Trying it for real
by Aristocatch

After our mammoth sex fight at Gaelle's, Bella and I were quite literally shagged out, but we had regained the respect of our respective squash partners.

About a week later I got a phone call from Bella telling me that Gaelle had got the flu and would I like to take Gaelle's place and play her at squash.

She won the squash, so there was no need to settle the encounter in the shower. We did discover while chatting though that we had both been looking on line and discovering more about women fighting. We had both quite enjoyed squeezing each others tits and so we agreed that it might be fun to meet up just the two of us and see what it was like to wrestle a bit more in the way Lucinda and Gaelle had, but stopping if either had enough. No win at all costs.

Several hours of internet viewing later we met up at my home one lunchtime, having taken extended lunch breaks (to go shopping) from our respective jobs.

Now you may recall that when I first met Bella it was because she hadn't enjoyed Gaelle being too violent during their shower encounter after their squash match hadn't produced a winner. She knew what pain could be caused and to where. I was still largely ignorant and intended to stay that way, feeling pretty certain that Bella didn't want an action replay. There was no way I was going to challenge Lucinda or Gaelle.

Quite simply, therefore, we began in shorts and T-shirts merely wrestling each other, seeking pins and trying out basic moves. After a couple of pins each we were out of breath, but ready to move on.

If there were to be no 'no-go' zones we would have to put our pussies on the line, so to speak. Rather than dive in at the deep end, we decided to try it out. Stripping our remaining clothes off, we knelt facing each other, legs apart and one arm behind our backs. We then took hold of the others pudenda and (gently) tested what could be done, holding the labia lips between our fingers. Obviously the aforementioned anatomical part is not designed for such use, so it was uncomfortable, but not unduly painful, at least all the while we were experimenting.

We were no strangers to our intimate parts – after our mega sexfight we were no strangers to any parts of our bodies, but it still felt strange. It is surprising just how elastic this area is, and how far it could be pulled reasonably safely.

We had to move on, so we tried separating the lips and pulling one side at a time. This was more painful. Pulling them further apart was worse. We tried prodding holes. Vagina we knew all about, and digit insertion did not seem to have any part in a future fight. We were more coy with bums, which clearly offered a greater offensive potential, especially as a 'get out of trouble' solution.

Not surprisingly when we finally started our fight, we were both very wary and defence dominated as we held each others hands away from any body targets. We pulled this way and that, tried to free or hand, or grab a freed hand before damage could be done. By and large we succeeded, which didn't really advance the fight.

Finally Bella dragged me down to the ground. Our hands were freed. I grabbed a Bella boob, really pleased with myself only to find her fingers pinching my pubes! I removed her hand and she flipped me over, sliding up my body with her tits over my face. My hands were free, so I grabbed her butt cheeks and pulled them slightly apart. Maybe she thought I was aiming for her bum hole, at least she reacted quickly to sit across my midriff, pulling my arms away first.

Both her hands took hold of my boobs and, as she made no attempt to immobilise my arms I reciprocated. We squeezed, quite gently really. It didn't really hurt and anyway the sensation of grabbing her tits and having them in my power would, of itself, have overwhelmed any discomfort.

We played around with each others boobs for a while, safe in the knowledge that neither was likely to up the ante given that it would instantly be returned.

After a while I couldn't resist sexily teasing her nipples, getting the expected response. I knew from past experience that Bella likes them being flicked and rubbed. She told me to stop cheating, but did the same to mine!

I enjoyed the sensations for a while but we had been determined that this wouldn't develop into a sex fight, and I was inclined to keep to those rules.

Bella was, however, the first to change the nature of the action, pulling my nipples out from my breasts and for the next while we pulled and shook tits by virtue of our nipple holds. There was no malice and no violence as such involved. It was more of an education, a continuation of our earlier practice session.

Finally I decided that we ought to move the fight on. I made a wholly unsuccessful move to squeeze her pussy, barely flirting it with my fingers. Bella took this as notice that I wished to move on, and I soon found myself with Bella's arm around my neck and her free hand pinching my right tit, a bit harder. My right arm was free and reaching behind me I amazingly located pussy, and pinched it.

Bella's reaction was speedy and she rolled onto her back, with her arm around my neck holding me in place on top of her. Releasing the arm she took my boobs in both of her hands. Not to be outdone I reached over me and managed to latch on to hers. My angle was harder to work with and I probably squeezed a bit harder than I might have intended, as she became a bit rougher with my boobs. This was nowhere near the Lucinda/Gaelle style, but we were causing some pain and it began to seem like an actual fight.

You might get the feeling that this was a slow motion epic and you might be right. Quite some time we stayed in this position, pulling a bit harder at boobs, warming up for a more heated contest.

My position meant that I was getting the worst of this game and so, catching Bella unawares I spun over. I also thrust a hand down, and not up, getting a good hold on her pussy. She squeezed my tits harder, so I pulled her pussy more. She literally kneed me off and we started playing car and mouse.

On our hands and knees we grabbed at whatever we could grab, constantly moving to break holds, slowly getting rougher. My pussy got squeezed as often as hers. It began to get a bit painful but I reckoned so did hers, so I didn't mind!

At some stage we had both moved out of range and so we got to our feet. Closing in we looped arms around the others neck. We were now helpless to defend and our remaining hands went necessarily between our legs. We began to pull on one pussy lip at a time, rather than the whole area as we had tended to do so far. We twisted and we actually caused pain.

At some point the arms dropped off necks and, as neither sought to break away, we resumed hostilities against boobs. In some ways this was silly, as all we were doing was equally hurting each other. Anyone will tell you that the objective of a fight is to win by dominating the other. This we were not doing.

Holding pussy and boob we actually stopped moving.

“What do we do now?” I said, feeling we had taken our experiment about as fr as it could go.

“Have you seen clips where the winner gets to take the loser with strap-on?”

I admitted I had, but pointed out that I didn't have a strap-on, only to be told that it wasn't a problem as she had one in her bag! I was beginning to have serious doubts about Bella – she always seemed to have prepared ahead.

So we stopped what we were doing and pulled apart. It was then that we began to realise that we were getting tired. It may not seem like it, but what with our clothed wrestling, our practice and our actual fight we had been at it for quite some while.

A short conversation in which we both added ideas came up with having a semi-competitive contest where the idea was to plonk our pubes on the others face which would force the other to lick them. If the licking lasted to the count of five we would break apart. The first to get their pubes licked five times would get to use the strap-on. We could still attack boobs or pussy, but only to further the fight (ie get out of a losing position).

Both satisfied, Bella went to get her sex toy, to put it on display, much like the cup in a cup final.

You may already have worked out that five is a lot. We didn't immediately cotton on, perhaps because we quite liked the idea of having our pussies licked. Ten minutes later we had just reached one-all and we were so fatigued that we called a time out. We were supposed to go back to our respective jobs and when we looked at the clock we were horrified. Two phone calls later and suitable excuses invented, we freed up our afternoons, but still decided to reduce five to three.

With hindsight this change was the best thing we could have done. It brought the end that much closer. During the first ten minutes we had been wrestling much like we did right at the beginning. In other words semi-competitive wrestling leaving all ancillary body parts totally alone. It was quite satisfying in a way, but missing out on the added elements that we had been the intention behind our current meeting.

Within seconds of the restart I found myself on my knees with Bella's legs wrapped round my body. She stopped me from clambering over her body, but she didn't stop my arms and so I lurched forward to renew hostilities towards her tits. I hadn't had them in hand for more than twenty minutes and so, taking full hold of each breast, I gave them a good squeeze.

That was when Bella made her mistake. Instead of fighting fire with fire, attacking my breasts back, all the while keeping me held between her legs, she opened her legs. My momentum was already forwards and within seconds I was sat on her face and she found herself licking my sex (which of course was much drier than it had been earlier). The dryness soon went and I was within one facesit of victory.

Had I been Bella I might have been cautious, being only one facesit away from defeat. I'm not Bella, though and defensive she wasn't.

She decided to attack me while standing, sniping away at whatever she could reach. I didn't mind, as it gave me chance to get a good handful of pussy more than once. Mine got grabbed as well, as did my tits, but this really served to get us into the heat of the action. We were both suffering a bit of pain and it felt like a real fight.

Out cunning Bella for once, I got behind her with both my hands squeezing her tits. We had decided at some point to avoid the nipples, but there was still enough tit to squeeze and pull, without targeting the nipple. She managed to get her arms round behind us, with my bum cheeks in each hand.

I probably mentioned that we are both slim, and we therefore have relatively small bums. Bella was able to exert enough pressure to really pull the cheeks apart which was quite painful and I vowed that, before the fight was over, I would seek to redden her bum and maybe do something I thought I'd never do.

Releasing her tits, I dropped my right hand and got a good hold on her sex, using my left to stop her moving away. Somehow she managed to twist an arm and get a hand on one of my breasts.

Intentionally or otherwise she stood (stamped) on my foot which caused me to release my hold and we pulled apart.

“I ought to spank you for that!” I said jokingly, not really thinking that it corresponded to my earlier thoughts.

“Try” she said and we embarked on an attempted spanking spree.

I'm pretty sure I came off worse, but both our bums were good and red when we decided that enough was enough.

Bella needed me on the floor if she was to equalise. She rushed me up against the wall, and tried to pull my head down. I, of course, resisted but as soon as I started to feel that she was lowering my body, I grabbed her pussy. A bit of a harder pull than usual caused her to pull me back up to preserve her sex. So I grabbed a breast. Retaliation seemed more important than getting me to the floor, so she grabbed mine, leaving me free to drop her to the floor, with me on top.

Could I manage to get over her face and finish things off, then to use Bella's strap-on on her. The answer was no, as there was no way Bella was going to let me do that. I got pretty close mind, at least a couple of times. Victory was merely inches away. Bella showed a more violent side to her nature stopping me winning, and she produced a level of pain in my pussy that I would not have accepted earlier in the fight. I was fighting to sit on her, and so not attacking delicate parts and her pain-producing defence began to make me think about what I was doing.

Why not a reverse facesit, I thought, spinning around so my red bum was facing Bella. This move should have been the coup de grace, giving me victory except for one thing. Staring my bum (and defeat) in the face Bella did the one thing I wasn't expecting, but not before making my pussy suffer some more. I accepted the discomfort to my pussy, as the cost of victory, but it was the finger jammed up my bum that caused me to shoot forward in indignation, and throw victory away.

“It's not against the rules” protested Bella, seeing my indignation.

I (rather stupidly) could only think about exacting my revenge and giving her back what she gave me. I did succeed after we ignored our main aim and hunted down each others bums. Two or three times to be precise, because each time she got me back! I suppose it was different and well away from our initial plans. It also tired me completely out.

There were still several more minutes before Bella's pussy make me stick my tongue out and lap. Rough minutes at that, as we fought harder and harder, and were less gentle to our boobs in particular (at least we didn't go beyond squeezing pussies).

During the last round the nipple ban seemed to disappear, but my survival was short lived and although it was nice to hear Bella yelp in pain, she very quickly showed me how much it hurt and then enjoyed having her pussy licked.

Bella also enjoyed giving me a much rougher fuck than I was used to, ramming away with much enthusiasm and giving my dangling tits quite a milking (she took me from behind). I enjoyed the orgasm when it came, even more knowing that the next time (and surely there would be one) it would be me wearing the strap-on.


There was indeed a next time, in fact several at a rate of one a month. We have settled into the formula of licked facesits and, as we start with that, we continue until one really has been licked five times. We are more adept which has reduced the fight time, and also rather rougher although, touch wood, not to do more than leave us sore afterwards. We enjoy working the others tits and pussies over and nearly always manage to make sure that that other hole doesn't feel too left out!

We are pretty evenly balanced which has the advantage that the strap-on regularly changes hands and gives the loser every chance of feeling they will be the winner the next time.