Su's Stopover : 1 - The nut-cracker suite
by Aristocatch

Su was an air hostess, flying mostly long-haul flights for one of the major airlines. She was Eurasian, giving her an exotic European look that always attracted attention. Her parents had named her Suriya, but she preferred to stick to the diminutive, Su.

Flying long haul made for stopovers, when the crew were put up in hotels, awaiting an onward flight a day later. This gave a chance to visit many wonderful locations in the world, but also to find ways to pass the time.

Some months back crews from two rival airlines were staying in the same hotel, which was very nice, but rather remote from any town or entertainment centre and the stewardesses from both companies had gone drinking together. One thing led to another and they all ended up back in one bedroom for a bit of pushing and shoving to prove which company was better; nothing very serious, but it set the tone.

The next time two crews from the same airlines shared the hotel, things were a bit more organised in advance, and a structured 'wrestling' competition took place to declare the winning company. For wrestling it might be more appropriate to read 'catfight', though given the requirements of their jobs all were careful to avoid any visible damage. Stewardesses with black eyes were bad for business!

This type of event gradually became standard, with other airlines entering into competition and, it also became increasingly uninhibited.

On the occasion that I am about to relate, Su was at the hotel with other members of her crew, and a crew from another airline were also there. Su knew all about the hotel challenge, though she had not yet taken part in it. She was fully expecting to come to grips with other hostesses, and that it could be painful. But you don't become a stewardess if you don't like a challenge and trying out new experiences, and she was looking forward to doing things she had never done before to a member of a rival company.

When they checked in there was a surprise for them. A member of the hotel staff asked to speak with them, and proposed a modification to their usual agenda. Members of the hotel staff had put together a team, and wished to challenge the combined air hostesses team, and they wished for two stewards to be included. This was indeed a change as, up until then, it had always been women only.

A ground-floor suite, which was set apart from the main hotel building, was unoccupied and the staff proposed to hold the challenge there. Six stewardesses and two stewards made their way to the suite at the appointed hour to be met by an equivalent number of hotel employees and several other workers at the hotel who were disappointed not to be included, but had come to watch anyway.

The tone was set when it was proposed that the 'penalty' for losing would be sexual and, in particular, the two men from the winning team would be allowed to fuck the women from the losing team. The chance was given for anyone not prepared to go that far to back out, but none did.

On the basis that there is no pleasure without pain, the men would not have things their own way!

Everyone stripped down to their underwear. Seeing that three of the women were not wearing bras, the others followed suit. There were seven female hotel employees watching who, initially, remained fully clothed. Spurred on by one of those chosen for the challenge they gradually stripped off as well. The effect on the four men present was evident.

As everyone knows stewardesses are generally attractive with little excess weight. Wearing only knickers this was duly confirmed. The hotel staff showed more variations in size and, indeed, in colour as they also came from all over the world. Nineteen bared pairs of boobs in one room, was any man's delight and this was bulgingly apparent!

A warm-up was planned where the men were to be the targets. They were none too happy to learn their fate, even though they were encouraged to believe that more pleasurable rewards were on the cards for later.

A member of each female team was chosen and they were positioned between the two men, who were standing. Quite simply each had to get past the other and squeeze the balls of the opposing male sufficiently hard to register a victory. Each women would get one go, which meant the men would be exposed three times!

Su was chosen to go second, so she watched the first fight carefully. Her teammate, from the rival airline as it happened, was tall and slim. Her opponent shorter and stockier. Initially they tried outflanking each other, without coming into contact, darting this way and that, arms outstretched blocking the passage.

The stewardess feinted to her right, and went left. Her move was well timed and she initially looked as if she might get clear, until a very effective rugby-style tackle crashed her to the floor. She withstood the impact well, having the reflex to wrap her arms and legs around her opponent, thus preventing her getting away and having a clear run to her target.

They grappled on the floor and the stewardess managed to roll them over so she was on top. Now it was the hotel employee's turn to seek to maintain the stewardess, all the while trying to regain top position.

They rolled over twice more, gradually getting nearer the hotel's male employee. His colleague was on top, but she couldn't free herself from the hostess's arms and she began to get frustrated. Her one free hand seized and squeezed airline boob and when the hostess refused to release her she tried a knee in the crotch. The first was off target, but the second hit home and the stewardess released her hold, seeking to protect her crotch.

Briefly the hotel employee was free, but she quickly noticed the much greater distance she had to cover, compared to the stewardess. Even allowing that the stewardess was temporarily preoccupied, there was no guarantee that she would reach the steward first. Her reluctance was palpable as, instead of sprinting to her target, she began trying to pull the hostess away from her colleague.

Given time to recover the stewardess proved very adept at sweeping her opponent's legs out from under her. Revenge seemed to dictate her actions as she dived over the prone body to take hotel boobs in hand. The hotel employee was quick to reply and they both sought to squeeze breasts.

When the hotel employee realised that the hostess's hand was heading between her legs, she was very quick to break away from boob molesting, to remove her nether regions from within range.

They faced each other, on their knees, trying to think of how to put their opponent out of action for long enough to emasculate their target. There was a temporary pause with no action and then they slowly advanced towards each other. Their arms snaked around their heads, pulling the heads down, as each tried to force the other under her body.

They shuffled on their knees trying to improve their positions, with neither really achieving much – using up energy without any productive result.

You may recall that the stewardess was the taller of the two, and this finally counted in her favour as her knee to body length was greater and so she was able to exert greater pressure. Her opponent finally pitched forward under her body and the stewardess was off. She had reached the male hotel employee before her opponent had got into a position where she could see the denouement.

Without being unduly violent the air hostess got a handful of male testicles, through his underwear, and she squeezed them enough until he sunk to his knees in a sign of defeat.

Su was ready. Her body size fitted her Asian ancestry, but her boobs were more European. She was certainly pretty fully clothed, and even better partially undressed. Her opponent looked as if she was probably from the Philippines, and she was of a very similar size. Her breasts were also generous compared to her frame.

Unlike the first fight where there was no pre-fight contact between the fighters, the Filipino insisted on shaking Su's hand and telling her that she was called Maria.

The other two men got into place and the women lined up with their backs to their teammate. At the signal to start Maria lowered her shoulder and charged.

Su was not as fragile as she looked. She had grown up with two brothers and had taken judo lessons. She was not overawed by the charging Maria, and she simply used Maria's forward momentum to pitch Maria onto the floor. They were both rather nearer the steward however, and so Su couldn't simply jog across to Maria's teammate. She therefore sat on Maria's back, put her hand under Maria's chin and began pulling Maria's head up from the floor, making Maria arch her back.

In case you get the wrong impression from my description of Su, she was no delicate porcelain princess. Having seen how the women had mistreated each other in the first fight she knew what was likely coming her way before the day was out. Indeed she had heard tell of previous contests between flight crews when, because they had to avoid each others faces and hair, they showed no mercy to more private body parts, knowing that flight uniforms would hide any marks.

Even if Maria seemed nice, she felt sure that if she let her, Maria wouldn't shrink from any move that allowed her to win. She was therefore determined to seize any opportunity to mark her territory and besides which, that was what she had come for after all.

As she pulled Maria's head up, so Maria's breasts were raised off the floor and Su changed her hold to get her hands over both of them. Her arms held Maria up while her fingers kneaded breast flesh – which she found most satisfying.

Maria tried hard to unseat her, and Sue was not able to be as hard as she would have liked, needing to limit what her fingers were doing, to avoid losing her position.

This was actually tiring, as her arms were supporting Maria's upper body weight, so Su let her drop to the floor, by releasing her hands. Su wanted Maria the other way up and Maria kindly obliged by spinning over as soon as Su allowed her to. Settling on Maria's midriff Su couldn't resist having another squeeze of those boobs, even though she knew that this would provide Maria with an opening.

Sure enough Maria's hands reached out for Su's chest and rather than squeezing she latched onto the flesh around the nipple and she pulled the boobs forward and down, but without any real violence in her gesture. Su was smart enough to recognise this and she read it to be Maria's desire for them to play with each other for a bit, which is just what they did.

Su made little attempt to cause Maria more pain through her boobs, and Maria amused herself with Sue's tits. After a while Maria sought out Su's nipples, teasing them to hardness and greater length between her fingers. This being to Su's liking she did likewise and the two men were treated to a sexy little display as they waited to find out whose balls were to be clamped.

They couldn't stay there all day and it was Maria who suggested that they change tack, telling Su oh so very nicely that she fully intended to cause more pain to Su's pussy before she savaged the steward. The result was that Su pulled Maria's arms up above her head, until she was able to hold them both with one hand. Her free, right hand, then latched on to Maria's nipple with a painful intent that had not been present before.

Even as she did so she leaned forward and quickly kissed Maria on the lips before Maria could squeal in pain from having her nipple twisted.

Su had known that she couldn't spend the afternoon sat on Maria and that, at some time things had to develop. Develop now they did as Maria summoned up a burst of energy and Su was forced to release both hands to maintain her balance.

Finally Maria was free and she literally launched herself at Su. Both knew what was coming next and Su was determined to keep the upper hand, which she did grabbing Maria's pussy through her panties. She didn't have time to gloat as Maria went one better and thrusting her hand inside Su's panties she tugged on pussy lips. Su was grateful that, having heard stories of what the stewardesses did to each other, she had carefully removed all the hairs which might otherwise have been forcibly plucked!

Neither maintained her hold for more than a couple of seconds. Maria got Su onto her back, facing down Su's body and leaned forward to reach under the waistband and latch her fingers onto Su's pussy. In so doing she had to raise her bum up off Su, allowed Sue to pull Maria's panties aside and directly pinch and pull labia.

They pulled away at each others privates, but more in fun than in anger until Su decided that enough was enough. Maria was far too busy to react when Su stopped tugging on her, and before she could do anything Su had pulled her back and, once she was flat on Su's body, latched once more onto Filipino boobs.

It didn't take Maria long to spin over and then they both boob bashed, a little harder than before, but not with intent to do each other much damage. They even indulged in a little game of nipple elongating until Maria thrust their arms aside and pulled her body chest to chest with Su, so that their heads came close.

Maria asked Su how they were going to end this, given that neither wanted to be overly rough with the other. Although they had rolled this way and that, they were pretty much half way between the two men. Su suggested they get to their feet and try to tip the other over. This they did and for a couple of further minutes stalemate ensued as neither succeeded in putting the other on the floor.

Finally Maria lost her footing, partially, and Su was off across the floor. Her victim watched her coming, stoically awaiting his fate. He didn't have long to wait as Su soon had his balls in hand, gripping them through the material of his pants.

Maria had a low sense of balance and she was quickly back on the balls of her feet, sprinting in the direction of the steward.

Su was sufficiently aware of Maria's athletic capacities to keep an eye on what she was doing. Seeing Maria reach the steward before her victim had capitulated there was only one thing for it. The poor hotel employee had to suffer more and Su upped the pressure on his balls, until he dropped to the ground in pain. Maria had time to give the steward something to remember her by, but in a spirit of fair play released her grip as soon as she saw that she had lost.

The hotel employee had time to recover as, his colleagues won the next two rounds, allowing the stewards to sample what having your balls in a vice feels like. The fifth stewardess triumphed, and the sixth lost, but by a split second as it became a case of which man collapsed to the ground first!

With the exception of the four men, everyone seemed quite happy that the result was tied. One of the remaining fights had been quite violent, but the other three had followed Su and Maria's example of laying down markers for later and feeling up each others bodies, rather than trying to hurt them.

As there were no winners to reward, it was proposed that all four men be thanked for their cooperation. Volunteers were called for and their number exceeded requirements which ensured that each man was given a nice blow job to help him recover.