Su's stopover part three : the oil slick
by Aristocatch

All six of the airline staff were by now naked, and draping towels around their middles they accompanied the hotel staff back to the suite where the final part of the evening's encounter was to take place. There they found that a tarpaulin had been added, covering most of the flooring. A more senior, lady manager from the hotel had arrived to MC events and that much thinking had been going on.

The manager explained that the staff had been preparing things for some time and had thought up a variety of “totally depraved ways” (her words) to force everyone to go way beyond what they had done before, in a variety of ways. However seeing the animosity between the flight crews they had decided to slightly modify plans. As it happened the hotel staff came from two separate parts of the hotel and they now proposed that each airline combine with staff from one part of the hotel so that the stewardesses could continue confronting each other. After the paddling pool no-one was opposed to this idea. The manager added that each would be subjected to both sexual and physical assaults and if anyone wasn't prepared for that they could back out now (she had hotel staff who were willing to take their place).

No-one backed out.

They soon found out why the tarpaulin had been installed. The hotel wanted to make sure that however 'depraved' the actions were, they would do a minimum amount of damage to those involved. Lubrication in the form of oil was the best solution.

To avoid events degenerating (too fast), it was suggested that Su's colleagues took to the tarpaulin, along with the opposing hotel staff, which group included Maria. The stewardesses were all naked once they had removed their towels and the three hotel employees wasted no time revealing their all. All six were given bottles of oil and encouraged to squeeze them generously over the bodies of the three members of the opposing team.

When they were done the bottles with some oil still remaining were given to the spectators with instructions to make sure that no-one dried out. Much to the participants' surprise, they were then asked to have a merry roll around with each other, ensuring that all parts of the body were soaked in oil.

Six most attractive ladies rolled around on the floor, taking every chance to bring their hands into contact with boobs, pussies et al. The oil had to be rubbed in, so this meant some prolonged contact. Nipples had to be extended to ensure full coverage. Pussies had to be gently opened up, to make sure that inner recesses were not ignored. Much the same for bums.

Without prior discussion the six participants made sure that they anointed each of their three opponents, and what of it if they occasionally ensured that their own partners were not ignored. Su and Maria massaged each other just as nicely as in their earlier 'fight', though Su had no doubt that they could become less gentle later if so required.

The other two members of the hotel staff included an Asian with small breasts (Korean as it later transpired), and a white-skinned redhead of Irish descent, whose hair quite changed colour when matted with oil. Trish, as she told Su, was spending a while working at the hotel to pay for her to continue on around the world.

You will have gathered that the oil cavorting was a most agreeable interlude.

Su had become a stewardess to see the world and widen her horizons. She had indeed done both, making the most of being a long way from home to test various experiences that she might not have tried in her own town. She was essentially heterosexual, but having often been on stopovers with a female flight crew of whom the majority were attractive, she had from time to time enjoyed female flesh. She had been ready to try most things and after a while in the job, she had experienced quite an array!

Rolling around on an oiled tarpaulin with five other women might not count among her previous experiences, but it wasn't so outrageous either.

Once they were sufficiently oiled, it was the turn of the other six contestants, who went about oiling each other in the same lighthearted manner.

When everyone was ready the lady manager tossed a coin which determined that Su's team would be the attackers in the first event – a relay game. Quite simply it would be the women's job to hold down a member of the other team while one of the men from her team could penetrate her. The defending women could defend themselves, until they were penetrated, at which point it was proposed that, to avoid injury, they 'enjoy' the experience. Each man would carry out ten thrusts. He would then go on to another women. When each woman had been thus penetrated by both men, the time would stop. The idea was that the team who gratified the opposing women in the least time won.

Some of the watching women kindly helped prepare the two men and cover their hard-ons with a condom. Then the game began.

The tarpaulin was, of course, well covered in oil, which made standing up difficult. Su and her Indian colleague quickly got hold of Dawn and managed to hold her down until their male steward managed with considerable difficulty to get across the floor to them. Su opened Dawn up with her fingers so that the steward slid effortlessly into her. Su and her Indian colleague then began stimulating Dawn's breasts as the steward pumped away the requisite number of times. This had nothing to do with the rules, but was more of a nice touch, perhaps making the experience more pleasurable for Dawn.

The rules dictated that they couldn't hold Dawn in place while the male hotel worker took over and so they released her, deciding to stay with the steward to combine their efforts.

One of the hotel workers was grappling on the ground with Trish not far away, and it was simple to slide over there. Three on one, even with the oil making things difficult, was overwhelming odds and so soon Trish's pussy was tasting cock.

It appeared as if Trish was to the steward's taste and he rather took his time enjoying carnal relations with her, though his teammates encouraged him to stop once his goal as per the games rules had been achieved.

He still had to test the insides of four other women but his efforts were initially blocked by Dawn and Trish who set up a block between his three female colleagues and their other targets, knowing that they risked nothing further from him. The five women wrestled in the oil while the steward waited, which at least increased his chances of not losing his erection by coming, which would have blighted his teams chances.

It took the hotel employee finishing with Maria, which allowed his minders to enter the fray and immobilize Trish. The hotel employee replaced the steward between Trish's legs, while Su and her colleagues quickly overpowered the blond stewardess. The blond was a pretty lady, but she had a certain haughty air which has already been noted, which seemed to encourage the steward to be less gentle with her, and his balls slapped against her thighs as his body powered in to her. It should perhaps be noted that she seemed to appreciate this harder treatment, moving her body to meet his thrusts.

Maria was the next to benefit from the steward's attention, after a brief tussle with Su who had tried to get her ready for the steward as quickly as possible after he had finished with the blond. Su had quite enjoyed the tussle where the oil had made retaining hold of someone for any length of time rather a lottery.

Two to go. The last stewardess who had had the rough fight with the Indian stewardess, and the member of the hotel staff with the biggest tits among those taking part.

The two men finished at virtually the same time, which meant that all of the women were free at once and the defending team put up some resistance, creating several skirmishes which were good humoured in nature, but which delayed any further ladies feeling the gentlemen's kind attentions.

The hotel worker with the biggest chest was the fifth to be counted, and the steward showed some interest in her chest, giving it a good grope as he went about his business. No sooner had he finished than the last stewardess was ready. Carole by name, from the States with some latin blood in her, even though she was by no means a latino to look at. She moved her body against the steward to such an extent that he shot his load just before finishing the required number of thrusts.

The male hotel worker had finished just before and even as the time was being noted, Carole was milking the steward of all his condom could hold with a look in her eyes which suggested that it wasn't just being kind to the steward. It didn't escape Su's attention and she reckoned that Carole might be someone to reckon with later.

After a brief break the roles were reversed. The two other men were got ready, a bit of fresh oil was skirted around and Su and her team prepared to be fucked. Su didn't have long to wait as she was the first to be seized, her legs were spread and the second hotel worker quickly shafted her. Too quickly really as she was barely getting used to his thrusts when he had finished.

The attacking team were well organised and, almost as soon as he had pulled out of her, his cock was tasting Indian flesh.

Once released Su had to decide what to do. She had wanted to set up a defence with others from her team to delay the attackers getting fresh victims ready, but the attackers were ready and she was pulled to the ground by Carole with the evident intent of keeping her out of the way.

Su tried several times to break free, but each time Carole managed to grab an ankle or an arm and haul her back. Something must have been said that Su didn't hear because Carole held her tighter and she was joined by Maria. Maria held her arms and Carole pulled her legs up in the air. Instantly her insides were filled by steward cock which pounded her at a frantic speed; too fast, or too short to really enjoy. And then it was finished.

Su had no more reason to try to protect herself, and she quickly realised that the attacking team were well organised, giving the defenders no time to employ delaying tactics. Su did what she could pulling attacking girls away and sometimes briefly grappling, but she almost felt that the attackers were superior in number; the two men seemed to be permanently inside one or other of her team.

Very quickly it seemed the last two women were feeling the treatment and there was nothing left to fight for. The men must have known that they had plenty of time to spare to finish quicker than the other team and they slowed their actions allowing both to come.

There was little need to check the times to know that Su's team had lost.

A forfeit was demanded. Su and her two colleagues were sat down facing the three hotel workers who were in their team. Double ended dildos were produced, lubricated and then inserted to join the pairings who were then obliged to put on a show for the raucous victors (and the audience) who informed them in very graphic terms as to what they should do.

The manager called out that there were two minutes left, and the victorious team came up behind the pairings and began caressing their breasts in as provocative a manner as possible, trying hard to force the women to come. One of the hotel workers couldn't avoid it, much to the great pleasure of the winners. Su would have to admit that, had they carried on much longer she too would have added to their pleasure and she was sure that she was not the only one.

There may have been a combative edge to events, but there was also a sexy one. She had 'willingly' accepted being fucked by two men and, even if both times were short and sweet, it was nevertheless sex. That was followed by another women sharing a dildo with her and they had been 'forced' to try to force it ever further into the other, who was of course trying to do the same in reverse. The stimulus to her insides was therefore intense, even if seeing three pairs of sexy naked women sliding towards each other along lubricated shafts would not have been enough on its own. And events were only just beginning!