On the Farm

by Aristocatch

When Rebecca had to return home from University for her grandmother's funeral she was pleased to get a call from one of her old school friends inviting her to come to the farm where she lived the day after. Although they had never been best friends, she and Kathy had known each other for years and she had spent odd days on the farm. Days that were always well filled, doing farm jobs, riding or simply larking around.

When she arrived at the farm, under a clear blue sky, she was greeted by Kathy and her younger sister, Rosie, who had turned into a young lady since Rebecca had last seen her. Shortly after, a friend of Rosie's, Debby, arrived and all four set out for a walk across the rolling farm lands.

After walking through a copse the ground began dipping and they came to a rather dilapidated hut. The roof was intact, and rainwater was directed from the roof into a hollow a short distance away. It had perhaps been designed as a watering hole for the stock, but it was now just a muddy hollow.

“Perfect” said Kathy.

“Perfect for what?”

“Perfect to bury you in mud! It seems an ideal way to spend a lovely day, doesn't it?”

Kathy dismissed objections that they only had one set of clothes by telling them that they should simply remove them.

Rebecca recalled one particular occasion, some years earlier, when she had come to the farm. A whole gang of girls her age had been there. Kathy had taken them into the barn and arranged a competition. They were all at an age where they were proud of their swelling chests which, they found out, were to be the target of their friends. The only way to win was to pinch or squeeze your opponent's chest until she conceded.

Bra's were removed, but nothing else. The first combats lasted a long time, as each pinched the other, until one finally had enough. Then someone had the bright idea of immobilising her adversary, so giving free access to targets, without suffering. Fortunately no one dominated and so at the end, all had discovered what her friends' boobs were like and how much pain she could take.

Rebecca remembered going home sore and happy, especially with having made a girl she really disliked surrender to her. She had also enjoyed wrestling, trying to immobilise the other, and not always succeeding. Knowing you were going to lose and making sure that you got hands on boobs before that arrived so that you could say to yourself that you had lost, but that the other had suffered some pain before winning. That almost took away the sense of losing, especially if you felt that you had hurt her as much as she had hurt you. No point prolonging your suffering, concede and feel almost like the match was drawn.

That was the only time Kathy had organised anything like that, but they had often enjoyed a little bit of rough and tumble, especially in the hay barn.

Now it looked as if there were to be a sequel.

None of the four objected to removing their clothes, though it was agreed that they could keep their knickers, and the weather kindly made wearing those clothes less necessary.

Kathy took them into the hut, there to leave their clothes. Barely were they inside than a woman appeared in the doorway – Kathy's mother as it turned out.

“Great minds think alike” she said, “Hello Rebecca, haven't seen you for a while”.

“Mother, what are you doing here?”

“The same as you I imagine!”

Kathy's mother came into the hut, followed by three other ladies.

“Looks like we may need to modify our plans” she said. “I propose that family show these ladies just what we do to those who come to this spot!”

It turned out that with her there was her sister (Kathy's aunt) who was a bit younger than her mother and two other ladies of similar age. They were all probably in their forties.

Nobody wasted any time stripping down to their knickers.

Once ready Kath's mother sauntered up to Rebecca.

“My we have grown,” she said, “pity your tits haven't kept up!”. So saying she took Rebecca's tits in her hands and made out that they were still small. In relation to Rosie's they were, but not everyone had a body like Rosie. She pulled gently on Rebecca's nipples, just to elongate them slightly. “You'll have fun playing with these toys” she said to Rosie.

Lowering her hands she eased the waistband of Rebecca's knickers away from her body. “Oh lovely!” she exclaimed, “ we will have fun pulling these hairs out. Nice of you not to tell her to remove them, Kathy.” Gathering a few hairs in her fingers she pulled them to illustrate her point. The look on most of the women's faces, including Kathy's, suggested that Rebecca wasn't the only one with a pubic thatch.

All that had been said in a tone that was clearly playful. Rebecca had obviously met Kathy's Mum before and so she entered into the spirit.

Taking Mother's breasts in hand she announced that they weren't too saggy for a woman her age and she gave them a squeeze ostensibly to test their firmness. Working on the farm meant that Mother's body was well honed and her breasts were probably as firm as Rebecca's. Sliding her hand inside Mother's knickers Rebecca announced that, as expected, she found a dry mass but that, with a bit of luck, being properly covered in mud might help the dryness.

These verbal joustings served to set the tone and leave no-one in doubt as to what might be acceptable, provided it be done in a light-hearted manner. It was also clear that Rebecca had been nominated as ipso facto captain of the visitors especially as, on the face of it, none of them had been previously party to such an encounter.

Rebecca's new teammates were called Angela (blond and buxom) and Erica (blond and slim). Debby was darker haired and had the smallest chest of those present. Aunt and Kathy had chests in keeping with their bodies (a bit rounded), but Rosie was quite an eyeful. Slim bodied, small butted and long legged, but with a large chest. In this day and age a first reaction would be to look for evidence of a boob job, but you would fail to find any as hers were 100% natural, with large aureoles just to ensure that, naked, they couldn't be missed!

Rosie came over to Rebecca. “I'm sure that you don't remember, but when you came here when I was about six, you wouldn't let me come riding with you! Today is when I get my own back. No point asking for mercy – at least not while you still have some pussy hairs.”

There was to be no winning or losing and all eight would have fun at the same time. Now that everyone had understood that the knickers were not there to protect, and that, however much it might be fun, there would inevitably be some pain involved, Mother gave anyone who wasn't prepared the chance to back out. Nobody did!

Rebecca wasn't surprised that Mother made sure that the two 'captains' clash first. Taking her place on the opposite side of the hollow to Rebecca's team, Mother invited Rebecca to step forward and meet her in the centre. The two were rolling in muddy earth within seconds and oblivious to the others who quickly engaged combat.

Mother was as good as her word and, before the inside of Rebecca's knickers were too muddy she had inserted her fingers to pull on Rebecca's pubes! Rebecca had been expecting just such an attack but wasn't too sure whether she could or should handle Mother's shaven pussy. Etiquette just doesn't prepare you for that!

Mother obviously had no intention of removing all of Rebecca's pubes, but she did pull hard enough for some to come out in her fingers, causing Rebecca to feel what it was like to be plucked. She retaliated by trying to crush one of Mother's tits – which was seemingly just what Mother had been hoping for.

When Mother got her hands on Rebecca's tits there was no venom, merely playful grabbing – mindful of the fact that neither were experienced in tit fights. Rebecca loosened her grip and the two rolled around getting dirtier and dirtier.

When they came into contact with Kathy and Debby, partners were changed and Kathy and Rebecca set about dolloping mud on each others breasts (which is generally what all the women were doing). Only Mother and Rebecca had really come to grips. Everyone else was enjoying the novelty of muddily handling each other and daringly touching other women's breasts. This was pure muddy fun. There was no win or lose, merely to do things that they didn't normally do (and maybe lose a few inhibitions along the way).

Rosie had packed Rebecca's knickers with mud when they had chanced upon each other, and Rebecca had checked that those luscious boobs were solid, but nothing corresponding to Rosie's threats had occurred.

After a while when everyone had manhandled all the members of the other team, Mother called a halt while they discuss what everyone wanted to do next. Had she asked at the beginning most would have been coy, but now inhibitions had been lessened and so when she proposed that they have a four-on-two set-up to 'go further' with the two, no-one refused. Rebecca wasn't at all surprised when Mother proposed that Angela and Debby sit out the first round, leaving Rebecca and Erica to face the family.

For family read Kathy and Rosie so far as Rebecca was concerned. Debby was given a watch and told to limit them to five minutes. Rebecca was pleased to take up some of that time making it difficult for the sisters to subdue her. She decided that one on two allowed her to take more liberties to defend herself and she was pleased to give Kathy's tits a couple of slaps before they managed to control her arms.

Flat in the mud, Kathy took charge of controlling Rebecca's upper body. Rosie took the lower end and quickly pulled Rebecca's knickers off. Given all the mud that was inside them the view, with or without knickers was barely any different!

Rosie now put her threat into effect, pulling out a few more of Rebecca's pubes. Even if it rather stung this was done in as light-hearted a manner as when Mother had removed a few earlier. Once she had removed them her honour was satisfied and, taking a handful of oozy mud, she set to rubbing it in a soothing manner into the area she had just balded.

Just in case Rebecca get the wrong idea, Kathy started twisting one of her nipples. The message was clear, to break down inhibitions further and to prepare the ground for a possible development in a slightly rougher manner.

The older members of the family had stripped Erica of her knickers and were heavily massaging her chest and between the legs. Satisfied, Mother went on to giving Erica's tits a handling in a manner which was somewhere between sexy and violent, confusing Erica's interpretation.

Kathy and Rosie switched positions, but neither made any attempt to cause Rebecca pain; Kathy being content to merely rub mud between Rebecca's legs.

Five minutes didn't last long and Rebecca was slightly disappointed to find that Angela and Erica dealt with Rosie, leaving her and Debby to tackle Kathy. Pulling off knickers and splashing mud on exposed parts just about summed up the five minutes.

The buxom Angela had her boobs massaged by the two sisters who then tipped her up on her shoulders, spread her legs and dolloped as watery mud as they could find between them, leaving it to trickle into various orifices. The two older family members were most gentle with Debby, leaving her naked but not maltreated.

The final round continued in much the same vein, though Rebecca did press Mother's pubes with the palm of her hand, just to remind Mother of her earlier threats, sort of 'just imagine what I could be doing to do if I had half a mind not to be so nice'.

It might seem fairly obvious that playing in the mud had been the elected pastime with the height of indiscretion being to remove all clothing. After all these were eight women from two age groups going further than most had ever gone before. Fortunately the outing didn't end there.

Before any discussion could start of whether they stopped there, or what else they might do, Rosie told Rebecca in no uncertain terms that she hadn't come here to 'pussyfoot' around and that she would be most disappointed if Rebecca didn't accept her challenge to a one-on-one match, unless Rebecca was too soft for a bit of pain.

Rebecca had earlier recalled having her boobs mauled several times on that occasion in the past, and the thought of mauling Rosie's boobs was highly tempting. When Rosie added that she had the intention of finishing to pluck Rebecca the rules were clear and Rebecca could feel her adrenaline rising as she warned Rosie that if she valued her tits, she might wish to withdraw her challenge. To no-one's surprise Rosie did not!

The two warriors made their way into the middle of that muddy hollow. The other women gathered around the outside, keen to watch. “Anything is fair game”, said Rosie, “let's have some fun and show these prudes what two women can do.”

Rebecca was clear in her own mind that Rosie would be expecting her to target Rosie's stand-out feature. She was also wondering just what she could do to other parts of Rosie's body, so she determined to start there. Unfortunately for her Rosie for all her shapely body suggesting otherwise was no lady and had clearly some street-fighting experience. She correctly read Rebecca's intentions and so it was that Rebecca found Rosie's nether regions out of reach and another pile of pubic covering being ripped from her body even as both of them landed in the mud.

Rebecca's pubes stung and she had a brief moment of panic, wondering what she had got herself into. Rosie's follow up was to seize Rebecca's pussy between her fingers and squeeze. This brought forth gasps from the crowd who obviously hadn't read the meaning of the pre-fight bantering, but gave Rebecca the answer she wanted to just what they could do to each other. It now just required to get within reach!

Rosie's pussy was still too far away, but her breasts weren't and Rebecca quickly got her hand over one. It was large and firm, but her fingers dug nicely into it. With her grip in place, Rebecca pulled on the breast and unseated Rosie, thus freeing her pussy from Rosie's clawing.

As Rosie fell back into the mud, Rebecca was astride her, grasping both of those large mounds between her fingers and squeezing. Rosie didn't lie there quietly and soon had Rebecca's pair in hand. Initially she too squeezed, and then she began pulling Rebecca's tits. Rebecca dug her fingers in harder and they began mauling each other, initially familiarising themselves with what they had in hand and then experimenting – probing for spots that were more painful – looking each other straight in the eye, seeking signs of weakness.

Rosie's chest looked impressive, especially jutting out from a slim body. It was also firm and self supporting, one of the advantages of being a fit nineteen year old. Rebecca's chest was not shaped the same way, but there was enough of it to give Rosie plenty to get hold of. Even though Rebecca was only three years older, her breasts hung down, rather than jutting straight out. Unfortunately they were easier for Rosie to get a good hold on. But for now she didn't exploit that, as each grit their teeth and squeezed and pulled in a battle that was as much of wills as of tits.

It looked as if a new unwritten rule had been added, neither should be the first to change from breast mauling. In fact there was no essential need that either should as what they were doing to each other was relatively civilised. There was nothing vicious about the holds and anyway the mud ensured that grips tended to slide. They were causing each other some discomfort, but far less than they could have caused.

It was Rosie who changed the course of the action, but not I the way that Rebecca might have expected. Releasing Rebecca's left tit, Rosie caught hold of mudded hair and yanked Rebecca off. Thinking to renew acquaintance with between Rebecca's legs Rosie was caught unprepared as Rebecca used the mud to spin around and it was her hand that found its way between Rosie's legs. Her fingers found labia and pulled. Rosie's face showed sheer pleasure. This was obviously what she had been hoping for.

Rosie was kneeling, legs apart, Rebecca on her back. Rather than sit down to cut off Rebecca's attack, Rosie leaned forward and took hold of Rebecca's tits, trying a bit harder this time to crush them. Rebecca's reaction was to use both hands to pull Rosie's pussy lips apart and away from her body.

Risking having her pussy lips pulled harder, Rosie threw herself forward, snaking a hand between Rebecca's legs and pulling Rebecca's pussy back. Rather than risk a pussy-pulling extravaganza, Rebecca rolled them both over, seeking to catch Rosie's head between her legs as she did so. She almost succeeded but Rosie rolled clear and as they rose to their knees they seized each others hands.

Their bodies were fairly close together, their hands trying to get free. Rosie got one free and squeezed at Rebecca's breast. Even as she did so, Rebecca's free hand seized her labia. Rosie released breast to protect pussy and the hand battle began again. Both being right handed it was more effective to pull pussy with the right hand and trash tit with the left. For maybe two minutes they continued doing just that – fleetingly causing each other pain, but mostly battling hands.

Rebecca used her weight to force Rosie backwards, slipping a freed arm around Rosie's head. Her left hand was free to slide down Rosie's muddied body and apply a claw to Rosie's pussy. Rosie couldn't reach Rebecca's pussy and as she fought to release her head all she could do was pinch a tit, concentrating more on the area around the nipple.

Without releasing her claw, Rebecca surprised Rosie by releasing her neck hold and finding Rosie's nipple with her fingers, pinching and pulling it. This, of course, encouraged Rosie to pull her nipple more. Briefly two nipples were savaged but, by virtue of having her pussy violently clawed, Rosie was suffering the most and quickly putting paid to that suffering became a priority.

Stopping attacking Rebecca's nipple Rosie put one hand on Rebecca's face, pushing it way from her., and then down. The muddy hollow gave poor purchase, but Rebecca's face rather more and Rosie more or less did a forward roll to get clear.

Both were panting heavily and thinking hard about what might come next. In the meantime they launched short, sharp raids, where their hands sought to inflict a greater degree of pin than hitherto. Rosie found a better position and, sacrificing her tits to Rebecca's calculated mauling, she used her fingers to painful effect on Rebecca's pubes.

Rebecca was decidedly ungentle with those boobs that she had admired, but what Rosie was doing between her legs hurt like hell. She decided that all good things have to come to an end. In next to no time Rosie found her face covered by Rebecca's muddied (and sore) pussy, as Rebecca sat heavily on her face and shoulders. Rebecca prayed that Rosie wouldn't stoop to biting to get free and her prayers were answered.

Taking hold of Rosie's matted locks, Rebecca pulled her face up into her pussy as she sat more squarely across Rosie's shoulders. Rosie was not getting out of that and Rebecca had decided that she had had enough fun (and suffering).

Rosie was clearly not in agreement about having had enough fun and she fought hard to free herself but the wet, muddy hollow gave her no assistance. The watching women starting calling out to her to concede and Rebecca started rubbing Rosie's nose and mouth against her sex in a manner that Rosie wasn't too sure about. As an idea formed in her mind she made muffled noises and conceded defeat once Rebecca gave her mouth room to function.

Rebecca climbed off Rosie and helped her to her feet, extended a hand which Rosie shook. Applause rang out from those watching, who had clearly enjoyed the spectacle.

It was apparent that Erica wanted to (wo)man handle Angela's large boobs and Mother very kindly proposed to fight her sister, so they could combat each other. The two sisters didn't touch each other between the legs, but were fairly rough on their breasts. Angela was unable to pluck up enough courage to really get hold of Erica's pubes, and had her large boobs pulled, poked and pummelled until Angela had had enough and used them to suffocate Erica into submission!

As for Kathy and Debby they tried to copy Rosie and Rebecca, but found it too painful and settled for a playful mud-rubbing session.

After Rosie and Rebecca's fight it was a bit difficult to find an encore and so they decided to call a halt to their games. Mother checked with her husband that there was no-one around at the farm and they all walked back naked to be hosed down in the yard! It was there that Kathy and Debby realised just how far the mud had seeped inside their orifices and getting fully clean was almost impossible. As it was they had to expose themselves far more than during all the muddy games.

Before Rebecca left,Rosie sought her out to ask whether she would accept a chance to even the score if Rosie came up to the town where Rebecca was at University. It was left that Rebecca would seek out a convenient location (the student room she shared wouldn't do) while she waited for Rosie's call.