Beating the Jonson's

by Aristocatch

We have known the Jonson (without an 'h') family for ever. Our grandparents were friends, as are our parents. Strangely the current generation has developed in symmetrical fashion. There are the two eldest girls who have all the tits. Then there are the middle girls who have all the brains and finally the two boys who, of course, have neither tits nor brains! I'm a middle girl in case you hadn't guessed.

This year our family and the Jonson's have rented a large house in the country for our holidays, complete with a pool and a tennis court. Our brothers have both just turned eighteen and, as far as we are aware, they are sexually inexperienced. The four female members have decided to change that and, after much discussion, we have decided to give each of the boys a chance to wrestle with the sisters from the other family. Each will be allowed to 'explore' the girls body, until the girl jacks him off. Because there are two sisters in each family he will thus be jacked off twice! Strangely both boys are of slight build, meaning that they don't really have much physical advantage

The right moment arises when the parents all go off together (for a round of golf), leaving us plenty of time. We cut short our sunbathing session around the pool and all retire to the large attic room in our swimwear where the floor is overlain with lino to make it a playroom for visiting families. Some play we are up to.

My elder sister Alice, claims first rights on account of her age, and the excitement is all too much for the Jonson son (Ben, of course). He does strip her and grope her a bit, but once he gets both of her comely tits in hand it is all a bit too much. The eldest Jonson (Jessica) has even larger tits, but my brother David can't do much better than Ben and he gushes forth before exploring Jessica below the belt.

Second time round Ben takes a bit longer to come and I get fingered all over. I think my tits are quite adequate, but clearly not such a handful (or a turn-on) as Alice's, so Ben gets to find what a girl has between her legs (as if he didn't know). David does even better (from a family point of view) and even gets moans of pleasure from Samantha (Sammy) before she finishes him off.

That might well have been the end, except that a bit of banter between the girls leads to a fight being agreed on between Alice and Sammy. The winner's brother will get to go one stage further and fuck the loser (preferably from behind). Needless to say the boys are all for this idea. Rules are agreed and the girls put their swimming bottoms back on again.

I shall admit that we have, occasionally fought a bit over the years and so it isn't that strange that such an idea arises but we have never let the boys indulge in any sex with us, besides watching us fight.

Alice and Sammy's fight is fairly even. Both favour wedgies and I think their pussies must be quite sore with having the cloth dig into them. After a while they add grabbing boobs, but it is a facesit from Sammy that leads to Alice submitting, as she can't get Sammy off her and Sammy fingers gradually get rougher with her boob.

Ben is very noisy cheering his sister on. Clearly he fancies getting experience with Alice.

Alice squats on all fours and Sammy helps her brother (who is of course rock hard), penetrate Alice with a minimum of fuss. He soon finds that he can thrust in and out and grasp Alice's dangling boobs. This proves to be his downfall – clearly he's a boob man. Sammy and Jessica quickly join in with a view to helping Ben bring Alice off before he gets too deflated. It doesn't quite work, but it's a nice idea. I don't know whether Ben even thinks about Alice's pleasure, but then again he is fucking her because she lost the fight – not as her prize for winning.

That should have been it, except that my brother uses all his powers of persuasion to talk me into fighting Jessica. We are not that evenly matched, she weighs a good bit more than me and is more heavily built but David is my brother and it looks as if I may have to sacrifice myself for him (and maybe get fucked for failing if Ben is capable of coming again). Quite honestly I had had enough of Ben clumsily pushing his fingers into me, and I feel quite an incentive not to lose. I don't know how Jessica feels about sex, she experienced very little before making David spurt in his first encounter.

I've wrestled with Sammy before after our big sisters put us up to it, a year or two ago, but I had never wrestled Jessica.

She has bigger boobs and is a heavier build, but she is barely any taller and her arms are no longer. On the face of it I need to avoid her using her extra weight, where I would be at a disadvantage. We're not hitting each other, so that will help me. I may need to play hard to get, to tire her out a bit.

The start is not too good as she shoots a hand out and scrunches my boob – ouch. I fight fire with fire and show her that if she tries to rip my tit off, I have larger targets to aim for and, indeed, I proceed to demonstrate that quite effectively, even though she continues to grab, especially my right boob.

I pull her down to the floor and begin to realise that speed is not her strong point. I straddle her and bounce up and down on her chest, while keeping her hands away from mine. She manages to turn and I jump clear, leaving her time to get to her feet. Before she knows it I am behind her with my hands full of boob flesh which I knead like I'm making bread. By the time she pulls away, I have put space between us.

I miscalculate and she gets hold of the waistband of my pants, so I grab hers and we wedgie fight. That may not be a good idea as she has greater strength, but even though it stings a bit, the jerky way that I pull cuts the material into her and clearly causes her enough pain that she tries to escape.

She clubs me with something like a forearm smash across the shoulders. I don't think she really means it, but I go to my knees and then fire two punches into her tummy as I rise. That drops her and puts paid to any other blows (just in case it was intentional). I give her time to absorb the punches and she slowly gets to her feet.

I can see that she has now realised that I am not a push over and she becomes defensive. Silly girl. Down she goes and I maul those tits before she manages to get a hand onto mine, which I quickly pull off while still squashing her boob with one hand.

Blocking her arms, I pull up her waistband and she makes a strangled groan-like noise. Great, her pussy's getting sore; just wait until my brother gets into it.

I get careless and she gets some own back on both my boobs. Unfortunately they fit too nicely in her hand and she seems to have powerful fingers. I stop the wedgie and prise her hands off before jumping clear.

I'm now more careful and soon take her down to the ground with me sitting on her. My hands go to work, boobs, tummy claws, wedgies. I change holds quickly and she is mostly busy trying to pull my hands away. When she does go after my boobs it is very short lived as I soon have her trying to stop me hurting her.

I move up her body and block her arms getting two handfuls of tit. I squeeze a bit harder and she gets an arm free, trying to get at my clothing. I move a little higher but she pushes my bum up and slides out. Before she can react I spin around and giving her a wedgie from behind. I continue tit squeezing with my free hand, controlling her via the wedgie. She almost loses her bottoms as she goes flat out to get away. I let her pull her bottoms back into place before we tussle upright. She gets more tit squeezes than I do, so I put pressure on her head, pushing her down.

When she is on the floor I quickly sit on her, but facing down her body. I can feel her tits under me as I pull roughly on her bottoms, making sure the cloth really cuts into her pussy. I begin to wonder how much longer she will last. Not too much I hope.

Jessica is being too resilient, maybe she thinks she's still got a chance to win and indeed she now makes a move that surprises me. Forcing her hands under my armpits she pulls me back, showing good upper-body strength. Rolling me over her left hand grabs tit and her right snakes between my legs. Instead of going for a wedgie however, she grabs my pussy through the cloth and squeezes it.

No rules had really been discussed beforehand, except to keep the fight under control, with no obvious excesses. Knowing that what one does to the other can always be done back is a good controlling method.

My hands are free and of course her pussy is within reach so I apply a crotch hold of my own. I can feel quite a bit of her body even through the cloth, which is a strange feeling. She hesitates as to whether to give up clawing me to protect herself, so I grab a good handful of tit with my other hand and pull her down.

All holds are broken as we roll free but this latest turn in the contest is great. Of course I intend to win, but not as a walkover and this attack of hers will have given her confidence and my pussy is now telling me that I am in a fight.

We are both on our feet and when we close the gap between each other we indulge in a mutual pussy and tit claw, which is quite painful. I don't know why I am letting her do this to me, except for the exhilaration. Deep down I know that I can control the fight if I really want to but part of me enjoys this good old scrap aspect, even if it does hurt!

Now we are face to face pulling vicious wedgies from behind and either with arm around head or squeezing tit as we pull each other around by the fast stretching material.

I remember that I don't want Ben fucking me, so decide to move things on. Before she know what has happened Jessica is flat on her back and I am sitting on her midriff, with my legs holding her arms down. I first squeeze her boobs, a bit harder that I have been doing. Then, using one boob to help me maintain my position I claw at her tummy, digging my fingers in.

She tries to buck me off, but leaves herself open for me to calculate the right moment to spin round. My body weight is holding her arms down. Another boob barrage is followed by a short sharp wedgie and then an undefended crotch claw. I ask her whether she gives up, but she says not. So I claw again. Same answer.

I alternate working over her boobs, tummy and crotch via wedgies or claws. She must know she is beaten, but she refuses to give. I now want this over so I manage to ease her bottoms down bit. Her pussy is now exposed and she must know what is coming but still she doesn't quit.

She asks for it I tell myself as my fingers find her bared pussy and go to work on it, pulling her labia. It's simple, all she has to do is quit, but initially she doesn't. Silly girl. I can't say I have ever attacked a pussy in this way, so I experiment to see what seems to hurt most; I'm not stopping until she quits.

I can see her clit becoming more visible so I pinch that. I hear the noise she makes, so I do it again. At last she quits. She is not very polite in certain comments she throws at me. I don't care as I have avoided Ben and given a present to my brother. After all she was the one who started pussy claws – I merely developed it into an art!

My brother nearly comes in excitement, but controls himself in time. I help Jessica who is graceless in defeat, to get up. I vaguely hear Sammy making unpleasant remarks, and my sister congratulating me.

I hadn't been that violent and Jessica soon calms down until she remembers what awaits her. Rules are rules and she grudgingly gets down on all fours. David shows better control than Ben did and carefully kneads Jessica's boobs, teasing her nipples out. Pretending to soothe her aching flesh he even gets to lick her thoroughly between the legs. By the time he enters her she is well prepared and he rides her to a climax before he has his. Game set and match to the Baker's!