Sisters part two
by Aristocatch

Ivy was obviously keen to at least have Ginger worried that she would go after her sore crotch, and Ginger was after some own back. Their first attempts to target pussies failing they set to clawing each others tits instead with some success, pulling the tank tops up enough to get hand directly on breast and not through the material.

Red was less subtle and she and Holly set to to try to strip the others lower body (Holly had already lost her top). This part was relatively even. Without waiting to get into a position where she was dominating Holly, Red then went straight after Holly's pubes. Holly of course fought back and they exchanged several crotch claws before common sense prevailed and they began to limit the damage. Waking up to the fact that Holly's breasts were exposed Red turned her attention to those giving rather more than she took, as Holly fought against her tank top. When both were totally naked they began taking more care of their exposed parts and locked up against the wall with only fleeting breast grabs getting through their defenses.

Ivy and Ginger made no attempt to actually remove each others tank top; they were quite content to pull them up enough to get at the tits beneath. In between clawing they slapped away at each others bodies with more venom than in their first fight. Ginger had, you may remember, been on top in the first fight and she once again felt able to dictate the way the fight went. Once she had vented some anger on Ivy's breasts she set to pulling Ivy's hair to gain full control. Of course Ivy also had hold of her hair, but she was in the better position and she gradually pulled Ivy's head in between her breasts, looping her legs around Ivy's and pulling them in as tightly together as possible. When she thought that she had Ivy totally immobilized she risked releasing one hand and slowly sliding her hand down her body. Forcing Ivy's legs apart with her legs she opened up the access path she was after and, without Ivy being able to fight back, her fingers sought out what was between Ivy's legs.

Clearly Ivy had a good idea of what pain her sister had caused Ginger in getting the first submission, and now that she was herself the victim of a similar assault she wasn't keen to prolong it longer than necessary. Ginger didn't have the full access that Holly had had, but she was still able to get hold of and pull the labia. Ivy had of course removed all her hairs from down there to avoid them being pulled out, but as Ginger twisted her pubes she made one last effort to buck Ginger off. What's more it nearly worked!

Taking Ginger by surprise, Ivy almost unseated her and Ginger had to release her hold until she was once again in control. Then, however, she renewed the violence of her efforts, giving Ivy no choice but to surrender.

By this time Red and Holly had got into a slapping encounter with each others boobs getting heavily slapped, along with various other parts of their bodies, and they were both covered with red blotches as a result. They were hardly approaching any kind of denouement, and so the submission stopping their fight came as rather a relief.

The score was now two-one to Holly and Ivy and it was time for a rather longer break and the chance to drink and towel down.

…. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. ….

Upon the resumption Ginger was still on a high from her victory and keen to maul Holly's crotch, but Holly had other ideas and the two found themselves in a war of attrition, against the wall, with their tummies taking the majority of the blows, as each held the other tight and fired off punches as and when their movements presented an angle. There was little back-lift to these punches, but the noise of fist against flesh was quite impressive.

Red meanwhile had quickly been taken down onto the mats by Ivy who clearly didn't want a dose of the slapping contest that Red and Holly had been involved in. This move however backfired, and she found herself on her back with Red on top of her. It took Red a while, but she slowly maneuvered first one leg and then the other over Ivy's shoulders until she was able to deposit her sweaty crotch on Ivy's face.

Red was well balanced and able to resist Ivy's efforts to buck her off. Ginger and Holly were waltzing around the room, targeting any flesh they could hit and each giving as good as she was getting.

Red had been keeping her weight largely off Ivy's face, but now she bore down fully onto Ivy's face and, for good measure, she reached behind her and, finding Ivy's nipples, she began to pull them up from Ivy's body as far as she could. Initially this was done without too much venom but, as Ivy seemed disinclined to submit, the nipple assault became harder and more violent. Ivy tried twice more to unseat Red, before accepting that such was impossible and conceding defeat, thus evening the score.

…. …. …. …. …. …. …. ….

By now nobody had any clothing left, which actually deprived them of a method for controlling their opponents.

Strangely up until now the two fighting pairs had not come into contact during the fight. All of that was to change. Straight away after the restart all four found themselves up against the wall. Each fighter had a handful of hair, bending their opponent into a difficult position at once defensive, but also trying to allow space to punch, slap, kick or rather less frequently squeeze part of their bodies.

Having heads down, hair pulled and bodies assaulted made for a lack of control over movements. From time to time the body of their opponent's sister was in reach and blows could be aimed at this body but it was not always easy to ensure that the blow once prepared actually struck where aimed and in all likelihood sisters exchanged inadvertent blows!

The four regularly collided which created greater chaos and less chance for anyone to get into a dominant position. Eventually the inevitable happened and all four finished up in a heap on the floor. Ivy took a blow between the legs, but there was no time to dwell on from whom, as each scrabbled to get back to grips with their designated adversary for this round. Ignoring the pain Ivy found Ginger unable to defend herself and skilfully climbed firstly onto Ginger's body, pinning her arms and letting Ginger use energy to no avail.

Red managed to get herself similarly placed on Holly, squashing Holly's breasts beneath her backside. Both Red and Ivy moved into a facesit position, debating what action to take next to get a submission, when they realised that they were within touching distance. Red was determined to stop Ivy attacking her sister's tender parts, and it looked as if Ivy felt much the same.

All the while sitting on the head of their adversary they began to exchange blows and then, finding that they were however at the limit of the range for the blows to be effective, they reached further inwards and seized hair. Within seconds both had been pulled off their perches.

Finding herself free Ginger also found, just within reach, Ivy's crotch and so, making the most of the opportunity fate had given her, she gave it a good squeeze. Ivy could do nothing to protect herself, other than flailing her legs about. Holly was rather slower getting free but she too found Red's mound within range and unguarded.

Red's screamed comments told what she thought of having her pubes pulled. Even within the heat of the battle Ginger heard her and relinquishing her grip on Ivy's crotch she hauled Holly off her sister into a sitting position with Ginger behind her, quickly getting her legs over Holly's to hold her in place. She then went to work on Holly's chest eliciting loud comments from Holly who flailed totally ineffectively with her arms, before trying to prize Ginger's hands off her tender boob flesh.

Dragging herself clear of Red ,Ivy now came to her sister's aid, grabbing Ginger's hair and pulling her backwards. Ginger maintained her hold on Holly's boobs even as she was pulled flat, which was a good move as Holly's body remained covering hers. Ivy had to search another means of coming to her sister's aid and, by this time, Red had rejoined the fray, tackling Ivy who had been concentrating on Ginger to the floor and briefly grabbing Ivy's sex from behind.

Red's move may have had briefly painful consequences for Ivy, but it was not planned and Red was in no way immobilising Ivy who was quickly able to roll and face Red, grabbing two handfuls of red hair and pulling her in tight to immobilise her and buy time to think out the next step.

Ginger was still enjoying herself hurting Holly's breasts, but not holding Holly with her legs as she had been and Holly was able to use her legs to break free. The two came face to face on their knees and, instead of the standard hair grabbing, they grabbed each others dangling appendages and tugged. Their heads were dangerously close and eventually they were touching which was actually safer.

Ivy could see Ginger's backside sticking up in the air as she tugged Holly's breasts from a kneeling position. She had Red immobilised, but not in any way that would advance the fight so she turned Red face down, and released her hold. She now had the chance to quickly move behind Ginger and grab Ginger's sex from behind.

Holly couldn't see what was going on, but she realised from Ginger's reaction that something had changed but initially she maintained her hold on Ginger's breasts, even though what Ginger was doing to hers was painful.

Red, finding herself abandoned, quickly got back to her feet. This time she didn't hurl herself into the fray without thinking. Targeting Holly she grabbed her round the neck with one arm and between the legs with the other!

Not surprisingly Holly released Ginger's breasts. For a moment hers were still being held by Ginger. As Red pulled Holly backwards the effect was for Holly's breasts to pull Ginger forward. Ivy was assaulting Ginger, but not holding her and so they both fell forward even as Ginger released Holly's boobs as she fell forwards onto Holly's legs.

Red had Holly well held around the neck and her other hand, with which she had briefly tugged at Holly's pubes, was now free to replace Ginger's hands on one of Holly's boobs, which she attacked with a certain relish. Ginger had her hands free and her nose was virtually on Holly's crotch, so she quickly began a serious crotch claw. Poor Holly was having the worst of it.

As Ginger had toppled forward Ivy had sought to protect herself and rolled off to one side, landing rather heavily. She was slow to regain the fray, which was highly painful for Holly and gave Ginger time to see what Ivy was doing. Maintaining her crotch claw as long as she dared she was still able to sweep Ivy's legs out from under her, giving Ivy another hard fall onto the mat.

Holly was no longer having her crotch clawed but she was well held by Red who was still doing painful things to her tit. Ivy couldn't come to her aid as she found Ginger pinning her with one hand mangling her tit and the other between her legs attacking her crotch in a manner which suggested she should quit.

Seeing that her sister wasn't about to come to her aid, Ivy did the only sensible thing and conceded.