Su's Stopover – part 2 : the water babies
by Aristocatch

Apparently the room needed preparing, and so two of the hotel staff gave the six stewardesses towels and led them outdoors, to a children's pool where the water was about 18 inches deep. They explained that, as the stewardesses had come expecting to confront each other, their wish was about to be granted.

There would be three individual bouts where a stewardess from one airline would confront a stewardess from the other with the objective of forcing her head under the water for a count of three.

A couple of the women tested the water and proclaimed it not to be too cold.

Su was paired with a very black stewardess from the other airline, who was so good looking that she could have cured anyone of racist feelings all on her own! (unless they came from jealousy). The black girl turned out to be called Dawn and she and Su were the first on.

They climbed into the pool and following instructions knelt opposite each. On the command to splash they playfully splashed water all over each other until they were dripping wet, their underwear sodden and largely transparent.

On the command 'fight' they moved forwards pushing and pulling at each other. Their teammates yelled encouragements. Both were robust in their approaches, and their hands made loud noises against the wet skin as they tried to gain a significant hold.

Dawn wasn't ready for the 'game' to last too long, and she deliberately splashed a large quantity of water into Su's eyes. Losing her vision Su didn't see Dawn duck her head, seize Su's feet and pull them forward, forcing Su onto her back in the water. After that it was simple for Dawn to plunge her body over Su forcing her head under the surface and keeping it there until Su was counted out.

As soon as victory was announced Dawn pulled Su up from under the water, coughing and spluttering, and she would indeed have helped Su from the pool had their hosts not instructed them to stay there. They announced that Su had to pay a forfeit for losing and instructed Dawn to remove her sodden panties. They told her that she had to rub her butt all over Su's face. Judging by the way that Dawn went about her business, humbling a rival stewardess seemed much to her liking.

Poor Su had Dawn's butt forced over her nose and mouth and Dawn rubbed Su's face harshly. The hosts weren't finished as they then made Su lick Dawn's bumhole.

Finally Su was offered the chance of double or quit. Either she could stop there, or she could fight Dawn for five minutes in the water with one objective, put her finger there where her nose had been. Of course Dawn would also be trying to do the same.

The stewardesses had arrived at the hotel expecting a battle with their competitors. Being offered such a battle Su was not about to say 'no', despite the rules.

Dawn's face suggested that she was delighted that Su had agreed and that she was looking forward to doing nasty things to Su's rather cute rear end!

There was nothing ladylike about what followed. They literally hurled themselves at each other, fighting like wild animals. Su's pride was at stake, and there was no way that she was going out without leaving her mark on Dawn. After all stewardesses have certain standards to live up to!

Both found themselves plunged under the water, both rolled clear, spat water out of their mouths and attacked again. Su was so pleased when one of her fingers slid deep inside Dawn's rear passage, even more so that she heard Dawn make an audible noise of displeasure. Certainly she had already felt one of Dawn's fingers prodding at her rear entrance, but the finger hadn't gone far in, and certainly hadn't been painful.

Once they had both been penetrated they lost the fear factor – it may not have been that pleasant, but it wasn't that bad after all and both attacked all out, without seeking to guard their own sanctity. Su felt the difference between a prod and a full insertion. Dawn felt what it was like to have Su's finger moving her body by pressure from within her anus. Both felt what it was like to have a finger within them, while their own finger was within the other.

Five minutes passed very quickly and quite rightly when their hosts ended the combat, the lady who had refereed lifted the arms of both contestants, while all those watching applauded them. Su felt redeemed and, even if she couldn't claim victory over Dawn she had the next best thing – the respect of all the others. Pity she had to have sore bum to go with it, though the water had limited the consequences.

Although Dawn had fingered her as hard as she had fingered Dawn it was in a spirit of fair play. Two athletes testing each other while scrupulously sticking to the rules.

Knowing what was potentially coming, the other two fights were much longer and rougher than Su's with hair being used as a lever, despite it normally being out of bounds. The taller blond was particularly harsh on her slightly shorter opponent from Su's airline and even if their water fight lasted much longer she was very much on top and Su's colleague got to get several mouthful of water before she was finally held under long enough to lose. She opted against double or quit.

The third fight was more even, and eventually won by Su's colleague of Indian extraction. Dawn's colleague opted for double or quit and a very spiteful five minutes followed where drowning seemed to count for as much as digital impaling. There was considerable bad blood, so much so that they had to be forcefully separated at the end. Su realised that certain stories she had heard of previous encounters between flight crews might not have been that exaggerated.