University Challenge part 3
by Aristocatch


The jello-filled pool came back on stage and with it four contestants from each team. All the girls were dressed in string-tied bikinis. So far the audience had seen boobs, and had seen girls touching intimate parts, but not directly. All that was about to change.

The first two girls climbed into the ring, and spent the first minute covering each other in jello – either by tipping their opponent into the jello, rubbing their faces in it, or simply spooning it onto each others bodies with their hands. By the end of a minute they were still dressed, and liberally covered in jello, which made their bodies slippery.

A buzzer went and the fight changed in style. The girl from University B soon got a hold of the strings for her opponent's bra and released the boobs that had hitherto been within. University A fought back and B's bra lasted no time. On their knees they started rubbing jello into each others boobs.

This game seemed to be much to the liking of B, and she never saw A change the game plan and tip her over backwards into the jello. A now had her hands on the tie strings of the bikini bottoms, while B was flat on her back, and she soon had them undone. B had to get back into the fight, but as she scrambled off her back she actually made A's task easier and B's beaver was soon exposed to the public gaze.

This produced a huge cheer from the audience, but it wasn't the end of the fight. Even as A tried to get into the position she wanted, B's hand caught one of the tie strings of A's bikini and pulled it loose. The slippery jello made it harder for A to be dominant and B took full advantage, eliciting another cheer when she threw the bikini bottoms up into the air.

Both girls were now naked and fighting for the point. For a while there was stalemate as they slipped and slid against each other in the jello. Neither could secure the hold she was after. Both had their chances but it was finally A who managed to pull B back against her body, snaking her legs over B's and forcing them apart.

The camera zoomed in for a gratuitous shaven beaver shot in full close-up detail and not before time as only a few seconds later the buzzer went for the end of the match.

The audience now knew what to expect and the second fight gave them a rather longer look at University B beaver, without A ever exposing her all.

The third fight was equally one sided which was great for University A's supporters, but less so for B's who had had little to cheer though the jello-stained pubic thatch the third B girl had between her legs seemed to interest all parties.

The fourth and last fight turned out to be the best.

It was clear from the first-minute's jello splashing that there was nothing between the two girls, who set off with a thoroughly theatrical approach, hurling themselves around in the jello with seemingly exaggerated gestures. Both bra's were off in seconds and, instead of going after the bottoms, the two girls pulled themselves into a bear-hug, mashing their breasts together. The jello added the slippery lubricant allowing some movement, despite the position, and giving the nipples a chance to have a duelling contest. This was obviously to the liking of both girls whose nipples hardened and grew very rapidly. As the hard nipples duelled with each other this made them even harder and longer.

Leaving their nipples to duel, both dropped their hand and undid bikini tie strings. A was just fractionally the faster in removing B's bottoms with another theatrical gesture, that created the space for B to remove hers. B was then the faster to react, spreading A's legs open for the gratuitous camera shot which showed that the duelling nipples had produced an effect on other parts of the body. A's pussy lips were nicely opening in stark contrast to the previous beaver shots.

Seconds later A had reversed the positions, showing that she wasn't the only one getting excited. From the noise in the room there were clearly dozens of others finding this much to their liking.

B rolled out of this position, trapping A by lying over her body and spreading her legs with her arms. A promptly rolled returning the favour, only for B to do the same seconds later.

Finding themselves face to face again, each pushed her legs against her opponent's, forcing both pussies into the camera's gaze at the same time. Both pushed with one leg, while trying to resist with the other, the pushing leg seemingly the stronger, opening up the view.

The giant screens showed most indiscrete images of sexually-aroused, jello-coated pussy lips producing a wide array of noises from the audience. Clearly different students were reacting in different ways.

A knew she was behind and with a final effort, she broke the hold, pulling B onto her back, with her legs in the air and her pussy the only one caught by the camera. B slid out of this hold in seconds and, before either could try anything else, the whistle went for the end.

The outcome of the first three fights was never in doubt, but there was now a delay while the judges did their sums. Incredibly they added the time for open-crotch shots up and found there to be no difference! The public called for the extra time, but the rules stopped that, giving the point to A as she had been the first to remove the bikini bottoms.

Amazingly A had won all four contests and taken the four points on offer, clawing back their 7-3 deficit and tying the score at seven each, with one event to come.

Before the last event both team captains came on stage and encouraged the audience to change positions so that, rather than have a block for each University, girls from each was seated alternatively. They hoped that this might actually increase the ambience which was already electric!

The start to the last contest was, to say the least, different. A strange contraption was brought on stage. There seemed to be two bicycle seats facing each other, complete with two sets of pedals, but without any wheels. The seats were facing each other, far enough a part to ensure that two people could pedal at the same time, but without touching.

There was however a difference from an ordinary bicycle saddle in that, in the centre of each, there was what appeared to be a male sexual organ.

Four members of each team came on stage. Each was wearing a bikini top, and a long free-flowing skirt.

First up was the cheeky-looking blond from University B, who was up against another blond from University A.

Unseen by the audience both girls had prepared themselves backstage. One of our helpers squirted further lubricant onto the phalluses and both girls climbed onto the bikes, facing each other, in such a way that the audience couldn't see other than skirt. Once in place they unhooked their bikini tops and sat there topless – just out of reach of each other, their feet on the pedals.

At the signal both girls began peddling. It was obvious that the movement of the pedals caused the phalluses to rise and fall and, although all the detail was hidden by the skirts, the audience had no problem imagining what was happening to the most intimate parts of each girl.

By virtue of pedalling both girls were moving their bodies against the phalluses. Additionally these phalluses were plunging in and out of their pussies.

The A University girl set off pedalling as fast as she could. The cheeky blond however set a more controlled rate, which meant that her body moved less against the phallus. Although it was moving up and down within her, she wasn't rubbing her pussy walls against it.

Within a couple of minutes their bodies glistened with sweat, their breathing was becoming ragged, and their nipples were long and hard. The audience feasted on their tits, all the while imagining what was happening between their legs. Girls squirmed in their seats as if they too were undergoing what the two riders were 'enjoying'.

The cheeky blond seemed to be maintaining her composure best. Her opponent was getting redder in the face (and elsewhere), and her movements were more erratic. Rather foolishly this only encouraged her to try to up the speed of the movements within the blond by pedalling even faster. A bit of a vicious circle, and one which the blond seemed able to comprehend – controlling even more her movements, as by pedalling faster her opponent was actually doing her own work for her.

We hadn't expected either girl to have an orgasm in the allotted time. The suggestion was meant to be the crux of the game – with the audience knowing full well what each girl was doing to the other – but stopping short of a climax. Best laid plans and all that. With great shrieks the cheeky blond's opponent took herself over the edge with such a release that she stopped pedalling, but the blond maintained her steady movements, drawing a full orgasm from her defeated opponent.

Somewhere in the middle of that the whistle went but nobody took any notice of it!

The blond had no trouble discretely lifting herself off her bike, but her opponent had to be helped off.

One of our helpers cleaned and re-lubricated the phalluses before the second pair impaled themselves and began pedalling, rather more carefully, having seen just what had happened before. Their control lasted three quarters of the time allowed, but towards the end they began pedalling more erratically and faster. No orgasms this time, but large wet patches on the saddles showed just what such treatment was providing the riders by way of sensations.

Before the third contest one of the team captains took the microphone and used a question and hand-raised answer session to excite even more the audience, getting most to raise their hands to say they were feeling horny. She then suggested that those who wanted investigate the knickers of the girl sitting next to them to find out if she was telling the truth. From where I was it looked as if the majority of the girls in the audience were sufficiently carried away to forget the restraint they had had on arriving and most hands felt at least the outside of their neighbours knickers, with several feeling also the inside. The captain didn't encourage them to go any further, but did suggest they check again after the next contest!

The third contest was much like the second – fairly controlled but still highly sexy action. I know I could almost feel the phallus inside me and everything I could see and hear of the audience, suggested that most of them felt the same. I'm sure that those girls who checked found their seating neighbours to be well aroused.

The last contest pitted University A's redhead against Blond 2 of University B; the two girls who had rather fallen out earlier.

Both very discretely took their places with the phalluses inside their pussies. There was a moment with no movement as each stared the other in the eyes, waiting for the whistle to start proceedings. Blond 2 teased her own nipples, while licking her lips. Not to be outdone Redhead did likewise, playing with her own luscious breasts. The ref delayed blowing the whistle, allowing the two girls to hyper-charge the sexual atmosphere.

Blond 2 licked her fingers and rolled one of her nipples between her wet digits. Redhead watched her and then pulled both of her nipples out as far as they would go. Both girls started moving of their own free will up and down on their phalluses. Once they had built up a certain rhythm, the ref blew her whistle and they started pedalling in an attempt to dictate the rhythm to the other.

A quick glance at the audience showed that several girls were openly rubbing their own breasts, or even their pussies through their panties. Two I could see were even rubbing through their neighbour's panties.

Sexual fever grew and grew as the two University adversaries built up speed with their pedalling, shafting their opponent ever faster. Had they been closer together they would surely have been caressing the others boobs, but as it was both continued to toy with their own appendages, staring the other in the eyes, daring them to go even further.

Fortunately decorum held sway and neither sought to leave their saddles in search of direct contact.

Clearly there was a considerable degree of rivalry at stake and, as they realised that time was running out, both threw caution to the winds and pedalled as hard as they could, pounding each others insides with those phalluses.

It's probably a good thing that there was a time limit on events before the two did themselves an injury. Time brought their contest to a halt. For a moment I wasn't sure that they were going to stop, but I needn't have worried. Both gradually slowed their pedalling movements until they were at a very slow rhythm, clearing avoiding stopping all of a sudden.

When they had climbed off their seats, they approached each other and hugged each other in a gesture that showed each recognised the others efforts. Waving to the wildly cheering public they made their exit.

That should have been the end, except that the score was tied.