Oh what memories : Part two

by Aristocatch

Frances had made her point, and confused Jane in the process. She stopped sucking nipple and removed her hand from between Jane's legs. She slid back across the bed, stood up and invited Jane to do the same. Thus far they had kept all their action on the bed. This was something different.

They circled each other. Frances looked thoroughly contented, while Jane had a quizzical look on her face. Frances darted forward, pinched the end of Jane's breast between her fingers and, before Jane could react, darted back.

When Frances darted forward again, Jane thought she was ready for her, and she pinched Frances' breast. But Frances didn't aim for breast, instead she squeezed Jane's labia between her fingers, before retreating. The element of surprise was now gone and so they darted forward and back, pinching breasts or labia when they could, getting pinched when they couldn't avoid it. What was nice was that both soon had grins on their faces and seemed to be enjoying this game which stung rather than hurt.

Initially Frances made her attacks count more than Jane's, but that slowly changed in Jane's favour. Breasts were an easier target, because you could sometimes stave off a riposte. Attacking labia usually left the attacker's breasts more or less unguarded, and so labia attacks dwindled.

Jane began to take more of the initiative and she decided that if her breasts were to suffer, then Frances' labia had to suffer more and so she launched two attacks where a more prolonged labia hold was maintained. Frances' defence from the second was to drop to her knees and then the carpet. Jane managed to maintain her grip nevertheless, while Frances was unable to riposte to either breasts or labia.

They finished up in a ball on the floor and quickly decided that the carpet was burning their skin. By mutual agreement they released each other and got back to their feet.

I had an idea and ushered them up against a wall. They got the hint and locked up initially with one arm around the others neck, trying to pull them this way and that. The other hand sought breast or labia with more or less success.

The grips were more regular and longer, but not noticeably harder. Soon the arm around the neck was deemed redundant and then two hands sought out targets, or tried to prize an attacking hand away.

This was great to watch, especially when they went into a mutual breast claw, first squeezing breast flesh and then pulling each others breasts away from the body. Defence was forgotten as they gave each others tits quite a working over. The lack of pained noises, or grimaces on their faces suggested that they were more play fighting than seeking to really hurt each other.

Jane broke away and ran over to the bed. Jumping onto it she got on her knees and invited Frances to follow suit.

Jane spread her legs wider and made it clear that she was offering her pussy as a target, if Frances could get to it. Frances moved forward as close as she could and took up the same position. They brought their torsos close together, breast against breast, legs apart and then fought to get at each others labia from the front or sometimes from the back.

Labia pulling even done gently is clearly painful, and so very quickly defensive efforts took the upper hand. Jane quickly got bored by the stalemate and pushing Frances backwards onto the bed she made sure that she got a good hard grip on Franciscan pubes. It took a rather more savage assault on her nipple to encourage her to stop – but at least Jane had the feeling that she had finally scored a moral point. Both had also caused each other a bit more pain.

There followed a period when neither really got any control, and they rolled this way and that grabbing at what they could but never doing more than flirting with painful parts and giving neither an advantage over the other.

Finally Frances got her legs locked around Jane's body. One hand protected herself from Jane and the other found its way between Jane's legs but this time instead of pulling or clawing Frances fingers sought out an alternative means of showing dominance, caressing, rubbing and teasing and finally penetrating.

Had Frances tried doing that some time before who knows how Jane would have reacted but, by now, Jane seemed immune to just about anything. Frances' finger was deliberately opening her up (though I should say that both looked as if the excitement of wrestling had caused their hormones to explode and even if they wouldn't have admitted it I was sure that both were as sexually turned on by what they had been doing to each other as they had been by my sexual encounters).

Jane tried to remove Frances, just as she would had Frances been hurting her and Frances remained in place teasing her fingers in and out and across wet skin folds.

It looked as if Jane were tempted to pull Frances' hair but, at the last minute she desisted. She did push her hand against Frances' face though forcing her head back and causing those fingers to cease their fingering. Frances turned her attention back to Jane and they wrestled with the intent of rubbing each others pussies; Jane quickly entering into the spirit of things.

Having your pussy sexually stimulated does not hurt in the same way as having your labia pulled does and so neither seemed as concerned to defend herself at all costs, giving both plenty of opportunity to administer to the other – which they duly did.

It was Frances who once more sprung a surprise. She had given little indication that she knew much about wrestling but now she produced a perfect manoeuvre to leave Jane in a grapevine hold, with her pussy towards the edge of the bed. Frances had her held tight and she then produced another surprise by telling me to quickly take advantage of the situation!

I hesitated but an instant and then quickly moved across to the bed and into Jane's waiting orifice, which seemed to be rather more open than when last I had enjoyed it. I can tell you that I didn't need either of them to help get me ready!

You don't need to imagine the scene for very long to realise that, while Frances' legs were holding Jane's wide apart, making her sex very visible, it wasn't really that accessible. Jane didn't put up any resistance when we eased her nearer to the edge of the bed to allow me easier access; after all it was perhaps in her best interest!

I heard Frances rather bitchily tell her to make the most of it, because that was the last time she would feel my cock in her (or words to that effect). Jane couldn't move as Frances' body held her in place and so it was up to me to ensure that I tried to leave her with sensations that would be worth remembering, though I confess that I am not athletic enough to have been able to fully benefit from the chance Frances was giving me to fuck my erstwhile colleague.

A bit disappointed with my efforts I didn't maintain them for too long (after all that was rather the spirit of the contest). I did however sink to my knees and enjoy myself rather more orally pleasuring Jane's sensitive zones. Jane's pussy was much to my liking even more so that it was so open that the hairs were largely out of my way, leaving me unfiltered access to her thoroughly tasty parts. With hindsight I was playing into Frances' hands, though I didn't think about it at the time.

At any rate when Frances was satisfied that I had done her dirty work for her, she released her hold on Jane and the two moved apart on the bed. I went back to my chair.

Either Jane was really het up and determined to exact revenge or Frances was keen on getting some cock herself (or maybe a bit of both); at any rate within a couple of minutes Frances was face down on the bed with her legs over the side, and Jane's body restraining her movements. I didn't need asking twice and Frances allowed me to rearrange her feet on the floor and her body bent over the bed, legs splayed. It was considerably easier to penetrate her in this position, from behind, and I sunk myself as far into her as I could. She even moved her bum to facilitate my access.

As Frances made no effort to fight back, Jane was able to turn her body to partially face me, allowing me to play with one of her breasts, while supporting myself on the other arm. She twisted further so that we could kiss and her tongue against mine, a breast in one hand and my cock in Frances, with the feel of my body against her buttocks, was mightily stimulating. When she started also playing with my nipple I was seriously concerned about how long I could last.

Coming again in Frances would not have been a real problem had it not been for the fact that I was supposed to be the victor's prize. What good would it be to win a spent lover? I wasn't convinced that, if I came again now, I would be ready to gush forth a third time without there first being a lengthy delay.

I broke away from the French kiss to warn Jane not to make me come. I rather think she had conceded defeat to Frances, and just such a outcome could make defeat a little sweeter. Instead of stopping her efforts, she recommenced kissing and reached behind me to pull my buttocks further towards Frances, tickling around my anus with one finger.

I got the message and there was no way that I was simply going to come by default, so I decided what the hell and concentrated on getting all I could out of this incredibly sexy situation.

Frances must have realised what was going on, but she actually increased the movement of her bum against me and when Jane's finger went just fractionally in my bum there was nothing for it but to go for the best cum I'd had, perhaps ever.

I'll avoid the excess of superlatives, but it was great and powerful and mind blowing (as well as cum blowing). I fired off with force which encouraged both combatants to combine to milk me dry.

My body was emptied of semen, my cock began shrinking quickly and I sank to my haunches on the floor. Jane eventually rolled off Frances who slowly turned over and looked at me with an enormous grin on her face, a dribble of sperm running down her leg. After a while Jane went to the bathroom and came back with a wad of toilet paper which she used to wipe my cock and then the dribbling semen off Frances. In time Frances went herself to the bathroom and I could hear the sound of the tap running as she cleaned up.

By the time she came back some of the sexual tension had gone. I wondered if they would declare the contest a draw and cease hostilities, but I misjudged them. There had to be a winner, even if she might have to wait a while to claim her prize.

Sitting back in my chair I began to see how Frances had been building up Jane's level of sexual arousal, and then how Jane had managed to bring it back under control by making me come in Frances. Mind games even have their part in this sort of contest!

I don't know how turned on Jane had been, but presumably more than she now was. If anything there was a danger that Frances was more aroused, though I imagined that she had done all she could while in the bathroom to reduce her arousal and avoid giving an advantage to Jane. To my mind the question now was how they would pick up their contest. Of one thing I was sure, it wouldn't be in anyway I could imagine.

In that I was right. Once on the bed Frances asked Jane how her clit was. Receiving the answer that it was fine, she opened her her legs and made it clear that she wanted to test their clits against each other. Pushing Jane back onto the bed Frances moved between her legs and brought her crotch into contact with Jane's.

My guess is that she found Jane's sex too dry for her liking so she quickly withdrew and moved her tongue where her sex had been. Jane was by now well tuned to what was going on and so she quickly incited Frances to spin her body round until they were in a 69, lapping away at each others sex. My cock might have been rather small, but my hormones soon told me that I liked what I was seeing.

Fingers were added to the equation and they may well have probed more than one hole, but it was difficult to be sure from the angle where I was sitting.

As usual Frances took the initiative and decided when she thought they were ready to begin tribbing again. Jane however became more assertive and took the top position, but fairly soon after Frances wrestled her over and began controlling the movements again.

Jane's legs were spread wide and a panting Frances was using a circular movement of her pelvis to ensure the contact she was after. Jane tried to retake the top position and for a moment tribbing ceased as they struggled but Frances prevailed and the clit battle resumed.

You may have gathered that there was something about Frances that was very sexy. Difficult to put in words, but I rather feel that Jane was aware of it as well. She seemed to feel that a pure sexfight would favour Frances and so, before her breathing grew too laboured she reached up and grabbed Frances' tits, pulling her forward. Frances had been concentrating fully on getting her pelvic pressure right and so she was unable to resist.

She initially fell onto Jane's body, but Jane had been preparing her coup and so positions were soon reversed, even to the extent that she still had her hands full of Frances' chest, her own being protected against their bodies.

Frances tried to get her fingers onto Jane's tits but soon realised that she wouldn't succeed. She slapped Jane's back a couple of times in frustration and then took Jane's head between her hands, trying to shake it and thus break Jane's hold. Somehow Jane held out, but she didn't see Frances' next move coming as, changing her grip, Frances pulled Jane's head into place to begin tongue kissing her.

I couldn't tell whether Jane carried on squeezing tits, but there was no doubt she returned the deep kissing which soon caused her body to lose its rigid position and Frances lost no time stopping the kiss once she had unseated her opponent.

Jane's tits once again felt Frances' fingers, but not for a caress. There was a relatively brief, but rather harder tit-squashing battle, though they left each others nipples alone. Jane made the move to target Frances' labia and although she managed a brief squeeze it lost her any control as she finished up with her body trapped between Frances' legs. Frances pulled her forward, squeezing Jane's waist hard with her legs, to make sure that her sex was not within reach. This, of course, approached Jane to her tits, and so it cost her some discomfort as Jane started initially squeezing them gently then, as Frances' legs crushed her, harder and harder.

Frances was able to latch onto Jane's dangling orbs and the two sought to cause each other some proper discomfort. Jane's position seemed to be better and Frances' face suggested that she was feeling some pain and when Jane started working a nipple over, Frances had had enough and she rolled Jane over, her hands seeking out Jane's hands in a tug of war which had the advantage of saving her tits.

As soon as Jane got a hand free she reached down and set to causing discomfort to Frances' nether regions. Frances' freed hand soon found tit, but Jane reacted as if that was a price worth paying, taking no heed of the discomfort.

Frances wasn't ready to stay in that position long and she stopped squeezing Jane's body with her legs, tried to remove the one under Jane and eventually rolled free.

The length of this account will give you some idea how long the two had been battling and they must both have been tired. Jane clearly had one idea and that was to subdue Frances by physically hurting her. Frances however, had another plan. They leaped around all over the bed. Jane grabbed, squeezed, pinched tits or pubes, or anything else she could get her hands on. Frances was not amiss to treating Jane's tits in a similar manner but every time she got her hands between Jane's legs she caused no pain, but only sexual stimulation.

Which would win, sex or violence? Maybe Jane was also working on the idea that, should Frances win, she would be too sore to really enjoy her prize but I simply felt that she had decided that Frances would win in a purely sexual denouement and so she had to try to defeat Frances physically first.

What was clear was that the time Frances spent fingering Jane seemed to be increasing in comparison with the time Jane assaulted her.

Finally Jane was flat on her back, Frances sitting on her shoulders, pinning Jane's arms with her legs and giving her easy access to Jane's sex. Knowing that her moment had come Frances finger fucked Jane as hard as she could and Jane's reaction showed that she was both mentally beaten and heavily turned on. She made little attempt to stop Frances and as she got more and more excited she just gave in to the sensations.

Frances risked using her left hand to play with Jane's tit, all the while bringing her to orgasm with her right one. As the orgasm approached Frances slowed her rhythm, aiming for quality. Jane's orgasm when it came was so strong that she almost unseated Frances!

Frances induced every sensation possible, leaving Jane spent. It was then simple to lower her nether regions onto Jane's head. Jane was totally incapable of mounting a fight and escaping and it didn't take long before she conceded defeat.

This denouement was very sexy and even though I was sure that it would be some time before I could come, my rod was hard once again. Indeed as I was taking note of its state and thinking that I might be of use to Frances she voiced my thoughts out loud.

She made me lie flat on my back on the bed and much to my surprise she aided while I inserted my penis within Jane. As Jane rose and descended the length of my shaft, she was helped by Frances, who also played with her breasts. Jane was clearly still on a high and a second orgasm didn't take long in coming.

Just to surprise me again, Frances told me to fuck Jane hard and not to worry because I would still keep my load for her. Jane lay back on the bed and I vigorously began pounding her. Feeling that it might be nicer I slowed my speed and concentrated on sensations. I briefly stopped moving to suck on Jane's nipples and then she took over guiding me. She was so excited that she fairly quickly produced a small but discernible third orgasm.

Helping me exit her Jane looked at Frances with surprise. Clearly she had not imagined Frances to be so magnanimous and even though she had lost she had still received a prize, and one that seemed quite to her liking.

I half expected Jane to leave us to it, but she didn't, and instead after a short rest she turned her attention to helping Frances make the most of her prize. I needed a rest, and Frances produced a vibrator from her suitcase and Jane soon learned how she liked it used on her.

Sometime later I got back in on the act and the three of us made sure that Frances wouldn't forget her evening.

We all slept in the same bed, being too tired to worry. I was awoken at some time in the early morning by Jane playing with my cock. Leaving Frances to sleep on, Jane moved me across to the single bed where she proved that I had more resilience that I imagined. We had the most pleasant slow and calm coupling and she was finally able to feel me shooting my sperm up inside her.

As we lay back together on the single bed, having done all we could not to disturb Frances' sleep in the double bed, Frances opened an eye, applauded us and said :

“Very good, but don't wake me again!”