Village Games part 3
by Aristocatch

Needing to score more to protect her virtue Lady C, a well-rounded quadragenarian, advanced more of her team, leaving the defence to a group who were well tired from constant attacking, led by her Number 2 whose body was marked all over from her various scraps. To be fair all of the woman showed battle scars, excepting those who were covered in mud.

The wet, heavy conditions had tired everyone, and energy levels were quite low. For defenders the idea was clear; they had ten minutes to stop the attackers passing. The attackers could not afford to enter into a scrap, needing simply to cross the line. For this, given that they couldn't simply run around the defenders, this meant breaking the defenders hold on them.

As soon as the signal to begin was given two groups quickly formed. The hamlets had chosen to defend reasonably well advanced from their line, the villagers rather deeper. Around fifteen from each team at the hamlets' end and ten at the other end.

Being a good general Lady C led the attack, until she was pitched head first into muddy water, one of the defenders on her body. One of the villagers neatly sidestepped as two players came to grips, causing a defender to lose her footing as they crashed into her. Another defender set off in hot pursuit, but floundering through mud and water she only managed to catch up just before the line, bringing the villager down just short of her goal. But all her efforts were soon in vain as the attacker pushed her face into the mud and scrambled across the line before the defender had time to clear her vision.

Meanwhile the lass sitting on Lady C realised just who she was sitting on. It wasn't everyday that such a humble person had a real Lady within her grasp and what's more a real lady whose hair-covered mound was exposed to all and sundry. This target was just too tempting and so she seized a good handful of pubes and pulled.

Lady C was a Lady in name, but like Ladies A & B she could be much less ladylike when the occasion demanded. By virtue of having her fingers full of aristocratic thatch the hamlet lass was poorly balanced and Lady C soon tipped her off, quickly showing her just how you treat a woman's tender parts when needs must; going beyond the hairy covering and into more private realms.

The lass squealed, but she had been brought up with warring brothers and knew how to resist a little discomfort. Eschewing hair removal she latched on to the most convenient target – Lady C's generous chest, and more particularly the nipples, with which she pulled the breasts from side to side.

Lady C was not ready to let a humble lass do this to her Lady body and the two rolled around on the ground, one hand between the legs and the other gripping a nipple, each giving as good as she got.

Lady B was arranging the defence, aware of the fact that she hadn't come across Lady C during all of the match. She watched as Lady C and the lass tested each others resilience and decided that she really ought to leave her mark on Lady C. Moving across to where they were, she slid two fingers deep inside Lady C's exposed pussy; thus getting Lady C's full attention.

Lady C politely begged off the continuation of her tussle with the lass and extricating the fingers from her pussy she turned to face her aristocratic counterpart. From where I was I had no idea quite what was said, but I can imagine them sharing a greeting and maybe a few choice comments concerning their less-than-ladylike ways.

It was clear that the two Ladies had business to settle and the other players left them to it.

At the other end of the meadow, Lady A was struggling hard to get clear of a group of players who were massed together, each preventing the others from escaping; just what Number 2 had been trying to organise. All were tussling, but without apparent intent to harm, pulling each other this way and that, but not targeting the nude bodies. They might just as well have been dressed for all the difference that the absence of clothes made.

Back at the other end of the meadow, Ladies B & C were appraising each other, hands on hips, oblivious to the general context. From what the other girls told me after they were commenting on the fact that one or other of their twats would soon be home to a male appendage for which, in their opinions, it was totally inadequate – at least that's the paraphrased version.

Seeing that their teammates had stopped to see what they would do, their Ladyships ordered the girls to get back on with the game, and one sharper-witted villager took advantage of the defenders gawking at aristocratic antics to skip free and across the line.

The two Ladies advanced towards each other and quickly tested the other's resilience by engaging in a tit-tugging tussle from which neither gained much advantage. Nipple twisting soon followed and, even though the nearest girls had nominally resumed combat, they could see the pain in both women's eyes as they tested nipples to their limits. Then the moment arrived that all had waited for – pulling each other to the muddy ground two pairs of aristocratic fingers were unceremoniously shoved into two aristocratic fannies.

Producing sexual stimulation was clearly not the desired aim, merely passing over a taboo and doing to the other what no Lady was supposed to do; indeed what no other woman on the meadow had so far dared to do.

Lady B knew that her husband would hopefully be inserting himself where her fingers were, and Lady C hoped that her stable boy would shortly be doing the same to Lady B. Neither wanted this public humiliation to be aborted due to them having injured said fannies, and so they merely prodded and enlarged the openings, seeing just where they could probe with their digits – rather immune to what the other was doing in their openings.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander, they say. I rather suspect that few of the women on the meadow had ever explored the insides of another's fanny; it not really being the done thing, especially in a rural village community. If their Ladyships allowed themselves such practices and so openly (pun intended), there seemed no reason why others couldn't do likewise.

There wasn't a great deal of fighting involved, as curiosity became the principal motivator and the girls willingly allowed access to their inner parts so long as they were granted access to another's.

I'm sure that all that had gone on, over a prolonged period, must have aroused the sexual instincts in at least some of the players and so, unlike their Ladyships, those probing fingers soon produced odd noises from the fingered which, being easily interpreted, encouraged those fingers to seek how to increase said noises. The points that were now being scored would have no effect on the game.

It was round about now that the signal went for the end of the game and, rather reluctantly, the fingering had to end. The players disentangled themselves and headed slowly towards the marquee to hear the result.

You may think from reading my account that few points had actually been scored. You wouldn't be totally wrong, given how long the game had lasted and how 'simple' it was to score points. However the relative score ten minutes before the end had not changed, and so the Hamlets were proclaimed the winners.

The two winning Ladies asked to see the two young men who might have awaited their defeat. It was difficult to say from their expressions that they were disappointed when the two arrived but I suspect that to be rendered services by those two might not have been an unpleasant experience.

Lady A claimed the winner's rights and announced that the young men wouldn't be left totally without some compensation (though maybe the two Ladies would). She told them to strip which they proved reluctant to do, even seeming to want to flee, but 25 women in the Hamlets' team soon removed any choice in the matter and both young men were soon bollock naked, trying to hide their protuberances.

Lady B lined up her teammates who took it in turn to take their manhoods in hand and see just how long and firm they could be made. Then of course the fun was to see who could be the one to force the manhood to spurt out its contents. The team members were still naked, mud spattered and uninhibited and they allowed themselves to thoroughly enjoy what they were doing in a jocular spirit, making comments about each others technique and the quality of the manhoods. So much so that the boys relaxed and grew even bigger as a result.

When the first shot his load, Lady B waved away any idea of stopping. Indeed she even encouraged any members of the losing team who so wished to join in. Not all did, but half a dozen handmaidens were added to those eagerly awaiting their turn.

Three times each stallion shot his load, before Lady B decided that enough was enough. One hamlet lass having the honour of finishing off both boys and claiming a victory as the champion jerker.

Lords A and B now had the honour of claiming the victory prize. Lady C and Number 2 were taken to the edge of the marquee where a table had been placed. Surprisingly both Lords were now feeling shy about exposing themselves in public. The Champion jerker was invited to discretely prepare them before their lordly parts met the public gaze!

Lady B led Lady A to where the two representatives of the losers were waiting. Sportingly they hugged their erstwhile adversaries in a show that there was no ill-feeling. Encouraging them to bend over the table Lady B showed her sister just what can be done with two digits. Having already explored Lady's C's vagina, she administered to Number 2's, while her sister prepared Lady C.

They made no effort to sexually arouse the losers, but simply to ensure that the passageways were ready for their spouses.

If those spouses could no longer compete with the two recently emptied lads, by the time that the Champion Jerker had discretely done her thing, both were sporting largely adequate hard-ons.

Lady C was a not unattractive lady with maybe a few pounds too many and most men would not have rejected the chance to be intimate with her. Number 2 however was probably the most attractive women present, and so the two husbands agreed that they would take it in turns shafting both women.

Aided by the Champion Jerker they took their places behind the losers and very easily buried their manhoods to the hilt, as the two women bent forth over the table.

Given that the game had been played in good spirits, and that no-one had been severely injured, there was no reason for the two men to want to humiliate the losers, other than by the public sexual encounter that had been set as the forfeit for losing. They had therefore agreed while being prepared that they would take their time and enjoy the pleasures on offer rather than shag their victims 'like wild dogs' as they may have done had the game been violent and unpleasant.

After both had humped for a couple of minutes they withdrew. The two losers remained bent over the table, waiting for what was to come, but their Lordships encouraged them to turn round and lie on their backs. Changing partners they slid into those warm recesses where so recently their fellow Lord had been. The change of positions meant that both losers' bosoms were now visible and available, even though both were heavily marked from the treatment they had received on the meadow.

Humping from a standing position, both men began kneading those boobs in the manner of men given manna from heaven – ie roughly and with scant regard for the sensations given to the women. Seeing that this hurt, however, both quickly adjusted their technique, giving themselves pleasure without giving too much discomfort to the women (they might even have given pleasure had those boobs not been so abused as to be temporarily incapable of giving any).

This was public sex and as such far from the realms of what usually went on in our part of the woods. It didn't seem too shocking though for reasons I have already cited and the two losers took it in good spirits, even moving their bodies to answer the thrusts of the men.

At the next change Lord A helped Number 2 off the table and led her across the brook into the meadow. Finding a part that was wet, but not under water, he laid her down on the muddy grass, before sliding back into her. Lord B, not to be outdone, did the same with Lady C.

A crowd now gathered around them, as girls and villagers pushed forward to get a better look.

Number 2, having no husband present, became emboldened by the gentle nature of the sex that was being thrust upon her and wrapping her arms around Lord A, she rolled him over until she was on top, clearly fucking him! This was perhaps not the best thing to do, as the idea of the forfeit was just that, and if the loser appeared to be fucking the winner, there was something wrong. Lord A quickly rolled her back over and, encouraged by something she said in his ear, allowed her to make them roll over several times, scattering the crowd and covering them both in mud.

Lady C went even further. Picking Lord B up she dumped him into the muddiest bit of ground she could find and then encouraged him to indulge in rubbing mud into each other in a manner which he visibly found most arousing.

Having changed partners again, Lady C carried on with her muddy ministrations, no doubt finding that the cool mud soothed her sore boobs.

Clearly this was no more winners and losers, but a consensual bout of intercourse between now-willing adults.

When Lord B shot his load into Number 2, he seemed ready to stop, but his wife was having none of it. The Champion Jerker was summoned and, by the time the next change of partners came about, he was ready to take his place within Lady C.

Lord A wasn't long behind Lord B in coming, ensuring that Number 2's twat was well filled with the proof of their activities. Once again the Champion Jerker came into action to ensure that he could continue.

Having recently come and not being as young as they once were, both of their Lordships took longer to come the second time and some of the audience had started drifting away. Lord B was enjoying the favours of Lady C in a fairly insipid manner when she began to exalt him to increase his work rate and the force of his thrusts (my words, not those she actually used). As he tried to comply she began thrusting against him in a most unladylike manner. Her words and the increased level of action was enough to encourage some of the public to return. When he came it was as a rampant stag and not a wearied warrior!

Number 2 was also being less than used by Lord A and she was keeping an eye on Lady B, not missing what was going on. Once Lord B had collapsed exhausted across the body of Lady C, Number 2 said something in the ear of Lord A who then allowed her to rotate their positions. This proved to his pleasure as, while supporting himself on his arms he had been unable to enjoy other than just the view of Number 2's bosom. Freed from such restraints he was able to play with those boobs that so fascinated him to his heart's content. As he did so it was Number 2 who took command, controlling the rhythm by her movements up and down his shaft. There were those who felt a pang of jealousy for her husband, who was the most regular benefactor of the prowess that she now demonstrated where not only did she dictate terms to Lord A, but clearly in a way that advantaged her as much as possible!

Once Number 2 had ridden Lord A to the obvious conclusion and even his hands were lowered by his sides, Number 2 stretched out an arm and took Lady Cs hand in an early indication of female solidarity.

That might have been that, except that it was now a lovely warm sunny late afternoon. Lady C showing her real mettle invited the women from her team to take the victorious women into the brook to help them wash the dirt off. She even suggested that any other womenfolk present could join them if they so wished.

A group of lads indicated their wish to join in, but they were sent a bit further down stream on their own, where they were quickly joined by a handful of village women (of all ages).

Lord C was regretting his choice. Not that he minded too much seeing his wife shagged, after all it was something he himself rarely did, but after all he had witnessed he was actually feeling randy. His wife asked of the Champion Jerker as to whether she could be of any help and she was only too willing to protect her new-found status, much to Lord C's pleasure as I later learned when she told us all about it.

I applied ointments to a couple of fairly minor injuries and then accepted the invitation of the patients to join them in the brook which was quite cool and flowing with a certain debit. It didn't seem in the slightest bit wrong to divest myself of my garments.

All three Ladies and Number 2 were also bathing in the stream, like so many mermaids. Barriers between the two sides had gone and hands now rubbed away mud from bodies that they had earlier been assaulting, lingering in certain parts.

Don't get me wrong, there was no orgy going on. Merely women exploring each others bodies, more openly than they had ever felt able to do in the past. The cold water caused nipples to harden and attract fingers. Others, who had not done so during the game (and even those who had) wanted to find out what having a finger inside one's vagina felt like, or what it felt like inside someone else's inner recesses. Orgy no, mass groping yes, which was probably even more sexy.

Not all the girls wanted to explore other girls, and some wandered off to where the lads were bathing, there to test the hardness, length and stamina of those manhoods.

With all the bonhomie now surrounding us, it was agreed that we would stay another night, and later that evening team members were sent off to various dwellings. A happy event in Hamlet B nine months later suggested that not all had gone merely to sleep!

It finally remains for me to add that, before we left, it was being proposed that the event become annual, with their Ladyships putting their fannies on the line each time. Given the post match antics it was even suggested that the forfeit could be extended further – but only time will tell on that!