Custard Tarts

by Aristocatch

I was in my local supermarket the other day when I bumped into an old school acquaintance, who was removing cartons of ready-made custard from the shelves.

“What are you removing those for?” I asked, to be told that they were too near their sell-by date. So, of course, I asked what they were going to do with them. Her eyes lit up and, making sure no-one was listening, she explained that she and two other girls working at the shop were going to use them to have a custard fight. Being naively ignorant I asked what that was and it was thus that I found myself being invited to join in!

The following evening I made my way to the address I had been given, which turned out to be a small house with a reasonable garden which had the advantage of not being overlooked at all. On the lawn a large tarpaulin had been lain with cartons of custard and various other out-of-date food products around the outside. There was a very small pool, with an outdoor shower next to it – so everything was perfect. I had been told to bring a bikini and towel and, as it was a lovely warm sunny evening, I was soon sunbathing beside the pool waiting for the fourth girl to arrive.

Now this was not really a fight as such, there were no teams and we were merely to ensure that all present were as covered in substances as possible. One of our number, Marissa, was wearing a very small bikini top over generous breasts and even before we started it was obvious that she wasn't worried if she didn't keep it on. The insouciance she was displaying put us all at ease and stopped me from worrying about what would happen if I became uncovered.

It turned out that we were at the home of the manageress, but she wasn't there. Aside from Marissa and I there was Amber (whom I had known from school) and Ruth who soon arrived. Initially the warm sun was tempting and we all lay back around the pool lapping it up and chatting. Eventually Melissa announced that she was going out later, so it was time for a dirty fight.

We took up positions in the four corners of the tarpaulin, a carton of custard in hand. I fired off my carton too early and most of the custard fell harmlessly on to the tarpaulin. I grabbed another carton, by which time Amber had moved much nearer and I took the full force of her squirted custard over my body. Ignoring Melissa who was alternatively squirting her and Ruth, Amber continued squeezing her carton until it was all emptied on me.

Amber turned to fetch new ammunition which gave me an idea. Putting down the fresh carton I had in hand, I grabbed her ankles which pitched her forward into the custard which I had earlier 'wasted' on the tarpaulin. My front was dripping custard, so I dived across Amber's prone body, ensuring that she was coated front and back all at once.

I wriggled on top of Amber making sure she was fully smeared in custard. Ruth grabbed the carton I had put down and began spraying us with it. Then she grabbed the waist band of my bikini bottoms and squirted more down inside. I could feel liquid sliding over my protected parts. Ruth's attention stopped (because Melissa had grabbed hold of her), and I more or less allowed Amber to roll over so that we smeared our fronts together.

Ruth and Melissa emptied more cartons over us and then dived into the gooey mess, knocking us apart.

Everywhere was now very slippery and so bodies randomly slid over other bodies. As expected Melissa's breasts were soon dangling free, which didn't seem to worry her in the least. Someone's hand caught hold of my bikini top and began pulling. I could feel, but not see, my nipple playing peekaboo with whoever might be looking. Emboldened I managed to slide a hand inside someone's bra and cup her tit. I couldn't even see whose it was and the hand full of breast was only fleeting. Melissa's tits were close by and, scooping up handfuls of custard, I slapped my hands onto them, feeling the hard nipples against my hands, even through the custard.

Worrying about exposing my boobs was by now useless as I no longer had my bra on, and anyway my boobs were soon dolloped with custard by Ruth, and thus partially hidden. Melissa fell on top of me and her boob was right by my mouth. Without thinking I let her custard-coated nipple slip between my lips and it seemed totally logical once it was there to suck on it. At least the custard was still edible!

Ruth still had her bra partially covering her chest with custard running suggestively down her body and under the loosely fitting cloth. Amber squirted more custard onto Ruth and we all watched as it oozed its passage over her body. Melissa tugged the bra away from one tit giving us a seemingly slow-motion animation as the boob turned yellow, and then the nipple forced its way out through the coating like a lighthouse from the mist. The custard, being sticky, clung to the contours of her boob and mesmerized us all.

Someone shoved a handful of custard down the front of my bottoms, the hand lingering against my pubes. Normally I would have been outraged, now I just wondered whose pussy I could decorate.

I didn't have time to come to a decision as the sliding mass of four bodies split apart of its own volition and I found myself face to face with Ruth. Grabbing a canister of whipped cream, Ruth handed me another. Following her lead we sprayed cream on each others boobs then, putting down our canisters we began mutually rubbing the cream in. I couldn't help notice that Ruth dwelt on my nipples, playing with them so, not to be outdone, I did likewise.

Leaning forward Ruth began licking cream and custard from one of my nipples, all the while kneading the other breast. I made no effort to curtail her efforts. After a while she switched to sucking and licking the other nipple and then, when satisfied, she withdrew her head and invited me to reciprocate. I malaxed, rubbed, sucked and licked away very merrily giving no thought to any underlying implications – indeed there were none. This wasn't the beginning of an orgy, merely a merry custard fight.

Amber halted our 'game', but hopefully not before I had done to Ruth's tits as she would have liked me to have done. Amber squirted whipped cream inside the front of my bottoms and then tried to get a hand inside to rub it in. I still had my cream and quickly filled her bottoms. Tossing the cans aside we had a fight, actually wrestling in the slippery creamy custard, trying to get a hand inside the others bottoms to make sure the cream was well rubbed in.

This may sound sexual but, although it was sexy, it wasn't sexual. In a way it was daring as we were trying to rub parts to which we wouldn't normally have allowed another woman access. That made it all the more fun. Fortunately the other two left us to wrestle on our own and we did enjoy pitting our strength and wiles against each other, in so far as the slippery surface and bodies allowed us. We both managed to really rub the cream and malingering custard into the folds of our pussies, giving relatively unknown sensations via our hands.

Forcing our hands inside bikinis meant that the cloth was pulled this way and that and, before long, began exposing ever greater amounts of our intimate parts. Inevitably cream rubbing was followed by stripping the other of her remaining vestments and soon we were unashamedly naked, at which point we were set upon by the other two until no-one had a stitch on.

Melissa went off and collected four containers which proved full of liquid chocolate spread. She handed one to each of us. Part of the contents was squirted in a general free-for-all and then Melissa pulled me towards her so that our bodies were in contact. I could feel her nipples digging into my breasts and briefly felt disadvantaged as mine didn't seem to be as long, nor as hard. Melissa tried to line up our nipples and make them duel, but soon realised that mine could not combat hers, even though nipple contact had caused mine to harden somewhat.

Instead, bodies pressed into full contact while we were on our knees, we squirted more chocolate onto each others backs and began to rub it in, shoulders, back and bums; sliding it down the passage between our bum cheeks.

Pushing Melissa away slightly I filled my hands with chocolate, transferring them onto Melissa's big boobs. Having turned those boobs brown I couldn't resist rolling those long hard nipples between my fingers and thumbs. Playing with boobs proved right up Melissa's street and mine were treated to a thorough working over, kneading and rubbing with especial attention to my nipples which Melissa grew to lengths I didn't know possible.

Once she was satisfied Melissa restarted the nipple duel and this time I was able to return fire with fire!

Our game was ended by hands on our pussies pulling our lower bodies backwards and eventually pitching us into the mix of substances that adorned the tarpaulin.

“So you couldn't wait for me” a voice cried, making us all stop. Striding towards us was manifestly the owner of the house, the manageress. A striking dark-skinned woman, a bit older than us. As she walked she shed clothes until we were allowed to appreciate her excellently-shaped body in all its glory.

“I've got some catching up to do, so look out for your pussies” she shouted as she virtually dived in among us spraying us from containers in each hand that I hadn't even noticed she had.

I heard Amber squeal and realised that Mandy (the boss) had fingered her womanhood in a way that none of us had done before.

“After the day I've had I need fucking. Whose going to oblige?”

The answer clearly was none of us, and all of us. We weren't about to lead our custard fight into a custard orgy between the four of us, but we were not immune to Mandy's cry for help. We threw her on her back, sloshing her with as much goo as we could. Melissa began rubbing between Mandy's legs and we three others set to to massage all of that impressive body.

Mandy was not the kind to lay back and just take it. We didn't try to immobilise her and so she had her arms free. Her hands kept finding and probing our pussies, opening them up. As a result the four of us kept changing positions to move away from her fingers and I found myself in the strange position of sexually rubbing Mandy's pussy – something I had thought myself unlikely to do. Despite all the custard and chocolate adhering to it, her shaven pussy proved quite a sight and quite a temptation so I broke another taboo and licked it!

Amber took my place, and I moved on to a breast, finding my pussy being fingered by Mandy, even as she was licking chocolate pussy belonging to Melissa and fingering Ruth's sex.

With hindsight maybe I should have accepted my turn to have my pussy licked, but I didn't, accepting to have my pussy fingered by Mandy's other hand in a gentle but not too insistent manner instead, as each of us combined to give Mandy the sexual relief she so dearly craved and which, with four such willing helpers, didn't take long in arriving.

Once Mandy was satisfied we sat back on our haunches, a bit at a loss. Mandy showed her boss's authority and ordered us to empty the remaining custard cartons in a pile in the centre of the tarpaulin. Quite a colourful mess ensued. She then had us take it in turns to slide on it until we, and the tarpaulin, were covered in a generous layer.

Picking Amber and I, Mandy announced that there wasn't enough custard inside our pussies and that we should do something about it! After all the fingering from Mandy our pussies were wide open and we were sufficiently excited not to demur. I have to say that what followed was perhaps the most pleasurable part of the evening as we once again wrestled, trying to push custard-laden fingers inside each others pussies with such total insouciance that it didn't feel as if we were indulging in anything untoward. With a feeling of total abandon we wrestled around not only targeting pussies, but any body parts that came into reach. It was too exciting to keep track of, but custard cream came out of everywhere when I later showered!

Once we were started, Melissa and Ruth were ordered to deal likewise with each other.

After a while it turned into a free-for-all, with all five involved. Melissa fingered me too sexually for my liking, but all the others, even Mandy, kept to the jokey, good-natured, sexy but not sexual ambiance that made it so enjoyable (for me at least).

Mandy's body was the envy of all of us; even Melissa who was so proud of her tits. Needless to say she was the most targeted as everyone did all they could to explore as much of it as possible. She gave back as good as she got. Someone inadvertently managed to pinch one of Mandy's nipples which lead to a short nipple-pinching frenzy which added a briefly painful episode (even though it was mostly in fun), where everyone pinched any nipple they could until they had pinched everyone else. This calmed other nerve endings and served as a good excuse to call events to a halt. Once we had stopped we began to realise just how tired we actually were, and everyone flopped down onto the gunged tarpaulin.

Mandy showered first and then went into her house to fetch some wine and nibbles and a most pleasant social evening followed until it was quite dark and the food stained lawn was no longer visible.