Su's Stopover part five – never too old for toys!
by Aristocatch

It wasn't difficult to recognise the women who hadn't yet taken part in the shower game, theirs were the only bodies that weren't battered and bruised. The only problem was that there were five, whereas there should only have been six. An answer was soon forthcoming. One of the hotel staff had preferred to quit after the shower game, not wishing to take any further part in the games. Her place had been taken by one of those hotel workers who had come to watch.

No sooner were they back than Trish was called into action, to be fingered by the newcomer and the Korean. The newcomer spoke barely two words to Su before entering the game, but it was enough to reveal that she was Australian. Watching her work over Trish's body, Su got the impression that the Aussie was quite probably lesbian, at any rate she knew how to use her fingers on another woman! What Su found reassuring was that by the end Trish was showing signs of being sexually turned on, proving that the pain from the shower game wouldn't destroy any sexual pleasure to come.

Su's number was the next to appear, and she managed to throw a one, giving her a one-on-one sexfight. The dice was rolled again and the identity of her opponent was revealed : the taller blond stewardess.

Su's body was lacking in oil after the shower game and the blond helped her become nice and slippery once again. As they did so they compared war wounds from the shower game and it was visibly clear that the first shower game had been just as hard. With no hint of modesty the blond showed Su the marks on the inside of her thighs and her pussy – almost with a hint of pride that, despite that, she was still fighting.

Fighting may have been the nominal term to use, but what Su and the blond now did was hardly that. After a very short attempt at gaining a dominant position, they slid into one that allowed them free access to each others pussy and set about finding out how their nerve ends had been damaged in the shower game. The blond had already been in a sexfight while Su was in the shower and her body reacted more quickly to Su's probings. Su was relieved to feel her sex juices begin to bubble, though she winced when the blond tried caressing her breasts.

Five minutes was all to short, but Su had no rest. Dawn's number came up and she threw a six! Su, the Korean and the Aussie were selected and they gave Dawn three minutes of sheer bliss to remember. It was clear that Dawn had been well stimulated not that long before Su returned and she was very excited by the time the 'sexfight' ended.

Two further rounds were due before the last shower game group returned, and Su sat both of these out, one-on-one matches being the order of the day.

When all twelve women were once again together a further round was organised, but with changed rules.

Two bar stools were placed in the centre of the floor and the dice were once again thrown. This time Su's number came up and she was placed bending over one stool. Carole found herself over the other stool. The Aussie and the blond stewardess was selected next and fitted with strap-ons. The blond took her place behind Su, and the Aussie behind Carole. Carole and Su were told to deal with each others breasts which were in reach, but not how.

The Aussie and the blond set to work energetically plunging their strap-ons into the waiting orifices. Su supposed that to counteract the pleasure the two being ravished could seek retribution on the others chest. One look at Carole confirmed what Su was thinking, neither of their breasts was ready for any hard treatment, and so they lovingly teased pleasure with gentle movements, or as gentle as the energetic movements from behind them would allow!

There was a very sexually-charged atmosphere in the room. With the exception of the shower game the various participants had been sexually stimulating each other in short bursts for quite some time. Those who had just returned from the shower game might not yet be ready for their sexual nerve endings to take over, but Su would readily have accepted that what the blond stewardess was doing with the strap-on was fast extinguishing any residual effects she may have had.

Su could see that the Aussie was just as effective with the strap-on as she had been with her hands and Carole was very clearly being brought to the boil. Su made an extra effort with her fingers on Carole's breasts, trying to avoid one area where bruising was already beginning to show. Carole, not being one to be outplayed, recognised the change in Su's attentions and upped her own on Su's tits.

There was no way that either could unduly delay the inevitable conclusion, not that either really wanted to. Carole was the first to come, but she continued playing with Su's breasts the extra couple of minutes it took before Su, too, came.

The roles were reversed and Carole and Su got to try out the strap-ons. The Aussie had not taken part in the shower game, having replaced the hotel worker who had forfeited after, and the sex fights that she had taken part in had left her well and truly horny. Having Carole ramming the strap-on in to her, while the blond stewardess played with her nipples in particular, very quickly took her past the point of no return. It took Su quite a lot longer to obtain the same result, despite the Aussie's digital prowess on the blond's chest.

Each of the women was taken over the edge and each of those being penetrated chose to play with the breasts that were on offer, rather than try for a pleasure/pain combination that the organisers might have expected.

Sitting and watching as her heart beat returned to normal, Su found the sight of the strap-on going in and out of female recesses mesmerising. As the length of shaft appeared, only to disappear again into “hidden” female treasure troves she was able to relive the sensations that she had so recently felt and it wasn't long before she was feeling sexually turned on once more. She kept her hands to herself, but she noted a couple of the women rubbing themselves, and not particularly discretely.

When all twelve had been taken over the edge the stools were cleared away and everyone was encouraged to take to the tarpaulin again. The four men were invited to rejoin the group and in seconds were sporting hard-ons that were quickly sheathed. The Manager advised everyone that for now it was each woman for herself, with no teams being involved. Firstly the four men would be blindfolded and would then seek a woman to copulate with (odd choice of phrase!). They would have to wrestle a woman to the ground, but once they had inserted a finger within her, she would cease resisting (if she had been resisting), the man could remove his mask and take his pleasure.

While that was going on a variety of sex toys would be made available, not only to the women, but also to those watching who whilst remaining off the tarpaulin could use them on any woman brought within their range. For those taking part the sole objective was to sexually stimulate the others. Once all four men had finished, their four partners would rejoin, there would be a brief halt, before proceedings recommenced but on a team basis with each team trying to tire the other out by any sexual means they wished, including using the watchers who could take a full role, provided they didn't enter on the tarpaulin. These watchers were encouraged to remove their remaining garments with the exception of one sock, to enable the others to recognise them.

The four men were made ready and stood in a square in the centre of the tarpaulin. The twelve women spread themselves out. The men stretched their arms out and advanced.

The hotel worker with the largest chest clearly wanted sex with one of the stewards in particular and she nearly threw herself at him. Once he'd touched her chest the feeling was clearly mutual and he took her down to the floor very quickly. One digit later and she ripped off his mask. They made their way to one corner of the tarpaulin, there to have their rapport in more privacy.

Su found herself rather cornered in one part of the tarpaulin by the steward from her flight, with whom she certainly didn't want to have sex. The blond stewardess was also cornered with her and they began pushing and shoving each other towards him. Su was lucky and it was the blond who staggered into his arms. He quickly wrestled her to the ground, and Su skipped over them to greater freedom of movement. But the blond didn't seem to want his attentions either and she wriggled out of his grasp before he was able to claim his prize.

Getting back to his feet the steward headed back into the tarpaulin and collided rather clumsily with one of the male hotel employees, losing his balance and falling. As he did so his hand came into contact with Dawn's ankle. At least he still had his wits about him and he proceeded to pull Dawn down to the floor. She too tried to break free, but he had had enough of losing his prey and his hand crept up her body until he was able to claim his prize by sliding a finger into her. When he removed his mask and saw who he was going to have sex with a huge smile lit up his face. As mentioned earlier Dawn was an extremely attractive lady.

The collision between the men had also made the male hotel worker lose his balance and he staggered several steps before a group of women blocked is passage. He wrapped his arms around one and took her down to the floor to claim her as his. Thus the Korean found a partner.

The final male allowed himself to be guided by the noise of the women trying to move away from where the Korean had been captured and the shorter stewardess from Su's team literally ran into him. He obviously decided that he liked the feel of her and so the four men had partners with whom they could have their reward from the pain they had earlier been forced to suffer.

In all four cases the women, even if not initially all willing, accepted their fate and seemed to determine to enjoy the sexual relations that they were due to have.

That meant that the eight remaining women no longer had to look out for male attackers, but were free to seek out female flesh and test some of the sex toys. The only complication was in deciding whether to play with teammates, or whether to effectively begin wearing out opponents, as they would be trying to do once the four men had had their pleasure.

Looking around Su noted that two of the men were actually licking the sex of their partners, while a third was kissing her breasts. Even the fourth was having his cock rubbed through the condom. It looked as if all four were seeking to prolong their action, which meant that Su would have more time to enjoy before things got competitive again.

In the end the Aussie decided things. Sauntering over she announced that she fancied some Eurasian flesh and she handed Su one of the two sex toys that she had already picked up. Following the Aussie's instructions Su sat down with her legs wide open and the two crotches close together. There was little need for foreplay and the Aussie showed Su how to gently use the toys she had brought with her to tease various reactions from her pussy. Although not exactly a novice, Su was surprised how minor variations in pressure or movement produced subtly different sensations.

Subtly different sensations was what the Aussie was after. Knowing that more orgasm-lead sex was on the cards, she was aiming for a gentler headier variety to give the body a break from power sex and aim for higher, almost more spiritual feelings.

Their interlude didn't last too long, but it did give them a chance to allow their bodies to return to a more 'normal' state, if such a word could describe the situation in which they found themselves. It also gave the Aussie time to suggest certain ploys to Su to be used later.

Taking the Aussie's cue, Su sought out her Indian crewmate, to initiate her into what she had just learned from the Aussie. Su's thought process was simple. If she wasn't involved in sex action she would be enrolled by force, potentially by an opposing player who would then seek to tire her out by sexual means. Quietly playing with Indian sex, she hoped to be left alone and the two would see to it that they kept their sexual impulses ticking over, but no more. Her stratagem worked and the two quietly played gentle sex games for several minutes, by which time three of the men had finished their pleasure.

As if by common accord all sexual activity ceased, and the women watched the last couple build up to the man's climax. Despite her initial reticence the blond made very loud noises just before he came and gave every indication that it had been as pleasurable for her as it had been for him!

The men limply withdrew, having been told that they could return as and when they were capable, but only to encounter members of the opposing team.