Small Beginnings
by Aristocatch

I was sitting in a bar having a drink with one of our new wrestlers when I chanced to ask her about how she started wrestling.

“Imagine me, naked, being fucked from behind with a strap-on, and having my boobs milked with considerable enthusiasm. Within my line of vision are two other women, joined by a double-ended dildo which disappears and reappears from within them with increasing speed. The massaging of my boobs is hard, but without venom, the masseuse making the most of my large boobs to let loose her fantasies, or merely explore the possibilities. She is shafting me in much the same way – it's a physical fuck, but without undue violence, which is making the experience quite pleasurable.

You will wonder how I got into that position and what it has to do with wrestling. Let me tell you.

One Friday evening, after work, I went out for a drink with a work colleague who, like me, had no plans for the evening, and who didn't want to stay in on her own. In the pub we met a couple of other women in the same situation as us. At closing time, happily merry, we went back to the house of one of the women, as she told us that her husband was away on business.

Our conversation got less inhibited and a stripping game was proposed using simply a dice. Lowest number had to remove an item of clothing. In the event of a tie some mild groping was proposed as an alternative to removing clothes. Surprisingly several ties occurred and, after everyone had done some groping, the conversation got round to sex toys and, after the owner of the house announced what she owned, it was proposed that the winner of the strip game got to use the strap-on on the loser and the two others use the double-ender. Hence me finding myself being led astray by the winner of the strip game, the friend of the house owner who turned out to find my boobs to her liking. I would have to add that I quite enjoyed what she was doing to them, and also what she was doing inside my vagina.

For three of us groping other women was a new experience, at least to the extent that we had groped each other during the game. Only the house owner had any real experience with another woman. Rose, the pretty black girl wearing the strap-on apologised beforehand for having no prior experience, but it felt to me that, after a couple of false starts, she had quickly worked out the required manner of forcing her apparel within me. Nobody had ever done that to me before, but the sensations that my body was receiving seemed to me to indicate that she was not doing a bad job – heightened by the tit milking. If you have largish boobs you are a target for having them groped and so those sensations were not unknown, though not produced by another woman.

When three of us had had our sexual pleasure there was a moment when each of us wondered just where the evening could go after that. It didn't last long though. Rachel, my works colleague suggested to Rose that it was one thing to knead my tits like that, but how would she like to do the same to her tits, but in a tit-groping fight, getting her own tits groped back. Rose had obviously enjoyed my boobs and, even though Rachel's were somewhat smaller, there was still enough to get hold of. In fact both had similar sized boobs. Lucie, the house owner and I moved out of the way, the better to watch.

The idea of winners and losers was still in the air and we were asked to judge who got to grope the most and to time the encounter.

It started very playfully as each enjoyed the others tits without much thought as to winning an eventual competition. But gradually it become more of a wrestling match and the groping got harder, with more squeezing and even nipple pulling. Lucie called time at what was probably an opportune moment before tempers became too heated.

That also gave Lucie the chance to announce that it was our turn and to propose a wrestling match to try to facesit the other. The best of three winning. This was my first real try at wrestling but not, evidently Lucie's and it didn't take long before I had sticky slit firmly on my face! Clearly Lucie didn't want to win too fast as she twice raised herself off my face before her win could be counted then, defying my attempts to do anything about it, she switched to a reverse facesit.

This position allowed her to massage my mammaries, which seemed to me to have become the latest plaything. She didn't stop with just rolling them in her hands and, rather to my displeasure, she took hold of the nipples, pulled them outwards and used them to shake my breasts this way and that. If I had been able to make a noise she would have heard my displeasure!

When we started the second facesit I was cross and ignoring wrestling techniques I squeezed her breasts in my hands. To be fair to her Lucie quickly understood that she had gone too far. She 'invited' me to finish squeezing until honour was satisfied (which I felt obliged to do very quickly) and then declared our match over, adding that she didn't want our evening's fun to be spoiled.

So there you are, my first experience of wrestling and it could have been the last! But, as you can guess by my being here, it wasn't!

Lucie, having quickly stopped our fight, took us all into her bedroom where she quickly stripped the bedclothes off the bed. She invited us all to climb onto the bed, on our knees, in a fairly tight circle. She then proposed that we would each finger each other until orgasm was reached, at which point the pleasured person would retire. Just in case one of us were significantly more effective at fingering, we would regularly swap.

After our alcoholic intake and our previous activities, no-one was in need of further preparation and so we each slid a finger (or fingers) into the snatch of the person to our left. We were free to play with whichever breasts took our fancy. I quickly clamped my mouth on Rose's nipple, while my fingers were playing with Rachel's pussy. Lucie was opposite me, which didn't stop her tantalising one of my tits; Rose was occupied with the other.

Rachel was lovely and moist and I soon added a second digit, while trying to find her clit with my thumb. All to quickly Lucie called 'right' and so I changed hands to use the fingers from my left hand on Rose – but not stopping sucking on her breast. I felt hands change on my breasts, but at the end both were still being played with. I hoped their size wouldn't lead to unfair competition!

Rose was the only one among us who hadn't already come, but I can assure you that she was very turned on and sexually aroused – almost too much so, as her slit was very open, reducing the friction produced by my fingers and obliging me to finger her in a different way than I had Rachel.

On the next change it was Lucie's pussy which felt my fingers. As she was directly in front of me the angle was easier and I had thought of playing with her tits, but I would have blocked Rose and Rachel having free access to each other, so I ceased sucking Rose and merely used my free left hand on Rachel. Presumably my new friends decided to share their attentions around and no-one played with my tits this time!

A full second round followed. I have no doubt that anyone listening would have detected by the noise that we were all getting turned on. We, however, were so involved in what we were doing, that we couldn't hear if the noise level had increased.

It was when Lucie got to grips with Rose the next time that the first of us was eliminated. Not surprisingly Rose was the least well-placed to resist, and she kindly showed us how to enjoy an orgasm in such a way that would have made it impossible for her to have hidden the event. I was once again playing with her nipple at the time, which encouraged me to believe that I had contributed to her elimination (anything not to give all the credit to Lucie!).

Now we were three. I knew that I was feeling very horny and I prayed that the other two were as well.

I need not have worried as it turned out. Rachel was already beyond the point of no return and, as we wasted virtually no time after Rose's release in restarting, Lucie's fingers once again did the trick – aided by us both stimulating her breasts.

Now it was once again just Lucie and me.

Lucie surprised me by issuing a challenge. If I would have a 'friendly' catfight with her for five minutes we would find the orgasm winner by having a 'proper' sexfight (her word not mine). She suggested that we could try to induce pain from any part of the body (excluding blows and hair-pulling), but not to the extent that we wouldn't still be friends at the end!

How could I refuse such an offer – even though I was already aware that she was more experienced than me, both at wrestling and at sex between women.

The other two left the bed to us, though they vociferously called instructions and suggestions.

Lucie and I locked up with one arm around the neck, with the other free to seek out targets and very quickly we both had a breast in hand; even if technically speaking I had a rather larger percentage of a breast in my hand. Lucie was far from flat chested, so I did have more than enough for a bit of squeezing. We squeezed away at boobs, swapping from one to another. Despite our held heads we could enjoy the sight of finger marks on boob when we released one from our grips.

Nipples were not touched and there was no real attempt to cause pain; we were merely getting to grips (pun intended) with what was, at least for me, a new sensation.

Lucie broke the mould, trying to seek out lower targets. I saw her move coming and quickly caught hold of her wrist, leaving a temporary stalemate. We had only given ourselves a short combat time, and Lucie wasn't about to waste it. She released her hold around my neck and, as soon as she felt I was doing likewise she pushed me back onto the bed.

One of her hands shot between my legs and had time to tug briefly on my pussy lips before I spun round on the bed to confront Lucie face on. This time we grabbed both of each others breasts and, looking each other in the eyes we began squeezing and looking for a reaction. As the seconds passed, we slowly increased the strength of our grips and then began twisting the breast flesh (easier for me than it was for Lucie, given the larger size of my tits).

Lucie was too busy watching for pain to appear in my eyes to see me release her left breast and plunge my right hand between her legs. I got good hold on her pussy lips and pulled them away from her body. She yelped (pleasure to my ears) but, even before she had time to react, I had lost my grip. After all our sexual activity her sex was literally dripping wet, and so her shaved pussy lips slipped through my fingers.

I renewed my assault, getting a fresh hold, even as I felt Lucie's fingers pulling my pussy lips, which were equally slippery. This began a pull, lose hold of, grab and pull again sequence, repeated several times over.

Our other hands were not idle and our fingers were now seeking out any more tender spots on the breasts we had in hand, gradually closing in around the nipple.

Lucie modified the situation, rubbing her fingers against my wet pussy and then trying to force them into my mouth. Not to be outdone I did likewise and so we each got faces smeared with pussy juice, and to taste our own excitement.

That interlude over we each caught hold of the others nipples and began pulling them out from the breasts, making them ever longer and then using them as levers to move the breasts from side to side and up and down.

I suppose it was painful, but not so much as to change our behaviour and certainly not to make us lose our tempers. If pain can be described as good it was good pain!

Rose called out that there was only a minute left and so we threw caution to the wind, ceasing our kneeling positions and rolling around on the bed, grabbing breast, pussy, nipple and for Lucie even trying to squeeze my clit (without success fortunately).

Time up we had to stop and I could say that I had finally found out how fighting could be pleasurable, at least when no-one is trying to win at any cost.

Lucie's definition of a proper sexfight was to bring our pussies into contact and indulge in tribbing. If you have never tried tribbing, let's just say that it takes a while to work it out and that Lucie had made me come before I got that far.

Not to be outdone though, I pushed her back on the bed and began fingering her. I then lost all inhibitions and for the first time in my life tried licking another woman's sex. I don't suppose I did it very well, but Lucie was so sexually excited that she soon found her release anyway!

It took even Lucie a moment or two to recover from that and to realise that Rose and Rachel wanted to try our style of wrestling. Never one to flog a dead horse Lucie suggested we all four engage in an anything goes fight, with anyone wanting out simply getting off the bed. I caught a look from her which I had no trouble reading as suggesting that we leave them to it after a while.

Rachel was my work colleague. Generally we got on OK, but I quite liked the idea of causing her some discomfort for the odd time at work when she had annoyed me. She probably thought much the same.

I soon discovered that a four woman fight has no relation to fighting one other person. There is no way that you can see attacks coming and prevent them. The beauty of our foursome was that no-one paired up, meaning that each body could be attacked by six hands. With only two of your own you quickly give up trying to defend and simply attack any target within reach! There was also no point fighting gently so that your adversary would fight gently too; the person you were attacking was almost certainly not the one attacking you!

We lined up on the bed much as we had for the fingering contest, on our knees and legs apart. Rachel was my initial target and I did get a good grip on her right breast. She saw it was me and pulled at my left nipple. Another hand, not mine, grabbed her left breast. My left hand blocked an attempt by Rosa to get at my pubes. Rachel upped the force of her efforts on my nipple, so I twisted her boob in my hand. Someone, Lucie(?) pulled me backwards and all of a sudden we were all in a heap.

What I think was Rosa's tit was within reach, so I squeezed that with one hand, while trying to extricate the other from under my body. My pussy lips got pulled, but only briefly. Another hand found my right breast and, as soon as my hand was free it got hold of what felt like one of Lucie's breasts. My pussy lips got pulled rather harder this time, encouraging me to try to move my body. This found me eyeing Rachel's pussy, and deciding there was no point trying to stop the hand that was mauling one of my tits, I pulled on Rachel's pussy lips, and none too gently! Someone, I presume it was Rachel, squealed while someone else jammed a finger into my pussy before trying to rip my pussy lips off.

Lucie's breast was still in my grip, so I increased my efforts to make her remember me.

Everybody seemed to move at once, holds were broken, new targets appeared and were soon hit. There was scarcely a minute that I wasn't squeezing tits, or pulling pussy, and there was no time that my own body wasn't suffering. Amazingly, even though what we were doing hurt, it also kept us sexily aroused. Each pussy that I mauled was sopping wet and thus slippery, which perhaps limited the damage what we were doing could have caused.

Out of the mayhem came order. I suddenly found myself face to face with my supposed friend, Rachel. We both gleefully launched an assault on the other tits as if we were the worst of enemies, with huge grins on our faces and threats of retaliation at work which made both of us squeeze, pinch and pull even harder. Left to our own a little longer we reluctantly released a breast and began a mutual pussy mauling contest. Seconds later we had our faces in the others pussy – no idea how – pulling those pussy lips with our mouth lips until our hands could arrive in the target area. Mouth full of pussy lip, our fingers plunged inside our pussies, tried to squeeze clits (very difficult) and even flirted with bum holes. I thought I heard, above all the mayhem, Rachel daring me, so I pushed a little further, only to feel her finger entering my bum hole. We marked the point with just enough penetration to make the point and then pulled out virtually in harmony.

Our fingers tried to replace our mouths, even as our mouths sucked up pussy juice that was pouring in abundance and then we were roughly pulled apart. Rose tried straddling my head, and mauling my tits. I licked deep into her pussy and used the effect to tip her off me. Another pair of tits now became my target, even as she treated mine rather differently to how she had treated them earlier. She got a particularly painful hold on one of my nipples, so her pussy then had to suffer.

Despite the sheer 'pleasure' of what we were doing, I was beginning to feel sore, and I recalled the hint I thought Lucie had given me, so I told Rose that I had had enough and she stopped torturing me to allow me to slide off the bed. Very soon after Lucie did likewise, leaving Rose and Rachel to battle on.

If I had thought that would be enough I hadn't bargained with Lucie who promptly arrived with her double-ended dildo and invited me to fuck with her even as we watched the other two. So many firsts for one night, but it would have been churlish to have said 'no'.

We slid up and down the dildo and rubbed each others sore tits, massaging them with the excess of pussy juice that we were producing. Rose and Rachel battled on for a couple of minutes – testing each others resilience, then folded into a competitive 69 for an alternative sexfight ending which gave them both orgasms, even if Rachel claimed to have won after.

By now it was sometime in the early morning and we all gratefully accepted Lucie's offer to use her by now filthy bed.

Lucie proved insatiable and so we each slept and pleasured Lucie at varying moments during the night, and even the next morning when we all three ganged up to try to quench her thirst once and for all, which only got us all excited and so we ended up with a mass fuck until no-one could move any more.

That's where I first experienced wrestling, and how I ended up taking fighting more seriously, leading to my being with you today. I avoid extreme fights, but my breasts prove popular for anything sexy – so I make the most of it!”