Downright Dirty part one

by Aristocatch

Unlike some of the sites on the internet we do not directly market our products. In most cases we produce wrestling films for our clients. We can be found on the internet as producers, but mostly for trade clients. It does sometimes happen that we are contacted by a 'sponsor', someone willing to put up money for a certain type of film to be made. If it is just to make one or a handful of copies for the sponsor, we are happy to oblige. If the idea is to sell on the film, then we usually work with one of our regular partners.

One such sponsor contacted us with a fairly clear idea in mind. He wanted to see two relatively well-endowed women wrestling in mud. Beyond that he left it to us. We contacted one of our partners who was keen to market the end product and who even suggested one possible wrestler who was new to the scene, but who seemed to fit the bill. We found a suitable adversary and both women duly arrived at our filming site.

Before the girls arrived we carried out several tests to find in just what kind of 'mud' they would wrestle in. We didn't want it so wet that they had to stop continually to clean their eyes, nor so dry that it didn't adhere to their bodies. We consulted other producers and managed to get hold of a product which seemed to be what we were after.

The wrestler we contacted was an attractive black lady, who was quite slim, but with a fairly generous chest. Se wrestled under the name Peaches. The lady sent by our contacts was much the same size, but white. When she heard Peaches' name she decided that she would wrestle under the name 'Cream'.

We told them that they were free to develop the fight as they wished, that we would film and edit afterwards, depending on how it developed. We answered a few questions, which still left the development of the fight up to the wrestlers, though given that the sponsor asked for well-developed wrestlers we indicated that their chests should be a focal point. As a result we opted to start in a T-shirt and bikini bottoms. We also opted to have rounds, which would allow us to discuss how things were going at regular intervals.

Both women climbed gingerly into the inflated ring, not wanting to fall into the mud even before combat had begun. Peaches was first into the mud, but she pulled Cream's leg out from under her in seconds and both rolled around in the mud, soon becoming covered. They seemed well assorted wrestling wise and the T-shirts were clinging nicely to the outlines of their bodies.

They both soon saw how the cloth adhered to their contours and they mutually began pulling on the others nipples through the cloth. The nipples hardened and grew longer and the visual effect was very pleasing. This encouraged the two women to play with each others boobs.

Being fully coated in the mud, they found that they could slide and so they began sliding on the others body, rubbing their breasts against the other, allowing their nipples to slide into contact, their breasts to squeeze together. It was very sensuous watching and, on the face of it, quite a turn on for the wrestlers.

At the end of Round 1 both women were keen to continue sensually. They said that, if we were not happy, they would have a 'real' fight after. We said 'fine' and left them to it.

Round 2 began where Round 1 ended, firstly in a chest-squashing bear hug, then in much boob massage. I didn't see any message exchanged between them but suddenly they both began trying to wrestle the others T-shirt off. As both T-shirts were soaked through they stuck to the skin and so this gave many tantalizing glimpses of their breasts. The nature of the muddied cloth dictated this rather than any orchestrated planning, but the effect was highly erotic in a 'now you see it, now you don't' vein.

When the T-shirts were finally pulled off we could enjoy the unhindered sight of two good sized pairs of boobs, coated in a glistening sheen of mud, with prominent nipples jutting forth. Sliding their boobs, nipples down in the mud seemed quite a turn-on for them and sliding in the mud became the dominant part of the 'fight'.

They were still at this stage when Round 2 came to a halt and we suggested they might want to move onto something else.

The first couple of minutes of Round 3 were devoted to tit stimulation – milking each others muddy orbs, and drawing those nipples out even further. Watching and filming we can see that they were both sexually turned on. We weren't surprised when they started trying to wrestle the others bikini bottoms off, with hands initially pressing the material against aroused bodies and pussies being surreptitiously rubbed. They did a good job of making it look innocent but, once the pussies were exposed there was a chance to make sure that they were covered in mud, which just had to be rubbed in, didn't it?

Now something close to wrestling took place, as they tried to grope pussy and protect their own. The beauty of mud is that it is slippery, and so neither could gain the upper hand, ensuring that both pussies were well groped.

We hesitated about not calling an end to Round 3, but we did so and then we sent them back out with orders to do whatever they wanted to each other, and that we would continue the Round without regard to the clock.

Clearly they were to each others liking, and far too aroused to have any qualms about what they were doing to each other on camera. An all-out assault on the others sexuality was clearly the order of the day, much to our pleasure! Muddies fingers that were no longer black or white slid into various orifices, sexes were opened up to our full gaze by those same fingers who sought out just how to cause the maximum sexual effect.

It looked as if trying to make the other come first became the key-point as each slid and rolled this way and that doing what they could to force the other to the ultimate. It wasn't particularly obvious to us just who won, though Cream claimed victory after, which Peaches didn't dispute. They also admitted coming very quickly one after the other.

The fight didn't end there, in fact it became entirely uninhibited. A sexual blind descended on any inhibitions they may have had and each began to wrestle to expose the others private parts to the camera as explicitly as possible. Peaches prized open Cream's legs, and began finger fucking her with first two then three fingers right in front of the camera's lens.

Cream slid out of the hold and then treated us to a digital assault on Peaches' pussy and bum, which didn't seem to unduly displease Peaches.

With total abandon they sexed each other using the mud as the perfect lubricant. They squealed their pleasure and even licked pussies and sucked clits, ignoring the mud coating them.

Being in the presence of two attractive women who were totally oblivious to their surrounds, and who were totally absorbed by lustful intent was quite a turn on, I can assure you. I only hoped that the camera wouldn't tremble too much as I felt my body naturally reacting to what I was witnessing. I'm sure you don't need me to go into further details – just close your eyes and let your imagination see these two trying to make the other come as hard and as often as possible, all the while sliding around in gelatinous ooze.

Every god thing has to come to an end and so eventually these two fell back into the mud, exhausted. I have to admit that I was feeling almost as tired, and I had only been filming!

Peaches exclaimed that she wouldn't be able to have any sex for days to come. Cream reminded her that they had been hired to wrestle, not express their sexual fantasies. She told her erstwhile lover that they would shortly have to wrestle and that, when she won, she would fuck Peaches silly with a strap-on and on camera. She then thought to check with us that we had such a thing before reaffirming that Peaches had no choice. Peaches contradicted her, saying that it would be Cream's insides who would be fucked raw, as she had every intention of winning! We, for our part, proposed that they had a rest first. They opted for only a short one, as they saw no point getting cleaned up, only to get dirty again.

We had no way of knowing what our sponsor would think of what we had filmed so far, which was not exactly a wrestling match, even though it was incredibly sexy. But, if the next wrestling stage was as good, we were pretty sure that we would have the footage that complied with his sponsorship requirements. To find out you'll have to wait until the next update ...