Downright Dirty part 2
by Aristocatch

After their mud-filled sexy antics, Peaches and Cream accepted water to drink and also our efforts to clean their faces a bit. After a break they had, of course, come down from their sexual high and even begun to cool down (although it was quite warm in the room). Prior to fighting they requested five minutes 'to get back in the mood', which we had no trouble accepting. They basically groped each other, especially their breasts and soon declared themselves ready for their best of three face-sits fight.

We had once before filmed Peaches in a topless semi-competitive competition and so we knew that she could to some degree wrestle. Cream was new to us and, as she told us afterwards, to filmed wrestling. She had done some amateur wrestling however. Whatever their experience, we knew that mud is a great leveler.

The start of their fight was quite slow, as they came to terms with trying to obtain holds when bodies slid if pressure was applied to the floor, and against one another. They more or less eschewed

sexy moves, though they soon came to terms with the idea that a hand on the crotch could be used as a means of getting a slight grip on the other.

They slid and rolled over each other, trying to maintain a hold and move into a dominant position. Cream was the first to gain an advantage. Somehow she managed to get sat across Peaches' shoulders. As she moved her muddied pussy over Peaches' face, Peaches was able to wriggle her arms free. She needed to free her face and quickly, or else she would concede first points to Cream. All she could reach was Cream's tits and so grabbing handfuls of breast flesh she pulled hard.

Clearly Cream hadn't expected Peaches to target her primary attributes and the surprise factor was determining. As Peaches pulled her tits forward, so Cream was pulled forward, releasing the pressure on Peaches face and leaving Peaches capable of sliding out from under her.

Cream was clearly startled that Peaches, after giving her tits such loving care earlier could now use them against her. Maybe she started thinking about the fight, or maybe she just lost the plot a bit, for whatever reason Peaches now enjoyed a period of ascendancy, getting Cream onto her back several times in a row. Each time Cream managed to block moves to face sit her, but only by using up quite a bit of her energy.

It was probably by virtue of Cream tiring that Peaches finally managed to slide into place, taking care to block Cream's arms to protect her tits. In desperation Cream tried to see what she could reach. All she found was Peaches' pussy, sat across her face. Her fingers found the pudenda and tried pulling, but she couldn't exert much force, and the pudenda was slippery with mud.

Peaches pulling Cream's tits had saved her, and although she wasn't expecting Cream to try to pull on her sex, she was well balanced and Cream wasn't really hurting her (or trying to if it came to that). She therefore treated it as a minor nuisance and stayed put until adjudged to have won the first point.

I must admit that I rather expected Peaches to continue dominating, but I underestimated Cream's pluck. She came out fighting for Round 2, harrying Peaches, pinching her tits and even her pussy, without any great venom, but with a view to leaving Peaches uncertain as to what her aim was. At the same time Cream maintained a careful distance, sliding away when Peaches looked to get hold of her and sliding back to annoy her with moves that were fast but often effective.

Peaches' dominance had disappeared and with it Peaches' confidence. She was no longer in control. Cream was causing her a bit of discomfort by pinching her nipples and even pulling on her pussy lips. Moves which seemed to have nothing to do with obtaining a face sit. That lovely sexy feeling that she had been enjoying was fast evaporating, leaving her frustrated and rather at a loss to know how to regain the initiative.

Cream pulled her right nipple and slapped her (gently) between the legs and was gone before she could retaliate. She was pulled onto her back. Her left nipple was tweaked and Cream was sliding away. She did manage to anticipate one move, and got a little bit of own back on one of Cream's nipples, but she was powerless to prevent Cream quickly sliding away.

Peaches never saw the coup de grace. Trying to block what she thought to be an attack on her left nipple she found herself with Cream's pussy on her face and Cream holding her hands down, fingers intertwined. Cream ground her pussy into Peaches' nose and mouth, even as she equalized.

For the first time since they had met there was animosity in Peaches' eyes. The last face-sit seemed quite promising. If you can't beat them, join them was obviously in her mind and she came out to fight Cream at her own game. For a short while they both slid in and away, grabbing and pinching whatever they could. If Cream was annoyed to find that she could no longer rule the roost, she didn't show it and she accepted some pain from her nipples and even her pussy, presumably on the basis that she was giving back as much as she took, if not more.

Cream had discovered that surprise is always an important element in a fight, especially when the two fighters are so evenly balanced. Attacking one way, she left a breast exposed to tempt Peaches' fingers, and then she slipped behind Peaches, sliding her legs around her and having both breasts at her mercy.

Neither fighter was too keen on receiving the strap-on at the end and they had been showing us a willingness to fight harder to avoid it. Cream now applied her fingers around Peaches' nipples, with the avowed intent of causing some pain. She had realised that the breasts were too big to squeeze painfully without losing grip because of the slippery mud, but the nipples were another thing. Over the previous ten minutes she had been pinching and pulling the nipples which were nice and long and hard. Peaches had more recently been treating hers in a similar manner and they were equally long and hard but, more to the point, they were pressing into Peaches' back, making them protected.

During the second round Cream's guerrilla attacks had been designed to annoy, rather than really cause pain. Now that they were at the critical moment in the fight other tactics were needed and Cream's manipulation of Peaches' nipples showed none of the friendliness that had hitherto characterized their time together.

The pain coming from her chest obviously told Peaches the same thing. Cream had protected her body from counter attack, and there was only one thing that Peaches could reach and that was hair. Cream had put her hair into a plait to limit the possibility of it constantly filling her eyes with mud and Peaches hauled on this plait which quickly unseated Cream.

Peaches hadn't expected the speed of Cream's reaction. Grabbing Peaches' shorter but loose hair in both hands she forced Peaches' head back onto the ring. Holding the hair with one hand she shot a hand between Peaches' legs and dug her fingers into Peaches' pussy. Peaches squealed and quickly agreed to Cream's proposal that hair pulling cease forthwith, at which point Cream stopped torturing her pubes.

A few more nipple tweaks were exchanged before Cream changed tactics and gave Peaches' bum a series of resounding slaps. We could see on Peaches' face the thought that she would do likewise. Even as she moved into a position where she could redden Cream's bum, she found that Cream was not where she had expected and seconds later she could no longer see Cream, as her face was enveloped under that bum that she had been seeking to slap.

We had to appreciate the way in which Cream had developed through her fight and how she had read Peaches' intentions. Peaches writhed this way and that, but Cream was determined and the fight was soon over.

As we found the strap-on, Cream asked for a bucket of water and she then soaped the mud away from Peaches' sex. When we came back with the strap-on Peaches eyed it rather anxiously and then announced to Cream that she should be careful what she did with it. Playing along Cream asked her rather innocently why. We clearly caught on camera Peaches' reply that she would insist on a rematch with the same forfeit for the loser. We obligingly confirmed that we would be delighted to organize it!

Once Peaches was clean enough for Cream's taste she was laid back in the mud and Cream went to work with her tongue and mouth, showing us just what taste she had in mind.

I don't know whether Peaches really needed preparing, but Cream's oral ministrations, went some way to establishing the more-friendly relations they had enjoyed earlier. When she deemed Peaches ready she firstly made Peaches lubricate the strap-on with her mouth and then she slid it deep inside Peaches in the missionary position. Holding herself initially on her knees she dolloped mud onto Peaches' breasts and began caressing them in a way that made me wish I had been in Peaches' place.

Taking her weight on her arms she began a more organized fuck, even as she continued playing with those mud-festooned tits. It didn't take long before Peaches had an orgasm, but clearly Cream had no intention of stopping. Withdrawing she made Peaches kneel, with her hands on the ground.

Taking a handful of mud, Cream slapped it onto the upraised bum, drawing it towards the bum hole with her hands Carefully avoiding actually penetrating Peaches, she did, however, encourage the ooze to slide into the bum hole.

Easily sliding into Peaches' vagina, Cream began to milk those dangling adornments on Peaches' chest. Those movements seemed to give each as much pleasure. With Peaches bearing their weight, Cream developed a nice rhythm with her pelvic thrusts and it was clear that Peaches wouldn't long resist what was quite skillfully being done to her.

Cream knew what she was doing and twice she dropped her rhythm, clearly making Peaches wait for her next orgasm. Finally as she judged that time was right she released Peaches' boob with her right hand, slid it between their bodies and plunged a finger deep inside Peaches' arse-hole just as Peaches was about to come. The effect was to produce a heightened orgasm that left us all catching our breaths.

Once she'd forced every last drop of orgasm from Peaches' body, Cream slid out of her and, wrapping her arms around Peaches announced that she was finished.

Peaches reiterated her threats about the next time but it was clear that she was happy that Cream had sought to give her sexual pleasure rather than any form of 'punishment'.

One might have though that Peaches would have had enough sex for some time to come, but the squeals that emanated from the showers after suggested that they may have renewed with their activities of earlier in the evening.