Su's Stopover part six – the big bash
by Aristocatch

It was time for the big bash. Various dildos and vibrators were placed on the tarpaulin. The watchers were also positioned off the mat with instructions to use their sex toys on any female flesh that came their way, regardless of its team. The objective was simple – to give opposing team members excessive sexual stimulus to tire them out before the final competitive event.

As the women waited for the start, the Aussie made her way round the mat to position herself next to Su and together they maneuvered near to Dawn. The colour of Dawn's skin hid to some degree the effects of the shower game, except for various red marks. Su's skin showed more evidence of Carole's tender administrings in particular and , of course, the Aussie's body was unblemished.

Before Dawn had time to react the two had grabbed her, and pulled her to the edge of the tarpaulin where a waiting watcher suddenly became an active participant, sliding her vibrator inside Dawn's pussy and turning it to full power. The Aussie initially helped Su subdue Dawn, leaving Sue to position herself over Dawn's shoulders, blocking her arms. Dawn tried to lick Su's pussy. In other circumstances Su wouldn't have minded, but now she successfully kept her pubes out of tongue's reach. Once Dawn was subdued, the Aussie went to work on Dawn's clit with her tongue and her fingers.

From her elevated position Su had a full view of Dawn's magnificent body and once she was sure that Dawn had ceased resisting she began caressing those sublime breasts, teasing the nipples ever longer. Watching the Aussie's tongue and the vibrator sticking out between Dawn's legs was quite a sight and despite herself Su could feel her own sexual nerve endings becoming fully charged.

After all that had gone on it wasn't long before Dawn's body began making involuntary movements, which the Aussie knew how to exploit to the full. There are those who can orgasm quite discretely, making it hard to be sure that orgasm has actually been achieved. If Dawn was capable of that, it wasn't now and her body left none of the three playing with it in doubt when she arched her back to such an extent that she nearly unseated Su and gave in to a series of spasms.

The Aussie was still as quick witted and, leaving Dawn to regain her senses and disentangle herself from the vibrator which was still whirling within her, she and Su moved away.

They quickly found the Korean and Trish wrestling together, trying fairly unsuccessfully to penetrate the other. Three on one is never fair. Su took Trish under the arms, pulling her back giving the Korean full access for her dildo. The Aussie tried out the taste of Irish pubes, teasing Irish clit out from its hiding place and quickly making Trish whimper as she flicked her tongue over it.

Su and the Korean changed places and Su was on all fours, looking directly into Trish's insides as she worked the dildo in and out. Although technically being assaulted, Trish looked as if she was in seventh heaven as the tripled stimuli coursed through her body.

Su became mesmerised by the close up view of Trish's sex, with the added highlight of the Aussie's tongue flicking over her very visible clit. Too much so, as she was rudely brought back to reality by the insertion of a vibrator within her own body!

Soon after her arms were pulled back and she found herself on her back, the vibrator working on its own inside her pussy and looking up at Maria who was grinning quite mischievously. Maria held her tight and try as she might she couldn't get her pussy muscles to expel the invader which was producing rather nice sensations.

Maria tried to change her position and Su was ready, spinning to face Maria and latching her mouth onto one of Maria's breasts as she did so. Su sucked for all her might and flicked her tongue across the nipple. This obviously surprised Maria giving Su the time to remove the vibrator within her and work it into Maria.

The tables were turned and it was Maria now who tried to find a way to break loose. Failing to get free from the vibrator which was working wonders on her inside, Maria challenged Su to fight without sex toys. Su was far to excited with all that was going on to resist. She removed the vibrator and then the two set about having a proper fight – amazingly undisturbed by others.

Initially Su had the upper hand, with her fingers inside Maria, and a mouthful of breast, but Maria soon wriggled a hand free to find Su's sex. Su changed positions looking for a better angle, but it was Maria who benefited most rubbing Su's clit energetically. Turning Maria, Su broke the hold. With one hand across Maria's boobs, the other rubbed Maria's sex from behind. Reaching behind her Maria found Su's sex and wriggling this way and that neither was able to prevent the other access to their sexes, while still maintaining their own holds.

They squirmed around on the tarpaulin, successfully rubbing each other most of the time, neither gaining the upper hand and both becoming very turned on.

Abandoning pussies for a while they turned their attention to each others boobs which, even after the treatment they had received in the shower were still capable of being stimulated. They teased each others nipples and periodically broke off for bouts of tongue-lashing kisses.

This was pure sex really, oblivious to the ongoing 'game', and in a way less tiring than much of what was going on elsewhere.

It was Trish who brought their private game to a halt when she slid the dildo that Su had earlier been using on her inside Su. Even then Maria and Su continued their kisses and breast play, but the effect of the dildo as well rapidly took Su to levels that she couldn't control and she gleefully accepted the orgasm that shook her body.

By the time the effects had worn off Maria and Trish had departed, leaving Su temporarily curled up in a ball on the floor.

Her reverie didn't last long as the larger-chested hotel worker flopped down beside her, looking quite exhausted. They were on opposite sides but, for a minute, neither felt inclined to renew hostilities. Slowly they brought their bodies into contact, but without going any further, content to hug each other, while on their knees, maybe giving the impression to others that they were busy.

The others weren't to be so easily fooled. Initially the blond stewardess came up behind Su and latched on to her boobs from behind, teasing those nipples once again. The bigger-chested hotel worker woke from her reverie and slid her hand onto Su's pussy, rubbing gently. Su was still so turned on that she soon started feeling sensations again.

Her options were limited, but she did have the hotel worker's arse in her hands and she kneaded it, bringing her fingers into contact with the sex and bum hole when she could, though she didn't try to penetrate either.

The blond withdrew her hands, allowing those larger boobs to be rubbed over Su's own chest. The blond cupped Su's tits in her hands and made sure that Su's nipples were rubbed against the others nipples – all of which of course were long and hard. The sensations were incredible.

Su saw the steward from her airline come up behind the bigger-titted hotel worker and she pulled her legs apart as best she could, giving him easy access. The hotel worker gasped as his cock slid into her, but didn't seem overly put out, continuing to rub her chest on Su's.

Su briefly noted that the blond stewardess didn't seem to be handling her, before her own pussy was filled from behind by a condom-covered cock.

Sandwiched between the two stewards, Su and the hotel worker were still tit to tit and as the thrusts within their vaginas grew longer and harder, the sparks produced by the contact of their nipples grew into flames.

The stewards pulled them slightly apart, to better their angle of penetration, and they pressed their shoulders together to keep them up. This stopped them rubbing their chests together, but their hands took over and started kneading their breasts, producing sensations that became dominant over the discomfort from their bruises.

Neither was in a position to resist her body's natural impulses and both gave in to further orgasms. Clearly both stewards were keen to fuck elsewhere and, lowering their fuckmates to the ground, they withdrew and went in search of new pussies. Su and the hotel worker just lay in a daze.

It was once again the Aussie who changed things. She arrived unannounced, but clearly still with enough energy to continue, even though the state of her pussy suggested that she had not done all of the sexing since she and Su had parted company.

Between them they turned the Aussie's fellow hotel worker over and took it in turns with a dildo, or massaging her tits. The poor girl was exhausted, but clearly her body was still capable of being stimulated. The Aussie grew impatient that she was bringing her colleague to yet another orgasm (not everyone can have multiple ones), and failed to see the steward who had had his way with Su until it was too late.

The Aussie put up some resistance to avoid being taken from behind but, once he had penetrated her in the missionary position she went to town on him, clamping her legs behind him, drawing him in ever deeper and literally sucking the sperm out of him. He almost looked disappointed as he shot his load, logically ending his fun for the rest of the game. He withdrew limply.

There was to be no rest for the Aussie though as she was quickly set upon by Carole, who had the other male hotel worker in tow. Su abandoned the larger-chested hotel worker to try to deal with Carole and Aussie began defending herself from the rigid member that was seeking access to her innards.

Su was successful in so far as she managed to pull Carole away and to begin tussling close by. The apparently exhausted hotel worker however, seeing that the Aussie was potentially beatable, found a new burst of energy and launched herself at the Aussie. Holding her antipodean colleague down, by lying across her shoulders she opened up the route for her male teammate, who gleefully inserted his member into the Aussie's tempting twat.

Su had no knowledge of what was going on elsewhere (in fact some of her teammates were being kept occupied by 'watchers'), and she was surprised when firstly Dawn and then Trish reappeared.

Trish joined forces with the larger-chested girl to give the Aussie a real number. The man raised himself enough for Trish to be able to rub the Aussie's clit and the larger-chested girl did a number on the Aussie's breasts.

Su meanwhile was trying to defend herself against Dawn and Carole. All were tired, otherwise it would have been impossible, and she did get some satisfaction in finding pussy regularly with her fingers, even though hers was being stimulated rather more.

Finding her group right on the edge of the tarpaulin, Su rolled them successfully just that bit further, with Carole being the first off the mat. Waiting for her was a 'watcher' who wasted no time plunging a dildo inside her. Carole seemed to decide that it was boring being only a watcher and so she attacked the watcher back. The watcher had handled several women's snatches by then, and she was fully aroused. Carole had no difficulty being the first to finger her and the two set to to force sexual pleasure on each other.

Su now only had Dawn left to deal with! They rolled back onto the tarpaulin, and both found dildos that had been lying around. With glints in their eyes they advanced on each other, weapons at the ready.

The Aussie was getting the fuck of her life. Being an avowed lesbian she wasn't used to having a male member within her, even though it had happened especially while she had been coming to terms with her sexual identity. This was a game however, and whether it was cock or dildo something long and rigid was pounding her pussy. If there was one thing she didn't lack it was pluck and there was no reason why, even outnumbered, she couldn't fight back, and Trish's pussy soon found out just what her fingers could do.

The male hotel worker had presumed that the Aussie would quickly orgasm, even more so when Trish and his colleague came to work with him, and he allowed himself to fully enjoy what he was doing. There was probably also a hint of desire to show his lesbian co-worker how much better a fuck with a man was, rather than with another woman. But our Aussie was having none of it.

Using willpower that even she didn't know she had she resisted the triple assault. The man increased the urgency of his thrusts and then began to get worried, as he felt that he was losing control. He didn't want to come yet as he had seen Su close by and wanted a further taste of her. He could feel the Aussie literally milking him with her pussy muscles, despite his best efforts. Reluctantly he withdrew fully from her and announced to Trish that she would have to take over, handing her a vibrator that had been abandoned nearby.

Freed from the man's weight the Aussie quickly removed her bigger-chested colleague from her torso. She grabbed the vibrator from Trish and tossed it away. Then she positioned herself kneeling and invited the other two to do likewise. When she was satisfied she placed a hand on each of their pussies and began fingering them, making no effort to stop them fingering her back. She was going to come, but she was going to take them down with her.

Su and Dawn had been having a proper wrestling match with each gaining moments of dominance when she could stimulate the other either with her weapon, or with her mouth, depending on the position of their bodies. Su found this most enjoyable even when Dawn prodded around her anus when she couldn't reach other parts. Not to be outdone she fingered Dawn's bum when she found herself in the right position, having decided that her dildo was a bit too large for the size of the hole.

Dawn saw her male teammate coming and pulled Su over her, raising Su's bum up into the air. Of course Su's pussy was wide open and he had no difficulty entering her from behind. Su gasped, having not been expecting this, but soon found the movements within her frankly agreeable.

With Dawn holding Su's arms, she was effectively supporting her, allowing the man the use of his arms and he began milking Su's tits, rather oblivious to their battered state, producing contrasting feelings when his fingers squeezed particularly sore parts.

Su was well held, and the man realised it. He clearly decided that this would be his last action and that she was going to enjoy it. Su's extended position made it easy for him to move his body and he regularly adjusted his position, seeking to increase his own sensations.

The Aussie had finally succumbed to an orgasm, but not before she had given Trish one herself and brought the larger-chested worker to a state where her body craved a release that it could not provide. Pushing them both away from her she went to help her partner Su.

She found the man who had been fucking her, merrily thrusting into Su, who was being held by Dawn who was lying flat on her back. Su's dildo was on the floor, but within seconds it was pumping way inside Dawn, who was powerless to resist.

The Aussie had no way of knowing how long the game was going to last. It was in her interest (and possibly the teams as well) that the man come and cease taking part. There was also a benefit in tiring Dawn, who was potentially a formidable opponent, so initially she left Su to being shafted, while she turned her full attention to Dawn's sex.

Dawn was trapped. She was holding Su, and taking the combined weight of Su and the man, especially when he thrust fully inside Su. She could not resist. She had been well stimulated and enjoyed one large and probably one small orgasm. She thought she could stoically resist, but that was not counting on Aussie skill.

Those sublime fingers were teasing Dawn's clit even as her pussy was being investigated by clever movements of the dildo. It was just too good and Dawn closed her eyes as her waves of pleasure enveloped her body. She barely noticed that the fingers on her clit were no longer there.

Those fingers weren't on Dawn's clit because one of them was disappearing inside the man's anus. As he clenched his anus around the finger he lost control elsewhere and filled his condom with what felt like large quantities of sperm. The finger disappeared even as quickly as his cock contracted and he withdrew from Su.

Su took the Aussie's place between Dawn's legs where she began once more testing Dawn's resilience with the dildo. Dawn's orgasm was like an earthquake in that it was followed by further smaller tremors, which Su gleefully milked. The Aussie had moved to sit over Dawn's face inviting Dawn to lick her pussy, safe in the knowledge that she wasn't about to come for a while and keen to have something soothing on her inflamed sex.

How long any of them could have continued is debatable, but never to be tested as a halt was called to the game. Four small limp penises and twelve debauched contestants showed very clearly the effects of the game to say nothing of the watchers, all of whom had become sexually involved themselves (much to their delight).

A break was now on the agenda, and within minutes a small group arrived from the main hotel building bringing drinks and puddings and fruit to boost the energy of all those present. Three of the hotel staff placed their trays where instructed and, even though invited to stay by the manager, they obviously didn't find a room full of naked people to their liking. Two however stayed, including a very pretty blond with an innocently beautiful face and a pony tail to whom Su found herself strangely attracted.

Drinks were gulped down, as the participants realised just how thirsty they were. The food was nibbled but, other than biscuits or cakes that could be eaten in one or two mouthfuls, few of the desserts were touched.

There was an electric atmosphere in the room. Everyone knew that there was still more to come and logically of a combative nature. Maybe there would also be a forfeit for the losers, even though most were by now running on energy reserves, having used up enough for several ordinary days.

With all that had gone before there was no longer any particular hostility between the groups and players stood around chatting. Obviously someone had suggested to the two waitresses who had stayed after the arrival of the food that clothes were superfluous and, rather than stand out like sore thumbs in a room of naked bodies, both had (slowly) stripped off. Even the manager was butt naked.

Su could see that the blond waitress who had caught her eye had a magnificent chest, considerably better filled than she would have imagined seeing her dressed. The contrast between this very womanly body and the almost childlike face was disturbing. Su by no means limited her sexual activity to men, any sex was better than no sex when men weren't around, but she wouldn't have said that she was attracted to women in the way that she found a fascination for this blond.

Virtually all of the players were shaved between the legs, the only exception being among the watchers. The blond waitress had a down of equally blond hair covering her sex. Perversely Su almost went out of her way to avoid contact with the girl, who was doing her job of handing around food, despite having shed her uniform.

The Aussie, typically, changed all that had been planned in seconds. She had been in a small group chatting about who knows what, when she reach for the whipped cream and squirted some on the boobs of the girl with the larger chest. Bending her head she then began licking it off in a way that seemed to say, let me demonstrate just what other use food can be put to.

All conversations stopped as everyone turned to watch Aussie tongue slowly licking whipped cream off boobs, concentrating especially on that adhering to the nipples. Quite amazingly, despite all the sexual activity that had gone before this almost slow motion demonstration had an electrifying effect. All eyes were fixed on the Aussie tongue as it slowly and with seemingly exaggerated gestures licked cream and, of course, caused nipples to react.

It couldn't be said that the atmosphere in the room was normal. In total there were more than twenty naked women and four naked men. Even those who hadn't been sexfighting (few in number) had nerve endings that were on alert. It was much like one spark in a hay loft.