Action Replay

by Aristocatch

Lucinda and Gaelle very sensibly waited a full month after their warm-up bout in the shower before transferring the action to the living room in Gaelle's house – one afternoon when her hubby was away and not likely to disturb us.

Bella and I were there as requested, with no intention of doing other than making sure they stuck to the rules and giving first aid if required.

We cleared as large a space as possible and had the rules explained. A fifteen minute maximum divided into two halves with one break. Most submissions would win. Once again anything above the shoulder was out of bounds – otherwise pretty much anything was allowed, except full-blown punching. In the event of a tie, we would choose the winner if one could be said to have been dominant, otherwise we would call a draw.

The longest debate was over whether to wear clothes and, if so, what clothes. This was settled by the fact that neither had clothes they wanted destroyed and so a nude fight was agreed on.

Freed from the confines of the shower they literally raced around the room, exchanging slaps and the odd kick before collapsing in a heap and slapping each others backs as hard as they could, quickly reddening the skin (even Lucinda's).

I wasn't timing, but they seemed to have been at it quite some time before either targeted more intimate parts, initially their breasts. Finally pussies were also included and a very even, full-out fight followed where each seemed to be constantly squeezing, pulling, twisting or tugging on some part of the other.

We were feeling tired just watching, and were almost glad of the break when the first submission occurred. Gaelle found herself blocked by the couch and unable to escape as Lucinda blocked her escape while doing a number on her tits. We couldn't actually see what she was doing as the two bodies and the couch blocked our view, but the noises and body language left us able to have a fair idea.

When Gaelle conceded the clock showed nearly seven minutes. We decided to call that half time, rather than restart and almost immediately stop. Both protagonists gulped down masses of water during the short break.

Having the couch act as a block clearly gave both ideas and, although the furniture wasn't decisive again, both fought to try to tie up the other while causing the maximum pain.

Gaelle evened up the score with a combined crotch and tit hold while lying with her legs around Lucinda's waist and the arm assaulting her breast also holding her body in place.

The last five minutes were savage. Neither was ready to concede and so each upped the damage she was trying to do the other. I would never have believed that tits could be stretched so far, or pussy lips!

I thought a tie was going to be the result, and began wondering who deserved to win. I didn't see Lucinda's winning move coming and neither did Gaelle. A kick to the crotch felled Gaelle and Lucinda's foot followed by pressing hard into exposed pussy, kicking gently. Lucinda's hands seized Gaelle's tits and used them to pull Gaelle's body partially off the floor. Gaelle seemed unable to break free and thus emboldened Lucinda began increasing the force of her kicks while elongating and twisting Gaelle's nipples. No-one could withstand that and Gaelle was no exception.

There were literally fifteen seconds remaining and although Gaelle tried to throw herself at Lucinda, a couple of defensive kicks kept her at bay, for Lucinda to claim victory.

We were both grateful that Gaelle took her defeat gracefully and, indeed, the two hugged each other before we set to putting disinfectant and cream on damaged body parts. We had plenty to do!

And that, as they say, should have been that. Except that Gaelle had other ideas. She told Bella, in no uncertain terms, that it was now her turn to avenge them by whipping me. Bella politely declined, which had no effect on Gaelle who merely came up with various reasons why we should fight. Getting nowhere she began to become personal, telling me all sorts of nasty things Bella was supposed to have said about me after our (fictitious) fight in the shower. Thinking she was being helpful Lucinda chimed in with comments which were meant to support me, but only fanned the flames.

I confess that I could feel my hackles rising. Some of what was being said had to be true, didn't it. I thought we'd had a very pleasant shower interlude which was part of our private experiences, but apparently not. When Bella turned to me and exclaimed,

“You said that?” and my feeble denials only led me to accuse her of saying nasty things about me, it became clear that we were fast becoming ready to fight each other to regain our honour.

With hindsight Gaelle had been very shrewd and manipulative, but we fell for it. Instead of adopting the others time limits we announced that we would fight until one quit for good, slightly amended to an alternative of one submitting a total of five times. You are right, we were in for punishing the other and to hell with the consequences.

We started removing our clothes but were so ready to rumble that as soon as each was down to her knickers we grabbed at those knickers to force the cloth up into our sexes for mega wedgies. We were both wearing sensible knickers which meant that there was plenty of material between our legs, softening somewhat the impact, but making it very unlikely that the knickers would rip off.

We hopped around the room, both hands firmly holding knicker elastic.

This kangaroo like encounter didn't last that long. Not particularly liking the effect on our privates we soon broke apart, tore off our knickers, threw them aside and resumed hostilities – butt naked.

Although we were well riled, we were not savages like our squash partners. Ignoring body targets we engaged upon an upper-arm tussle, hands grasped, trying to pull this way and that which proved largely ineffective because we were of very similar strength. When we finally released hands, we both rubbed our biceps to relieve the aching.

Circling we exchanged a few very light slaps, to shoulders or upper thighs, keeping well away from softer areas. It was then that I realised that there was no blond down covering Bella's pussy.

“You've removed them!”


“Your pubes”.


“So, why?”

“To prevent you pulling them”.

“So you knew we were going to fight.”

“No, of course not.”

“Well, why then?”

“Just in case”.

Her answers annoyed me and made me believe that Gaelle's intervention had been a put up job to make me fight Bella.

Being of a cautious nature, I was not prepared to sacrifice my body as the other two had done, but I was ready to see pain in Bella's eyes, albeit of a limited amount. I needn't have worried. Bella was no more prepared to rip my nipple off than I was to section hers. When we finally grabbed boobs, it was merely to give them a squeeze and when it became apparent that squeezing was all either would do, we enjoyed a 'fun' sequence trying to grab each others tits, and ignoring elsewhere.

For the moment we were engaged in 'fun' wrestling. Slightly more real than most of the fake fights you can see on internet (I've looked since), but hardly constituting a 'real' catfight. Pain was limited, and daringly manhandling boobs seemed to be our limit. As such we really enjoyed five minutes or so of tussling.

Now what we were doing satisfied us, but not the other two, who began to call out arguments and suggestions as to how we should stop 'pissing around' and get on with a fight.

Standing, our bodies squashed together and our hands pulling at each others buttocks, our heads were close together and we were able to have a whispered conversation which allowed us to realise that we had been set up. Our chests were together and it was actually quite sexy having our butts squeezed, especially when we stopped trying to pull them apart.

You may recall that, whilst in the shower, we had finished up making the other orgasm. We now decided to spite the others by turning our encounter into a sex fight and see how long we could last forcing sex on the other. There was no way we would have gone to bed together, but this seemed an intriguing way to rile the others and an interesting challenge to see how much sexual stimulus we could take.

Consequently I allowed Bella to wrestle me to the floor. Using a preplanned move I turned her over and made to prepare myself to attack her sex (which had not been touched since the wedgie). Seen close up she was clearly ready and sexually turned on (it didn't take long before I found that I was as well).

You should have heard the reaction from the other two when, instead of pulling labia, I plunged a finger into Bella and started frigging her.

It wouldn't have been fair to have continued too long, and so I let her wrestle herself free and then finger me. After that it was every girl to herself and we began wrestling with a view to getting hands (or mouths) onto stimulus-producing areas. There was initially some real wrestling as each tried to get ahead in the contest and that, at least, pleased our audience.

We wrestled until we had both come, twice. By then we were feeling tired, and pure sex took the place of wrestling as we allowed free access to each other. A long 69 was followed by undefended taking it in turns to stimulate the other.

We began to understand the others body and where their G-point was. Despite the time we had been at it we were still producing sensations that encouraged us that we could produce further orgasms in the other, and thus gave incentive to continue.

Gaelle briefly left the room (unseen by us) and came back with a rubbery double-ender. Their initial scorn had given way to something else, bordering on encouragement, seeing how much stamina we apparently had to maintain the aim of our contest.

Gaelle even lubricated the double-ender, probably as well as we were running short on bodily fluids. Inserting an end in each pussy we started with a tug of war, that brought our pussies into contact (it wasn't a very long double-ender!) and meant our clits came into contact (not easy if you have ever tried it).

We rocked back and forth for maybe ten minutes at the end of which we were exhausted and called a halt by mutual agreement.

Gaelle proposed we took it in turns to shower, but we crammed ourselves into her shower cubicle together and soaped life back into our bodies. I can assure you that we didn't even try to stimulate the other!