Manx TT part two
by Aristocatch

The one advantage of being in the first round of sexfights was that it gave me time to recover before the main event.

My adversary and I wandered off to get some water to drink, being hot and thirsty. This gave us the chance to chat and we continued while watching further fights. I gave her the low down on the girl she would be fighting and she told me about my opponent. It turned out that my opponent seemed likely to be a fan of working out, with hard muscles, breasts included. In fact I learned that her breasts would not be that easy to grab hold of, being fairly flat and hard. Those who know me will realise that, for me, that would be a bit disappointing! But I also learned that my next opponent was supposedly slower than me, and probably rather more a body-builder than a wrestler. That didn't mean that she couldn't dish it out though, and I should probably we wary of her leg power.

All that had gone thus far had, generally speaking, been fun. The main fight was not, however, meant to be fun. It was intended to be a real fight, with real pain, until one fighter quit. To offer some protection we were to fight wearing bikini bottoms, which could not be removed until the quarter hour mark. At that point, if the fight were still continuing, there was a brief pause and all clothing was to be removed. Both fighters disposed of one time out, which could be used at the moment of their choosing.

The organisers knew their business and a first-aid team arrived especially for these fights.

When I finally got to see my opponent I found her to have fairly short, mundane coloured hair. In fact she was a bit shorter than me, but very well muscled. Her body weight was probably greater than mine, though there was no flab or excess weight on her. The same could not be said about me!

The first round of fights were for those placed seventh, eighth and ninth. These took place at the same time and were, in a word, rough. One for last place was short lived, with a submission even while the loser still had knickers to protect her crotch. The other two lasted beyond the quarter hour and so both fighters finished nude. Once crotches were unprotected they were heavily targeted. A flying foot caused one girl to have a bloody nose and the fight was delayed while she was patched up. Not only did she continue, but she forced a submission with a combined crotch claw and nipple assault.

The tone had been set and blood had been spilled.

Then it was my turn and I took my place against my body-builder.

I'm a wrestler through and through and all I wanted to do was wrestle. She had other ideas and she tried to keep me at a certain distance and soften me up with body blows. After a couple she seemed to understand that, even though I didn't have her abs, I could absorb them and when she left herself open to a particularly crunching blow from me it showed her that even her well-toned abs wouldn't keep everything out.

Coming together we got into a mutual body-hug, forcing the air out of our bodies with the strength of our arms. I would admit that she was strong, which increased my resolve to be careful with her legs, but I felt that I more or less held my own and showed her that I was a force to reckon with.

As she released the force of her grip I attacked and got behind her. Both my hands went to her tits and I let my fingers try to prise into them. For the moment I left the nipples alone as it was early days, and I wanted to find out if I could hurt her by my digging my fingers into her (hard) breast flesh, or what there was of it. The feeling at the end of my fingers wasn't really the same as I had felt on several other pairs of breasts earlier in the day and I saw for myself what my blond sexfighter had been talking about. It seemed to me that, if I really wanted to hurt her, I would have to target the nipples rather than anything else.

Forcing herself out of my grasp she turned and allowing me access to her tits she targeted mine. Her fingers were strong and I'm pretty sure that what she was doing to me hurt me more than I was hurting her. It wasn't the first time my tits had been attacked in my wrestling life, and I knew that I could withstand quite a lot of pain.

She was too occupied on testing the resilience of my boobs and she never saw me sweep her legs out from under her. The next she knew she was flat on her back and I was easing myself onto her face, forcing my crotch into her nose. Very quickly I slid a hand down her body, ignoring her tits, and under the band of her bikini. I got her pussy lips between my fingers and gave her a foretaste of what was coming. Just as quickly I removed my hand and regained my balance over her head, pinning her shoulders to the floor.

When I was sure that I was well balanced I reached back with my right hand, maintaining contact with the floor with my left hand in case she tried to unseat me. This time I found the nipple and began trying to increase its length. Once I had succeeded I gave it rather a nasty twist and was gratified to get audible proof that her nipples at least were sensitive!

She was obviously trying to buck me off, but in a very controlled manner – she was confident enough not to waste all her energy right at the start of the fight. This allowed me to change hands and find that her other nipple was equally sensitive.

I moved slightly backwards and pressed down on her face with my hands, moving her head from side to side – trying to make her as uncomfortable as possible and to use up her energy. She remained controlled and calm however, and resisted the temptation to try all out to alter her situation.

I have enough experience to know that this was merely preliminary skirmishes, and that there was nothing in what was happening that gave any indication to the likely winner of our fight, even though it was quite one sided at the moment. She hadn't finished fourth in her group without having some fighting capacities and I was in no doubt that I would be on the receiving end at some stage.

That time took longer coming that I expected. I had things my own way for a while, giving her nipples another good twisting and her pussy lips a short pull with my fingers directly on her flesh and a rather longer mauling through the cloth. She accepted this treatment calmly and without panicking and when she finally found a way out she took it quickly, using my hair as a lever.

Rather too quickly I found myself at a disadvantage, with her legs wrapped around my midriff. When her legs were in place she released my hair and concentrated on increasing the pressure on my body. Then it was the turn of my breasts to be targeted. Her fingers were strong and she knew how to cause pain.

Her second hand was holding my nearest arm, but she wasn't blocking my right arm and so, ignoring the pressure of her legs, I quickly found her right breast and there followed a struggle of breast torturing. I suspect that she was hurting me more, but the pain her legs were causing me urged me on and I began to get my fingers through those muscles to cause her some real discomfort.

It was rather a painful stalemate which only ceased when we moved on to a slapping assault of tits, bodies and even faces. I was using my right hand while she could only use her left hand, and she was clearly right handed. My slaps were thus more effective and so she released my blocked arm the better to use her right hand. It cost me a couple of hard slaps before my freed left hand was soon filled with her hair and she was quickly releasing her legs to protect her head.

We both had hold of the others hair, and quite painful it was. One hand was enough and the other tried to find what to hurt. Basically the only thing in reach was our breasts and so our scalps and our tits were given a hard time. A war of nipple attrition was especially painful, for her as much as for me.

She still hadn't touched me between the legs, whereas I had caused her some discomfort there. I wondered how long she would be content to wait, or whether she would risk all for some evening up. My thoughts were just in time and I was able to react instantly when she changed tactics and we both found ourselves with a hand inside the others knickers. None too gently we reminded the other of what she had coming once we no longer were wearing knickers before we moved on to other attacks – or we would have if the quarter of an hour hadn't been up and we were forced to stop before exposing our bodies in their entirety.

On the resumption I wanted to take her to the floor, but she kept us up, our bodies together and no chance of avoiding the others hand which began pulling hard on pussy lips. The arms which had snaked around heads gave up holding them, and moved on to nipples. Now that was painful.

She was too busy hurting my pussy to plan her moves and so, once again,I put her heavily on the floor. This time she reacted better and so, for a while, we rolled around seeking best position and fleetingly grabbing what we could.

Then it was my turn to get careless and once again her legs were around me. This time she reversed the move and my pussy was at her mercy. Mercy was not what she had in mind, and tiring of pulling labia lips, she sought out other painful moves! I pulled her hair, but she held tight, able to launch a non- stop attack on my now very tender regions. There was only one thing for it and I called for my time out.

I suppose that I could have accepted defeat, but then again you know me better. Accepting defeat is not my style, at least when other opportunities are available. I knew that I had more wrestling skills than she did, and that I was faster. To counter that she was younger and more muscular. Which advantage would prove decisive remained to be seen, but I considered that I had a good enough chance of prevailing to justify continuing.

The restart gave me grounds for hope. She was too cocky, too sure that she had taken a decisive step. Eschewing close contact, she opted to remain on her feet and to seek attacking opportunities. My greater speed now came into play. I was able to dart in, attack and get out of her way. I caught her pussy with several well directed slaps, taking only glancing blows, mostly to my torso as she tried to counter attack.

Feeling that the momentum was changing she tried to wade in and she took a really hard slap straight into her pussy. This stopped her in her tracks, as if frozen, so I repeated the dose with enough force to dump her on her back. I put a foot on her pussy and ground it in, even as she lay writhing on the mat. Seeing how helpless she was I sat onto her prone body and get some pay back for what she had been doing to my pussy. I was certainly not gentle and boy did it feel good!

Pussies are generally for pleasure and I generally prefer fights that seek to induce pleasure in such an area, either as a direct move, such as in a sexfight, or an indirect move to weaken my opponent using her own sexual reactions. This time however, pleasure was not on the menu and I put aside my scruples, hoping to force a submission.

She was as stubborn as me or maybe even more so. She called for her timeout, but only after allowing me a prolonged period to cause as much genital pain as I could and believe me not only could I, but I did, to the inside and outside, to her clit and even around her arse, though I stopped short of penetration, on the basis that she had not sought to penetrate my anus.

The timeout wasn't very long and she wasn't looking too good when hostilities resumed. She barrelled straight into me an we went down in a heap, resuming hostilities to our tits, which had had quite a rest of late. I wouldn't recommend you to endure what we did to each others tits. Unable to break free we savaged each other with only one idea, to cause so much pain that the other quit. I concentrated on her nipples, given that squeezing her breasts was not that productive. I can assure you that what I did to those nipples, was mean, vicious and demeaning. One started to bleed a little, despite the fact that we had no nails to scratch with.

If I was damaging her nipples, my breasts were not coming off any better – though her attacks didn't just target the nipples, but the whole of my once prized boobs. I soon knew why I had generally given up wrestling! It was excruciatingly painful, and I only endured it by knowing that what she was suffering was just as bad.

It got to the stage where I was on the verge of throwing caution to the winds in a win or lose gamble, when she beat me to it. Releasing hold of my tits, she tried to push me away. I accepted and we leapt to our feet. Each sought to get a determining hold, not forgetting to add a bit of suffering whenever a hand came near a part that could produce pain.

You may recall that I have often managed a move that gets me behind my adversary and once again it worked here. I held her in place my clamping my fingers around her red raw nipples. Then I pulled her up stretching them agonisingly. Her body came back down with her pussy crashing onto my knee.

Again and again I lifted her by her nipples (one of which was now bleeding quite heavily), and dropped her pussy onto my leg just above the knee. She was too exhausted and in too much pain to resist. After several pussy pounds I pitched her forward and grabbed her pussy from behind.

Everyone has their limits and I had now found hers. Tears streaming from her eyes she submitted the fight.

My body really hurt and just how much became apparent once we stopped fighting. I quickly called over the first aiders and gave them a hand stopped the bleeding from my opponent's nipple. She stretched out a hand and shook mine congratulating me on my victory.

The last three fights took place after and my blond sexfighter won her fight, but only at the expense of a very marked face – swollen and bleeding lips, and a fast closing eye. We all had marks all over our bodies and she was no exception.

By the end of the fights the afternoon was long since finished and we finally took our leave to find comfort in the showers and with calming creams that the organisers had thoughtfully provided. My blond opponent and I had seen the kind of state we found ourselves in coming and we had decided to join forces to patch our wounds. With the state she was in, I had plenty to do and we stayed in the shower for a long time.

An excellent meal was served in the evening and we went back to my room afterwards to continue patching our wounds. We had thought about doing other things earlier in the day, but our sexual parts were no longer capable! I very much doubt if any of the fighters indulged in other than sympathy that night.

We were a poorly looking group who hobbled out of the hotel after breakfast, to begin our journeys back home. It was quite some weekend, but not to be repeated!