Mothers and Daughters

by Aristocatch

Rebecca should have known better than to have imagined that her mother had no inkling of what had been going on at the farm. She shouldn't have been surprised when her mother announced that rough games had been going on up there for years and that, now that her daughter had been 'initiated', it would be a chance for her to renew hostilities with Kathy's mother. What's more all had already been organised. A four mother-and-daughter team contest. She added that she hoped Rebecca would accept to join up with her to form one of the teams. Rebecca's mother had been very sporty in her youth and kept in good shape. Rebecca was at first surprised then delighted at the idea. She would be even more surprised when she learned the rules!

Kathy's mother knew that the girls had gone beyond straightforward wrestling when in the barn, and used their bodies to a greater extent. Her idea was therefore to continue in this vein. A draw would be made to create two matches. The two winners would fight again in a final and the two losers for 3rd and 4th place. There would be a forfeit for losing each fight to be claimed at the end of the tournament.

The rules were simple. Rosie and Liz, as judges, would decide which team had sexually molested the other the most. There was no tagging as such, players would be regularly changed to ensure one pair didn't stay together all the time. There would also be timed powerplays when the second team member could join the first against one adversary. This last was especially to ensure that everyone got molested and that final results would be for example 10 points to 8, even when one team had totally dominated. Catfight rules were to apply including limited hair-pulling, attacking body parts etc, but would give no direct points. In the event of a tie a winner could be chosen based on which team had inflicted the greatest pain! Orgasms were neither here nor there, and would make no difference – they certainly weren't an objective.

All of the players knew what they were letting themselves in for, so there were no last minute surprises. Kathy and Rebecca were present, as was Debbie. Denise had been invited, but her mother had not accepted and everyone had been pleased when Sharon talked her mother into joining them. The three local families knew each other, but they were all strangers to Sharon's mother, who looked like her daughter, a generation older. She told them that she had played rugby in her youth when it was still something of a novelty, and she assured them that she had no problems with the rules.

When the draw was made Kathy and her mother were pitted against Rebecca and hers while Debbie and her mother would take on Sharon in the second bout.

Suffice to say that Debbie and her mother proved inadequate for the task. Sharon and her mother molested them at will and very quickly gave up on any catfighting, as it clearly wouldn't be a factor in the event of a tie. Debbie's team did get to grips with their adversaries sexual organs during the two powerplays, which was some consolation. Debbie's Mum clearly found it all very sexy and she embarrassed herself by coming during the power-play when she was up against the two.

The bout between Kathy and her Mother and Rebecca's team was a bit more strenuous but Kathy's Mother seemed a bit out of sorts and they tried very little rough stuff as a means of disrupting their foes. Rebecca's team cruised to the final, feeling almost disappointed that they hadn't been pushed harder.

The two losers met first. Even though they had had longer to recover, Debbie's Mum was still a mass of stimulated nerve ends. Debbie fought valiantly and had a bit of a spat with Mother who seemed to warm to trying to hurt Debbie back. She was seemingly energised when next up against Debbie's Mum who was quickly so turned on that she came again and was hardly capable of mounting a fight after, and not even in the power-play. She told them after that she had always secretly found the idea of two women together exciting and the first chance she had of experiencing it was just too much. She was disappointed for her daughter who said she wasn't sure that they had really stood much chance of winning either bout anyway.

Thankfully the final was to justify its billing.

It was agreed that the mothers should start the final. Rebecca's Mum was called Audrey and Sharon's told everyone to call her Blondie (on account of her hair – not because she was as old as Debbie Harry). At first glance they looked well matched and so it proved. The early stages looked more like a wrestling match than a sex fight. Slowly they started getting hands onto breasts or pussies, but for fleeting moments. When the first power-play was called there was little to choose.

Rebecca joined her Mum who directed her to deal with subduing Blondie. Audrey wasted no time forcing two fingers into Blondie. For some reason this annoyed Blondie (maybe she wanted stroking more gently) and her reaction was to seek to defend herself more and she tried to attack Rebecca's pussy with her hands. Rebecca had been rather lax, not expecting much fight, and had to prize Blondie's hand from her pussy, before being able to pin her. Slightly peaked she decided to retaliate and instead of caressing Blondie's boobs, she began squeezing them.

Audrey had clearly decided that, if Blondie wanted it rough she could have it rough and her fingers flashed in and out with some rapidity, but little or no sexual intent.

Power-plays were quite short and Rosie soon called a halt. The two mothers retired, with Blondie glaring daggers at Audrey and Sharon came into the ring to confront Rebecca having seen how her mother had suffered.

In no time she was sitting on Rebecca, fingering her pussy! Rebecca didn't take it lying down and, grabbing Sharon's pert boobs from behind she pulled her off. Even as Sharon touched the ground, Rebecca had clamped her mouth over a boob and was sucking like mad. Her right hand held Sharon's arms above her head and her left traced over Sharon's pussy, rubbing briefly, before she slid a finger in. Sharon was clearly more prepared than her mother and entry was sweet and smooth.

Sharon arched her back, pressed down with her legs and flung herself onto Rebecca, using both hands on Rebecca's tits, ignoring for a moment that Rebecca was still able to rub her pussy, even though she could no longer reach to finger her.

Rebecca literally threw Sharon off, getting behind her in the process and not missing out on getting Sharon's boobs tightly gripped. Right in front of the judges she used one finger from each hand to flick the nicely pointed nipples in a show of dominance.

Sharon was stuck for a moment. Rebecca tried to force Sharon's legs apart to rub her with her knee, but this proved to be an error and she found herself spun over with Sharon's finger in her pussy and her legs held by Sharon's weight. With a bit of wriggling she managed to get hold of one of Sharon's boobs which she now crushed in her hand. Sharon, bravely, ignored that. After all she was the only one scoring at this stage.

Realising her predicament Rebecca then took hold of Sharon's locks and hauled her off. Feeling annoyed Sharon slapped out and caught Rebecca flush between the legs, thus ensuring that Rebecca used her hair longer than intended until she was sitting on Sharon's head. Now the treatment she gave to Sharon's boobs was quite different, teasing the nipples to greater length and playing with them.

It took a longer time for Sharon to break free and for a few moments they both had hands on each others pussies before the time for the second power-play was called.

It was Rebecca's turn to stay, while Blondie returned to the fray.

Rebecca's adrenaline was pumping and she was not about to be quietly fucked. Pushing an unsuspecting Sharon roughly away from her she immediately clawed Blondie between her legs, getting cheers of approval from her mother. Blondie tried to slap Rebecca, who blocked it, before launching a swinging slap of her own that caught Blondie's tit full on.

Sharon grabbed one of Rebecca's arms and got kicked on the shins for her trouble. Blondie got hold of the other arm and they roughly pulled Rebecca down. Blondie very efficiently immobilised Rebecca's arms (one between her legs), lying across her upper body. Blondie's free hand found Rebecca's tit and set to stimulating it.

Sharon was hard at work at the other end, with fingers inside Rebecca. When she began licking Rebecca's clit, Rebecca did all she could to unseat her – causing her to break off several times. Rebecca was far too much into the fight aspect to initially feel any sexual effect – she merely knew that Sharon's team were scoring points. Her opponents however had clearly decided that sexual stimulus was just what they would give her (the opposite of what she wanted), and by the end of the power-play, Rebecca was somewhat more docile and showing possible signs that she was not immune to being stimulated.

Sharon stayed in the ring at the end of the power-play, to be joined by Audrey. Initially this was the least violent of the encounters with some skill being shown as they twisted and turned this way and that some part being stimulated virtually all the way. With great versatility each managed to locate a breast, or pussy even when they appeared to be held away from such a possibility. It was fun to watch, and probably equally fun to be part of. There was no prolonged fingering, but plenty of pussy rubbing.

There was clearly something about Sharon's pert tits. Perhaps they were just the right size, or held a magnetic attraction. At any rate, out of the blue, Audrey suddenly took one in hand and gave it a thoroughly good (and hence painful) squeeze. Audrey's tits were not a lot bigger, but could not be described as pert. They fitted fine in Sharon's grip though and the last seconds of their bout were marked by each trying to mangle the others boobs.

Sharon was the next to experience the power-play. Rebecca and Audrey were ready should she show violent resistance, and so Sharon was soon flat on her back, Audrey treating her boobs in quite a different manner. Rebecca was between her legs. She would not have sought out a girl for sex, but in the context of using it as a weapon to weaken Sharon and score points, she took some pleasure in fingering and licking and discovering just what had an effect on Sharon.

Sharon clearly found the whole event a bit of a turn on and she was far less able to ignore what her nerve ends were telling her she should enjoy. What Rebecca was doing between her legs was frankly good and any thoughts of resisting were quickly subsumed by certain sensations that she wasn't used to receiving.

The two women working her over were quite able to interpret the signs, and they increased the quality of their efforts. When the power-play ended Sharon was clearly on a sexual high. Just as well that she was to spend a few minutes on the side lines while Rebecca took on her mother.

Rebecca wasted no time repeating the slap to Blondies boob and giving every impression that she wanted a catfight. Blondie would clearly have liked one too, but this was after all a sexual molesting contest and, unless in the case of a tie, the catfight element would not influence the result. But maybe there was just enough time for both.

Feinting a slap at Rebecca's head with her right hand, caused Rebecca to recoil to avoid it and left Blondie free to crush Rebecca's right breast with her left hand. Rebecca tried to knee her in the crotch, but Blondie blocked that and used her right hand to claw Rebecca between the legs. If Rebecca had been worried about getting too excited sexually that d should have erased any potential worries!

Rebecca decided that a change of tactics was warranted and so she swept Blondie to the floor liberating her body from Blondie's grips. Blondie also realised that she needed to score points and so the style changed. Rebecca took the lead and attacked non stop. Blondie did all she could to counter the attacks, and also to counter-attack. They were like eels as they twisted this way and that, mostly keeping their pussies out of reach, at the expense of their breasts which got slightly heavily fondled.

Nipples were given plenty of treatment, mostly to try to make them jut out as far as possible – to give the impression that their owner was getting turned on. As they did all they could to stimulate breasts both did in a way get turned on and both were to say afterwards that they hadn't been aware just how much stimulus could be created. By the finish their bodies were at a splayed out angle, both were sucking on one tit and fondling the other.

The last power-play forced Audrey to come back while Rebecca left them to it. Audrey made it clear that if they wanted to molest her they would have to suffer for it. In fact it was mostly Blondie who suffered, Audrey was gentler towards Sharon, and it took the two quite some while to get Audrey under control and several slaps to Blondie's boobs. As soon as Audrey was under control she became very docile and left them to molest her – maybe she even enjoyed it, who knows?

Having had a short rest while her mother was undergoing the power-play, Rebecca returned to face Sharon in the penultimate bout.

Sharon had been growing increasingly confident, which proved to be her downfall. Expecting to at least have a breast-mauling start, she set off targeting Rebecca's pair with both her hands. Rebecca had other ideas and in no time at all she had Sharon pinned in a reverse face sit leaving Sharon's pussy at her mercy. Sharon tried frantically to unseat her, but Rebecca was well positioned and quite happy to play gently with Sharon's pussy, not trying to force her over the edge or to hurt her. Points were the name of the game and Rebecca was calculating that this could be the only one-sided bout and thus the one that determined the result.

Poor Sharon never got to even touch Rebecca's boobs, never mind anywhere else. At the end of the bout she looked visibly shocked and disappointed.

That just left the two mothers. In Audrey's view she merely had to stop Blondie dominating her in the same way for them to claim victory. She therefore came out slapping and, having got heavily slapped trying to take Audrey to the floor so as to get at her pussy, Blondie finally resulted to slapping back. This cost Audrey several good slaps to her breasts and elsewhere, but no molesting. As she had left a few red marks on Blondie's body with her slaps before Blondie returned the fire, and a handful more after, she wasn't really complaining.

Blondie had probably calculated that they were losing and midway through the bout she decided that she would prefer to leave a painful mark on Audrey, rather than no mark at all. Audrey was delighted and so the slapping more or less stopped while hair-pulling and boob mangling took over. Neither lady showed much respect for the others boobs, nor her age!

When the time slot was clearly nearly at an end, Audrey sank to her knees, encouraging Blondie to do likewise. Both clean-living mothers then inserted two fingers into the others pussy and mutually frigged the other in a solid matter-of-fact way, looking each other in the eye with a look that said, 'OK we are done here but only until next time”.

The judges took little time to reach agreement and although they complemented Sharon and Blondie for a marvellous spectacle they were agreed that, under the rules of the game, Rebecca and Audrey should be declared winners.

That left the question of forfeits. As they were fresh from the last bout it seemed reasonable to start with Blondie and Sharon.

A double ended dildo was fetched and one end was inserted into mother and daughter, both of whom were largely open and ready to receive it. A clear gap was left in the middle so that they didn't touch. The winners, Audrey and Rebecca went behind each of them. Quite simply the winners were to do all they could or wanted to do to try to make them orgasm. In the event that either survived five minutes the penalty was over. If they didn't survive there was a second penalty .

Clearly mother and daughter were not going to try to move on the dildo on their own and Rebecca and Audrey had to find ways of stimulating them and making them move on the dildo, which would of course also provoke movement within the other!

Audrey gave her daughter the choice and she chose Sharon. Positioning herself behind Sharon she waited for the five minutes to start. Straight away she began caressing Sharon's breasts with both hands and the she sucked on one while she caressed the other with one hand, and rubbed Sharon's pussy just above the dildo. Very classical in approach. Sharon was clearly enjoying it, but not moving very much on the dildo.

Audrey had started in much the same way and she quickly got the idea that Blondie was going to have no trouble avoiding a second penalty. She swore afterwards that it was by chance but, in trying to rub all around the projecting dildo, her finger came into contact with Blondie's areshole. Blondie jumped and involuntarily clenched her muscles, thus propelling dildo within her daughter.

Audrey deliberately tried again with the same result and a warning from Blondie as to the consequences. Her mind working overtime, Audrey stopped caressing Blondie's boob and pinched it instead. Sharon had blocked her muscles to prevent the dildo going further within her and so Blondie slid the dildo deeper within herself.

Rebecca had felt the movements and realised what her mother was doing. She wasn't prepared to try Sharon's rear end, but she was not adverse to tweaking those pert tits. Bingo! Every time she squeezed Sharon moved on the dildo. Taking it in turns to squeeze tits, Audrey and Rebecca were able to force Blondie and Sharon to rub their insides on the dildo. Additionally Audrey preyed on Blondie's desire not to be rimmed and so Blondie jumped every time her finger seemed to get anywhere near. The result was as much movement as either could have wished to with mother and daughter shagging the same dildo.

Blondie was all for using sex in a fight and could have accepted if she had been forced to orgasm that way. She was not keen, however, on being taken over the edge this way and even less if she were the catalyst pushing her daughter over the edge. It seemed probable that Audrey felt much the same and maybe they shared a word on the subject. At any rate Audrey slowed and then ceased such actions and went back to playing with Blondie's tits. Rebecca was a bit slowly stopping, being rather mesmerised by the sight of the dildo moving back and forward inside Sharon. But she also had slowed her actions and so the two survived their five minutes without incurring any further penalty.

The other team to lose one bout was Kathy and her mother. As Sharon and Blondie had come a very close second they were given the right to make Kathy and Mother cope with the dildo test. They informed their victims that they would require them to move voluntarily on the dildo if they wished to avoid the extra stimulus that Audrey and daughter had suffered. As the home team did as they were told Blondie's team treated them gently and they looked to be actually enjoying the sensations produced by the dildo, making extraction of who was at the other end.

That just left the two-time losers. The judges were showing a certain willingness to get involved and as one was the home team's other daughter they gave up their place willingly. The two-time losers hadn't been involved for a while and so Kathy and her mother gave them some gentle preparation while the judges got ready. When they were ripe Rosie and Liz came back wearing strap-ons.

While the judges applied themselves to pelvic movements the six other women gave all parts of the double-losers bodies a thorough sexual going over. Even the most hardened anti-lesbian couldn't have withstood that and Debbie and her Mum were not in that category. As someone said after it was a strange world where only the losers got a sensual reward.