Sisters part one
by Aristocatch

Jude had a pair of wrestling sisters in her contact list and when she heard about another pair of sisters she had the idea of putting them together as a sort of family fight. I think that she was thinking of a round robin or even a tag match. The second pair of sisters had other ideas. Much to her surprise Jude had no difficulty getting an agreement from all four and so, one wet midweek afternoon, we all found ourselves at our chosen filming location.

Jude's contacts who wrestled under the names Holly and Ivy were relatively local. The opposing pair came down from the north and were put up in the local budget hotel. They wrestled under the names Red and Ginger, and you won't be surprised to learn that both were real redheads, and Irish to boost, with shoulder-length curly red hair.

All four girls were between 25 and 35 and curvy, though only Holly had the start of a tummy on her. All were in reasonable physical shape and obviously used to exercise. Perfectionists of female beauty might not be satisfied, but most people would find the girls comely and quite acceptable looking. Certainly none looked like Russian shot-putters!

This was to be a rules catfight in the sense that a few moves were not allowed – though plenty of things were not on the forbidden list! All four would fight at the same time, partners could be switched at will, and compulsorily after a submission. The first team to submit five times would lose. If the fight was still ongoing at the end of an hour's actual fighting, the situation would be reviewed with the principal idea of avoiding serious injury due to fatigue.

We had chosen a large room, and put mats down from one corner, leaving two walls as part of the set. If both fell off the mat we would restart on the mat but in the same position that they were in.

All four started wearing tank tops, red for the Redheads and blue for Holly and Ivy. Their nether regions were covered in a variety of styles of bikini bottom, chosen by the girls themselves. Jude was refereeing the match. I had one camera and a female assistant had another. To be on the safe side we had arranged for a nurse friend who sometimes did a bit of wrestling to be present.

To start the two eldest sisters Holly and Red faced off together, with Ivy against Ginger. Holly had fairly short dark hair and Ivy longer hair that was logically dark to begin with, but which had been coloured blond at some time in the past, but not redone since!

Holly and Red set off trading slaps and body punches, with the odd kick thrown in. Few really struck home but it allowed them to weigh up their adversary at a 'safe' distance. Ivy and Ginger went straight for hair, with both hand trying to pull the other further down.

Similar in height Ivy and Ginger made little progress and, feeling like she was getting nowhere, Ginger let go of dyed hair with one hand, instead taking hold of the waistband of Ivy's bottoms, pulling up from behind and giving Ivy a wedgie. Ivy, not to be outdone, held hair with only one hand and tested the strength of Ginger's clothing in like fashion. It was surprising just how far the cloth could stretch without breaking – probably proof that both had carefully thought about their choice of clothing, knowing what was in store for it.

Pulling hair and underwear, at the same time pulling underwear up and hair down gave both a headache trying to maintain their balance and so the expected occurred and both crashed to the floor, breaking all their holds. They wasted no time hurling themselves back at each other, with Ginger getting the upper hand over Ivy's body and once again both had hands full of hair.

During this time their two elder sisters had finally found their range and , as both landed heavy punches, each felt it wise to avoid further exposure and so they had latched together, bodies against the wall and heads held by arms around their necks. Their other hands fought a duel to try to get free and deliver slaps or punches to bare midriff flesh.

A change of tactics by Red caught Holly unprepared as she shot her free hand up under the tank top and gave the breast she found there a good squeeze. Holly wasn't long in reacting and pulling the hand away but it was clear in both fights that the Redheads were the more adventurous.

Ginger and Ivy periodically rolled over, neither maintaining the top position for long. From time to time they freed a hand to tug on a waistband and force the now-stretched cloth into their private parts but both preferred stopping such attacks against them, rather than in engaging in a joint pulling battle. One good pull from Ivy proved too much for the cloth which ripped away. It may have been painful for Ginger's body, but it had the unexpected effect of giving Ivy some impetus and she found herself more or less lying across Ginger's face. It took her no time to react, trapping Ginger's arms with her own legs and arms.

Ginger tried bucking her off but Ivy was well placed and she allowed all her weight to fall onto Ginger's face, making it hard for her to breath. Ginger struggled gainfully, but to no avail as Ivy clung on tight. She did gain two brief moments to suck air into her lungs as Ivy's body rose slightly off her face, but each time Ivy only improved her position. Faced with a lack of air supply and no obvious means of getting clear Ginger had little choice to tap out before she passed out.

First submission to Holly and Ivy, with Red and Holly obliged to cease their battle which was somewhat at a stalemate.

---- ---- ----- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

A two minute break was given after which Holly faced up against Ginger, with Ivy against Red.

Ginger's bikini bottoms having given, she was now naked from the waist down. Ivy still had her cover, though it was somewhat lopsided and not really covering all she had on offer.

Ginger started briskly, quickly pulling Holly down to the floor where, initially at least, they tried wrestling without hairpulling. Red and Ivy locked up quickly as well, without any exchange of blows, but in a standing position which soon found the wall as a resting point. In much the same manner as Red's first fight each tried to free a hand to land a punch into the others ribs or back. After a flurry of three punches from each landing with satisfying thuds into exposed flesh they became more careful preventing the other from inflicting more damage.

Ginger was having the better of the floor wrestling and she managed a stinging slap across Holly's face, cleverly avoiding Holly's attempt at copying this attack. Indeed she was doing much better tying Holly up and getting blows through that Holly really felt. Holly's tank top had ridden up through the struggling, exposing a well-fleshed breast. This was too much temptation for Ginger who dummied a punch, but seized hold of the breast instead, giving it a good squeeze, all the while keeping her own breasts hard against Holly's body. She even tried twisting breast flesh in her hand before Holly could break the hold.

Red and Ivy were more into hair pulling and punching or slapping, all the while pressed against the wall, turning from time to time, at which point the one with her back touching the wall would be the victim of her opponent trying to squash her against the wall via a body charge. As these charges never came from more than a few inches, there was little real power in them.

At some point they began aiming knees into each others thighs with little real success.

Ginger continued giving Holly a hard time, especially when she managed to pull the tank top up over Holly's face. Then she released hair and latched onto both exposed breasts with a certain enthusiasm. Holly's reaction was to pull her tank top off and then remove the hands from her orbs, before both went back to trying to gain control through hair.

With bared boobs to target, Ginger continued to torment Holly, even adding a nipple-twist for good measure. Initially Holly was miffed and she tried to fight fire with fire but, as Ginger was holding top position she could mostly only punch into Ginger's back. Then she began to realise that she was getting nowhere and she forced herself to calm down and bide her time. Ginger began to feel too confident and, after another nipple-twist she even asked whether Holly wanted to submit.

Red and Ivy had finally taken their fight to the floor where each found her head locked under an arm giving neither much lee-way to manoeuvre and not advancing their fight very much, as neither seemed to risk giving the other an opening.

One minute Ginger was dominant, the next she was on her back with Holly trying to repeat to her what Ivy had done. Ginger managed to avoid that, but she still found Holly across her upper body – tying up one of her arms with her legs and the other with her right hand. Holly carefully exchanged hands, taking hold of Ginger's wrist with her left hand, freeing up her right hand.

Reaching down Ginger's body she found pussy with a light ginger down over it. Without wasting time she found pussy lips and pulled. Ginger tried to buck her off, but Holly held fast, prodding with her fingers for sensitive pussy parts. When she found what she wanted she squeezed hard, suggesting that Ginger quit before she put paid to any sexual activity for a while. Ginger initially hung on, but a second attack on her clit showed the hopelessness of the situation and she was forced to submit.

My guess is that the Redheads had not expected crotch mauling this early on and Red was furious. With her sister submitting she couldn't take out her frustration on Ivy as their fight was brought to a premature end.

Ginger seemed tearful and a five minute break was allowed for her to recover and tempers to cool.

Everybody knew what to expect, and they weren't to be disappointed.