Sisters part three
by Aristocatch

From two nil down, the Redheads were now in the lead and, what's more, they had inflicted some painful treatment to Holly and Ivy's more delicate parts. The question was would this give them a psychological advantage?

A short break later they resumed hostilities. Ivy maneuvered Red up against the wall in a battle of attrition. Ginger and Holly were quickly locked together on the floor, hair well held and neither able to do much to inconvenience the other, except by virtue of having their heads held tight.

Red and Ivy traded various blows including attempts to knee the other in the thigh. As they hopped about, holding each other and trying to get in a good kneeing, Red turned at the wrong time and received a knee in the crotch. Even Red accepted that this was accidental and she didn't protest. Sympathy from Ivy was not expected either and Ivy followed up with a slap to the crotch (which was allowed).

The effect of the low blow was to unsettle Red and Ivy soon had her in the corner, held by the two walls and Ivy's shoulder digging into her at breast level. Ivy fired a couple of good punches into Red's stomach and realising that Red could do no more than pull her hair, she turned her attention (and more particularly her fingers) to Red's crotch.

Up until now Red's crotch had not been subjected to as much abuse as the crotches of the others. That was about to change. She pulled hard on Ivy's hair, but Ivy accepted that pain as she clearly felt she had the upper hand. Her fingers set to work finding out which hold on Red's pussy caused the most pain. Every time Red tried to break free Ivy would force her shoulder back into Red's breasts – forcing Red's body back against the walls.

Ivy had no idea how the other fight was going; otherwise she might well have prolonged Red's pain in the hope of wearing her down. Red, however, could see over Ivy's head that Ginger and Holly were not likely to get free of each other in the conceivable future.

The pain in her crotch becoming unbearable Red saw no alternative but to quit, so as to be able to continue the contest. Ivy's fingers found and squeezed her clit, having tired of pulling and pinching the labia, and now seemed to Red as good a time as any to end her suffering – so quit she did.

Ivy stopped her torture instantly, but it took the intervention of Jude to persuade Ginger and Holly to release each other.

…. …. …. …. …. …. …. ….

Virtually an hour's fighting time was up and the scores were tied. All four women showed clearly the marks of their scuffles and that they hadn't been play acting.

As the girls took a drink and a breather, Jude proposed that they have one last all or nothing encounter to decide the winner, rather than go on until one reached five submissions. She also suggested that hair-pulling be outlawed on the basis that all were tired and sore and that, the more tired they got, the more chance there was of injury. Not everyone agreed instantly, but it didn't take long for those sisters who were in agreement to convince the others.

It was now an all-out orgy of violence to determine the winner and it was patently obvious to each that they would need to beat the pain barrier to win.

Clearly all four feared having their pussies mangled more than anything else and each came out swinging – keeping their opposing sister at bay with the threat of a punch. Red and Holly moved on to trying to slap each others tits, dodging in and, hopefully, back out before the return slap came. Most slaps missed, but there was a regular echoing noise as palm of hand came into contact with breast flesh.

Ginger and Ivy continued with probing punches and the odd kick. One such kick knocked Ivy over and, instead of leaping on Ivy, Ginger turned her attention to the other two. Coming up behind Red she looped her arms through Holly's and clenched her hands behind Holly's neck, pulling backwards. Red didn't need asking twice and fired three hard punches into Holly's midriff, before turning her attention to Ivy who was trying to re-enter the fray. Back went Ivy to the floor once more giving Red time to test Holly's abs again, before a kick from Holly sent her reeling backwards, over the rising body of Ivy and to the floor, where Ivy leaped upon her.

Ginger continued stretching Holly backwards, making it impossible for Holly to maintain her balance to be able to kick Ginger's shins.

Ivy and Red briefly exchanged blows at close quarters before they discovered that an arm around the neck could be used to immobilise the other just as effectively as a handful of hair.

Ginger propelled Holly the short distance across the room and then rammed her face first into the wall. As Holly rebounded Ginger brought her knee up right into the small of Holly's back. Then it was back into the wall, breasts squashed against the paintwork, Ginger's knee now working its way between Holly's legs and then up as high as it could go. Holly's breasts were rubbed painfully against the wall and Ginger's knee pushed hard into her pussy with Holly in no position to defend herself or return the attack.

Ivy and Red were trying to soften up the other even further with their free hand, generally eschewing blocking the other in an attempt to punch or grab tit flesh, hands well away from pussies though.

Ginger was quite happy to hold Holly against the wall, making sure that Holly was in discomfort and using up energy trying to free herself, but to no avail. Somehow Ginger heard a noise above the general level of noise and she spun Holly away from the wall. Ivy had seen the plight her sister was in and had worked her way free of Red, charging across the floor to deal a fatal blow to Ginger. Instead she ended up delivering the blow to her sister's midriff. She staggered back and found Red seizing her in just the same way that Ginger was holding Holly.

It was childsplay to run the two sisters into each other – each squashing the others breasts and by luck Holly's knee catching Ivy partially in the crotch. Holly and Ivy were suffering here and it could be wondered whether, in view of all the punishment each had already taken, they might not have thought about conceding defeat. But they were made of sterner stuff. Although their bodies were squashed together, this had the advantage of actually holding them up and both launched kicks around her sister's body catching Ginger and Red on the legs, until they were pulled apart. First objective achieved.

Holly and Ivy were being tightly held from behind, but they were no longer suffering, and clearly Red and Ginger couldn't force victory by staying in such a position for too long. Indeed the longer they stayed static the more time they gave their opponents to recover from recent blows and get their breath back.

While Red dithered Ivy stamped on her foot and, rather reluctantly Red released her hold and instead grabbed Ivy's breasts from behind. Ivy now had her hands free and somehow she managed to force one down between their bodies. Although Red was pulling savagely on one breast and squashing the other in her hand, Ivy coolly found what her hand was seeking and got hold of Red pubes, which were still sore from the punishment they had so recently taken. Red's reaction was entirely logical and she released Ivy to protect her privates, but greeting Ivy with a stinging slap to the face as Ivy spun to face her.

Ginger tried experimenting and lifting Holly up in the air she brought her open crotch down onto her knee; not once but twice!

Once more Ivy came to her sister's aid, hauling Ginger away from Holly who finished rather ignominiously on the floor. Ginger had seen Ivy coming and she managed a right and left hook into Ivy's body before the two locked up.

Holly had no time to prosper from her liberty before Red bowled her over, grabbing one of her boobs in hand as their bodies came into horizontal contact. But Holly was now freer than she had been for a while and determined to make her aggressors suffer. Red's tits were within range and she went after them with gleeful pleasure, ignoring that Red was giving rein to her imagination with hers. Side by side on the floor with hands full of boobs they began exchanging kicks with their feet into each others legs.

Ginger after having suffered considerably in the early stages of the combat had just spent quite some time without any pain so it was almost a surprise when Ivy started trying to squeeze one of her breasts as small as possible. She wasted no time returning the favour but, unlike her sister who seemed frozen in her tit-squashing contest, Ginger immediately sought an alternative. It didn't take her long to find it. Releasing Ivy's tit she raised both of her hands in the air with considerable force, breaking Ivy's hold on her breast.

A well placed kick into Ivy's thigh stung Ivy's leg and caused her to lose her balance as Ginger followed up and dumped her on the floor face first with Ginger's arm around her neck. Ginger positioned herself on Ivy's backside and used her arm to pull Ivy's torso up. Her free hand got hold of one of Ivy's breasts, and then the other hand joined it, over Ivy's shoulders, continuing to pull Ivy up off the floor, but adding tit tugging for good measure. Ivy was in a delicate situation.

Red and Holly finally gave up attacking each others tits, and coming back together, began rolling around giving blows to each other as and when they could.

There was no way that Ivy could get free on her own, but the rolling bodies of Red and Holly came to her aid, causing Ginger to release her hold so as not to lose her balance. Holly seeing Ginger's undefended crotch somehow stretched out a hand and gained some much needed revenge, even though it was only fleeting, as Ginger was rather better placed than she was and able to remove Holly's hand. Red was thus given a free hand and it was Holly's turn to have her labia tugged.

Ivy took advantage of her sister's intervention to roll over. Red and Ginger exchanged glances and Red moved to carry on with the attack on Ivy. Ginger promptly climbed onto Holly's back and began doing to Holly what she had just been doing to Ivy. Holly, despite being exhausted, found a burst of energy and managed to unseat Ginger. Ivy now plunged onto Ginger one hand on breast and one on Ginger's pubes. Her attack left her open however and she soon found that Ginger had a similar hold on her!

All four were extremely tired and it actually seemed better for a short while for each to pull pubes and tug tits – their bodies were to some extent beyond feeling the normal level of pain that such assaults should have caused.

Red and Holly were now back into contact and Holly was fired up, knowing that she was, in a way, about to throw her last dice. Much to her surprise Red found herself flat on her back with Holly positioned over her head and shoulders. Red's face was completely enveloped in Holly's tummy. Holly was so tired that all her weight was on Red's face – lacking totally the energy to raise Red's burden.

Ivy sensed that Holly was at last in a good position and her reaction was to cease her tit/pubes battle with Ginger in order to try to tie Ginger up and stop her coming to her sister's aid. It cost her as Ginger managed to maintain at least intermittent contact between her fingers and Ivy's privates, but stopping Ginger rescuing Red was exactly what she managed to do.

Red was unable to breathe; Holly's body was entirely cutting off her air supply. Holly made no attempt to attack any part of Red's body, content to stop Red bucking her off. Red quickly ran out of energy and then air supply. Just before passing out she tapped out her surrender giving a most unexpected victory to Holly and Ivy.

Ginger seemed most disappointed but she immediately stopped fighting Ivy and held her hand out to congratulate Ivy on her victory. Holly had almost to be helped off Red who took some time getting her breath back. All four girls mutually aided each other in a display of sportsmanship which pleased us, as organisers, to no end. On the face of it we had a cracking video, full of surprises, with a bit of everything, and four contestants who fully respected each other. What more could we have asked for?