was a certain animosity present and the redhead rolled blond nipples between her fingers in a way which was clearly intended to avenge her partner. When she had had enough it seemed childsplay for her to bring Blond 1 near enough for the dark-haired girl to get into the action once against. The redhead continued working over those breasts while the dark-haired girl got on with pussy rubbing.

Flush with her success the Redhead carried on, beckoning to Blond 2 as she had Blond 1, but finding Blond 2 better prepared, coming slightly less far to meet her and managing to get her close enough for Blond 1 to tag in.

In their thirty-second time slot they managed to expose a rather luscious pair of white breasts, but neither managed to find out whether there were matching red pubes hidden beneath the bottoms.

This time redhead changed places with her partner who fairly quickly found a hand within her pants and a hand which, perhaps frustrated by the supremacy of the Redhead, seemed intent on doing more than just rubbing. Although we couldn't see through the bottoms, it seemed more than likely from the reaction that the fingers pulled on the pussy lips they found there.

Blond 2 locked up with the dark-haired girl, who this time held her own rather better, with both indulging in a bit of fairly rough tit grabbing.

Neither had had her panties violated again when the whistle went for the last two minutes of the contest, which was a free-for-all with all four involved.

The Redhead soon had Blond 1 immobilised and set to rubbing pussy. Blond 2 got away from the dark-haired girl and Redhead finally found a hand within her bottoms, quite evidently bent on causing pain to her pussy lips. Not surprisingly she didn't like this. Unable to reach Blond 2's nether region she did however vent her frustration on one of Blond 2's tits.

The dark-haired girl arrived to take care of Blond 1, which initially saw them going after each others breasts. Redhead and Blond 2 meanwhile had begun a war of attrition on each others pussy lips, which seemed in danger of exposing them to the audience, which was not within our plans.

Quite clearly both fights were only going to get more violent and probably out of hand, so we stepped in and stopped them. When we awarded the points to the Redhead's team the Blonds protested, but we stuck to our decision.

By now each member of each team had been on stage at least once, and some of their inhibitions had been lost. The audience were in a frenzy and ready for more – so were we!