Manx TT
by Aristocatch

The Isle of Man is a place that I have often thought about visiting, though the Manx TT would not be an incentive, as motorbikes are, quite honestly, not my thing. When one of our wrestlers told me about a weekend at the Manx TT I quickly told her my thoughts. Laughingly she corrected my error, in telling me that this was the 'other' Manx TT.

A few moments later I was fully informed. A weekend in a quiet hotel with wrestling as the incentive. The two letter 'T's stood for tits and twat, which will give you some idea of the type of wrestling.

I soon found that the Isle of Man out of season is very quiet, but the hotel was quite pleasant, and my room more than acceptable. I arrived on a Friday afternoon, to find that the hotel was reserved for the weekend for the TT event and so there were no guests other than wrestlers. Friday evening we all joined into a welcome dinner, before testing the bar and getting a full night's rest.

Saturday was events day. Apparently we were fewer in number than expected, but there were still 20 willing wrestlers, all female, but with quite a variety of ages. We were put into two groups and each person would get to fight all the others in the group. Fights were limited to ten minutes and points were attributed for the amount of time there was TT contact. At the end of all those fights, players would be put in order.

It was obvious to everyone even before the organisers mentioned it that no-one would cope with 90 minutes of having their tits ripped off, or their pussies mutilated. While we could cause light discomfort maintaining hand to TT contact gained points, with the amount of suffering having no influence.

Once each group was put in order there would be one last fight, against the person in the same place in the other group. This was to be the day's serious fight with a submission deciding the winner. As logically each pair should be reasonably well matched, this promised to be a hard, painful fight – which was indeed everyone's intention.

The hotel had a rather nice function room which was fitted wall-to-wall with wrestling mats, creating a big enough space for several fights to take place at one time. Once breakfast was done with fighting got underway.

My first two fights were everything that the organisers had promised. Nice feisty romps with plenty of hand on tit or hand on pussy and just a little bit of discomfort when one sought to escape from a hold that stopped them scoring points. In both fights we both scored points, without suffering.

All that changed in the third fight where a she-cat of an opponent had obviously not read the rule book. She clawed my pussy and then tried to rip my nipple off. That was quite enough. I put her down on her back, sat blocking her head and arms and periodically played, mostly with her tits. She couldn't lay a finger on me and I was careful not to risk that changing by being too ambitious. Towards the end of the ten minutes I allowed myself to become more spiteful at the expense of her tits and especially one of her nipples.

We obviously talked among ourselves between fights and it was soon learned that she had been vicious in her other two fights – with one of the girls having had to seek first-aid treatment. The she-cat's fourth opponent began forewarned and she propelled the she-cat very heavily into the mat, before beginning to toss her around like a rag doll. The she-cat only knew clawing and, as I had shown, not wrestling. It was such a shame when another heavy fall caused her to seek medical treatment and subsequently to retire from the tournament!

After that my remaining fights were much like the first two. Plenty of fun, just enough pain to know that we were actually fighting, and the chance to explore each others pussies and tits. Some of the fights I was in control, others very much second. I'm sure you can imagine the style of the fights, there being little point adding details here.

We were given a light lunch at midday and this round came to an end early in the afternoon. I was quite content to be placed fourth out of the ten girls in my group.

The organisers were a bit disappointed as being fewer than expected we had finished earlier than expected. They therefore went for the unexpected and added an event. Because it was not planned it was made optional but, as far as I know, everyone took up the option.

I found myself up against the girl who had finished third in her group, who was somewhat younger than me and definitely better looking. As the final fight was to be violent this one was to be purely sexual, no win or lose, but merely to tire your opponent out by any sexual means and help your group team member in the final fight to come.

You will recall that the she-cat from my group was no longer taking part but, as one of the girls from the other group had had to retire after badly twisting her ankle, both groups contained the same number of contestants.

My fight was in the first series, and one look at my lovely opponent suggested that it was a fight to be enjoyed.

I wasn't disappointed, though at first I had every reason to be.

My opponent had long blond hair, blue eyes and a figure that any woman would envy. She was sufficiently good looking to be noticed anywhere. I couldn't think why she was prepared to have her body rendered black and blue here, unless it was to discredit her barbie-doll reputation.

She hadn't ended up third in her group by chance. Before I even knew we had started I was flat on my back with her weight pressing my face onto the mat, my legs up in the air and her fingers pumping in and out of my pussy, that was barely open enough to accommodate them. At least she had added a good dollop of spit to ease their passage. Obviously not one for preliminaries and goodbye to foreplay!

What she was doing was too rough, and with no prelude, not a sexual turn on. I guessed correctly as it turned out that she was marking her territory, pointing out to me that she could master and dictate to me whenever she so chose.

I bided my time, hoping that I had guessed right, and was grateful to be able to wriggle free as she slowly lessened the weight on my head. She let me get to my knees and waving her wet fingers in the air motioned me to move closer. This time she made no move to immobilise me and encouraged me to begin playing with her tits, while she treated mine to a proper sexual stimulus. Now she was talking my language.

We aroused each others bosoms without either hindering the other and I was glad to see that she was reacting to what I was doing to her, as her nipples matched mine in rising to the occasion, hardening and lengthening.

She announced that she thought we were ready and pushed me away from her. As we moved back towards each other I caught her unready and ducked my body down, with my shoulder at chest height. This allowed my right hand to snake between her legs, find a nicely damp pussy and sneak a finger within. My palm pressed and rubbed against her pudenda.

Initially she was powerless to reach my pussy, but her hands soon resumed their work on my breasts, even as she tried to unseat me. My legs were well planted and my body weight low, so I was able to resist with the help of my left hand on the mat which acted as a prop. I was warming to what I was doing between her legs and her body was giving me every indication that she was enjoying the effects.

She was far too competent a wrestler to allow me to stay indefinitely in that position, but I did have time to get her really open and wet before she managed to tip me over. Very quickly she was astride my body and working her fingers over my sex. It didn't take me long however to extricate an arm and for my fingers to find her snatch. We fingered each other for a good moment before she decided that she preferred to dominate. She rolled off me, and I was sufficiently quick to be ready for her follow-up move.

For quite some time we fought kneeling, trying to free hands to seek sexual parts, pull said hands away from their targets, release to attack in turn only to defend when another attack was too successful. Honours were fairly even and I rather think that she worked out that I hadn't finished fourth by luck either.

From kneeling we found ourselves rolling around on the floor, grabbing pussies and tits as often as possible and then, for a while, stimulating both at the same time even though our bodies were tangled up together.

This was not a fight to determine a winner and we were both getting well and truly turned on, and slightly frustrated at the same time – both that the stimulus kept getting cut off and at our inability to dictate terms to the other.

Pulling herself to her knees my opponent spread her legs wide and invited me to do likewise. She didn't need to state what was on her mind and we moved in close enough together to allow easy access. One hand went between legs and the other roamed on breasts, thighs, tummies and anywhere else that could be a stimulus.

For a while our movements were controlled as we monitored the others breathing and reaction, trying to work out how far away a sexual release might be. Finding no particular advantage our fingering got faster and harder, our second hands sought out clits for further rubbing. I tried to suck on one of her nipples, she freed a hand to push my mouth away and tried to suck mine instead.

Risking banging heads together we tried nipple sucking, pussy fingering and clit rubbing with out movements getting increasingly frantic; and then the moment I had been waiting for arrived. I took her over the edge and she gave in to a fully deserved orgasm with much noisy accompaniment.

Not one to concede she promptly pushed me onto my back and pinning me flat she began pumping my pussy for all she was worth. It didn't take long before she forced me to copy her example.

Even before I had had time to come down from my pleasure she had pulled our pussies into contact and she was rubbing hers hard against mine.

You may recall that I am not the greatest of trib fans, and after a while it appeared that she wasn't getting from it what she had perhaps hoped.

We had no idea how much time was left and so we merely launched ourselves at each other, basically fighting and fucking all at the same time. The tit fondling got a bit harder, mixing pleasure and pain and there was nothing gentle or subtle about the way we rubbed each others clits or violently finger fucked each other whenever we could get hands in place.

It's impossible to really describe such fighting. There was little in the way of defence – mostly manic attack with sex as the only goal and, if we're honest, also a little bit of sadism as we tried to exhaust the other and even create sexual soreness from too much stimulation.

We were both pretty sore and really exhausted when the organisers called time on our efforts. The one good things was that, as we were the first to go, we got some time to recover before our finale.