University Challenge part 4
by Aristocatch

The eventuality of a tie had been foreseen, with a tie-break event already prepared.

For once it was genuine wrestling that was planned, with all ten team members to wrestle, to a face- sit finish. Given that each team had ten members that left the theoretical possibility of a draw, in which case there would be a second round.

This was explained to the public, who seemed delighted to have more to cheer. A short delay was accorded to prepare things and let the cyclists start to recover. One of the team captains took the microphone again and asked the public whether they would prefer the teams to wrestle clothed or unclothed. Not surprisingly given the excitement in the room, unclothed was the unanimous verdict.

You will realise that most of the events had been chosen to suggest daring acts, but only one had actually shown girls undressed. Most had also been chosen to avoid too much confrontation and the possibility of violence getting out of hand, in an any-thing-goes-to-win attitude. The teams were now briefed that we wished that attitude to continue and that anyone disobeying would be disqualified.

Each player took a number which would determine their adversary and all ten were to fight at once. There was barely room for that, but the lack of space could add to the unpredictability of things and heighten the suspense.

The two teams stood facing each other and began a very theatrical and almost 'haka' like striptease – anything you can do I can do better! The audience were already going wild.

The girls paired up and the wrestling was under way. Who would get a face full of sweaty pubes?

Not surprisingly the Readhead and Blonde N°2 were both very tired and they quickly lost. The two girls from the previous bike game barely did any better, but the other six fights were rather more entertaining. The cheeky blond seemed to have fully recovered from her bike ride and she was giving her opponent quite a run around, but the girl was game to the last and several times got clear from seemingly hopeless situations, once even giving the blonde a taste of her pubes, but not for long enough.

Amazingly the girl who had had an orgasm seemed to have fully recovered and she duly beat her opponent. The cheeky blond also won, but that didn't stop University A running out 6-4 winners.

A cup was produced and formally handed to the A University captain, before the B captain took the microphone.

“I think you'll agree that we have had a great evening.” The noise from the audience confirmed their agreement. “Let's see whose knickers are the wettest.”

The watching girls didn't need any encouraging to test their neighbour. Nobody counted to find out, but the way many girls waved damp fingers around left no-one in any doubt that many if not most of the watchers had found events to the liking of their libido.

“We've had a tussle, but it seems only right that you should also remember tonight with a sense of competition. Take your bras off – go on take them off!”

Slowly the public did as it was told, slipping them off fro beneath their T-shirts.

“You want your seat partner to remember you on the way home. There is to be no fighting or violence but, for one minute, you are both going to claw the others tits. Be reasonable, but make sure she remembers you. We will do likewise!”

This clearly caught most of the team members by surprise, but they lined up again facing their wrestling adversary.

“Us first ; then you”.

The ten team members reached out to the bare boobs in front of them and when the whistle went they began squeezing them with a growing amount of enthusiasm. Nipples were squashed beneath thumbs, but no-one tried ripping them off. Most of the girls kept their smiles, albeit with a few grimaces. No-one quit before the whistle went.

“You can do bare boobs or through your T-shirts.”

To my surprise the majority of the audience wasted no time peeling off their T-shirts and displaying a widely differing array of boobs.

The Redhead came my way.

“Put your camera down and get your boobs out.” I didn't need asking twice and neither did most of the other members of the production team.

The Redhead's boobs were just as I like boobs. She certainly wasn't kind to me but the pain was worth it, as I had great (if rather too short fun) trying to make sure her boobs remembered me for a while.

The audience was so turned on by events that no-one quit and every girl had her boobs mauled and mangled all the while mangling back those within her hands. You can only imagine the sight, which I barely saw, as I was too happy turning those white orbs red with my fingers. Squeals of pleasure and pain filled the room, followed by happy laughter when the whistle blew at the end of a minute.

Most of the participants were totally inexperienced at boob battles and so initially the majority simply took boob in hand and squeezed. Having their own boobs squeezed encouraged some to seek further means of leaving their mark. Those with the smallest boobs had little to squeeze and so the nipple soon became a sought-out target. The biggest boobs proved meaty handfuls and those handling them had little incentive to seek alternative uses for their fingers.

Then there were those boobs that were not huge, but nicely filled, with upturned nipples. These invited all ways of handling, especially taking hold around the base of the nipple.

Just close your eyes and imagine all those boobs in all those hands with most of their owners thinking to give back a stronger reminder of themselves than they received. It's almost too delicious to imagine, but it was happening. Although we weren't holding the cameras, they were still on and we have viewed the footage many times since!

As the fun aspect of having boob in hand gave way to the competitive aspect of “we are doing this to remind our opponents that they came here for a contest” so more painful holds were sought, which generally meant targeting one or both nipples, or at least the aureoles. There was little or no twisting or savage pulling, merely an experimental seizing between thumb and finger. As the girl whose nipple was being squeezed was generally squeezing back this could have escalated but, generally speaking, there wasn't enough time for it to escalate out of hand (pun intended). So each grimaced and looked the other in the eyes trying to judge whether she was feeling more or less pain than that which was coming from her own boobs.

The whole evening's entertainment had instilled in the audience a kind of blood lust, mixed with sexual tension. This minute's worth of titty torture actually provided the perfect outlet for this surplus energy and when the whistle went many girls collapsed into each others arms. Several women were sufficiently excited to kindly rub those same boobs better and many exchanged vows to repeat the dose when the two teams next met.

My boobs stung for a while, and the Redheads's white boobs were still red from her two boob fights when I saw her in the changing rooms later.

From a business point of view the challenge had proved a very successful one and all the women went home thoroughly satisfied. I later heard that few put their bras back on and that there was some lewd behaviour in the coaches involving those savaged seins but, as it didn't go too far; everyone just laughed, drank and left them to it – except those who, emboldened by alcohol, tried to copy those antics with the girl in the seat next to them!