Su's stopover part four : what a shower!
by Aristocatch

Each member of each team was given a number. Su was number three. A dice was thrown and numbers 4 and 5 came up. Two girls from each team were selected and led away for what was described as the shower game though, as Su discovered later, game may not have been the most apt of words.

The fact that four of the twelve were gone didn't mean that events ceased. The Manager explained that during the 'shower game' there would be an ongoing sexfight. The dice would determine who took part, and also how many people.

Su's team won the toss to go first and the dice came up two, which was one of the local women who worked at the hotel. She then had to throw the dice, which came up four. This number was divided by two, which meant that she would have to fight against two opponents at once! The dice was thrown again to determine who. The answer was Trish and Maria.

The manager explained that this 'sexfight' would continue for some time, but that each 'bout' would not exceed five minutes, or three if it was one against three.

The hotel worker tried to slide away across the tarpaulin, but she was quickly caught hold of by Trish. Maria took charge of holding her body on the floor, while Trish set to playing with her pussy. As each girl had been penetrated twice by the men, there was no problem getting them prepared and so Trish was able to quickly get a finger into her vagina. Once Maria felt she had her subdued she was able to begin playing with her breasts.

Five minutes went very quickly and then the other team had to throw the dice. This time it was the hotel worker with the larger chest who was designated. She then threw a two, which meant that she would be in a one-on-one sexfight, against the Indian lady as it turned out. This was quite a different proposition. The two chose to make it a fight, and instead of a pseudo orgy they slid around trying to rub each others pussies or breasts. Thanks to the oil making holds difficult, they both spent a fair amount of the five minutes rubbing each others bodies.

The dice chose the shorter stewardess from Su's airline who had chosen not to play double or quits with the blond stewardess and, unfortunately for her she threw a six! It is fair to say that she was well fucked literally all over, but she seemed to quite enjoy it, and those doing the fucking did so in a spirit of seeking to maximise her stimulation, there being no need to actually fight.

There was time for one more contest before the four from the shower game returned. Su at last got in on the game, with the shorter stewardess, who had to pick herself up and hold Maria in place while Su thoroughly enjoyed licking and fingering Maria's pussy. Five minutes was definitely far too short, even more so when Su's number came up for the shower game. By chance she was again paired with the shorter stewardess against Trish and Carole.

They were taken into the shower room which was part of the suite. As with the rest of the suite, everything was large sized. The shower cubicle was not a simple maximum-one-person-at-a-time
shower cubicle. It was more than large enough for two to shower at once. But it was an enclosed space and, by putting four rather than two into it, it then became a more cramped confined space, which was exactly the idea.

The lady who had led them into the shower room explained that they were to have a brief 'warm-up' session and then the reason for their being there. She didn't amplify that, but invited all four to enter the shower cubicle. Pairing Su with Trish and the shorter stewardess with Carole she asked them to put their arms around each other and then to simply rub their bodies, one against the other – breast against breast, pussy against pussy. It would have been almost pleasant had it not been for the fact that they sensed that there was something less pleasant to come!

After a couple of minutes she made them change partners and begin again. Rubbing against Carole could have been sexy, but both felt inhibited by the atmosphere and the knowledge that they were to be in a competitive situation.

One of the results of this rubbing sessions was to dry their bodies, by removing some of the oil with which they had been coated. It also caused their nipples to be erect, due to their rubbing contact with each other.

The lady approached the cubicle which had remained open during this interlude and explained that they were going to close the cubicle for five minutes. There was no question of it opening earlier. During those five minutes both teams would be free to do what they wished to the opposing team. From the shoulders up was out of bounds, the confined space rendered blows virtually impossible, and players had to remain standing. It was impossible to concede defeat, and so the only alternative would be to put up with it and fight back. To be safe she checked and cut where necessary all their finger and toe nails so that, as she put it, she wouldn't have to clean the blood up after!

Once the five minutes were up there would be a quarter hour break before rejoining the main game, to recover. There was, she added, a problem if any one of them didn't need this time. There was no win or lose – just a chance to give the opposing players something to remember you by!

The four stood in a square which almost filled the cubicle, team mates facing each other, shoulders almost touching. Su made a small gesture to her partner that she would start with Trish, in the hope that her partner recognised it.

The door was slid shut and for a moment nothing happened, except for all the women looking at each other. This was not a win/lose situation. They were not obliged to do anything in particular to each other. They could have sex, or just have a chat, even though it had been made obvious that this was the moment in the day when pure violence held sway. If violence was chosen, then it was simply try to hurt the others as much as you can, as it was clear that it was either all or nothing … unless they had a discussion and agreed on something else. Somehow Su didn't think they would and when Carole suggested that no quarter be given, the rules were clear.

Su turned towards Trish and got a tit in each hand. Trish quickly followed suit. Su tried pulling one tit away from the body, downwards and simply squashing the other in her hand. Trish merely set to squeezing Su's slightly smaller breasts. Both had enough chest to get hold of and, initially they were content to look each other in the eye, trying to judge the painful effect of different ways of mauling tits.

Su used her fingers to get nipple leverage with one hand, dropping the other between Trish's legs, and pulling on labia. Trish didn't immediately follow suit and, when she did change her line of attack it was to try to land a punch into Su's midriff. There was no room to get any backlift, and Su was in good physical shape which means that her muscles absorbed the blow to such an extent that she scarcely felt it.

Aware that her sex wasn't being touched, Su tested to some extent just how she could cause pain to Trish's pussy. Presumably she was successful as Trish in turn dropped a hand and pulled on Su's sex, proving to Su that, as a pain producer, this was a favourable target area.

For a while they continued mauling mammaries and savaging sexes, in considerable pain, but knowing that the other was feeling much the same (hopefully even more).

Su felt a finger prodding around her rear end. She knew where Trish's hands were, so it could only be Carole. She was a little concerned that her colleague might have abandoned the fight and when this same hand starting pulling on her pussy from behind it was time to react.

Straightening, Su forced back with her shoulders, causing a ripple effect. Each women straightened until they were shoulder to shoulder in a square, which had the merit of showing Su that her teammate was still present and fighting. Su's left hand sought out Carole's pussy, while her right hand remained latched on to Trish's nipple. Trish's hand remained on her sex, which more or less forced Carole to use her left hand on Su's colleague's pussy, though her right hand soon proved to Su that she was more capable of causing pain than Trish.

Trish had seemed quite a nice person and Su hadn't been overly unpleasant to her. Somehow she didn't feel the same about Carole. Something about Carole irritated her and she gladly set to to cause Carole some real suffering, happy in the knowledge that Trish was not being as violent as she could be with her, and knowing that with Carole there would be a payback time.

Now that they were capable of seeing each other, Su could see that her colleague was really struggling with what Carole was doing to her, and that her efforts to assault Carole's tits or Trish's pussy were not very effective.

There was no doubt about it, Trish was the easier of the two, and Su had had the easiest time so far. The one thing she really wanted to avoid was having her colleague give up and stop fighting back, which would leave Trish and Carole free to savage her.

Su's partner had read Su's gesture at the start of the fight, so maybe she would read another one. Su moved her head briskly up and down twice and then she changed tactics, catching the opposing pair unawares. She managed to pull Carole backwards first into her, with her own back retreating as far as the shower walls, and holding both of Carole's arms.

Trish was completely caught out and slow to react, giving Su's colleague time to launch two upper cuts right into Carole's pussy.

By retreating as far as she could, Su had created a bit of space, and allowed at least a modicum of room for her partner to put a bit of power into her blows. To add to it, Su rose her knee into Carole's bum and crotch from behind as she pushed Carole slightly forward.

Trish finally woke up to be met by Su's partner in what would probably be a more even matching. The two blows seemed to have lifted the loser's attitude and the two set to assaulting each others tits and pussies.

Carole broke free and managed to turn to face Su, although the limited amount of space slowed this down and gave Su valuable time. She had no idea how many of the five minutes had lapsed, and for how long she would have to affront an enraged Carole.

Fortunately for Su, Carole's initial reaction was to seek revenge by kneeing Su back in the crotch. The space that Su had made for her partner had now been filled and so Carole barely had room to bend her legs, making it easy for Su to block her efforts with her own legs and even to begin trying to twist off Carole's tits. Su even had time for the brief thought that it was a shame to damage such a nice pair but, knowing who they belonged to, she had no regrets.

Carole didn't take long to give up trying to use her knee, and Su soon found out that Carole's fingers were more damaging than Trish's had been.

With the amount of space available variety was severely limited and so very quickly both had tit and pussy in hand and Su was feeling a good deal more pain than she had earlier. She had no doubt that Carole was as well.

Trish and Su's colleague were indeed much better matched and not trying to create such excessive pain. They were this able to see what was going on elsewhere more than had been the case earlier.

Bored with mere pulling, Carole and Su had discovered that they could get fingers into the others pussies and, with two plunged inside, they were trying to open the pussy up as far as they could. The other hand had stopped ripping breasts off and was seeking out how to hurt below the waist from behind (the only angle left). Bum cheeks were pulled and bum holes rudely violated.

Somehow Trish and Su's collegue found the room to move and they maneuvered themselves behind Su and Carole. Trish got hold of Su's tits and Carole's were treated to a new assault with added vigour from Su's partner who was now not being assaulted by anyone.

Their closeness stopped Su and Carole from assaulting each others rear ends and both of their hands were in front of their bodies trying to extend vaginal openings, or rip labia lips off, with all too much success.

Trish wasn't doing much more than holding Su's tits, but Su's partner was warming to some payback time with some serious treatment of Carole's nipples.

The shower door was pulled open and the fighters told to stop. To Su's relief they all did, and Carole didn't try any last assault.

Gingerly they exited the shower cubicle. Su and Carole in particular were hurting everywhere. Once they were in the room they could all see that, even having had their nails clipped, their bodies were very marked, especially their breasts.

They were given a shower gel that was supposed to contain soothing and healing ingredients and sent back into the shower with instructions to spend the time helping each other get over their 'game' so as to be able to participate in the main event.

Once in the shower Su was surprised when Carole insisted on giving her a big hug and telling her that she appreciated Su's efforts, even if she had suffered as a result. This broke the ice and the four soaped and anointed each other in a fine spirit of camaraderie. The whiteness of Trish's skin meant that it looked as if she had been pulled naked through a hedge backwards. The other girls having slightly darker skins appeared initially less marked though, when they set too patching each other up, a closer examination suggested that she had got off relatively lightly.

The hotel staff had anticipated the savagery of the shower game, and gave the four battered bodies quite some time for the worst of the effects to wear off, before taking them back to the main room where the ongoing sexfight had continued in their absence.