Widening Horizons

by Aristocatch

Seeing how reticent Sharon had initially been to wrestle with less than her bikini and to touch their bodies and then how she had quickly adapted set Rosie thinking. She discussed the matter with her sister Kathy (who was feeling a bit left out, not having taken part in Sharon's initiation) and little by little a plan evolved.

Rebecca, Sharon, Debbie and another girl, Liz, were all invited to the farm. Less than a week before Liz broke her arm. She came anyway, to act as referee, and found Denise to take her place. When they arrived, knowing none of the details of what had been organised, they found that a tarpaulin had been laid in the hay barn and bales of hay aligned to form a large rectangular ring.

Events had been planned for the evening, after farm workers had left, and lighting had been added in case it was needed. Everyone ate at the farm first and then set off for the barn.

Kathy explained to all those present that they were in for an evening of 'games' – some rough, some not rough and that who would do what would be decided by drawing cards. She hoped no-one would baulk at what they were asked to do – but if anyone really objected obviously they would not be obliged to do what they objected to doing. There was a clear note in her voice which said 'but don't spoil the fun for everyone else'.

Everyone was wearing their ordinary clothes; noisy and excited in anticipation of what was to come. Because it had been a nice day all were fairly lightly dressed, and they were all asked to remove shoes and socks (one person). Two packs of cards had been shuffled together to give a good stock. Selection would be by highest or lowest card, with Aces counting highest.

The sisters had been surprised that, despite the general reticence previously shown by most of the participants to stretch their limits when consulted as to what could be included, all had proposed ideas that seemed far more daring than their previous actions would have suggested. They had therefore decided to start 'soft' and see how things went.

Kathy had found videos on line showing three women playing games where the loser was stripped and then sexually stimulated by the other two. The first round for 30 seconds, then 40, 50 etc. They had seriously thought about trying something similar, but decided that it could be too brave for those present. Instead they started very gently with a series of cards being drawn, each time the one or ones with the lowest card(s) had to shed a garment.

All were effectively wearing four items and after six goes, Rebecca was still fully dressed, Debbie and Denise were down to bras and panties and the others had simply shed their T-shirts/blouses.

Round two went slightly further. The drawer of the highest card would have thirty seconds to try to strip as much as possible the drawer of the lowest card. If two drew equally high cards it would be two on one.

This brought the girls into contact for the first time. As no-one wished to have her clothes destroyed resistance was limited to wriggling this way and that and crossing arms and legs to slow removal. Rebecca who had been fully clothed found herself up against Kathy and Denise and finished the round naked. Sharon also lost all her clothes. Kathy and Rosie just had knickers left, Denise and Debbie bras.

A free for all followed which was fairly hilarious and quickly made sure that no-one had a stitch left on.

Round three was designed to introduce more intimate contact, or at least to intimate parts. Cards were drawn to select opponents who then knelt facing each other. The rules were simple, they had a minute to squeeze each others tits – some pain could be caused, but they were encouraged not to seek to be too violent.

Kathy drew her sister. It had been agreed before that they wouldn't be forced to do anything too intimate to each other but apparently tit mauling was not considered too intimate. With the idea being to get the participants increasingly excited only one pair went at a time with the others watching and cheering.

Sharon and Debbie explored each others tits, oh so gently, despite Sharon's tits seeming to appeal to everyone. Rebecca and Denise had a bit more fun, pulling and squeezing rather more – exploring how flexible their boobs could be. Denise was of African origin and it was quite fun for the viewers to see brown tit flesh between white fingers on one side and white tit flesh between brown fingers on the other.

Kathy and Rosie went last and showed no sisterly love. They had the biggest tits of those present; though Rosie's were harder and more round. The definition of 'not too violent' seemed to have been missed and it was as well that only sixty seconds were allowed as both laid into the others boobs with venomous enthusiasm, pulling, squeezing and twisting.

Whether the sight of Kathy and Rosie mauling each other made the earlier participants regret not being more vigorous is a moot point, but there was still plenty of time left for them to catch up.

Round 4 was slightly different. Each girl was to go in turn. The draw of the cards would decide who she was pitted against, it could be one or more opponents, depending on whether more than one drew the highest card. Each turn lasted two minutes – with but one target, the bum. A spanking festival. Main rule : you couldn't hold the other person's arms – aimed essentially at a two on one to stop one immobilising the person on their own while the partner dished out punishment.

Denise went first and Sharon was drawn to face her. Slaps rang out, loud and smacking as each treated the others bum (and often thighs) to a rain of less than delicate strikes. Clearly dishing out slaps to the nether region met with approval and both took part with considerable gusto.

Kathy looked disappointed not to be treating her sisters posterior with disdain, and was relatively subdued against Debbie. Rebecca was out of luck again and found herself against Rosie and Denise. She took quite a whacking, though she left her mark on the other two.

Sharon gave Rebecca a more even contest, though she was still smarting from the double caning she had just finished.

Rosie drew her sister and both showed great glee changing the colour of the others posterior with a violent deluge of blows that they could still feel quite some time later.

Debbie was the last to go and she drew Kathy again. Kathy was still sore and it was by far the gentlest of the bouts.

Most of the girls' blood lust was now high and it was time for Round 5.

In a way round 5 could be seen as a bit of a step backwards, but the organisers felt that by its nature it would advance body contact and actually lead towards more 'daring' activities.

In short round 5 was a simple wrestling, one fall determines the winner with a shoulder pin to the count of three. Given that all were naked however, in getting to the fall there would inevitably be full body contact. The girls drew cards to determine who took on who.

Sharon drew Denise again and in this case the first bout was the best. They were fairly even and it took several minutes before Sharon claimed victory. If body contact had been the goal, then it was certainly achieved. Both were hot and out of breath by the end. Rosie literally wiped the floor with Debbie who was no match for her (come to that probably no-one else would have been).

Rebecca and Kathy had a fun bout with both having chances to win. In the end Kathy prevailed, even if her sister claimed that Rebecca hadn't really been trying. Kathy had rather enjoyed the contact of their boobs, though she wouldn't have admitted it.

An improvised round was added, to satisfy a suddenly announced desire. The girls were divided into two teams, for a modified game of bulldogs. One team lined up on one side of the arena with the aim of getting to the other side, except that the other team would try to prevent them.

Kathy, Debbie and Sharon were in the first team and they soon found that the defenders were in no mood to let them reach home. They were roughly hauled down, not one of them getting past her defender, and equally roughly kept on the floor. Sharon broke free first, but the other two, now facing three defenders were treated most unkindly and had made no progress when the time was up.

Rebecca, Rosie and Denise lined up. Kathy and Debbie combined to take down Rosie, Sharon slowed Rebecca up and Denise skipped home untouched. Sharon and Rebecca had a most satisfyingly rough tussle before Rebecca finally broke free. Rosie, who had been none too gentle when defending was given a bit of own back and, of course, finished up as one against three.

All the girls were looking a real mess after this game, and counting their bruises. But their adrenaline was pumping and they wanted more.

Round 7 had been due later, but was advanced due to popular demand. Pairs were drawn up for individual combat for a two minute slap fight. Unlike the earlier butt smacking bout this time anything could be slapped. In case this was too rough submitting was allowed.

Kathy drew Denise who landed two slaps to everyone of Kathy's. Kathy's large breasts were an easy target, but she got slapped just about all over, including one corker to the face that sent her reeling. Denise didn't escape unscathed but it was clear that, had it been competitive, Denise would easily have won.

Rebecca and Rosie had a fairly cagey bout, after all they had some experience of hitting each other. When they launched slaps they were generally hard. Both protected their heads, and avoided being hit there. Neither could resist aiming between the legs, and both scored clean slaps at different moments in the bout. A judge would have found it difficult to separate them and indeed their reaction at the end was one of satisfaction – that they had dealt well with the other.

Sharon laid into Debbie who was very reticent to hit back at the beginning. The bout had to be stopped half way through when Sharon's hand managed to open Debbie's lip. Nothing too serious and Debbie was applauded when she insisted on resuming after the blood had been stopped. It was if the blow had galvanised her and she laid into Sharon after in a way that was even more surprising given her earlier reluctance. Sharon slapped back, but all the hard blows she took were after the injury and her left breast was quite red at the end, having been well targeted by Debbie in the last few seconds in particular.

It was time to calm things down and Round 8 was ideal with a complete change of tone. Things seemed to be going well so they thought they might try the idea they were unsure of at the beginning.

Two games would precede at once, three girls in each. Six rounds would be played, each of one minute. Lowest card loses and the two winners will try to rub her breasts and pussy. The first overtly sexual game. Rebecca was not happy, but as she appeared to be the only one she agreed to continue. She stressed that the limit was pussy rubbing and that no penetration was allowed, which detail Rosie stressed.

She found herself initially with Sharon and Denise. However this left Kathy and Rosie in the same group. Although they were happy to knock each other black and blue they were not prepared for the new game. Sharon swapped with Kathy.

Kathy lost the first round and her pussy in particular was well rubbed, which she seemed to rather like. Rebecca lost the second and the girls concentrated particularly on her breasts. When she also lost the third they did rub her pussy rather more. The Fourth round gave Kathy and Rebecca a chance to grope Denise. The Fifth round saw Kathy looking even happier and Denise had a silly smile on her face after the sixth and last round.

In the other group Debbie lost three times and was red in the face and quite indiscreetly turned on by the end. Both Debbie and Rosie seemed to enjoy playing with Sharon's body in the second and fifth rounds. The girls were not too sure about Rosie, but she made no fuss and even seemed to like what they did to her in the only round she lost.

This permissive behaviour opened the way for the penultimate round. Wrestling with a difference. Everyone would have two combats in which the first object was to face sit your opponent. Once in place you could demand that your opponent licked your sex. No time limit was to be applied to the wrestling, after all a winner was needed. The loser could refuse to lick for longer than a minute, or continue if they so wanted. At any rate a couple of minutes would suffice.

On the basis that this was a forfeit for losing the wrestling, neither Rebecca nor Rosie objected to this game, though they hoped not to face each other. In this they were lucky as the draw kept them apart.

This round couldn't have worked out better. Everyone won one game and lost one. The wrestling was semi intense, with some complicated moves being tried out. There was no catfighting, so pure wrestling only took pride of place. Whether anyone conspired to achieve the end balance was unknown. At least no-one admitted to it after.

Rebecca seemed to have no qualms at tonguing Denise, and had her pussy licked by Debbie. Amazingly Debbie beat Rosie who in turn beat Sharon. Denise lost to Kathy who in turn lost to Sharon.

The last round was also optional. There could be as many combats as wanted. Simple rule – wrestle to insert a digit fully into opponent's pussy. Rebecca and Rosie looked at each another and announced that they were not prepared to wrestle each other, but would accept to try with someone else.

Sharon was quite happy to offer a challenge to Rebecca and Denise to Rosie.

Once a point was scored the pair had to break, but there was no limit to the number of points (other than the five-minute fight duration).

The contest between Sharon and Rebecca showed just how much Sharon had developed in a short time. Knowing Rebecca's apparent attraction to mauling her pert boobs, she began the contest by attacking Rebecca's, catching Rebecca off guard. As she had anticipated Rebecca was not at all sure that she wanted to finger anyone and was thus totally without any form of game plan. Having her tits mauled said catfight and she was certainly up for that, so she soon latched on to Sharon's offered decoy. That was just what Sharon had been waiting for and with Rebecca thoroughly occupied, she prompted inserted her middle finger as far as she could into Rebecca's pussy which, after the previous games, was more than sufficiently open and lubricated for the finger to disappear within without causing Rebecca any discomfort.

Sharon knew better than to push her luck and once Rebecca had acknowledged that she had scored she withdrew the finger without trying in any way to exploit its location.

If Rebecca was unsure about sexual contact with another woman, she was always competitively sure when it came to a challenge. Sharon had now set her one and so she readily wrestled Sharon until she was able to find out what it felt like to digitally penetrate another lass. Being so assaulted didn't seem to cause Sharon any worries and she even regained her lead very quickly after the restart, meaning that Rebecca had to wrestle hard to equalise before the end of the bout, by which time she seemed no longer to find the objective of the game so disgusting.

Rosie rose to the challenge and fingered Denise several times without being fingered herself. The look on Denise's face suggested that she wasn't at all adverse to having a finger within her privates.

In the end everyone wrestled everyone else and by the end they were all too exhausted to think of adding any more games. The more tired they got, the less capable they were of defending themselves and even Rosie found her insides invaded – not even once but three times and in the same contest and against Debbie of all people.

The spirit of competition won over Rebecca who ended up wrestling everyone except Rosie and who was finding sliding her digit into a moist recess great fun by the end, even when having her own recess tickled by all of her opponents. To a casual observer it could have seemed that fingers stayed inside ever longer as the contests progressed, but maybe the wrestlers just took ever longer accepting defeat!

At any rate six very happy young ladies finished the evening back in the farmhouse, talking about their adventures to each other, Kathy's mother and indeed anyone who would listen.