Village games part 2

by Aristocatch

All the women were far too fired up to abandon the event and so it was agreed that play would continue, the teams would change ends and confront each other for a full hour to determine the winner. Lady B pointed out to her team that she had no wish to lose her virtue (again) in public and that they shouldn't lose sight of the objective to score more points that the village team. To complicate matters it was found that the scoring lines had been washed away and so two men were employed as winning posts at each end of the meadow. Given the amount of surface water the distance between them was reduced from the original dimensions.

I have to admit that I rather feared that matters would descend into a generalised brawl that would only get rougher, and give me plenty of work to do and indeed that did initially seem to be the case. As the two onrushing rows of forwards met, they couldn't resist stopping each other in their tracks. Those who remained on their feet began to exchange real blows with a couple of real fist fights starting. Those whose momentum caused them to fall to the ground discovered that they were half under the standing water; even more so those nearest the brook.

Pushing their opponent face first into a puddle of water a handful of competitors left them floundering and began to move towards the defenders protecting the scoring line. Spluttering and coughing out the water those who regained their feet intervened in the fist fights, pulling the combatants to the ground, before heading in turn up-field.

The hamlet's team had changed their tactics, given that the villagers had simply divided their team into attackers and defenders, and sent half their number forward to meet the first wave of attackers. They had then placed a smaller group of lassies just behind the attackers and these were soon in action, stopping the attackers who had extricated themselves from the melee. The villagers had left a considerable distance between attackers and defenders and the hamlet's attackers had this ground to cross before encountering any resistance.

The first village attackers were initially outnumbered and dumped unceremoniously into watery ground, there to have their clothes ripped further, and their bodies generally abused, especially the exposed parts. No boobs were fully covered after the marquee confrontation and these proved easy targets for both sides, even the outnumbered villagers who were pleased to give back some of the pain they were now suffering.

Seeing that they had space, the hamlet attackers who got clear of the village attackers the fastest, slowed their advance, waiting for their teammates to join them and it was as a united mass that they charged the defensive lines.

Two of the larger girls combined forces and literally battered into the defensive line, taking several defenders to the ground with them. Cathy, one of the slighter lasses, skipped through the gap thus created and with only a short distance to cover was over the line and opening the scoring before anyone had time to react. Cathy then had to cross the swollen brook and regain the other end of the meadow on the opposite bank, keeping her out of the game for some time.

The remaining attackers were torn between the desire to fight and the underlying thought that they were supposed to score points. Two principal groups developed with the defenders roughing up the attackers while trying to keep them in place, and the attackers, even though outnumbered fighting back. Staying on one's feet in such wet conditions was difficult and, as the ground became churned up, it got even harder. The battling groups were therefore in two piles on the ground.

When she got free of the village attackers, a tall brunette from the hamlets found herself naked to the waist and rather bruised, but with a free route to the scoring line, between the two battling pockets. She therefore set off at a gentle jog, which was about as fast as the ground would allow.

She was nearly through when one defender spotted her and and launched a desperate movement to try to intercept. As she pitched forward she did manage to get a hand on the brunette's ankle, tipping her forward. The defender was quickly to her knees preparing to jump onto the prone body, but the brunette, as she fell forward, merely surfed on the standing water and slid over the line in a fully prone position!

The village attackers gradually increased in number, until they were more numerous than the hamlet's middle line of defence. A small number of villagers were thus able to extricate themselves from the middle of the meadow and directly attack the last defenders, who finally got into the action.

The fun in the marquee had shown both teams how tender boobs could be and as they were all exposed they became primary targets, which was probably a good thing as it satisfied the sadistic tendencies of the majority, without encouraging more violent forms of attack. Even outnumbered, a boob was generally within reach and capable of giving the outnumbered player a feeling of satisfaction that her aggressors were not escaping unscathed. My fears that the event degenerate into mayhem were being assuaged.

Various forms of combat were taking place all over the meadow. Some looked almost sexy as half-undressed women rolled in muddy water, seemingly having more fun than anything else. In the middle of the meadow trying to sit astride your opponent seemed to be a popular entertainment, with little thought for trying to get away and score. Others were enjoying a stripping battle, trying to rip away sodden material to expose ever more female flesh (much to the pleasure of many of the watchers).

The more violent combats occurred nearest to the scoring line where attackers either tried to separate themselves from defenders to reach the line, or else tried to cause pain and distress to the defenders so that they could get away. Anxious not to concede points the defenders fought hard to tire and fatigue the attackers, the better to keep them under control. It was here that the fighting was real and the pain too. Clothes were ripped here, in an effort to get at more tender body parts and several exposed boobs were quite marked from the handling they had received.

Lady C's number two was only a short distance from the scoring line, but having to defend herself from two of the hamlet's back line, who were gradually shredding away her remaining garments. She had latched onto a small set of boobs and was causing the owner to try to protect herself, rather than attack. The other hamlet girl, however, was only hindered by the Number Two trying to kick her shins. When they finally managed to dump Number Two in a welcoming puddle on of them got hold of her arms, while the smaller-boobed girl briefly got some own back on Number Two's tits, until they both began ripping off Number Two's torn skirt. With her arms free Number Two grabbed at their clothes and had quite some success tearing them off.

Two on one is however always going to favour the two and in due course Number Two's body was made available to everyone's gaze. There was no doubting that she was a handsome woman, and an attractive prize for their Lordships should their team win. Even though their Lordships clearly had designs on that lovely body, the two defenders were determined to leave their mark and they now targeted those boobs and that hairy crotch – pulling hard on those hairs!

Number Two somehow found a way to get through a hole in the smaller-boobed girl's skirt and get a good hold of her privates, causing sufficient discomfort that both girls gave up attacking in order to remove the hand. They were too busy doing this to notice the arrival of another attacker from the village team, who bundled them both off Number two, who seized her chance to cover the short distance to the line and add a point for her team.

Cathy meanwhile had been leading a charmed life. She had voluntarily discarded a skirt which was torn and impeding her movements and, having rejoined the party behind her own line after scoring she had quickly covered the distance to the other end of the meadow, leaving the remains of her top in the hands of the only person who had tried to stop her. Making her way back to the other end of the meadow she encountered Number Two coming the other way. Both were naked, and for some reason both took a disliking to each other. Although they should have continued past each other, each grabbed the other and they fell into the brook where they began to have a merry tussle, right under the eyes of the watchers who were now enjoying the bright sunshine and spread along the bank.

Knee deep in water they they slapped each other's bodies, being knocked off their feet by harder slaps, pulling the other into the water with them, grabbing body parts under the water, jumping up coughing and spluttering and slapping away again. Although Cathy was the slighter she gave as good as she got and their bodies soon reddened from the force of the slaps, even though the pain was deadened by the cold water.

Ladies A & B were in a group that were also in deep water, though nominally on the meadow. They seemed to have no thought about scoring points and were indulged in trying to force heads under the water and keep them there. The group was big enough that there was always someone coming to the rescue before too much harm was done and no one, not even their Ladyships escaped prolonged duckings.

From a viewing point of view the show could not have been better – there was something for everyone and what's more, hairy pussies became visible, as the last of their owners clothes were ripped away. Even the women among the watchers had to admit that there was an added plus when muddied naked lasses were involved.

Although sex had been promised at the expense of the losers, none was currently on show. Nudity yes, but none of the contestants was acting in a sexually provocative manner, or at least they weren't trying to stimulate each other, though I dare say they were having that effect on the public! I would admit that part of me secretly longed to be in the game. This had not been the case during the hamlets' battle, as there injuring each other had been the prime aim. Now the sport was something other. There was some pain, some fighting, but plenty of fun.

All the while this was going on players were periodically managing to escape defenders and cross the line to score points, though quite who was winning I had no idea! There were three men charged with keeping score, which I have no doubt they did correctly, but there was no means at that time to show the score to the public.

Having gained a mutual respect testing each others resilience, both to clawing hands, violent slaps, or being immersed in cold brook, Cathy and Number Two wisely decided enough was enough and they actually hugged each other before going their own ways back to join the main event (much to the disappointment of those who had been cheering them on).

Ladies A & B continued their water battle, ignoring its irrelevance so far as their virtues were concerned. It occurred to me that I hadn't seen Lady C for some time so I looked around to find her. It took a while, as she was in the midst of the defenders trying to stop the hamlets adding to their score. She was in a particularly muddy part of the meadow, and all the mud adhering to her made it difficult to recognise her, and even to see whether she was still clothed. She did have what looked like red streaks down the side of her face but whether it was her blood, someone else's, or some other red colouring I couldn't tell.

It seemed to me that a fair amount of time had elapsed since the game had recommenced, and I was glad to see that fun was still the order of the day. Painful fun, but fun nevertheless. I had no doubt that I would have work to do once the game ended, but no-one had been removed from the meadow needing my urgent attention.

Upon entering the fray, Cathy had come across an older, but still slim villager, who thought that she had escaped the defenders. Cathy brought her down to earth, literally, in a part of the meadow which had seen more or less constant action and which was now a real mudbath. The villager still had some clothing on the lower part of her body and so Cathy hung onto that, to prevent her escaping. Realising that she wasn't going to get out of Cathy's grasp easily without things turning violent, she began heaping mud on Cathy who, I turn, used her free hand to cover the villager. Realising that the villager wasn't trying to get away and then that there was actually no clothing under the remains of the dress, Cathy gave up holding it and instead dolloped a handful of the meadow's best mud right under the skirt!

The villager had been covering Cathy's slim chest, but getting the idea she now treated Cathy's unmentionables to an earlier version of spa treatment. Both rubbed the mud as far into their privates as they could, as well as wherever else they could (breasts, bum etc). This was as sexy as anything we had seen and I suspect that it was sexually arousing to the pair of them. At any event they seemed far to involved seeing just where they could force the sticky mud to seek to further the game!

There were but shreds of garments left, and no-one could hide their blushes – though each was so far involved in the game as to give that no thought at all.

A loud horn called a halt to events and the three controllers announced that there were but ten minutes left and that the hamlets were leading by five points. Both captains called their teams to them and reorganised. The two Ladies allowed those defenders who had as yet not been in attack to advance, but called back the majority of the others to defend their lead.