A Clean Fight

by Aristocatch

When Lucinda and I came off the squash courts, we found the players from the other squash court in the changing rooms. They seemed to be having a disagreement.

“No” said one. “I'm going out tonight and so no, I won't.” Seeing us arrive she added “Maybe one of these two will be willing”.

She looked at us.

“My friend here cannot accept that there is no winner. When one of us doesn't win at squash she likes us to beat the shit out of each other in the confines of the shower, until one concedes (usually me). Today I refuse. Would one of you care to take my place?”

The idea didn't interest me, but I saw Lucinda's reaction. Now Lucinda is a pretty woman, of mixed parentage. She is well built, giving her power on the squash court, but she lacks a certain agility which is where I compensate. I've known her since school, so am aware that she is not against using her physical force. I wasn't surprised when, having looked the squash player up and down, she announced that she would willingly “beat the shit out of her” and the two moved off together to discuss things. Very quickly they were stripping off and going into the shower.

Now the showers where we play squash are individual, but large, having been built to allow handicapped people access (only none play squash at our club anyway!).

The remaining squash player told me she was called Bella and she, almost shyly, asked whether I wanted to join her in a shower for a 'light tussle'. Bella was slim and blonde, much the same as me, hair colour apart. I wasn't sure what I was letting myself in for, but I said yes and we began stripping off our sweaty squash apparel.

Naked we entered the shower cubicle and closed the door behind us.

We could hear squeals from the other shower. Later we were able to see that Lucinda and Gaelle had shown no restraint and the marks all over them showed that they had attacked all parts of their naked bodies. There were weals and scratches all over their breasts, inner thighs, buttocks, tummies and arms. Bella explained to me that Gaelle's main rule was to touch nothing above the shoulders. Any part that would be hidden by clothing was a potential target area! Limiting the fight to the shower cubicle meant fighting standing only which made defending harder, and there was thus little respite from being hurt – clearly much to the liking of the other two who were already making plans to meet up to have a 'proper' fight by the time we emerged from our shower, having failed to determine a winner. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Bella suggested we amuse ourselves by wrestling to simply grab each others private parts but not to try to damage them. When I saw the light blonde down between Bella's legs, which did nothing to hide her sex, there was no way I was going to refuse. I have seen any number of women naked over the years in changing rooms etc, but Bella's pussy was as enticing a sight as I have seen. A little bit of me felt it might have been fun trying to pull out some of that down, even more so that I had (for once) shaved between my legs, and was thus immune to such actions. However I felt no desire to actually hurt the woman before me, so her game plan seemed ideal, even if a million miles away from anything I had done before.

Bella had brought her own shower gel (ignoring that provided) and she suggested we begin by getting clean after our squash exertions. Shades of 'I'll scrub your back if you scrub mine'. Getting nice and wet under the warm water we took it in turns squirting shower gel at each other and then, of course, rubbing it in. Very quickly any false modesty had been lost and we were at ease in our novel naked situation. A few rubs later and all apprehension about touching another's naked body had washed away with the soap.

I may be inexperienced, but I could tell that Bella was reacting to my hands touching her. I suppose that I was not totally immune to feeling soapy hands on my body either. The idea of 'fight' was draining down the plughole, and no defences stopped us lathering the others breasts and then gradually further afield until I could feel that down through the soap.

We rubbed gently away at the opposite body, gradually becoming emboldened in our movements, finding out for ourselves just what it felt like to soap another female body (and how nice soapy sensations could be produced).

The distance between our bodies lessened so we could soap the lower back area, buttocks and cleft between the buttocks. I'm sure I had never been so well washed. I tried to convince myself that we were having a fight and not a lesbian get together but, as it went on, I began even to consider that it wouldn't be that bad if this were to be a lesbian adventure.

“Are you getting as turned on as I am?” asked Bella. I nodded. “Let's turn this into a contest of sorts. You do all you can to make me come, before I make you come.”

She must have seen the panic look on my face.

“Have you been with a girl before?” My negative answer prompted an admission that, while she had wrestled naked with girls (especially Gaelle), she hadn't had sex with a girl either. I don't know whether that was true, but it was the right answer to get me to agree to her idea.

“No blocking the others access. Legs apart and, on the count of three, do all you can to make me come, but make sure you enjoy the orgasm I'm going to give you first!”

She turned the shower down a bit, we filled our hands with gel and then counting to three she announced “Go!”

Great minds think alike, or amateurs lack imagination. In any event we both thrust our right hands between the others legs and our left to the others chest.

Now that I thought about it, Bella was well turned on and prepared. I could feel her pussy lips well apart and having deposited as much soap as possible, I tried to slowly to rub her sex. Finding me (oh shame), just as open and ready Bella wasted no time sliding first one and then two fingers into me.

The caresses were gentle and soothing and even a little hesitant. They quickly became very pleasant, but they were some way from a contest. I wasn't unduly surprised when Bella awoke from her reverie and pointed out in fairly crude terms that we should alter our approaches.

Even then it took a moment for us to react. In other circumstances I would happily have settled for what we had been doing to each other which would eventually have led us to an orgiastic ending. Bella's delayed reaction suggested that she felt much the same.

Looking me straight in the eye Bella proclaimed that we either pull the others tits off, or fuck the life out of them. I fancied keeping my tits so, reluctantly I admit, I put some real effort into pumping my fingers in Bella's pussy and caressing her tits as best I knew how. Of course Bella was doing the same to me!

It didn't take long before Bella came. I had been right in just how turned on she had been even before we started. She told me not to move and continued what she was doing for the couple of minutes that it took before I too had a sexual release.

Washing off any evidence of our activities we stepped sheepishly from the shower cubicle, wondering how to explain our antics to the other two. We needn't have worried as they were sat side by side putting some sort of cream on each others wounds and making plans to have a proper fight in a big enough room where other tactics could be used. They never asked us about our 'fight', but merely announced that we would have to be present to supervise and, maybe, provide first aid.