The Showdown
by Aristocatch

The various mothers and daughters had not even left after their competition before Audrey and Blondie were starting to organise what they called a 'showdown' at Blondie's house, but it took a bit longer to find a time that was suitable to all four, and even then only after Blondie's husband had agreed to go out and leave them to it!

The day duly arrived when they met up. The only other person there was Sharon's sister Julie (who was at University with Rebecca). She was disappointed that Rebecca didn't have a sister so that she could join in – it being felt that the presence of Rebecca's brother would not be advantageous.

Blondie and her girls had cleared a bedroom of furniture, and covered the carpet to avoid burns. There was no mad rush to begin, so they all sat and had a quiet drink. Blondie reminded them that it had been agreed that there would be no winners or losers and no time limits, other than to make sure that each got to get to grips with both members of the opposing family. The rules were simple, to impose yourself on the others. It was to be expected that this would be by causing pain, putting them in uncomfortable positions (and hence obtaining a submission), or by forcing sex on them. Sex was to be used to show dominance, and to tire your opponent. Each would almost invariably be forced into a position where they lost control of their bodies reactions (orgasm in other words). The forcer would have the satisfaction of knowing that they had pushed the other over the edge, but there was no reason why the other couldn't enjoy the sensations and come back fighting after. As Blondie said, “If you manage to make me cum, it had better be good, because you won't know what hit you afterwards anyway, and if you spoil my cum, you may not even be able to remember the afterwards!”

Audrey joined in to say that the idea was to force the other against their will, but there was no reason why the end result shouldn't be pleasant – sex should be fun after all and they had all agreed to having an enjoyable and memorable time (that probably wouldn't be repeated). The idea was to see how much pain, how much having 'private' parts of the body interfered with, and how much sexual stimulus the others could cope with, and to show off their combative skills and it didn't matter whether the victim was mother or daughter, there should be no distinction. Blows were taboo, but little else and if everyone was sensible a bit of anything was fine, but no-one wanted say a prolonged bout of hair-pulling that left the carpet littered with locks.

Rebecca had come round to the idea of the game and she was looking forward to seeing how differently things would develop when they weren't trying to score points in a short time limit. Audrey had convinced her to enjoy the sensations of an orgasm if (when) she was forced to have one. It wasn't anything to be ashamed of, even more so if she forced the others to cum as well.

To slow down the beginning and hopefully set a more leisured pace for the rest, it had been decided to start in bras and knickers, with a view to exploiting wedgies. Ideally it could encourage fighting upright and leave un-assaulted parts that could be overused too early.

Audrey and Blondie would start together, leaving the girls to their own devices.

Sharon and Rebecca approached each other but before joining contact Sharon asked Rebecca is Rebecca would allow her a couple of minutes to do whatever she wanted, after which she would allow Rebecca the same. They were beginning to get to know each other quite well and Rebecca saw no reason to refuse.

Sharon asked her to lie down on her back and then she knelt beside her. She cupped Rebecca's tits in her arms, through the bra.

“You seem to like attacking my tits, which means that, as I will retaliate, yours will soon be very painful. I want to make the most of them first.”

Having rubbed the boobs through the cloth, she eased part of a breast out from under so that the nipple was exposed. With her finger and thumb she took the nipple and played with it. Then she did the same to the other. Then she took the bra off completely and set to teasing the nipples with one hand and her tongue.

Rebecca let Sharon do as she wished, beginning to feel rather nice sensations in her body. She was determined to make the most of the day with its blend of pleasure and pain. It was still a leap for her to accept this type of pleasure, but as her mother had said, it was now or never. What Sharon was doing to her boobs was very nice and she allowed herself to concentrate on the reaction of her nerve endings, rather than trying to plan what she would do after.

The two mothers had also started without violence. They had put a holdall by the door and took from it a bottle of oil, which they calmly rubbed on each others pussies and breasts, taking up a position that mirrored how they had finished their last combat at the farm. Julie brought them a double ended dildo like the one Blondie and Sharon had been obliged to use as the penalty for losing. Once the oil application had done its job they both inserted the dildo into themselves.

A coloured elastic band had been put on the dildo and Julie adjusted it so that it was equidistant from each pussy. On the word go, the two mothers set to trying to use their muscles to force the dildo deeper into the other than into them. The elastic band seemed to move first one way and then the other, but in reality it was the dildo which slid in and out of those who grappling pussies.

Julie was hovering over them, watching as the elastic approached first one pussy and then the other. Finally she called out victor as the elastic band reached Audrey's pussy. Blondie proclaimed her victory which, of course, allowed Audrey to ram the remaining part into her and bring their pussies into contact.

The advantage of a flexible dildo is that, by creating some slack, they were able (with a bit of help from Julie) to get to their knees, with the end still inside both of them. Leaving it there, they first tweaked the others oiled nipples until they were hard and then brought their chests together so that the hardened nipples came into contact and duelled.

Julie had moved over to where Sharon had ceased playing with Rebecca's nipples and breasts.

“You don't suppose we could try the two on one...?”

The girls looked at her for clarification. “The game you thought about using at the farm.”

“With you joining in?”

The question didn't require an answer as it was clear that Julie was finding just watching difficult to cope with and wanted a piece of the action, as they say.

“Why not?” replied Rebecca, “but I get to pass if it's my go.”

That seemed fair and Julie was naked before before she'd even finished speaking.

Julie's telephone had a timer function and so it was set to 40 seconds. Sharon briefly left them and came back with a dice. 1 & 2 was Rebecca, 3 & 4 Sharon and 5 & 6 Julie. The first throw came up 3 and Sharon lay still as the two girls went to town on her body – Rebecca at the pussy end. Two came up next, but was ignored as Rebecca had, in effect, already had her go. Five was next and Rebecca got to test the differences between the two pussies. She looked surprised when Sharon reached down a hand to play with Julie's clit.

Sharon smiled. “ Actually we are cousins,” she said. “Julie lost her Mum when she was young and she's lived with us ever since. Everyone thinks we're sisters, so we leave it at that.” Rebecca supposed that fingering your cousin was more acceptable than your sister, but decided that was the girls problem.

Forty seconds proved a nice amount of time to prolong the game, without anyone coming, but it was long enough to start getting them properly excited. Rebecca had lost all the qualms she had initially had by now and was quite happy with the challenge of licking and fingering to try to overexcite one of the others, and trying hard to force back increasingly urgent feelings that her own body was giving her.

It took Sharon's number coming up twice in a row to produce a denouement. Two sets of almost simultaneous stimulus was too much to resist and her two assailants prolonged their ministrations beyond the beeping of the telephone to ensure that she could enjoy every last bit of it.

Rebecca was the next to feel what an orgasm provoked by two sets of hands and mouths felt like and decided that it certainly wasn't disagreeable. Julie proclaimed her victory, but was set upon by the other two and brought off in next to no time.

Rebecca took the initiative and proposed one more game involving Julie before she left them to it.

She made the three lie on their backs, heads more or less together. Julie set her telephone for two minutes. Each reached out from where she lay and found a breast of each of the other two. Somewhat less than two minutes were left by the time they were ready, but they used that time giving what they had in hand a good squeeze. It was a bit painful (though they were careful not to be too rough), but great fun. Julie was delighted to have been included and she gave Rebecca a bit peck on the cheek after in thanks.

While this was going on the two mothers had been nipple duelling and then orgasm forcing themselves. The girls were nearing the end of their tit squeezing when they finished and they waited for that to be completed, then proposing that it seemed a propitious time to change partners.

Rebecca was fairly certain that Blondie would not be looking to indulge in sex with her and in this she was right. After roughly ten minutes duelling with Sharon's Mum, Rebecca felt that she had controlled two thirds of the fight, but taken two thirds of the punishment. It seemed that no matter how she had Blondie held, how much in control she was, Blondie always managed to get a hand on a sensitive part, especially her pussy. All those pleasurable sensations she had lately experienced were replaced by a rather sore pussy. She thought that she had hurt Blondie's boobs as much as Blondie had hurt hers (not enough), but she had scarcely managed to get a hand on Blondie pubes.

Back confronting Sharon, as they locked hands Sharon told her,

“Your Mum's a right lessie, she kept trying to fuck me!”

“What did you do?”

“I tried fingering her back, but she always seemed to be out of reach, so I tried to get at her boobs.”

“No luck?”

“No luck.”

As they spoke they got down on their knees.

“What do you say that we give up the sex for a minute and go for crotch claws and tits?”

Rebecca wasn't about to refuse, her pussy lips had been pulled enough of late.

There ensued a lovely bout. Lovely is perhaps a strange adjective, but there was a certain beauty in their movements as each, seemingly in turn, got the slightly upper hand. They squeezed the others tits fairly hard and managed to get a hand between the others legs periodically. Neither could dominate to prolong a hold too much and even when they had both tits in hand, the other usually had access to at least one tit. At the end they were totally out of breath and imagining that they would soon be confronting the other's mother.

As so often there was a surprise in store. Their mothers were watching them, having really gone to town on each other with considerable violence, using up in maybe five minutes all the animosity they had held. They had laid into each other with such speed and force that both needed a break to recover but at least they were in agreement that they had got it out of their systems and could get back to a more reasonable contest. Both would show the marks the next day.

The two mothers were holding the double ended dildo and placing it on the floor they told their daughters to fight for it and to put it where it belonged.

For roughly five minutes the two daughters disputed the bendy toy, but with little effect in the way the mothers had intended. Certainly they did manage to rub it against each other, but actually trying to insert a flexible friend into another person who was trying hard to seize the same object was well nigh impossible.

Finally the mothers grew bored.

“Give it here” shouted Blondie grabbing the dildo and sliding it inside Rebecca who was still being retained by Sharon. Having no dildo to hand Audrey improvised with her fingers which plunged into Sharon, who was still being retained by Rebecca. Both girls realised that partners had changed, released each other and set about extricating dildo or fingers from within them.

Once Rebecca had removed the dildo, Blondie soon discovered why her daughter had not been able to make better use of it and it didn't take her long after finding that Rebecca was being far more effective with just fingers to toss it away and get back to matters in hand, especially as Rebecca seemed to be doing her best to remove one of Blondie's boobs.

Having dominated, but lost on the pain count earlier, Rebecca was determined to even the score. By being really quite hard with Blondie's boob she fully got Blondie's attention which she used to her advantage. As Blondie sought to alleviate the pain, Rebecca grabbed her hair and roughly pulled her into the place she wanted, the place where Blondie was held tight, leaving Rebecca access to her body and Rebecca relatively safe from retaliation.

Remembering how Blondie had reacted to having her breasts pinched when linked to her daughter by dildo, Rebecca set to pinching and squeezing the breast that she had not tried ripping off, while fingering Blondie's pussy. The effect was stunning and very quickly Blondie began making uncontrolled movements. Rebecca ignored the names she was being called and seemingly calmly brought Blondie to a forced orgasm – feeling very smug with herself if truth be told.

While this was happening Sharon had also turned the tide on Audrey. Maybe the two mothers were getting tired. At any rate after some frantic wrestling she succeeded in immobilising Audrey. With a bit of help from her sister/cousin, she was able to insert a worthwhile amount of the jettisoned dildo within Audrey and then use it as intended to stimulate Audrey's insides far more than she could without it. Audrey couldn't resist, though she did half-heartedly complain that the odds weren't even.

Flush with success the two daughters instantly agreed to have a proper sexfight, not to be stopped just because one should cum. The mothers feeling shagged out, just sat and watched.

The fight in sexfight was perhaps somewhat lacking as neither tried to do other than produce sexual stimulus, though they did constantly change positions to try to wriggle, slide or roll clear of groping hands or licking tongue. Being more or less amateurs in such things both learned quickly what produced the most reaction in the other and then tried to exploit and develop it. Crudely flashing fingers into widely open orifices soon proved relatively ineffective and more subtle variations were sought.

Both mothers were fairly sure that their daughters had both come, but as neither really changed what they were doing, they couldn't be sure. Julie however disappeared and reappeared a couple of minutes later handing each girl a hard hand-held dildo that she had lubricated ready. These were able to produce other and harder sensations, and the style of the contest changed. Initially the two became more defensive but, as they grew ever more tired, it became more a question as to who could use their weapon more effectively.

There came a time when attempts to change position more or less stopped and the mothers then returned to the fray to stimulate their daughter's opponent's breasts (or anything else they could get their hands on). This in turn caused the girls to periodically finger their opponent's mother.

Even good things have to come to an end and so they all four ended up in a heap on the floor, panting for breath and feeling euphorically shattered.

Most normal people would have stopped there but they had agreed to force each other beyond the limit.

After pleasure comes pain and, as it turned out, all too really. There was first a fairly long break then an agreed crotch-clawing contest, even though the thoroughly slippery nature of the target area made holding it hard.

Blondie and Rebecca traded claws fairly evenly. There was not a lot of venom in the claws and, as this time they eschewed damaging each others breasts, it led to some interesting wrestling as each sought the target without exposing their own.

Audrey and Sharon did likewise but whether it was tiredness, or just bad luck, Sharon took a fall and her face crashed into Audrey's knee. Audrey instantly stopped fighting to see to Sharon. Noticing what had happened Blondie and Rebecca stopped and Blondie took her daughter off to put ice on the already swelling eye.

Julie seemed less worried about her cousin, than disappointed that the action was ending. She had been in the unenvious position of watching all the action, having had just a little foretaste to whet her appetite. She was probably rather more aroused sexually than the participants who had periodically also been hurting each other.

Sharon came back with an ice pack on her swelling face and it was clear that her accident had rather brought a premature end to everyone's desire to continue.

Rebecca was surprised to hear herself say that she had brought off the other two members of the family, now was the time for a full hand!

Julie was, to say the least, delighted. Julie called for the oil bottle that she had seen her mother use and she and Rebecca generously covered their breasts in oil, rubbing off the excess between their legs. Rebecca explained her idea to Julie (totally non violent combat), who was delighted.

Despite her tiredness, Rebecca was far more experienced at wrestling than Julie. She therefore had a lovely time, rubbing Julie's oily breasts at will. For a while she concentrated on the top half, even though, from time to time, Julie managed to rub her pussy or even gently finger her. Those watching really enjoyed when Rebecca was sat on Julie's back with both of Julie's slippery breasts in her hands being rubbed and groped to Julie's evident pleasure.

After a while Rebecca began to target increasingly Julie's pussy which produced, almost immediately, a small orgasm. Julie looked worried.

“Don't stop” she pleaded.

“I wasn't going to!” was the reply, as Rebecca began to increase the rubbing of Julie's pussy. Ignoring the possible effect on the carpet someone poured extra oil on their nether regions. While Rebecca was stimulating her sex, Julie found herself playing more with Rebecca's boobs, and became increasingly adept as teasing sensations from their fondling.

Sliding her fingers over Julie's sensitive parts, Rebecca inevitably approached her other hole. Noting a reaction from Julie, she amazed herself by rubbing it more deliberately.

Rebecca was probably too tired to worry about whether she could or would have more orgasms. All she knew was that the sensations she was now feeling were thoroughly enjoyable and she had stopped feeling ashamed about having them.

It seemed time to bring the action to a head and Rebecca unreservedly began fingering pussy and bum at the same time. There was no hiding the orgasm that this provoked and Julie flopped back on the floor with a stupidly contented expression on her face.

The next day Sharon had a real shiner and both mothers had very marked faces. Of the four Rebecca was the least marked, but she had trouble finding any part of her body that didn't hurt. But it had been worth it!