Sharon's initiation

by Aristocatch

Both Rebecca and Rosie were grateful to just sit and get their breaths back after all the effort expended in Rosie's victory. Sharon was, however, hopping about, asking all sorts of questions about what it had felt like, had it hurt etc. When Rosie replied that, if she wanted to know all about it she had only to try it, it was clear that that was exactly what Sharon would like to do!

Initially neither replied to Sharon but as Rebecca began to get her breath back she began having ideas.

Sharon was a nice slim build, quite attractive with her shoulder-length curly hair and she would make a reasonable adversary. Rebecca preferred the scrapping catfight style to purer wrestling and felt that she could cope with some more, especially if that meant getting hands on Sharon's attributes.

“If you give me a bit of time to get my breath back, I'll give you a gentle little try out”.

“That's great. I've got my bikini with me.”

Rosie could read Rebecca's mind and chuckling she said “I don't think you'll need the bikini. Rebecca wants to maul your tits – so you need to be uncovered!”

Rebecca wasn't ready for a real fight, and so she quickly added that if it was to be mostly playful and of limited duration she was more than ready, as a practise try-out and not competitive.

Rosie, being Rosie, said she didn't agree and that, if Sharon withstood Rebecca's feeble efforts, she would show her just how tits and pussies should be mauled!

They talked for a while and it was clear that Sharon was very tempted but, never having been in such a situation she was most unsure about exposing herself and risking injury to her protected regions. Rosie told her that it was take it or leave it and faced with the ultimatum the desire to try wrestling out proved more powerful than her reticence.

Sharon removed her outer clothes and then her bra without too much hesitation. This showed her to have nice pert breasts. Certainly smaller than Rebecca's (and much smaller than Rosie's), but nicely in keeping with her slim body and, Rebecca thought, perfect to be taken in hand.

Taking her knickers off proved more demanding. Rosie aided by Rebecca grabbed her, assaulting her with tickles and before she knew it she was naked and she had been in physical contact with two girls. That may seem a minor issue, but in discussions after Sharon revealed that she was staunchly heterosexual and she was anxious not to be taken for lesbian. Rebecca and Rosie assured her that they were not lesbians, had never had sex with another girl, and had merely found some fun in wrestling without clothes – profiting to add wrestling targets.

Rebecca quickly stripped off her t-shirt and knickers and told Sharon that the idea would mostly be to grab anything which could be grabbed and secondly to squeeze, pull or pinch it with a view to causing some discomfort. If Sharon tried too hard she would tell, her idea being to have some (slightly) painful fun and to initiate Sharon to a new experience.

The two lined up and Rosie told them to start. Rebecca took Sharon down to the floor, holding her to cushion the fall. She was almost pleased that Sharon made the most of being cushioned to try tentative grab at one of Rebecca's tits. She had now touched another breast and hadn't died of shame.

Rebecca sat on Sharon's midriff and gently began kneading Sharon's breasts. Finding her hands to be free Sharon reached up and took Rebecca's larger orbs in hand. Initially she seemed quite content just to feel them and hold them in her hands. Rebecca decided to see whether Sharon would go further by kneading Sharon's tits a bit more. Sharon took the hint and with similar (very slight) force treated Rebecca's dangling chest the same way.

Rebecca slid up Sharon's body and held Sharon's arms away from her chest. When she had worked it to be holding Sharon's two arms with just one hand, she reached round and fitted one tit nicely into her hand there to squeeze a little harder. Wondering whether Sharon was totally passive she reached further until she could feel Sharon's (hairless) pubes. The next thing she knew Sharon had tipped her off!

Sharon could have targeted Rebecca between the legs, but she seemed to hold back. Instead she tried to wrestle Rebecca, getting an arm around Rebecca's neck and trying to force Rebecca flat on the floor. Rebecca was able to resist, being on hands and knees. Sharon was on her back and quickly wrapped her arms around Rebecca with a boob in each hand.

Rebecca rolled and dumped Sharon on her back, intrigued to find that Sharon managed to maintain her hold. Sharon was flat on her back with Rebecca lying back down on her, held in place by her boobs. With her right hand Rebecca found her way between Sharon's legs and introduced her to gentle pussy pulling. Sharon seemed content with breast grabbing. Rebecca used her left hand to dig her fingers into Sharon's tummy.

Sharon released Rebecca and rolled to face her. Rebecca's hand immediately went towards Sharon's pussy and belatedly her other hand to Sharon's pert boob. Finding the way free Sharon grabbed one of Rebecca's boobs again and not knowing what to do with the other hand she eventually tried to grab Rebecca's pussy. By then Rebecca had decided to pull her pussy lips a bit harder and before she could cause Rebecca any discomfort Sharon chose to roll away.

Both got to their feet and Rebecca quickly shunted Sharon up against a wall. Leaving herself undefended Rebecca's hands went back to boob and pussy. Finally Sharon plucked up the courage to do the same and so they grabbed breasts and pussies, slowly increasing their efforts to turn simple grabbing into more painful holds.

It may not sound it, but this was essentially fun wrestling with causing slight pain to those usually private parts of the body as the sole aim. Sharon grew in confidence and seemed ready to increase her efforts to cause pain. Rebecca had enjoyed grabbing Sharon's body, but was really beginning to feel tired, so she took hold of Sharon's hands and forced her arms up against the wall over her head. Then she moved her body forward until her breasts were squashing Sharon's. She could feel the hardness of Sharon's nipple against her breast.

Sharon's legs were apart and Rebecca forced her thigh up into contact with Sharon's pubes. She had been tempted to rub a bit to see if Sharon was really as anti lesbian as she had said, but decided to propose to Sharon that they stop there. She was also tempted to try crushing one of those boobs in her hand, but decided that there could well be a further occasion for that.

Rosie was ready to take over and she promptly swept Sharon to the floor where she dumped her large chest over Sharon's face, while holding Sharon's arms down. She then amused herself by banging Sharon's face with her tits.

Tiring of that game Rosie quickly turned Sharon over and held her by locking her legs over Sharon's . Sharon's boobs were now available, but Rosie showed much discretion in merely grabbing them, and not trying to hurt. Sharon was learning fast and she joined her hands behind Rosie's head, pulling Rosie forward. It was hardly a game changing move, but it was uncomfortable and so Rosie tossed Sharon off her.

Sharon was the quickest to react and she managed to force Rosie down onto the mat face first. Cupping her hands under Rosie's chin she pulled Rosie's head up. Executing a back-breaker was not her goal however for, as soon as Rosie's tits were lifted of the mat, Sharon transferred her hold to them.

For some reason Sharon seemed happier hurting Rosie than she had been with Rebecca and while sitting in the small of Rosie's back she set to trying to find out just what she could do to that harder pair of breasts. Clearly she didn't lack any imagination and the look on Rosie's face suggested that she was having some success in causing discomfort.

Rosie had the strength to slowly lift Sharon off the ground, still sitting on her back and with boobs in hand, determined to milk those boobs for as long as she could.

Rosie crawled the short distance to a wall and slammed Sharon's body into the wall, causing her to release her hold and tumble to the floor as Rosie moved away.

The pair rose to their feet and locked hands. Moving forward Rosie shot one arm around Sharon's head and took hold of Sharon's hair to maintain her in place. Within microseconds Sharon had copied her and so both held each others hair, pulling heads down.

Rosie's free hand found Sharon's pert boob. This time he didn't simply grab it, but began crushing it between her fingers. Sharon's answer was to grab Rosie pussy and elongate one labia lip by pulling hard on it. Her shyness and reticence were fast evaporating!

Hair was pulled harder causing pain to their scalps, but no influence on their relative positions. Abandoning hair pulling at the same time both began a vicious game of boob crushing and pussy mauling with both hands at the same time. It was as if both had decided that they only had a short time left and both were determined to get value for money.

This bout was quite different to Sharon's with Rebecca and Rebecca was wincing from seeing what each was doing to the other, almost feeling as if her body were subject to these assaults.

Obviously both could not continue dishing out increasingly vicious punishment to each others bodies and so they suddenly stopped and pulled away from each other.

“I like it” said Rosie extending a hand to shake Sharon's, “ you've got some pluck!”

Sharon looked delighted with herself and it was clear that she wouldn't refuse to engage in similar activity in the future.