Su's Stopover part seven : Food time
by Aristocatch

Someone took a bottle of what looked like maple syrup and poured it on the nearest woman's boobs, One of the watchers copied the idea, but by pouring it over her colleagues penis which miraculously reacted very quickly.

The blond stewardess went further, grabbing a handful of creamy cake and squashing it on Carole's face. Why she targeted Carole, who was on her own flight crew, other than proximity isn't known, but Carole of course retaliated. Someone cried 'food fight' and that was it!

Various hands dived into the food which was then squashed against the nearest body. Being in a team went out of the window. The Manager, having some sticky looking liquid squirted over her body, grabbed another bottle and began squirting back. The men joined in by dolloping food around, other than the one who was having food licked off his cock (much to his liking).

Su was some way from the food when this started, and not immediately involved in the food fight. She was startled when a voice said “banana, Madam”, and turning she saw the pony-tailed blond holding a peeled banana out to her. Instinctively Su stretched out a hand and, as the waitress didn't let go, each finished with half a banana in their hand.

Without thinking what she was doing, Su leaned forwards and slowly squashed her half banana onto that blond down between the waitresses legs. Very calmly the waitress did likewise, the look in her eyes daring Su to go further. Su didn't need any more encouragement and the two stood very still, legs apart and gently worked the squashed banana into their sexes.

If the Aussie's boob tonguing had seemed in slow motion (part six), what Su and the waitress were doing was in ultra-slow motion. The pandemonium elsewhere in the room was ignored as their fingers began easing squidgy banana wherever it could be eased.

Half a banana actually goes quite a long way! The two dropped to their knees, legs wide apart and began enlarging the banana ointment coverage, inside each others pussies, over their various orifices and by extension into them as well.

On the basis that there is no point wasting good food, they moved from their knees to a lying position, sideways on, legs open, so as to be able to consume the mashed banana from its makeshift serving vessel.

Mayhem was the order of the day elsewhere. Everyone was involved. For a few food dolloping had moved on to more sexual gestures. For the others the game was simply to cover every square millimetre of body in food. Somehow, someone had contacted the kitchens and a trolley arrived loaded with further ammunition. The slightly-built member of the kitchen staff wasting no time tearing her clothes off and then she rushed around sqirting wherever she could from bottles containing sticky sauces.

Su and the blond waitress were liberally squirted by the newcomer and they reacted by wrestling her to the floor, there to make sure that she too was covered. Breaking away she rushed over to her trolley and back with a cheesecake-style dessert which was added to the fray. Playfully Su spanked her bum and she fought back with sticky but gentle slaps. The blond waitress joined back in and she and Su held the newcomer down while they licked food from her tiny breasts while she squealed with delight.

The kitchen help politely asked permission to move on elsewhere as there was someone she wanted to dollop food on, but they refused, instead jointly rubbing cheesecake between the girl's legs. She squealed again, and they let her go watching her run over to her now nearly emptied trolley to get more ammunition.

Su and the blond waitress indulged in a mock wrestling match forcing food everywhere with increasing emphasis on each others breasts. This in turn led to trying to encourage food as deeply as possible into each others pussy. As fingers pushed it in they became even more excited (if that were possible). Wrestling gave way to a straightforward 69 position and a purely sexual encounter with fingers and mouths exploring whatever they could find. Su was very briefly surprised to find that her body could still be so turned on, but this thought was soon swept away by sheer sexual pleasure.

After all the trouble that had been gone to earlier to ensure the men were sheathed at all times, the food fight rode roughshod over all inhibitions and all four indulged in unprotected sex with very willing partners from the hotel staff including the lady manager who seemed to find one of the stewards much to her liking. Ignoring the battle raging around her she settled for a lengthy session sucking the man back into readiness for a long slow fuck, shooing away potential intruders from time to time.

Those who had chosen sexual activity eventually came to the end of it, and the food fighters ceased their battles. The mess was incredible and virtually all of those present were caked from head to foot in sticky food, which matted their hair to their heads and left them looking like the contents of a dustbin.

The food fight rather disrupted the final plans and there was a short period when everyone waited to find out whether this was to be the end. The Manager had a short discussion with other hotel staff and then said that she was sure that the stewardesses and indeed those members of the hotel staff who had been in the two teams must be exhausted. However the non-fighting members of the hotel staff felt 'left out'. Conveniently the staff divided into two groups depending on the type of work they did. It was proposed that they have a pitched battle to use up the excess adrenaline currently giving them a buzz. She asked whether some of the stewardesses would be prepared to assist without being obliged to fight any more.

Even though Su's body hurt she was still buzzing and quickly volunteered. The Aussie having not been in the shower fight or earlier action was keen to continue, but her other colleagues opted out. There were still four, including Su, willing to aid the battlers. Su and the blond stewardess were appointed to the team containing the Aussie and the Lady manager, while Dawn and Carole joined the team that contained the blond waitress, as well as the last-arrived slightly-built waitress. The four stewardesses were not to enter on the mat to fight, but to douse fighters in whatever food substances they could find, or to aid their team's members if an opponent was brought into range.

The two teams set to scraping up what food they could from the mat (and elsewhere) to create ammunition stocks, while the stewardesses found bottles that still contained cream, syrup or whatever. When they were ready the two teams lined up, to be briefly addressed by the Manager who gave them carte blanche to assault each other with a view to proving domination, with the proviso that they had to be fit for work after! Anyone could quit if they had had enough, otherwise there was no win/lose – other than in each one's own head as she weighed up what she had done and to whom, against what had been done to her.

As already noted all decorum had been lost, and all present wouldn't let little things such as 'acceptable' behaviour get in their way. This was perhaps a once in a lifetime chance to do unmentionable things to other people.

The teams lined up on either side of the mat and took handfuls of food. On the word go they charged each other, often slipping in the leftovers still on the mat. Virtually half of them fell and had to retrieve their ammunition before reaching opponents. This worked quite well as it allowed people to meet on various parts of the mat, and not all in the middle.

Food was slapped onto bodies who then fell to the floor, there to exploit it better. There were no sexual moves this time as they tested out what it felt like to get a handful of boob, although nobody seemed to be going about it too viciously.

Food was of course rubbed between legs but, other than the Aussie who pulled whatever she could, the others didn't, at least initially, attack labia or seek to cause pain between the legs.

Su and her fellow stewardesses sprayed what they could over the fighters, indiscriminately, when the two were rolling around on the floor, adding to the slipperiness both of the floor, and of the bodies. This had the advantage of allowing players to avoid prolonged one-on-one fights, giving them a chance to grapple with most if not all their opponents. Whose boobs were the most squash-able? Who had hair between their legs that could be (playfully) pulled?

Someone (the Aussie?) shouted out that while food remained it should be forced inside unwilling bodies, and the fight developed into more individual tussles, where food was forced inside pussies – each trying to get more into her opponent than she was receiving in her own body.

This was very intimate, but not especially violent. Pain was not the objective and even the Aussie had stopped pulling on labia. Everyone was fully involved, with none hanging back from forcing food deep into vaginas with their fingers.

Someone decided that fingers were but rudimentary tools and called for the dildos that had been used earlier to be made available. The four stewardesses collected them. Rather than merely toss them into the ring, to be seized by the first pair of hands, they kept them until personal collection could be arranged.

Su handed out one to the Manager who was in close proximity at the right time and watched fascinated as the Manager struggled to put it to good use. This was fun fighting, even more so that the Manager's opponent initially managed to turn the tables and use it to force food further inside the manager who then had to try to wrestle the dildo out of herself. When she succeeded in getting control back she was more successful sliding it deep into her adversary. The Manager was on all fours at this moment with squidgy food seeping from her own insides and running down her leg!

The next member of Su's team to get close to her was the Aussie, who was then tussling with the slightly-built waitress. Despite the Aussie's superior size she wasn't getting things all her own way, in particular the waitress was quite rough with Aussie tits.

The waitress was obviously not capitulating to antipodean foe, with said foe determined to change that. Thrusting waitress head first at Su, she got Su to hold onto the waitress's shoulders, even as Su handed over the dildo. Aussie having thus her arms freed had no trouble inserting the dildo into its target location.

Continuing to take the lead, the Aussie instructed Su on what to do, until she had the waitress more or less bent in two, with her bum up in the air, the dildo still within her vagina. Following instructions Su dolloped what food remains she could find on that slim bum and then encouraged it into the anus with her finger, which didn't have too much trouble sinking well into the awaiting orifice.

Nor surprisingly this didn't please the waitress, who let forth a stream of suggestions as to what Su had coming to her. The Aussie pointed out that Su was not part of the fighting teams, to which the waitress replied that Su's actions had just changed that.

The waitress was slightly-built in relation to the others, but not really that much smaller than Su, with the exception of her chest. Despite her tiredness Su was full of 'blood lust' from what she had been watching and not about to turn down so direct a challenge.

First however, she might just as well goad the waitress a little more. Removing the dildo, Su placed it against the anal opening. She had no intention of forcing it in, but the waitress didn't know that and her threats towards Su grew ever stronger. Throwing the dildo out of range, Su inserted two fingers into the waitresses vagina and another into her bum, demanding to know what the waitress now had the intention of doing to her, to which the reply was exactly what Su was now doing to her.

Su asked the Aussie if she would temporarily cede her place and the Aussie (who had probably been planning that for some time), quickly agreed. Su removed her offending digits and the Aussie placed the waitress back on her feet, stepping quickly off the mat, in case any retaliation was coming her way.

Su was expecting the waitress to hurl herself into action and she wasn't disappointed. Being ready she met the move head on and the two collided heavily, squashing Su's breasts into the waitress's much smaller chest, showing that the actual height difference wasn't that great.

Bouncing off each other, they moved forward again, this time snaking arms around the other and pulling their bodies into full contact. Su felt something warm and sticky tricking down her and realised that the Aussie had managed to find some left over syrup.

The waitress's body was well prepared, having been penetrated by fingers and a dildo, but Su's had been out of action for some time, and she was quite keen that some of the syrup find its way between her legs, as she had no doubt what was in store for her?

The Aussie must have had the same thoughts, as the syrup slid over Su's bum. Making an effort Su bent the waitress over backwards, allowing the Aussie to be more accurate in her squirting.

Some of the syrup landed on the floor, causing Su's feet to slip as she tried to adjust to the waitress's attempts to gain control. As Su's feet slid both lost their balance and fell floorwards, breaking their hold. Scrambling to their knees Su counter attacked, grabbing waitress boobs. She winced when the waitress matched her with waitress fingers digging into her bruised boob flesh.

Su was merely pulling gently on her opponent's slight chest, but the waitress was well wound up and determined that Su would remember her. Su's chest found out how strong the waitress's fingers were and Su knew that she was now in another fight.

The waitress was not shaven between the legs, even if her pubes were well trimmed. Su got her fingers into this bush and pulled, which initially caught her opponent by surprise, but then only encouraged her to target Su's nipples rather than the breast itself.

It was clear that this tussle was going to be painful, and Su hoped that it would be short lived. She could have pulled harder but, instead, tried to reach exposed bum. As soon as the waitress felt Su's finger entering her she ceased breast abuse and spun her posterior away from Su.

The ball was very much in the waitress's court, as she was the one seeking vengeance, and knowing just how she wanted to go about it. Su knew what was coming and was quite happy if she could return what was coming in equal measure.

They slid around on their knees trying to get into a favourable position. Initially Su got the better of this, limiting herself to tugging on pubic bush, not really being able to go any further. This had the advantage of keeping the waitress wary.

Finding the delay in getting revenge not to be to her liking, the waitress literally dived in headfirst, taking them both down to the floor. One of her hands found Su's pussy and she pulled on Su's pussy lips. Su chose attack over defense and with little effort began pulling on waitress labia.

They were not as violent as the shower game had been and before the pain level escalated they both began probing with their fingers. Su was better positioned that the waitress and she opened up a double-digit assault on the quite open pussy. The waitress couldn't reach far enough to do more than prod with one finger and, even though this didn't go far in, Su was relieved to note that she was more open and lubricated than she had feared.

The waitress wasn't satisfied and she moved her body to allow her to slide a finger fully in. This was actually to Su's advantage and she wriggled her other hand far enough to be able to repeat the double-orifice assault of earlier. This was not to the waitress's liking and she quickly slid away, even though this meant postponing her assault on Su.

A game of cat and mouse followed where the waitress attacked and Su counter attacked, giving Su the satisfaction of coming out ahead each time and more especially stopping the waitress from fingering her bum – which clearly was her remaining aim. Getting frustrated the waitress targeted Su's chest, digging her sharp fingers into bruised tit flesh and relishing the grunts of pain she was thus able to produce; all the while ignoring what Su was doing to various parts of her anatomy.

Throwing caution to the wind, the waitress found it backfiring as Su wrapped her legs around the waitresses middle, crossing her ankles to avoid being slid off. Su ignored the waitress's attack on her left breast in order to attack pussy with one hand and waitress nipple with the other. The waitress tried to get at Su's pussy, but found she couldn't do it any harm.

As she fought to get free, the waitress again played into Su's hands, finding herself flat on her front. Su sat on the small of her back and took her time forcing fingers into pussy and bum, having enjoyed a brief bum smacking session, which added a bit of colour to the pale skin!

Su offered the waitress the chance to end hostilities and, even though she was suffering the indignation of Su's digital assault she clearly refused.

Getting bored with fingering, Su turned round and slid her hands under the waitress, to get her fingers onto those small breasts and especially the nipples.

It hadn't occurred to Su that she needed to protect herself. For some minutes she had been alone in wrestling with the waitress and no-one had interfered with them. Now she was working the waitress's breasts over, leaving her own body unprotected.

It was quite a shock when she felt a finger slide into her rear end (which had been sticking up in the air), and she automatically slide her hands out and tried to sit up. The finger quickly slid out of her entrance and arms went under her shoulders and pulled her into a sitting position, initially still on the waitress. As Su's body was raised higher, the waitress was able to slip out and then turn to face Su.

Sliding in close the waitress plunged two fingers deep into Su's pussy and began pumping, to show her dominance. Seconds later a finger from the other hand sought out Su's bum and the waitress finally slid the finger as far in as she could with a gleeful look of satisfaction on her face.

Su was a sitting target with her hands pinned behind her back, and three fingers frigging her.

How long this would have gone on is a moot point as the Aussie, who had been busy elsewhere off the mat, helping a teammate work over a member of the waitress's team, finally saw what was happening and rejoined the fray, initially pulling away the person holding Su's arms and then renewing her earlier assault on the waitress.

Su now found that the person who had been holding her was none other than the blond waitress with whom she had earlier engaged in a 69.

They looked at each other, wondering whether to begin hostilities, until the blond saw the manager coming her way. She winked at Su and turned to combat the manager.

Su would have liked to have ganged up at least to get her own back, but knew that she was one too many on the mat, now that the Aussie was back on it and so she, reluctantly, left them to their fight.

Su watched that blond pussy being fingered by the manager and was secretly pleased to hear the manager's squeal when the blond's finger found her vulnerable opening.

Beyond the blond and the manager were six members of the hotel staff whose activities had brought them into close contact, meaning that there were no longer one-on-one fights. Seeing this the manager pulled away from the blond and both of them joined the fray.

Finding what she could in the way of remaining food, syrups, creams etc, Su and her colleagues advanced towards the fighting group.

It was clear that things were winding down, even if there was time left to abuse an opponent's body a bit more. They dumped their last food remains on the melee, and then turned their attentions to the dildos lying abandoned here and there.

The four stewardesses looked at each other and it was clear that each was ready for one last moment of madness, but preferably with the others and not with each other.

Dawn found herself close to the Aussie's welcoming sex and so she slid one of her dildos within. Su wasted no time doing the same, hoping that the sex that she targeted was on the opposing team!

It was logical that those on the mat react to the new players but, before they did, Su had time to recognise the body of the blond waitress, whose rump was most conveniently positioned. Someone's else's fingers were on her sex, but one target was beautiful placed and Su had some own to get back.

The fighting hotel employees had shown no hesitation in forcing fingers into holes to prove their 'dominance', and Su was slightly disappointed that the blond hardly reacted to having Su's finger up her anus. Su moved her finger around as much as she could, but was forced to stop when she found herself pushed off her feet onto the mass of women.

Finding herself facing the blond on the ground, Su targeted those excellent breasts, finding hers targeted back in exchange.

The two pinched and pulled each others tits with a certain amount of vigour (but no malice), oblivious to what others were doing to them! Su was vaguely aware that her pussy was full of dildo, but she made no effort to do anything when a finger invaded her bum.

Su and the blond were more or less stationary as bodies moved over them. Finding an unguarded rear end at hand, Su gleefully withdrew a hand from blond breast to impale the rear end, neither knowing or caring to whom it belonged – friend or foe.

A breast dangled over her face and Su clamped her teeth over the nipple, biting gently.

Various things were being done to different parts of her body that Su would normally not have permitted but she was too euphoric to care.

Finally releasing blond boob, Su rolled this way and that in the mass – assaulting any body that came into range.

Despite their initial pact, when Su saw by the colour that Dawn's bum was in range she couldn't resist giving that anus a good fingering – even while some unknown person was extending hers.

It was mayhem and it was glorious.

When Su finally got to bed, after a long warm soothing shower, she lay awake for a long time feeling as if all those hands and fingers were still on and in her body. Strangely the sensations were quite agreeable, especially when she could associate with each image all those bodies that she had treated in such an abandoned way.

After everyone had ceased fighting Su and the blond had met up (Su hadn't forgotten the wink). Sadly they agreed that their abused bodies needed rest and solely rest. It was, however, left clear (if not said) that both were ready for something more pleasurable should Su have cause to stay at the hotel again – always assuming that it wasn't at the same time as a rival crew!