Rosie's return

by Aristocatch

It didn't take long for Rosie to find an excuse to visit the town where Rebecca was at University and when she rang Rebecca to make the arrangements she sounded her out as to whether she was prepared for a 'proper catfight' (Rosie's terms), rather than messing about in the mud, even if the two had turned it into a rather extreme (and painful) romp.

Rebecca was not an experienced fighter and she suspected that Rosie might be rather more adept, but she had agreed to a return fight and so she went along with the idea. In talking with her friends at University, Rebecca found one whose sister worked for an estate agent and who was more than willing to let them use an empty house, provided she could watch. As it was a good idea to have a referee present they had no trouble agreeing.

When they arrived at the house to be met by a sporty-looking blond in her mid twenties they were shown into what was the spare bedroom where the blond, Sharon, had even had the foresight to lay several sports mats over the carpet. The room being fairly small provided a contained area that was ideal for their purposes.

Rebecca and Rosie had arranged rules over several phone calls and messages. They were to wear T-shirt and knickers. Although any part of the body was targetable, hands were not to be inserted within the knickers. They would fight for a best of five submissions – punches and injury-risking blows were not allowed. Much discussion had taken place concerning hair pulling and they had finally agreed that it would not be allowed. Both players disposed of two wildcards, where they could break these rules for a short limited reason. A five minute cooling-down period would follow each submission. Additionally both could call once for a two-minute break, but not if they were on the verge of being forced to submit. Sharon would arbitrate if so required.

Before they started Rosie told Rebecca that she hoped they would still both be friends after – even though she expected to painfully get her revenge!

Slapping was allowed and Rebecca rather imagined that the fight might start like that, as each got her bearings. At any rate they had agreed that it was to be a fight and not a 'tits and pussy pulling contest', mud or no mud. She had decided to start slowly and see how Rosie proposed to develop things. Follow, not lead.

When Sharon announced the start, Rebecca forgot all she had planned, rushed Rosie, pinned her up against a wall and grabbed her pussy through her knickers. Rosie for her part grabbed Rebecca's tit through her T-shirt. Finding that neither used her free arm to defend herself, both put it to good use. Rebecca renewed acquaintance with one of Rosie's tits and Rosie grabbed her between the legs!

They used their shoulders to push and shove, to better their attack routes, but otherwise carried on as if they had still been in the mud. Through cloth their attacks were less painful and neither was really trying to cause pain, but they both carried on as if attacking each others most feminine parts was the major game plan and that hand on delicate part was a measure of success. Presumably because they knew each other they were more wrestling than trying to incapacitate the other.

Because there were two tits to attack they both changed hands from time to time, and even attacked both at once, ignoring briefly the crotch. Rebecca noted that, in contrast to during the mud wrestling, Rosie's nipples were evident. In the mud they had remained flat, but Rebecca made a note that perhaps they could be targeted if needed later.

Deciding that things ought to develop, following as ever, Rebecca took hold of Rosie around the neck and threw her to the floor. Diving onto her back she got both arms around Rosie, with Rosie's boobs nicely in her hands, there to continue the molesting. Rosie kicked and bucked but, for a while, Rebecca maintained her place, though Rosie's boobs served mostly as a handle to help her keep her place, giving her little chance to seek to use them to hurt her.

Rosie's first attempt to unseat Rebecca consisted in rolling over. This was not the greatest of ideas as, although Rebecca was under her, she was held on her back by Rebecca's legs and one arm and Rebecca was able to use her other hand on the large boob which was under it. Rebecca felt that the fight was now underway and she tried to cause more pain, though the T-shirt to some extent softened her attempts.

Rebecca was able to hold Rosie like this for a surprisingly long time, probably indicating that what she was doing to Rosie's breast was not particularly painful. Rosie was prepared to put up with it while she prepared her move with a view to taking control of the fight.

Rebecca wasn't about to get a submission in that position, but all the while she was causing Rosie some pain with little cost to herself there was no reason to change. She had a feeling that their contest could be long and tiring and saving some energy now could prove useful, though she would have preferred that Rosie use up more of her energy trying to get free.

With a view to trying to provoke Rosie into action, Rebecca transferred her holding hand to Rosie's other boob. Mistake! In seconds Rosie had managed to turn over and even though Rebecca still had her boobs in hand, she now hand Rebecca's in hers, proving very quickly that the groping she had done earlier was just for fun. What she now did to Rebecca quickly forced Rebecca to leave Rosie's boobs alone and use her arms to pull Rosie down onto her.

Boobs were now left to themselves for a while (even if both could probably feel the lingering effects). Rosie fought to improve her upper position, Rebecca to stop her and a stalemate followed where Rebecca's arms kept Rosie close to her body.

Slowly Rosie inched her way up Rebecca until she was able to snake an arm around Rebecca's neck. Rebecca had recognised what Rosie had been doing and she chose that moment to flip them over, Rosie not having hands free to counter the move. Indeed Rosie was so caught unaware that she was powerless to stop Rebecca sliding up her and trapping her head sideways on. In no time Rebecca had also pinned her shoulders and arms and after a bit of manoeuvring, she had Rosie properly trapped.

Rosie tried hard to shift Rebecca but Rebecca was fresh, well balanced and not ready to move. She countered Rosie's efforts, happily aware that Rosie was using much more energy than she was.

Keeping Rosie in place was one thing, but Rebecca needed to obtain a submission. Just sitting on Rosie was not sure to do that, and so she looked for a way to force the issue. Luck was on her side. Rosie's T-shirt was rucked up and this gave Rebecca an idea. She had no trouble pulling it up a little further, so that her hand was free to access boob without cloth in between.

Squeezing was good fun but Rosie's boobs were large and firm and Rebecca couldn't get enough in her hand to really squeeze as much as she would have liked. That meant targeting the aureole and the nipple, which is exactly what she did. Alternatively pulling nipple as far out as she could, and then then crushing the aureole between her fingers. This was the first time that she had really tried causing pain to Rosie and when she heard Rosie yelp she felt a real feeling of satisfaction. But still Rosie refused her offer to surrender.

Only one thing for it – the nipple had to be savaged and that's just what Rebecca set about doing. Now that she had stretched it, she could hold, twist, squeeze and crush the tip. Most unladylike, most gratifying to hear noises from Rosie to show that she was hurting and even more gratifying when Rosie conceded first submission. Rebecca released her immediately.

The look on Rosie's face was a picture. Clearly she had felt capable of winning without suffering, maybe even without conceding a submission. Now she knew better. Rebecca read the look to also forewarn her that what Rosie had just suffered was nothing in relation to what Rebecca had coming. Strangely the idea excited her, rather than frightening her.

Rebecca was expecting Rosie to start the second bout by targeting her sensitive parts, but maybe Rosie was keen to protect her mauled tit, at any rate she left Rebecca's alone and concentrated on trying to throw Rebecca to the floor. Rebecca resisted surprisingly well, trying to hope that Rosie would leave herself exposed to a counter attack, but this time Rosie was much more careful.

Once Rebecca was on the ground Rosie set about trying to get her body over Rebecca's head and they grappled on the mats for quite a while with Rebecca concentrating on survival. Unless Rosie made an error pure defence would never prevail and so, in time, Rebecca found herself well wrapped up in Rosie's arms, face down into the mat, with Rosie's body preventing her from seeing anything, and probably having trouble breathing. What's more the way that Rosie was holding her she couldn't get at any part of Rosie that might allow her an escape route. She did what any sensible girl would do and conceded. One-all.

Rosie started the third round looking much more confident. Rebecca had decided that she was second-best when it came to floor fighting and so she backed Rosie into a wall where they spent much of the time trying to block each others arms. When a hand was free it was often unable to locate anything that could be targeted. Breasts were more or less unscathed and eventually both set about trying to pull the others head down.

The first slaps made their appearance, against skin bared as the T-shirt rode up, but they were pretty harmless. Rosie had a go at tugging hard on the waistband of Rebecca's underwear, causing it to bite into pussy. Rebecca got the idea, and did a much better job, which encouraged her to try again and Rosie to seek to develop things elsewhere.

Elsewhere for Rosie was on the ground and so it wasn't surprising that she began trying to take Rebecca down. Rebecca had to give up wedgies to try to stay on her feet and six or seven tugging contests ensued, as Rosie tugged violently and Rebecca held on for grim death. Inevitably when she did go down she went down hard. As Rebecca's momentum pulled Rosie down on to her so Rosie's knees collided with her stomach, winding him.

Being kind was not part of a fight of this nature, even between old acquaintances, so Rosie was able to use Rebecca's discomfort to take a winning two-one lead, more or less suffocating Rebecca into defeat.

It was very clear to Rebecca that she would lose if she continued to try to outwrestle Rosie. The only chance she had therefore was to change the tactics. She knew the risks she was taking and she was sure that Rosie could and would fight fire with fire. On the other hand she had known what she was letting herself in for when she had accepted Rosie's challenge, so it would be pointless to now hold back.

Having got her breath back during the break, Rebecca took up position to recommence just as she had before. Rosie did likewise, no doubt fairly confident that she was well set to avenge her defeat in the mud.

From nowhere, with little backlift, Rebecca cracked a slap into Rosie's face. There wasn't a lot of force behind it, but contact was full. Surprise showed on Rosie's face. Rebecca followed up with her left hand, but Rosie was sharp enough to block that. Rebecca swung a series of further slaps, each of which was more or less blocked, before Rosie tried a slap of her own, which caught Rebecca on her shoulder as she managed to move her head at the last moment.

Now that Rosie was retaliating it was time to change tactics, but to do that Rebecca had to ride the onslaught that was starting. Several attempted face slaps from Rosie were blocked before Rebecca managed to close the gap and slap Rosie's thighs. Rosie lowered her aim and they began raining slaps at each others bodies – very frantically at first and then, as they tired, in a more controlled (but more effective) manner.

Several hard slaps had landed on bare flesh and many more on clothed body which, even though they were less effective, were felt. Caution crept in as seeking to avoid being slapped came to dominate and each tried to seize the others main attack hand, while prizing free their own hand. One slap at a time became the norm, as as soon as one hand had been freed long enough to connect with body, it was seized and immobilised.

Rosie's breasts being large and firm, resisted nicely to slap contact, meaning that the force of the slap was felt by Rosie even through the T-shirt. For her part Rebecca felt it when Rosie's hand caught her breast, but the blow glanced off more, rather than being stopped net as was the case with Rosie's breasts.

After the third full-on breast contact, Rosie sought to close the gap between their bodies to take away Rebecca's backlift. They were fairly close to the wall and Rebecca successfully forced her body into Rosie's so that Rosie's right hand was held and out of the way. Rebecca's right hand was instantly shoved up under Rosie's T-shirt to grasp the breast that had taken the three slaps.

Rosie couldn't get her left hand up under Rebecca's T-shirt and although she did managed to get at Rebecca's tit through the cloth it was evident to her that the pain she was causing Rebecca was somewhat less than she was feeling from Rebecca's assault. What's more, Rebecca's body was pressing in to her, squashing her right boob against her body.

Rebecca was very pleased to find herself (temporarily?) on top and wasted no effort to mangle boob and force the other as flat as she could with her own body.

Rosie released Rebecca's boob and tried to use her left hand to force Rebecca's head away from her body. Rebecca decided that having a hand under T-shirt was potentially dangerous and so she changed tactics and seized the waistband of Rosie's knickers yanking them upwards as hard as she could. The material resisted and very kindly cut a deep trench in Rosie's pussy, exposing pussy lips on either side.

Rosie tried kicking Rebecca's shins, but a good direct kick back caused her to change her mind. Her attempts to prize Rebecca's head away were not getting very far and two attempted left hand slaps to Rebecca's face did no more than merely caress her cheek. Frustrated Rosie let her hand fall back onto Rebecca's breast. At least a little discomfort was better than none!

Rebecca had been thinking about a crotch claw through the knickers, but the wedgie was clearly far more painful than any crotch claw could have been. She therefore pushed harder against Rosie, forcing her head against Rosie's and pulled those knickers with all her might.

Oh what joy to hear Rosie squeal after another hard pull.

Rosie decided that her privates had been hurt enough. Her left hand latched on to Rebecca's hair and pulled hard. Such tactics you will recall were permitted twice. Sharon called out to show she was counting and Rosie was away from the suffering, releasing Rebecca's hair once she was clear.

Rosie had had enough of standing fighting and she immediately drove herself into Rebecca taking her to the floor with a view to repeating her successful method of the two previous rounds.

Try as she might Rebecca was powerless to stop Rosie taking control although she delayed this happening as long as she could. But, finally, she was once again in a situation where Rosie had simply to maintain her position and she would eventually have to quit. While standing she had managed to give as god as she got (if not better), but in pure ground wrestling she was no match for Rosie and, what was more, powerless to actually hurt Rosie.

Rebecca still had her wildcards, however, and if tender parts of Rosie's body were not reachable, her hair was. What's good for the goose and all that. A really good tug later, Sharon was announcing that she had used up a wildcard but she was free.

Rebecca quickly got to her feet and put space between her and Rosie but Rosie had smelt victory and she wasted no time coming after her. Rebecca wanted the comfort of a wall and she flailed her arms around to keep Rosie at bay as she backed slowly towards her vertical allay. Rosie of course wanted Rebecca on the ground in the middle of the room but having been hit with two weighty slaps, one to the head, she decided to bide her time and so Rebecca felt wall against her back.

Rosie was impatient and so she went with both hands for Rebecca's boobs. Rebecca used one hand to Rosie's face, mostly with a view to making it difficult for Rosie to see what she was doing. The other hand found the waistband of Rosie's knickers and a splendid wedgie ensued.

The pain between Rosie's legs made her want some of the action and so she released Rebecca's boobs and pulled hard on Rebecca's knickers.

Both concentrated their actions and taking hold of knickers front and back began pulling first from one side and then from the other, hopping around as pulls more or less lifted them off their feet, or just to alleviate the friction.

It must have been quite funny watching them, feet planted apart, bodies arching this way and that so they could pull from one side or another.

Rebecca changed tactics first, using her momentum to sweep behind Rosie, one arm on the back of her head, forcing it down, the other back up under Rosie's T-shirt to maul and hold her in place. Rosie's hands were now free and she tried to grab hold of any bare flesh she could find but, finding none to her liking, she allowed Rebecca to bend her forward even more, then to reach through her legs and claw Rebecca's crotch.

This was the type of fighting that Rebecca preferred. Having her crotch squeezed through knickers was not the end of the world so she accepted it while she dug her fingers as viciously as she could into tender breast flesh. Then she spun Rosie to face her, changing hands so as to maul the other tit, and pull on knickers again.

Rosie's reaction was to slip her hand down inside Rebecca's knickers (easy after all the pulling out of shape they had received) and start pulling on the pussy lips she found exposed to her fingers.

Sharon, being attentive, called out that Rosie was using her last wildcard, but Rosie didn't mind.

Having her pussy mauled this way was a different kettle of fish and when naughty Rosie dug a finger into her inner recesses, Rebecca had to react. In seconds both were apart and no more bodily parts were being assaulted.

Rebecca was now away from the wall and Rosie wasted no time hauling her even further from comfort. Then it was simple. Down to the floor went Rebecca with Rosie sat on her. Rebecca lashed out as best she could, to buck Rosie off, to launch slaps, or to squeeze tit. Rosie blocked any slaps aimed at her head, but accepted the rest as she methodically moved up Rebecca's body, eventually tying in her arms and plonking her butt down on Rebecca's face.

Rebecca kicked and used up energy, but Rosie had well prepared her assault and found little difficulty resisting.

When defeat stares you in the face it's bad enough, when it is sat on your face it's even worse. The three-one victory for Rosie was inevitable and Rebecca knew that she was powerless to prolong in any meaningful way, so she took the logical way out and congratulated Rosie on her victory.

Sharon applauded as both climbed back to their feet and hugged to show that there was no ill feeling.