Oh what memories! Part one

By Aristocatch

When Paul explained to me that one of the signs of growing older was a fondness to increasingly reminisce, I had the presence of mind to ask him if he minded my recording his reminiscences. He was quite happy for me to do so and what follows is a slightly edited version of what he had to say.

“I thought you would be interested to hear about what happened when I was sent on a training course for a week, back in the 70's. Various employees from all over the place were there, housed in a hotel for a week. They made us work from early until just before dinner (and sometimes after), which meant that the only free time was quite late in the evening.

I had previously worked with one other person there, a couple of years before, otherwise I didn't know anyone. It was natural therefore that initially we chatted to each other.

I think it was on the Wednesday evening, just after I had retired to my room that there was a knock on the door and when I opened it, I found this lady, Jane. She asked if I had a few minutes to spare, and so I followed her back to her room. I had a poky room to myself, but she was sharing with another lady in quite a large room. The other lady was there, looking at me curiously.

“Frances and I were wondering if you could do us a favour” said Jane. “quite a big favour actually.”

“That rather depends what it is.”

“We want to make the most of being here to do something different!”

She outlined her plans. It seemed that they had been talking about this and that, and got onto the subject of ladies wrestling. From there they wanted to try it with each other. I initially thought they were going to ask me to referee, which I would have been quite happy to have done. But their plans went somewhat further!

After a prolonged drinking session the previous evening they had decided that they should wrestle for sexual favours. Not wishing to invite an unknown male as provider they had decided to play safe and invite me. I didn't quite know how to interpret these statements, but the end result sounded favourable!

They would fight for the best of five contests, with the overall winner getting prolonged sex, but they also wanted the winner of each contest to enjoy a shorter penetrative interlude.

I should perhaps say that Jane was an attractive blond who you noticed quickly. Frances was less of a head turner but, a little later in the evening, I came to think that she was actually the sexier of the two. For their purposes the two were within a few years the same age, and much the same height and weight. Their contest would be won on merit, and not by physical size.

As I have mentioned the bedroom was large and contained a single bed as well as a double bed. With a bit of effort we arranged the beds side by side, which gave a good-sized wrestling space.

The girls wasted no time stripping to their underwear. I pulled up the chair in the room nearer the bed and settled down, fully clothed, to watch.

Initially they rolled around on the bed, finding out what wrestling another woman was like. After a couple of minutes Jane relieved Frances of her bra and Frances returned the favour fairly soon after. When covered by bras I had thought Jane to have the larger chest but, once unrestricted, the opposite proved the case, though both had chests of a size that corresponded to their slim frames.

They had barely wrestled for five minutes when Jane got sat on Frances face. The beds didn't give a solid enough base for Frances to be able to get enough foot support to be able to unseat her, and so the first contest was quickly decided in Jane's favour.

I was told to strip, which I quickly did. My erection showed how much I had enjoyed what I had been watching! Jane decided that she wasn't ready and she 'ordered' Frances to 'prepare her'. The sight of Frances licking and fingering my erstwhile colleague's pubes only served to help my erection get even harder.

You should remember that this was the 70's. Both women announced that they were on the pill and so there was no need for me to think about using a condom. Once she was ready, I slowly slid within Jane. I wanted to enjoy what I even then imagined as a one-off occasion and so, once I was fully in, I enjoyed the feeling and gave some time to getting better acquainted with Jane's breasts, finding her nipples much to my liking.

Should the fight last five contests, there was clearly no way that I could come five times and indeed that wasn't the girls' intention, so Jane wasn't unhappy that I prolonged the pleasure without risking taking myself over the limit. Once I had enjoyed her breasts I did slowly begin in-and-out motions, long and slow but, as soon as I could feel myself getting over excited, I withdrew and flopped back into my chair.

The second contest was totally dominated by Jane who seemed almost to be playing with Frances. For virtually all of its duration Jane was physically on top of Frances, but she took her time trying to make Frances use up her energy before sliding up and face-sitting another submission.

I wasn't sure that I could feel it, but Jane announced that I had lost some of my erection and she instructed Frances to correct that. Frances, being a good loser, played gently with my balls and then gave my cock the most delightful licking, prolonged but controlled, before finally taking it into her mouth and risking undoing all my earlier efforts at self containment. I don't know whether she calculated all that but, at any rate, I had to be very careful once I had again penetrated Jane not to shoot my load, making my efforts rather shorter and softer that expected.

I was actually glad to sit back in my chair and to try to think about anything that would initially cause the chances of ejaculating to dwindle, and then to encourage the erection to do the same.

Jane had, of course, taken her knickers off to claim her prize, but had put them back on for the second contest. She was getting ready to cover herself again when Frances stripped her own knickers off and suggested they go without. Jane was quite hairy between the legs, but Frances had obviously trimmed her bush so it covered her sex, but not a lot else.

I was now in something of a dilemma. If I really wanted to have a good fuck (to put it crudely) I was far too aroused to last long if, as seemed likely, Jane won the third contest. It would suit me if Frances won. On the other hand Jane was very pretty and I was more than happy to enjoy having sex with her.

I don't know whether Jane had similar thoughts, but she seemed less dominant in the third contest, all the while however keeping Frances more or less under control. For Frances this contest was all or nothing. A win for Jane meant that she wouldn't get any sex with me.

I didn't time their contest, but they were both puffing more than in the first two. Frances tried hard, but she didn't seem able to really get the upper hand and it wasn't surprising when Jane was once again sitting across her torso preparing the final move up Frances' body to create sexual oblivion.

Neither Jane nor I saw what was coming. Seemingly at the last minute, Frances reached up a hand, latched onto Jane's hair, pulled Jane off and down onto the bed, mounted Jane's shoulders, holding tight to the hair and pulling Jane's face into her exposed crotch. Knowing that she was ahead in the fight Jane did what I would have done and conceded defeat.

Frances now instructed Jane to prepare me and so I had the chance to compare the oral administrings of the two damsels. Whilst still most agreeable, Jane's efforts were not of the standard that Frances had earlier supplied, though I did enjoy the sight of Jane's blond hair bobbing up and down.

I already had plenty of respect for Jane, but this increased when she promptly offered to get Frances ready. This offer was declined and so I eased myself into Frances. Arriving full in I did like I had done with Jane, stopping my movements and playing with Frances' breasts. This turned out to be surprisingly nice. They felt really good in my hands and I loved the way the nipples quickly hardened and lengthened – pressing into my palms. At the same time Frances was using her vaginal muscles to make sure that my cock knew where it was.

I started moving in and out of Frances, feeling a greater friction than I had earlier. I was beginning to think that I should stop very quickly when Frances clamped her muscles tight, making it harder for me to get out and forcing me over the edge.

Frances actually said 'oh dear!', but the look of triumph on her face said a great deal more as I shot my load into her and she milked me dry.

A somewhat reduced protuberance slid out from within Frances, who went off to the bathroom to get clean.

Jane didn't seem overly concerned reckoning no doubt that the stimulation I was getting would encourage me to be ready for a second coming within the predicted timescale.

When Frances came back I suggested that perhaps hair-pulling should be banned. I had visions of things getting violent and out of hand (and thereby spoiling my future pleasure). Jane was fully in agreement and Frances quickly accepted.

The hair-pulling stunt had caught Jane unprepared and she was not surprisingly cautious at the start of the fourth contest. The fight itself followed much the same pattern. Even being more cautious Jane showed that she could out-wrestle Frances but Frances showed that she had make progress since the beginning and she was now able to block more successfully Jane's trademark moves.

It was quite pleasant watching them wrestling on the beds. Two naked bodies in contact. Muscles straining to gain the upper hand. From a viewing point of view there were regular views of open pussies which were no longer totally hidden by covering hair. Both girls were working up a sweat in the heated bedroom, which left a sheen on their bodies. It was quite artistic when the light shone off this sheen, especially when reflected from a breast.

The fourth contest was relatively short however. Once again Jane moved into what looked like a winning position. This time Frances didn't target her hair. But she did target a breast! I don't think it was very vicious, but it certainly caught Jane unprepared. She couldn't stifle a defensive reaction which was what Frances had been waiting for. Once again Jane was quickly on her back, staring up at Frances' pubes.

Two contests each. Jane looked cross once she had surrendered but realising perhaps that the fight wasn't yet over, she shrugged her shoulders and said nothing.

Frances was determined to press home her advantage. She announced that she wasn't yet ready for me, despite the view between her legs suggesting otherwise, so Jane got to lick and finger this region. Then Frances pointed out that I was 'flaccid' and so Jane turned her attention to my cock. While she was thus occupied Frances encouraged me to play with her tits, all the while teasing my nipples with her fingers.

I was not in great danger of coming and so I enjoyed a rather more vigorous encounter with Frances who was, as expected, very open. She encouraged me to thrust hard for a few movements, then she had me withdraw while she turned round standing on the floor over the bed. She then requested me to take her from behind, grasping her tits as I did.

I would hope that people consider me a fair man. Even though what I was doing was highly pleasurable, there was no reason why Frances should get more than had Jane and so, after what I considered a reasonable amount of time, I withdrew. Frances didn't look overly pleased, but she didn't go so far as to say anything.

The girls were now faced with a winner-takes-all contest. Jane sat on the edge of the bed and showed that she wasn't ready to start. Frances waited while Jane told her that her actions meant that anything should be allowed during the determining round. I didn't know quite what could be included, but I pointed out that we were doing this for fun and that they should keep that in mind. A frank discussion ensued which finished in an agreement that they could do unspeakable things to each other to show their dominance, but not to force a submission.

Maybe Jane was fearing the worse, but at any rate for the first time she was instantly out wrestled by Frances, who sat across her midriff. Frances made no attempt to seek a face-sit, but merely lowered her hands and began sexily (for me at least) to knead Jane's breasts. She made no attempt to stop Jane raising her hands to knead her plumper boobs back. Clearly neither was hurting the other and the big grin on Frances' face showed that things were going her way.

They played with each others tits this way for quite a while until Frances moved off Jane and they got to their knees facing each other. Jane moved in faster and wrapping an arm around France's neck she pulled her down onto the bed, with Frances' head partially under her body. Wearing Frances down was obviously the intention but Frances had other ideas. She slid a hand down Jane's body and when she found her target she just gently squeezed Jane's pussy between her fingers.

Jane reacted as if she had been shot and Frances was once again free. She didn't waste any time reversing the roles and wrapping her arm around Jane's head, pulling their bodies close together and thus preventing Jane seeking to escape in the same way she had. Seizing Jane's hands, Frances succeeded in pulling Jane's arms up above her head and Frances wriggled until her breasts were over Jane's face.

If Frances had been hoping to suffocate Jane with her tits, her efforts were not successful, Jane merely turning her head aside. Frances changed tactics and moved further across Jane's face and arms. With her left hand she reached down Jane's body and tweaked a nipple. Confident in her position she then took the nipple between two fingers and gently stretched it away from Jane's body. She had no difficult then doing the same to the other nipple.

I can tell you that this was very exciting but, as it turned out, merely a small foretaste of what was to come.

Frances became more ambitious and tried to reach between Jane's legs, thus taking the pressure off Jane's upper body. Jane had seemingly been awaiting something similar and she quickly extricated herself, managing to stay behind Frances' now seated body. It was worth being there to see the look on Jane's face as she reached round and got her hands on Frances' boobs.

Frances moved around trying to get free, causing Jane to be cautious, but she was able to knead breast flesh for a while before trying to elongate nipples. She quickly understood that with one hand holding breast and body against her, she was relatively free to use her fingers on the other hand for a little nipple tweaking. If Jane had been slow to entertain alternative fight methods she seemed now to be making up for lost time and some of the tweaks were designed to cause discomfort.

It was inevitable that Frances break free and her reaction was to turn to face Jane and invite a breast battle. I was pleased to see that although they now squeezed with a view to causing some pain, it was done without being excessive or in a way to create bad feeling.

Changing tactics Frances pulled Jane's legs out from under her, tipping her onto her back. Frances' hand went quickly between Jane's legs to nip at labia, but Jane's reaction was to trap Frances' head between her legs and pull her over, transferring the move successfully into a reverse face-sit, kneeling on Frances' shoulders and facing down her body.

Eschewing Frances' breasts Jane stretched forward and managed to get a hand into the 'V' between Frances' legs. It wasn't the best position to attack, but it did serve a warning that Frances shouldn't consider her delicate parts as off target.

Realising that Frances was trying to get a hand between her legs, Jane swung around and lowered her body, breast against breast onto Frances'. With her arms holding Frances' shoulders down it wasn't difficult for Jane to begin a nipple duel, deliberately targeting Frances' nipples with her own. Warming to the idea Frances began to move her breasts (in so far as she was able) to try to combat Jane's – each stabbing the other with her hard nipples.

Tiring of this game, Frances tried to move her legs around, to unseat Jane, which initially obliged Jane to stop the nipple duel. Frances pushed hard upwards with her right hand and succeeded in unsettling Jane. Quickly Frances was over her, lying sideways across her breasts and with her right hand between Jane's legs. Initially she applied a kind of claw hold, squeezing between the legs. Then she released this hold and instead began rubbing Jane's sex in a manner that was certainly not designed to hurt! If that wasn't enough she wriggled slightly, clamped her mouth over Jane's left breast and began sucking.

Poor Jane was confused and it was clear that Frances was a great deal more imaginative as to how to develop their contest than Jane was. Jane was also rather lost. As she told me later she had enjoyed our coupling and had seemed to be within seconds of winning outright and claiming prolonged sex. Then Frances had pulled her hair, causing her to lose. Then her breast and to make matters worse Frances had clearly been ahead in her planning, ensuring that she was able to make me come within her.

She had briefly thought that a catfight was the order of the day, then a controlled assault on each others bodies and now Frances was adding a lesbian edge. What would she do next?